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Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

3.9 out of 5 stars
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If you are a user of Xero and simPRO, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About simPRO

Your comprehensive software tool for Electrical, Plumbing, Security, Heat Pump, HVAC, Service & Blue Collar Industrial Contracting Businesses: 1-100 staff, check out simPRO.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with simPRO, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the simPRO support centre or this page for information on connecting simPRO to Xero.

Absolutely disgusted with the customer service from SimPRO. I fully paid for SimPRO based on my sales consultant promising that the software was capable of performing the same tasks as my current package. After paying my money and completing the pre implementation training I had an implementation consultant visit my office to commence the installation. At this point my consultant advised me that much of what I had been promised at the sales point was not something that could be done by SimPRO without major customisation totalling approximately $28,000. After negotiating the customisation cost, I proceeded with the implementation only to find that when I imported my contacts from XERO, the data had imported into the wrong fields in SimPRO. WHAT A MESS this program was about to make of my business. Now I am having trouble getting full reimbursement for the product. I cannot recommend this product. Save yourself the headache and speak to someone first, I have since met another business who purchased SimPRO and waited over 2 YEARS for a feature that was promised at the sales point. They have only just started to use the software after over 2 years and they had to pay upfront.

The below comment from Simpro is the first contact from the CEO that I have seen regardless of our requests for contact directly with him. The fact remains that our sales representative made false claims which resulted in us deciding to proceed with the program. These claims can be substantiated by our Simpro implementation consultant whose details can be made available privately on request.
Considering the initial outlay for our company was over $15,000 we are disappointed that the software did so little to meet our needs.
I do however recommend GEOop as a suitable alternative, great service and attitude.

Matthew Pritchard  

We have a client who is happy with simPro but when we phoned simPro to get the "add-on" to allow simPro to talk to Xero they wanted another $450, in addition to the monthly $40 charge. OMG!

Veda Konovalov  

After reading the comment from @Matthew Pritchard I thought I had better reply.

Gecko Security were a standard fit for the simPRO Job Management Software (we do have several hundred other security companies using simPRO quite successfully with a diverse range of sizes), but unfortunately Gecko didn't quite understand that when they asked for something to be changed beyond the standard product functionality then the system moves into the realm of customisation, and customisation is not part of the standard product and has a cost factor associated. In fact it even states in our proposal, which was duly signed by Gecko, that customisation was not included in the sale.

The customisations that were requested were a large range of specific and unique reports and forms that are not part of our standard product. There are over 90 operational reports in simPRO, we offer as many demos as requested in order for the client to do their due diligence, if these were mission critical reports/forms as claimed then one would assume that they requested to see them in action prior to making a purchase (I know thats what most businesses do before making a significant investment in systems).

Since they were adamant that they believed we should do these customisations for them for free, we offered a compromise which was to do the critical ones at our cost price.

Initially that all seemed like it would go ahead and we spent considerable (unrecoverable) time scoping the requirements, but they changed their mind and requested we cancel the order and issue a refund. We agreed to a full refund simply because we would rather not have them as a client because they pretty much proved that they would never be happy unless we did everything they wanted for free, this refund was agreed & accepted by both parties before Matthew's original post here went up, so that comment he makes about having trouble getting a refund is outright false.

However, after we all agreed that we part ways and provide the full refund, Matthew came back and said they now wanted interest on the refund. Moving the goal posts again, we refused but have honoured our commitment of a full refund.

So from our perspective, it is a classic case of unrealistic expectations that we would modify everything to their wants, never ending requests, and them constantly moving goal posts. We are happy to move on without them as a client.


Brad Couper
simPRO Software Group

Brad Couper  

I have many clients using SimPro (mostly electrical contractors) and they are delighted with the system from job costing/scheduling to reporting. Whenever my clients have queries on certain functions they contact support direct and we either have a two way conversation or they keep me posted progress from start to finish. I have liaised and or worked with management and sales in a team environment for just over 10 years and have always found their staff to be professional and informative at all times.

Gillian Rossouw  

@ Veda Konovalov

We charge for accounting links because of the deep integration we do (that requires lots of development work) plus the number of accounting products we integrate with. As a result included in those prices is full maintenance and support of the Xero link so when someone has a problem or makes a mistake, we are there to help them. That includes phone support, live chat and ticket support.

The amount we charge for other accounting systems is higher than the Xero link because they are typically harder to work with and support.

Different products have different levels of complexity and feature, so comparing prices with unrelated products or just arbitrarily not liking a a price is not really comparing "apples with apples"

I trust that this reply answers your concerns about the price

@Gillian Rossouw
Thank you for your review. Supporting our clients is very important to us. We have invested heavily as a company into support and training resources and will continue to do so as our client base grows. It is good to know this is appreciated

Lynelle Hills
simPRO software Group

Lynelle Hills  

I run a consulting cloud software company and have implemented simPRO into a few businesses. Previous to this I ran a project to implement simPRO into a franchise group consisting of 200+ branches across both Australia and NZ. I have found the product to be very useful, and there is a lot of inbuilt function for the right businesses.

Certainly, it could be confusing to implement at times, as the system is built with the capability to run several different workflows to get to the same end result (for example there are 5-6 slightly varying ways to book a job). I however find this to be an advantage as you don't have to make too many changes in the business to match. Most of the time required to get the product working is not learning the ropes, but analysing current business processes and procedures.

I'm more than happy to talk to anyone direct and independently about simPRO requirements, as well as current users to make sure that there is nothing simple that can be changed to remedy any current roadbumps. No promises, but happy to help. Details below.

Dan - Ocius Digital

Daniel Fairbairn  

I have to completely agree with Matthew. I have never experienced such bad customer service, I'm going to go right ahead and say they are worse than Telstra. They are definitely not willing to help and always pass the buck as it's not the system having issues and it must be the way we have it set up, even after I adjust the settings to what they say... and guess what... no improvement!

I would never recommend this program to anyone based on their poor customer service, much the same as I would never recommend Telstra.

Bitterly dissapointed.

Hayley Murphy  

Hi Hayley,

I'm so sorry to hear of your dissapointing experience.

As I understand our Head of Support has been in contact with you to work through your issues. I'm confident we'll find a resolution very soon.

Be sure to contact us via the Help Desk if not: helpdesk.simpro.co

Best regards,
Brad Halcrow
Communications Manager, simPRO Software.

Brad Halcrow  

Hi Simon
My name is Matt Harriden from Aussie Plumbers and I'd like to share my experience with SimPro with you. I have been operating a commercial plumbing contracting business for the past 10 years and 18 months ago I decided to go into the domestic maintenance area of plumbing. Rather than just bolt on a maintenance department we decided to go with a whole new brand and name as the two business are very different in what they do. I also knew that we wanted to grow Aussie in size and that we would need some solid and flexible software to be able to handle this growth. We started with GeoOp initially as it was cost effective but quickly found out that it was lacking greatly in many areas that we needed for our business.

I then actually travelled over seas to Boston and visited a company with 300 vans on the road. I tried to buy that software but it doesn't work in Australia because of the way they do their dates and the tax and that company was not willing to customise their software. I did however see the software in action and knew exactly what I wanted. I came back home and found SimPro and got the rep out for a demo. I can honestly say that SimPro is the best software on the market for contracting or maintenance work and I have researched far and wide. I have been using the software for 6 months running two vans and and the office and It is very comprehensive and will give you control and reports that you wouldn't think is possible. Sure, other software packages like GeoOp are cheaper to buy and easier to use initially but you really do get what you pay for. If your a one man band and not looking to grow then you may get away with a cheaper package but if you're serious about your business, want to have your finger on the pulse with everything that happens inside your business and want to grow then you can not go past SimPro. There is a lot to learn with it and they do provide the training but like anything worthwhile, the more effort you put into learning it the more you will get out.

I am happy for you to contact me Simon on 0419 255 112 if you want more info. i hope this has been helpful.

Matt Harriden
Aussie Plumbers
1300 303 840

Matthew Harriden  

simPRO is awesome. Fully featured and powerful job management software.

Scott McNaught  


I use Simpro and Xero (in NZ) and find 99% of the time it works well.
Have struck a problem though with credit notes done in Xero don't appear to pull into simpro. Is there something wrong with my settings (and if yes, how do I change this)? or is this a known problem which means I have to manually delete the invoices in simpro?


Katherine Barber  

Hello Katherine

I'm the manager of the Support team here at simPRO and would love to have one of my team members help you out.

Please email me with your details (including your company name, so we can take a look at your settings, plus your preferred method of contact) and I will have someone get back to you.

Michelle Denny
Client Support Manager, simPRO Software

Michelle Denny  

haha David Nuttall - aren't you the trainer that simpro sacked in Christchurch because you couldn't train (or couldn't spell maybe)? And as this is a Xero forum I would suggest that asking simpro to remove you may not work.

Anyway - I'm a plumber in Wellington - used simpro for about 18 months and find it to be really detailed with comprehensive workflow. Like Matt from Aussie Plumbers above, as a plumber I looked at other systems that yes were cheaper than simpro but as my dad always told me, you get what you pay for. Support is great with phones, emails and online chatting available at anytime. It's a big job to get up and running as it is a big bit of kit - but totally changes your business when when you take the time and make the effort to really understand the system and use it.

Terry Wilder  

Hi David, not sure if you received our email a few months ago but to stop receiving the emails; go to the top of this page, and at the bottom right of the first post select 'Cancel Email Updates'. You'll have to do this for any other threads that you've subscribed to as well as this isn't something we can do for you. Thanks.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

We had a terrible experience with Simpro and are still $4k out of pocket after being sold a product that was definitely not a fit with us. We are a building company with several large projects on the go at once and was told it would be a good fit for us by the salesman.

Unfortunately the contract is totally one sided in Simpros favour especially around due diligence. Due diligence is of course very difficult to assess when it's a new program so we thought we could trust the salesman and advice received at the 'implementation days training'. As soon as the install day arrived within 2 hours it was evident to both myself and Simpros installer that the program wouldn't work for us and shouldn't have been sold to us. The installer was fantastic and stayed till 7pm trying to make it work. He came back again the following day with some 'fixes' from his bosses in Australia. After another half day wasted he finally gave up and left. He then returned another day with the salesman so I could run through the issues. They both agreed it wasn't going to work and left. I had no contact from them after this until I contacted them to ask where to from here. They offered nothing and certainly no refund. After several emails etc I was offered around half the purchase price. The money kept was to cover the trainers time etc. Had I known that the time I spent trying to help them with their programs faults was going to cost me I would have sent the trainer packing after the first 2 hours.

Below is a text I recieved from the salesman after failed attempts at getting a refund,

Mike, I wanted to let you know that although I am unable to help change anything from within Simpro I do want to apologise personally for how this has worked out for you as it was never how I intended things to be. I will not forget this easily & hope to somehow make up for it in future. Thx, Gary

Looks pretty obvious to me that what management says goes and the NZ staff have little say in how their customers should be treated.

I know that Simpros response will paint me in a bad light as all comments I have seen both on here and other forums it is always the customers fault so I am just writing this incase any other building companies are about to waste their hard earned profits on this terrible program.

We were switching from Smarttrade to Simpro however after experiencing Simpro we quickly worked out we already had a far superior program.


Mike Perry  

Hi Mike,

We’ve reviewed the details of the scenario in question.

The contract is designed to ensure each party involved does all they can to qualify we’re both on the same page and to determine if the software is the right fit for your business. Obviously, it’s in neither party’s interest to pursue the situation if it isn’t going to work.

Here’s what’s we’ve learned from the correspondence:

- We raised concerns early on that the software may not satisfy your requirements
- You were very keen to keep moving forward due to time constraints, hence the trainer staying behind to exhaust every possible avenue
- You hired a 3rd party consultant to assist with your due diligence
- We offered 2 local referrals with which to get an additional opinion
- We refunded approximately 50% of your total amount paid. The remainder covers the time spent by the professional on-site trainer to proceed as far as requested. The amount is non-refundable as set out by our terms & conditions

While we are very sorry for the friction this has caused both parties we do remain satisfied we did all we could to pursue your requests.

Brad H.

Brad Halcrow