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Solve360 By Norada

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |CRM

4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 11 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Solve360 By Norada, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Solve360 By Norada

A modern CRM with features to manage customers & projects, designed just for small businesses and integrated with Xero, Google Apps. Staff will love it!
Check out Solve360 By Norada.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Solve360 By Norada, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, contact Norada or this page for information on connecting Solve360 By Norada to Xero.

Great system and great customer support!
I reach out to them regularly, and they are always responsive and help me find solutions quickly.

Brendan Murphy  

We have been using Solve and Xero for two years now and both services have changed our business for the better. It is fantastic how on top of issues and services we are for our clients, it would not be possible without solve or Xero.

Neal Timmerman  

We have been using Solve for a few years and just converted to Xero. We already knew that Solve was an awesome CRM, but this add-on adds a level of power to client management that is just amazing. Solve now shows the billing status of all of our clients and lets us invoice directly from Solve. So easy to setup and so powerful...really amazing.

Kent Frese  

I was considering switching my business CRM from Salesforce.com to Solve360. Within the first week of my trial subscription with Solve, I had gotten more customer support than I ever had with Salesforce. Solve doesn't have a "premium" subscription. They give the best service they can offer to all their customers, and still for a fraction of the price of Salesforce's "basic" plan. I asked for some tips on converting my business and whether they would have the features I needed, and I was given a detailed response addressing every question in my email, including pictures to help with what I was doing. I am still shocked at how great Solve360 is, and I would definitely recommend it.

Erin Cullison  

Solve360 sits at the center of all of our business processes with Xero being our much loved accounting system. Being able to initiate all contact sync and invoice creation from inside Solve is an amazing time saver. Wonderful and simple.

Jeremiah Kavanaugh  

We use Solve to keep track of 100 hospital customers and over 4000 individuals who attend meetings during the year. We use Xero as our accounting system for over 1000 invoices a year, and use the seamless integration between the two to keep all our staff informed of accounts receivable. We also have integrated our own online registration system with both Xero and Solve, as well as the bank to create a totally hands-free process to load Solve with participant registrations, record the invoice in Xero, and email the confirmations to everyone.

We are very happy with the system, and appreciate the support Solve and Xero provided to make this happen

David Dean PhD

DJ Dean  

I've read the feedback from the person who gave 2 stars. He/she is very poorly informed and is giving us the benefit of his/her inexperience.

Solve and Xero link together like bacon and eggs. They're a perfect fit.

We log all our contacts in Solve. When they are converted to customers, it takes 2 clicks to have all the details registered in Xero. Our data is reliable so all invoices go to the correct people.

We use WorkFlow Max, a Xero subsidiary, for job cost invoicing which registers the details in Xero. The invoices and payments are automatically up dated in Solve so when contact is made with a customer a full financial picture is at your finger tips. We agree with Carl Benfield, if you alert a customer that payment has not been made for an invoice, they quickly get on to their accounts department and ensure action is taken.

Another benefit is that both companies have a strong integration and product improvement philosophy. We look forward to their new releases like I used to await new albums from David Bowie and Bryan Ferry. (Shows my age)

David Heron  

Solve CRM is an amazing option for any business that focuses on nurturing long term relationships, collaborating internally and externally on projects, and that needs to manage all events, tasks, and relationship histories in one place, all with a tight integration with Google Apps and other premier cloud-based applications, such as Xero.

We have been partners of Solve CRM for more than 6 years, have implemented it for hundreds of businesses, and use it internally. It's integration with Xero a few years ago closed the gap for our business in terms of CRM + Accounting.

A+ software options, and an A+ integration!

Daniel Latzman  

I spent three months looking for cloud-based systems for our company. Xero and Solve360 stood head and shoulders above the rest. Both are intuitive, well presented and easy to grasp. MOST IMPORTANTLY they are used by everyone in the company on a daily basis without needing to use a large stick !
Customer support for both systems is friendly, quick and on the mark every time - no wonder we ditched our Sage licenses to make the switch!
The interface between the systems fuses our project delivery with accounts - a project manager can see if a client as paid just by looking at their contact details in Solve360. This alleviates the pressure on accounts to go chasing, and improves our more personal dialogue with the client.
Happy to take validation queries via our website www.prescientpower.co.uk

Carl Benfield  

We've been using Solve360 since 2010 and switched to it from Salesforce.com. It rocks! Their integration to Xero is elegant and a breeze to configure in a few clicks. You can control which Solve360 users have visibility into Xero for customer account balances.

Create a contact in Xero easily without retyping any of the info already in Solve360. Once linked it displays all open and historic invoices, and allows you to open the contact, create an invoice, or sync the company to xero easily.

Now your sales team knows the real time details of any Xero customer account without leaving Solve360!

Blair Collins  

Picking a suite of Saas solutions is important, and lots of features are 'almost' as advertised but in practice not seemless, or information only flows one way.
That's why I created test accounts to test drive some of my shortlist Saas solutions and especially their interfaces.

Solve360 lets you make a time limited test account but doesn't allow you to set up the link with Xero - which is the one thing I'm after testing.
Very disappointed!!

Test Account