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Spotlight Reporting

Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Reporting

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 25 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Spotlight Reporting, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Spotlight Reporting

Spotlight Reporting offers accountants the opportunity to create easy, great-looking performance reports and become a trusted advisor for clients. Check out Spotlight Reporting.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Spotlight Reporting, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For support contact the Spotlight Reporting team.

Industry built, industry tested, industry recognised - just beautiful reporting Richard - use bookies add value with you - thanks so much for what you do

Gayle Buchanan  

One of my all time fav add-ons :) What used to take hours of spreadsheets and manual graphs is now completed with the click of one import button. We can give clients a great analysis of the key areas impacting their business in one easy to read report. This keeps them focused on what's important.

Our clients love the reports. They get a real bounce in their step when you can show them how a few simple changes can make a big difference to them.

Steph Hinds  

Spotlight Reporting has been fantastic and fun, we are looking forward to getting non-financial data in there!

Xing Dong Yan  

Must say I have been very impressed with the seamless ease I have set up board quality monthly finance reports for our Accounting & Advisory business. The link to Xero is great and uploading data for non-financial KPI's is easy via excel and making reports is a breeze. Self taught, watched a couple of videos and I was up and running, I highly recommend this for all Xero users - and Lucy does a great job with the set up and early training too - 5 stars!

Tim Hale  

I remember where I had to number crunch ratio analysis on a monthly basis for the head franchisor of 20 franchisees in Excel, importing data and reformatting layout.

I sure wish this product had been available then would have saved me a lot of time.

Margaret Baker  

We love the tools that Spotlight have brought on-line as Xero add-ons and use them all when working with our clients. It is fantastic to have tools that enable us to communicate with our clients in a graphical form that they understand and all without having to spend hours getting the data into a spreadsheet!

Karen Woller  

Spotlight Reporting - a simple to use online product that integrates easily with Xero. It produces value adding reports for advisors, so they can deliver awesome results to their clients!

Debbie Haddon  

Excellent for KPI reporting, we use the custom graphs a lot and you can produce really nice results which are easy for our clients to understand. Also great for multiple companies, as you can merge many companies into one report - ideal for franchises etc.

Glennis Stuckey  

It's a no brainer for us, great looking reports and graphics all easily customised, produced in very little time and absolutely accurate. But more important than why we like them is that the clients absolutely love them and are wanting to engage with us to discuss how they can improve their business so the results look even better.

Without a doubt Spotlight Reporting has revolutionised the reporting we do for not for profit boards, no longer is the finance section of the board meeting a chore but they are exciting about discussing the trends they see in the graphs and high level snapshot of the results which is just perfect for their needs.

Avril Hillind  

Fantastic product. We are a non-profit and use for this for reporting our financial data to our Board in a way that provides depth in an easy to read and understand format.

Chris O'Neill  

Simply nothing better on the market!!

Spotlight Reporting is an extremely powerful reporting tool, yet just like Xero the interface is simple.

No more fussing around with endless spreadsheets, it's all done with one click of a button and the data is imported from Xero. Spotlight Reporting allows us as business advisers to really leverage our knowledge and experience adding significantly more value to the client relationship.

Our clients love the way in which the data is presented and the fact we can focus with them on the important issues in their business rather than just compliance aspects.

Would certainly recommend that Xero partners add Spotlight Reporting to their practice tool-set and start today both with using it for the practice and also with your clients.

Stephen Paul  

There's a bidding war in our team for who gets to work on the monthly/quarterly jobs that use Spotlight Reporting! We (both our team and our clients) love the user friendly/easy to read presentations that assist in informed decision making. Highly recommended!

Toni McCulloch  

Great product and great price! I really enjoy using the simple interface, while my clients truly appreciate the visual feedback it provides.

Patrick Courtnage  

I have recently started to use Spotlight and my clients love it! I am able to talk to them about their important key performance indicators and am presenting information in a way that they understand and use. They now really look forward to my visits or calls to review their recent period. This has resulted in increased billing and new referrals for me as well. A MUST HAVE product!

Scott Sander  

We have been using Spotlight Reporting for about a year now and really love how powerful the software is for our clients. We have tried several other competitors and they do not compare. Here are a few of the main reasons why Spotlight shines above the rest.
1. They are one of the only services to offer Non Financial Statistical reporting. This is a HUGE deal. We service the dental industry and we track the number of new patients, the number of canceled appointments, number of treatment plans presented and plans accepted. We track the production of each dentist and each hygienist. Spotlight allows us to have all of this information in one package that we can present to the client. Really powerful stuff.
2. The integrate really well with XERO (very automated) for both actual and budgeted information and they allow you to group and customize way beyond what XERO can offer. They do this online and also a PDF package to publish and present to your client on a monthly basis. Looks Very professional.
3. Their income statement template is very robust allowing you to show monthly actual with % of Revenue (why XERO does not have this in their reports is so silly, but they don't). They have an actual to budget column and the best part on the report is they have an actual column with a "rest of year" budget column to allow you to forecast the end of year.

Again, Spotlight Reporting is the current King of Reports at this moment. Highly recommend them.


Spotlight is a real gamechanger. It pulls live data from Xero to produce really powerful but easy to read reports, charts and graphs for reporting and forecasting, which enable us to give businesses the clarity to make better informed decisions.

Clients love the look of the reports, and the added support it allows us to provide to them.

We have also used the reports to secure bank funding for clients as bank managers are equally as impressed!

Sharon Pocock FCCA  

Spotlight is a brilliant tool to illuminate financials in a colourful, pictorial way that inspires clients to get interested in looking at their numbers. The use of the tools promote discussion and help to focus attention on the business in new ways.

Love your work Spotlight :)


Steven Mundy  

Have really enjoyed our Spotlight journey so far. With a few clicks we can produce insightful management reports for our clients, meaning we are seen as really providing that add-value service. Furthermore, our account manager, Michelle, is fantastic! Not shy to come and visit us and always very responsive to our needs - just the way it should be.

Steve Betts  

The ability of Spotlight to group multiple Xero organisations together and to customise the display name for each account has saved us significant time. By grouping similar expenses together, it allows us to highlight to our clients the key areas in their business. All handled with virtually no data entry. Spotlight enhances the ability of both managers of and advisers to business, to measure their results in a real time environment.

Amy Schleif  

Wow, what a great product! Spotlight lets accountants provide reports with real time data and presents it in a very understandable delivery. My clients would much rather see colour than just numbers. I am enjoying their increased interest in accounting!

Any accounting firm that has not yet deployed Spotlight reporting is at a distinct disadvantage.

Michelle has been exceptional to deal with.

Thanks Spotlight.

Roy Turner  

My clients love the reports from Spotlight. Some have offices in different countries so the multi-currency really helps them.

Thomas Taylor  

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.

Spotlight has made end of month management reporting quick & easy for single and multi company reports. We are releasing "real time" information earlier each month.

Support has always been fantastic and suggestions for changes are always considered and are often included in the product updates.

We are also using Spotlight for clients that also require high level reporting and report packs for Board/Management Meetings.

Thanks Spotlight & the fantastic Spotlight Team

Kerryn McDonald  

I have used Spotlight Reporting in my last two businesses. Both required me to aggregate data from multiple sources and present that data to stake holders who were not "number crunchers". Spotlight Reporting is the perfect tool for this. It is very powerful and provides a fantastic collection of pre-canned reports.

David ten Have  

We use Spotlight for all of our clients. This is an especially great tool for multi-company reporting so clients can see the big picture. I love the updates to the custom chart formula builder - it is very user friendly! This is a great add-on reporting service.

Jenny Reed  

I have been looking for the right Dashboard tool for my client base for awhile. Most were too complicated for them to understand. I recently started using Spotlight Dashboard with several clients and they are loving the one page view of their business. They are getting a much better understanding of where their business is and where it is headed when the data is prepared in this way. It is even helping me advise them better and the integration with Xero is great. It was very easy to get up and running. I received fantastic support from the Spotlight team and I was able to implement the tool quickly.

Vicki Kosuda  

We have started to use the Dashboard with every set of Management Accounts we produce and the response from clients has been fantastic, the challenge now is to upsell them to the Spotlight Reports package at their review, although I do not think that this will be difficult.

Tony Miles  

I've been using Spotlight for our clients and I love it. The customization options are great - they give you an endless amount of ways to show your clients how they've been going!

Andrew Clark