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Spotlight Reporting

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Reporting

4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 200 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Spotlight Reporting, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Spotlight Reporting

Spotlight Reporting offers accountants the opportunity to create easy, great-looking performance reports and become a trusted advisor for clients. Check out Spotlight Reporting.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Spotlight Reporting, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For support contact the Spotlight Reporting team.

Brilliant add-on that really lifts the value you can offer to clients. Seamless integration between Xero and Spotlight and an absolute must in the proactive advisors toolkit.

Matt Rogers  

Learn the ropes and climb high..

Jonn Cain  

Spotlight is a great tool that adds significant value to the information we have at hand. The different analysis tools (numbers, %, graphs, dashboard) means users have access to the information in various forms.

The support team are very good too.

Nathan Keil  

An amazing product which really jazzes up the usual reports clients expect. Always great to see their faces when you present to them their brand new monthly report! Recommend 10/10

Nicole Jensen  

The ability to run a monthly report with data seamlessly linked with Xero produces visually impactful reports. Spotlight Reporting is able to produce graphs easily for clients that respond to a more visual representation of their results.

Spotlight allows you to forward project for the year-end based on the budget, that can also be prepared in Spotlight and inserted into Xero. A great way for clients to see what the end result may look like.

The different customisations of templates with %'s, comparisons etc, makes a huge difference. The various analyis aspects available is fantastic. So much more to learn about what can be done in Reporting. Also, the published report is sharp and professional and the ability to share online removes the need for printing.

Thomas Sim  

Great reporting and analysis tool. Lots of options still to explore, but I like what I see so far. Would definitely recommend.

Amanda Hogg  

Just amazing. Spotlight save my time in generating monthly management report. I can customize the report according my requirements. Thank you.

Althaf Husain  

Such a good tool for any business, Forecasting is amazing and saves so much time and makes everything easy for stakeholders to understand

Matt Serpell  

Spotlight has made our month end consolidation significantly more efficient. It is user friendly and the support we have received is great - Sam from their team is essentially available on call for us!

Mitch Whiteman  

Our clients love spotlight reporting reports that set out information in a way that helps them understand their reports more fully and are able to make informed decisions knowing that the reports are based on live data. The whole process of designing reports by trying to understand what keeps a client awake at night is something I personally love doing! The 'present online' feature takes one more task of creating presentations for meetings so much easier. We would love to provide additional feedback into product design if the option is there so that we can share the user experience with you more fully.

Rachna D'mello  

Spotlight reporting is really good, saves so much time and can create meaningful reports for businesses

Hamish Rogers  

Spotlight Reporting support are prompt and very helpful

Christy Chin  

"I love how well it integrates in to Xero and pulls through all the information. The dashboard is great as an overview and having an automated forecast is the best. It has changed how we do things in the business by ramping up efficiencies and saving time from a financial reporting perspective. Thank you spotlight!"

Renee Kiwi  

Look, there are many great BI tools and apps that can turn data into visualizations (although I'm mostly familiar with Power BI and IBM PAW).

I think the main thing to keep in mind is user experience and user expectations.. (which are surely, very similar to Xero)

And for that simplicity, intuitiveness and ease of use I have to give it solid 4 Stars!

Sure, the words and letters on graphs get all cluttered on top of each other if you're unlucky (not sure if you can do anything about that?) But that's exactly what this app is all about!

It's simple, it's quick, it's easy ;-)

John Duncan  

Head and shoulders above anything else we've tried so far

Humphrey Hart  

To be honest, we did try in one of Spotlight Reporting's competitors and invested a lot of time in it to find out it didn't tick all the boxes like we were led to believe. We moved swiftly onto Spotlight and love it. We love it's ease of use, the support from their team has been great, and there are regular product improvements. Most of all, our clients love the look of the reports and what we're able to highlight. This helps us add load more value to our clients.

Dylan Guitry  

ticks all the boxes

Gregg Daly  

Running an association with multiple reporting entities spotlight is great for consolidating and has very useful easy to customize reporting for board governance meetings. Web design Auckland SimpleBraclets Team.

Simple Brackets  

Spotlight is a great reporting application. We have been using Spotlight the past year and half. We are providing our clients great reporting packages. I am really impressed with their reporting, specifically how it handles multi- currency consolidated reports and consolidated financials statements. The cash forecasting module is really powerful.

Chris Georgiou  

After reviewing various forecasting tools that integrate with Xero, we ended up choosing Spotlight Reporting and we haven't regretted the decision. The system works perfectly for long term forecasting and then tracking actuals in Xero vs the forecast figures in Spotlight adds real value for our clients. Although we didn't sign up to Spotlight for the reporting functions, this is now an area we are currently exploring as its a fantastic tool to provide our clients a well presented snapshot of their business in a format that is much easier to understand for the non accountant. The software really helps us deliver our advisory services to a much higher standard.

Alex Munro  

Spotlight is great. It helped us build out a management reporting workflow beyond just the numbers. We use the upfront sections to comment on operational and financial performance, and the go into KPI's. Following that the more traditional P&L + Balance sheet and then into that cash flow waterfall which does a great job of clearly showing cash movements.

Ian Meaker  

I have been using Spotlight Reporting for over 2 years. It has been an excellent product to provide professional management reports to different levels in one platform. The move away from excel spreadsheets was a time saver by being able to sync live data anytime and made the reports easier to understand.

Heidi Bresler  

We joined Spotlight Reporting (SR) a few weeks before lock down. This was forward thinking on our part - who would have known?. We have watched relevant webinar's that SR have put together and spent time navigating our way around the program. The Spotlight reports present your data professionally and attractively. SR is very flexible - you can present lots of information or keep it simple. The choice is yours.

Renee Cowley  

Great product, and very useful however you can't seem to hide accounts so that is a pity.

Tim Smith  

Spotlight was the only forecasting system that seemed to work for us. As an existing business we needed an on going CF that would adjust with every month end. Other systems did not manage the change from forecast sales/purchase to actual debtors and creditor ledgers correctly at the beginning of the new month (or we couldn't work it out) - they seemed to work better for project planning rather than for an on-going business. In short we couldn't get them to work. Spotlight links seamlessly with Xero - we take actuals from Xero and put them into Spotlight and then take budgets from Spotlight and put them in Xero. Very simple tools to repeat forward numbers in the forecast and journal functionality for deferred revenue etc

simon white  

Great product! so easy to use and accurate. it will give you very comprehensive view of management reports. It saves so much time.

Janine Italia  

Spotlight Reporting is simply amazing, easy to use, time-saving technology and the supporting team is awesome. Their Webinar always provides great useful ideas for our business advisory team.

Eric Sin  

Not that great when doing consolidations. It's falls short on the cashflow graphs and cashflow numbers at the consolidated level. I have started using Fathom and not regretting leaving spotlight reporting.

Jonathan Nesher  

The automation of graphically reporting is a hit with our team and our clients, and makes it much easier to explain the monthly results to our clients. The ability to show trends in performance over a period of time is great.

Moving our consolidations from Excel to Spotlight has been a massive time saver and allows great reports to generate that value added discussion.

Craig Nevatt  

Great product, easy to use, excellent graphics and produces nice looking reports

Glenn Murray  

While the API integration with Xero is great.

I'm overall disappointed with the lack of customization and manipulation able to be accomplished on everything from financial statements to some of the actual charts. I'm finding that I'm stuck with information in the reports that either's wrong, or formatted poorly. For example, negative numbers being displayed as - instead of using brackets. Or in cash flow analysis showing a change in fixed assets as a cash increase, when really this is amortization which should be an add back to operating income, etc, etc. Lots of these little things, but when you're used to providing a technically sound product it's hard to swallow basically presenting lesser quality work despite it looking very attractive and being very efficient to produce.

It's quite likely for clients where I don't need consolidation I'll just use Xero reporting as it's considerably more flexible.

Dallas MacCorquodale  

As a new business Spotlight has been essential for us to gain new finance by presenting our financials professionally. Plus the export function means that there is no double-handing of data, which saves us so much time, whilst also guaranteeing data integrity.

Sam Dixon  

We love Spotlight reporting, it is very easy to use and has all the functions we need. It's making our monthly reporting work easier and quicker than it used to be.

Kumi Takeda  

Spotlight Reporting has been great to use - it makes life easier for accountants!
It's a great platform for forecasting and delivering client work for budget requirements; drivers and formulas plus scenarios are available to make calculations a breeze with regular product improvements. I have also used reporting and dashboards which are great tools.
I would definitely recommend the help page and the amazing support team - always helpful; esp Richard P!

Ashreen Lochan  

Spotlight is saving us a ton of time. Being able to import directly from the trial balance is amazing, and spotlight really works for companies of all sizes - something we struggled with in the past. Their customer support is really quick if you ever have issues. Spotlight is helping us wow our clients

Brittany Neal  

We've been able to provide serious value to over 100 clients since adopting Spotlight Reporting just over 2yrs ago. Emily Mason has been a huge asset to the implementation of this.

Luke Sutton  

Great product, visually pleasing to clients. Xero integration makes data management a breeze, report templates mean producing reports across entire client databases is only a few clicks of a button. Would only recommend for SME's as product is not entirely suitable for complex reporting needs.

Andrew Pullon  

Super easy to use and makes the numbers much easier to digest. If you're looking for an add-on that saves you time and helps drive client conversation, this is definitely a product worth investing in.

Emily and the team at Spotlight are great, the on-boarding process was seamless.

Wallace Ng  

Spotlight is a wonderful way to increase client interaction with accounts. It gives a nice and fun appearance to help engage our clients as well as provide them with the information that they need.

Grace Tsuchida  

I love spotlights 3 way forecast functionality and the refreshed reports look so great and professional!

Bonnie Rose  

We've been using Spotlight Reporting for a number of years now and are big fans of the software, in particular the seamless Xero integration and the ease with which we can generate consolidated reporting packs. The customer service team are also highly attentive to any support queries and more often than not are able to resolve issues immediately. Would definitely recommend for any other Xero users out there looking to enhance their monthly reporting capabilities.

Luke Frazzetto  

Spotlight is a really simple and easy to use tool for our Xero clients that are trying to get better insight over their business performance. It is also a really simple tool for performing consolidations.

Karly Whitehead  

The most simple tool for financial reporting and it constantly improves. We are starting to see the efficiencies in the reporting from using Spotlight reporting. Thank you.

Paresh Serai  

Only been using this addon for a year or so, but it has completely revolutionised the efficiency and presentation of our management reporting. Fantastic piece of software, easy to use and understand, and great support team!

Oliver Hopewell  

We've been using Spotlight for the past 4-5 years, and find it far superior to others in the market when it comes to providing Virtual CFO services, in particular ongoing management/KPI reporting, consolidations and forecasts. Great product, very well supported, and look forward to using it more with clients

Kelvin Smith  

Spotlight Reporting = Game Changer

Phill Ezquerro  

We are a new firm to Spotlight Reporting and Emily has been extremely helpful and efficient with getting us up to speed on how Spotlight works and how to integrate it with our systems & practices and get the whole team involved along with how best to approach and advertise this to our clients. We are sure our clients will love the reports and we will find that they have a much better understanding of their business performance using Spotlight Reporting. Translating the numbers into pictures and graphs will be so much more engaging for clients.

Gill Breen  

Spotlight Reporting has been a great addition to the reporting packs we provide our clients.
It has allowed us to create more touch points with our clients on a monthly or quarterly basis & build better relationships.

Luke Brand  

Spotlight is leading the way in the Xero reporting ecosystem. They have an amazing team and the product continues to strengthen with each release. Would certainly recommend.

Patrick DeRuvo  

We've been using Spotlight for years at Accodex. It was definitely built for accountants by accountants. We barely use Excel now!

Chris Hooper  

For those looking to prepare print/pdf management reports, with templated charts and tables this is the best solution available!

Jack Thiel  

We are a small company and Spotlight is an excellent way of consolidating my accounts that are prepared in xero and produces very professional reports for our Board. It would be even better if the forecasting module would produced consolidated forecasts

Fiona Good  

The service is great . Customer service gets back to me and resolves issues immediately. Really impressed.

Jocelyn Habelito  

Spotlight Reporting is one of the best add-ons for Xero. The integration is seamless and it adds a another layer of depth and insight to our reporting to clients. The ability to pull in both financial and non financial data gives the ability to report on a 30 degree view of how a business is performing.
Our clients love the reports and we find that clients have a much better understanding of their business performance using Spotlight Reporting. Translating the numbers into pictures and graphs makes the reports so much more engaging for clients.

Gareth Yaxley  

User interface is lovely. Easy to use to produce clear and helpful reports.

Helen Sewell  

Great product and simple to use. Would recommend!

Lucy McCarthy  

A great product. Very intuitive.

Simon Vincent  

Great add on / integration, really gives meaning to the data, thanks!

Angela Backhouse  

Great add-on! Seamless integration with Xero and very easy to use and professional looking reports! 10/10

Thomas Julier  

I am very happy using the Spotlight reporting feature. We have three companies and have previously struggled to consolidate the accounts. With Spotlight it takes literally 5 minutes, and done!

So if you need easy to understand reports that are super easy to consolidate, use spotlight!

Feel free to contact me for further references.

Christian Krone  

Spotlight Reporting have consistently surprised and delighted me over the years. Initially with the high quality Reports, which allowed take up of non-financial metrics, then the expansion of the Reports to include the critical Action Summary. Then the Forecasting suite, again a top class tool. Tried a few others, but just using Spotlight Forecasting now. And lately reading Richard Francis' excellent Transform! book which just about hit every hot button for me. After a 20 year journey with Advisory Discovery taking in Steve Pipes' AVN in the UK, and time invested with Rob Nixon and John Peterson in Australia, my involvement with Spotlight Reporting has been the icing on the cake.

Peter Morgan  

Brililant add-on, allows us to easily add value to our clients and build those relationships with great looking dashboards and management reports. Also removes the time consuming element to preparing forecasts and is super easy to use.

Rory McKenzie  

Fabulous to use, easy to follow and great visual reports. Love the ease of formulas, graphs, non-financial info etc and integration with Xero & MYOB. Very powerful! The support team are wonderful too.

Vanessa Townsend  

Extremely simple product with a lot of results! Connection setup was easy and the reporting analysis is tremendously helpful for our business. Easy to learn and build different templates for many different types of analysis.

Kristi Nitchen  

Great for consolidated management reporting when running multiple businesses within Xero environment

Gareth Fleming  

Spotlight Reporting is quite good for small business Reporting, user friendly, beautiful report formatting, and works well with Xero.

Patrick Dong  

Great App for reporting. Very handy and informative.

Enrino Panes  

We're working with all our business clients to give them their own customized Spotlight report each month or quarter. The reports help open up great discussions and the feedback from clients has been fantastic.

Paul Young  

The cost is a little high for Small Business Website Design Company but the reports look amazing.

Tarnya Burge  

Puts information into reports that are easy for everyone to comprehend!

Matthew Serpell  

So I have started using spotlight a couple of months ago and I must say. WOW! it has really improved my reporting to clients. The endless struggles with formulas not balancing on manual inputs and in general time consuming calculations are now being done in a jiffy.
I have received positive feedback from our firms clients.

looking forward in working with Spotlight for years to come.

Glenys Dempers  

Easy to use, integrate and customise. Our clients just love the reports as it speaks their language!

Mei Wu  

Spotlight reporting has allowed us to efficiently create polished and informative reports that have been very well received by our clients.

Jinn-Khing Law  

Great Product. Keep it up :0

Renan San Jose  

The service is fantastic and cuts down the preparation time of reports once templates have been set. One thing that really stands out to me though is the level of service from the staff at Spotlight. Queries are responded to promptly and seen through to completion by the support team. Not only that but when we have suggestions for Spotlight on features that we would like, these are listened to and actioned. Spotlight work closely with their clients.

Matt Percy  

Spotlight is a powerful BI tool which helps businesses with strategies and mid to long term business plans. The crystal reporting and amazing charts and graphs give a powerful insight into the current and projected state of the business. Key business indicators powerfully highlighted by Spotlight which flow seamlessly through to the long term objectives of the business. Strongly recommended!

Vikram Jha  

We used to used few cloud based payroll software. After integrating xero, it gives us freedom to get excellent reporting. Before our reporting was very manual. In addition, with Spotlight it's done in one click! This has saved us hours, and made our insights comparable. Their support is also excellent, responsive and not bot-like! 7/10 perfection for our Auckland Mortgage Advisors team! Highly recommended this add-ons. Cheers

Anowar Shuvo  

the support is not efficient due to timezone difference. If you are looking for a function outside Spotlight's standard scope, the work is clunky, need to do all the manual calc on Excel sheet, then data entry mth by mth. I mainly work in the Cashflow FCST.

Julian Wong  

As a global company with offices in over 8 countries Spotlight reporting has made the job of consolidating our monthly reporting an absolute breeze. Without this tool we used to spend many agonising days bringing the figures together in Excel. This has been a great time saver and also gives us great confidence that the numbers do actually add up!

Sue Barrett  

Good Reporting Software with many different types of graphs and possible reporting formats.

Andrew Pryce  

LOVE LOVE LOVE Spotlight reporting. We have seriously used every single financial reporting software that is available, but love the ease of Spotlight, it seems to be built for accountants who love the numbers and ratios, also the industry templates are great too. Our clients love the reports and we love the ease it takes to prepare them, highly recommend!

Shannon - Smart Business Solutions  

Spotlight is one of my favourite Xero add-ons! It so easy to import all my Xero data with just a click of a button, and I can customise my reports to show the most imrportant areas.

Special shout out to Emily and Eugene for their great support over the years!

Caitie Copley  

I have been using spotlight for the last 12 monthsand can say that it is a great add-on for Xero.

It has really helped with my month-end reporting requirements and also my international consolidations!

Our clients love the reports and get a huge kick seeing how they are performing against their KPI's and non-financial indicators.

It's also been a great working with the team at Spotlight, namely Emily and Eugene who have helped me tremendously in integrating Spotlight into our day to day reporting framework.

Marc Wiriadisastra  

Before our reporting was very manual, but with Spotlight it's done in one click! This has saved us hours, and made our insights comparable. Their support is also excellent, responsive and not bot-like! 10/10 perfection for our Auckland web design team!

Small Business Web Designs  

Spotlight has been a game changer for the way we deliver our advisory services. We are able to surface valuable insights through the awesome reporting module and also provide timely and easily understandable financial forecasts when the client needs them.

Easy to use but still 'grunty enough' to dig deeper into the detail - the perfect balance!

Tim Saunders  

Spotlight Reporting provides a great dashboard report of data directly imported from Xero. The reports give useful information for clients and provide high-level summaries with analysis and charting tools. The Spotlight support team are very responsive and helpful. Totally recommend.

Peter Hall  

As we use both Xero and Spotlight (only new to Spotlight) , the two systems seem to integrate very well . Spotlight seems quite user friendly and easy to use and navigate. I can see the two systems being very important to our business in terms of the quality of reporting we give to our clients.

Spotlight will also add value to our clients and allow us as a business to become valued advisers to our clients not just another accounting firm.

Robbie Federico  

I am a new comer to Spotlight Reporting and I have to say I love it!! Being a business coach rather than an accountant the budgeting and cashflow forecasting never came easy to me. Using spotlight I had the rest of this financial year budgeted and forecast done in 30 minutes. With the addition of the Action Plan, we can now take our quarterly priorities and add them to our reports giving a more complete picture of where we and our clients are at. Great work guys!!

Dave Sewell  

We see the Xero/Spotlight Reporting combination as being a key tool in adding value to our clients by presenting complex financial information in a relevant, concise and visually-appealing way.
Our clients love the usability of the information. We love that we can focus on meaningful highlights and identify critical data to assist our clients to manage risks and take timely advantage of opportunities.
There is no doubt Spotlight Reporting has helped us offer valuable, innovative services to our clients.

Suze Atkinson  

SR is an amazing tool and an essential for the toolbox of any modern advisor.

It allows us to easily and quickly create great looking and, more importantly, insightful reports that our clients can rely on for their decision making. Adding SR to our offerings has seen a jump in our advisory services as clients want more and more insight via the great, customised reports.

Chris Mercer  

Running an association with multiple reporting entities spotlight is great for consolidating and has very useful easy to customize reporting for board governance meetings

Brett Mudgway  

Enjoy using it for smaller businesses and not complicated forecasts and reports. Wish it had consolidation function :)

Ira Bayborodina  

Overall, I'm satisfied with the Spotlight Reporting solution but it currently lacks some customization features and a US GAAP balance sheet format. It does provide an intuitive interface and great looking reports. The integration with Xero and Excel is really good and the analysis reports allow a number of options for getting behind the numbers. Unfortunately, the solution currently lacks the ability to re-sort column order and the two balance sheet formats (standard and alternative) are both non-standard for US users. The customer support is top notch, however they could not provide any timeline for getting a few of these enhancements into future releases (despite being requested by many US customers). When/if these changes are implemented, the reporting solution will be great for US customers with clients use to seeing reporting/analysis a certain way.

Ryan DeHart  

I've tried several Reporting add-on's for Xero and have selected Spotlight Reporting above all the others. It is very user-friendly and intuitive, and I was able to get up to speed very quickly thanks to the great support from the Spotlight team, and their online resources.
Most of all my clients think they are great too, and at the end of the day that's what counts!!
I can highly recommend Spotlight - or perhaps I shouldn't else I'll lose the competitive edge it's giving me!

Brian Katzen  

Easy to use and great reporting that give management all the information that they require. It has let me get on and do things other than entering information into spreadsheets.

Danielle Fowler  

We are saving so much time since we set up Spotlight for our multi-currency consolidation. Now that this is up and running we can look further at other reports that will assist us to monitor performance.

Janine Manning  

Spotlight Reporting is a very powerful and valuable add-on for Xero. I am particularly impressed with the consolidation/grouping of companies capability. As an Advisor, I can highly recommend this product.

Moira Milligan  

Great team to work with and support is second to none!

Bronwyn Pilkinton  

Spotlight is great for those who don't understand finance but respond to visual graphs. I am using Spotlight Multi for a franchise group and love being able to send out anonymised rankings each month. The sync with Xero is easy, and it is great being able to easily customise the reports for my clients.

Ann Gibbard  

We have been using Spotlight reporting now for over 2 years. We love it and our clients love it. Syncs seamlessly with Xero to produce financial and non financial information all in one place at the click of a button. Saving hours of time and delivering professional, meaningful reports that are easy on the eye. A number of our clients now demand their pictures - Not Just Numbers....... A game changer for us. Looking forward to the improved forecasting tools too.

Deborah Whitaker  

My clients love the charts and graphs, which make the trends in the numbers easy to understand. I love being able to customize with information particularly valuable to the client, such as non-financial KPIs. Highly recommended!

John Ray  

Clients love the look, we love the seamless Xero integration, ability to include non-financial data, auto-text and recent enhancements - insert other content, flexibility of number of charts on a page, drag+drop ability, etc - make it even better. Best of all is excellent customer support by people who truly know their product.

Kirsten Forrester  

Spotlight have improved the way we report to our clients. It has given us a competitive edge when it comes to reporting numbers back to Boards and Business owners! Keep up the good work Spotlight!

Ryan Miller  

Spotlight Dashboard is my "go to" with clients, and accompanies all financial statements issued from our office. Clients enjoy the added feature, and I like that I can customize it for each client.

Patty White-Carson  

All of our clients love our Spotlight reports. They are easy to understand and it gives them so much information at their fingertips to help them run their business. Well done Spotlight!

Melanie Cant  

Spotlight Reporting has been a great addition to our firm. Clients also love it.

Simon Deduhin  

Spotlight reporting is a fantastic analytical tool. I love using it. Our clients love it - they get alot out of Spotlight. The reports give our clients a nice, user-friendly interface to review the performance of their businesses. It's easy to use and allows the consolidation of multiple enterprises.

Stan Goltsman  

Spotlight reporting makes it extremely simple to explain the numbers in a graphical way that clients understand. Their Dashboard is easy to use.

We are currently rolling this out through the majority of our data base. We highly recommend this to anyone looking for a reporting add-on.

Victoria Berry  

This should be a staple for any accounting firm. The ability to quickly pull data from Xero and interpret into well designed and easily consumed reports is a win-win for accountant and client. In the past we would spend hours tweaking spreadsheets to prepare CFO reports that pale in comparison to the speed and drag and drop interface of Spotlight. This is a massive value add to our accounting firm, giving us a boutique VCFO offering at a high ROI on the monthly subscription.

Brad Turville  

Awesome product that demystifies "the numbers" for SME clients, and their advisers, so that meaningful conversations can be had about increasing profitability and capital value with the side benefit being the putting the 'fun factor' back into the business. Great team within Spotlight who are a pleasure to work with.

RightWay Australia  

Great product and great support staff.
Spotlight has been a real game changer for RightWay. We can now deliver financial reports alongside visually beautiful graphs, providing greater clarity and understanding to a client around how to grow their business.
Gone are the days of blank stares from across the boardroom table… Being able to drill down into key metrics without losing the client’s attention is a huge benefit, all with the click of a button.
Spotlight is bringing sexy back to accounting.

Jeff Funnell  

We've been using Spotlight Reporting for the last year or so and find it a great Add-on to Xero - the two products work seamlessly together. We initially used the forecasting tool-set to set budgets for new businesses or forecasts for existing clients. It is so simple to use. Now we are using Spotlight to provide clearer and more meaningful financial and management reports to our clients. We have found that all the ultimate end users are rapt with the reports that can be provided.

Spotlight has helped us increase the value we are able to provide our clients. Spotlight has also been very helpful so we would like to thank the Spotlight team, especially Danelle for all their support.

Nick Noone  

Love the way visual reporting is made so easy! My board reports are now completed quicker than ever before and the board really appreciates how the information is presented and I appreciate the graph selection available. An organic add-on to Xero.

Mel Shea  

So many small business owners see their accounting system as a necessary evil to ensure tax compliance. Put them on Xero and they immediately appreciate the simplicity and efficiency. Then show them a Spotlight report and the light goes on - they realise that valuable information is easily available to help them monitor and improve their business. So easy and so powerful.

Bill Hardie  

Awesome product, especially with the latest feature of adding your own content! I believe they will keep on developing new great ideas!

Jennet Knuckey  

Awesome product. Easy to use and reports literally prepared in seconds

Anil Mistry  

Very good reporting software.

Sam Wright  

Great product that is easy to use and are a useful tool for additional information in a easy to understand format. We would recommend this to anyone thinking about using.

Christine Warner  

Spotlight is a great product for clients. The graphs are ideal for people who cant comprehend figures. Awesum product.

Noone Plus  

Spotlight is a great product which integrates well with Xero. The graphical reports are so easy to understand and clients are able to relate to it without looking at too many numbers. The team at Spotlight is always there to help. Thanks.

Kashyap Hari  

Great product, integrates seamlessly with Xero. Our clients love the output and the team at Spotlight are fantastic!

Angela Fisher  

Spotlight has opened up new avenues to value addition to our clients.
With the different templates and charts available we are able to customise the reports to the requirements of the clients. Integrates with Xero as well as lets us upload excel files.
Thanks for your wonderful support Spotlight Team

S R  

Spotlight is a great product. It allows our clients to understand their business so much better with beautiful visualisations. Its integration with Xero is seamless, saving us loads of time. As a Super VCFO Partner, we receive great support from David and Chelsea, which allows us to maximise the use of the tool both for our clients and internal use. A 5 star product.

Elaine Lim WL  

An absolute must-have for Xero users who like to see clear reports on their Xero figures. The perfect tool for any companies who hold management meetings and also has a fantastic user interface to allow Accountants to use the software of a mass scale. 100/10.

The Wow Company  

Excellent product - allows seamless dashboard and BI reporting with Xero

Vic Collins  

Spotlight is a great easy to use product and so easy to understand which is a benefit for the clients. It integrates well with Xero and works a breeze. Definitely recommend it!

Hannah Leonard  

Great product, so easy to get around.

Lynn Leonard  

Awesome product and makes the monthly performance reporting a breeze. The graphs and tables are created literally within seconds, no more fiddling around time consuming spreadsheets graph tools.

Maduka Jayakody  

Spotlight is great, it takes reporting so much further with what we can provide to our clients and charts are always a winner.

Lauren Fogarty  

Spotlight is a fantastic solution. The ability to summarise detailed accounting information into easy to understand charts makes it a powerful tool to provide our clients.

Craig Jakich  

Great product. Sync's very accurately with Xero. Our customers love it. Really appreciate the support from the team while our organisation is in its growth phase with the product.

Matt Smith - Bellingham Wallace

Matt Smith  

Spotlight has given both our accounting firm and clients a powerful reporting solution to use along side Xero. The amount of time saved for us is amazing and clients love the easy to understand report layouts and graphs. The main benefit we have found has been using the 3 way forecasting tool. Cheers Spotlight for helping us create great value added solutions for our clients.

Scotty Jenkin  

Yes, we love spotlight! Nice and easy. And I have to say a big thank you to the support team, they are really helpful and always get back to me no matter how silly my question or mistake is...

Rain Zhao  

We love Spotlight. A lot of clients don't just want to see pages of numbers when getting their financial results. Using Spotlight gives us the ability to easily produce meaningful graphical representations of a clients results and highlight areas of improvement. It is a fantastic tool.

And their support team is awesome. Whenever we have an issue, they are always quick to respond and assist or suggest other ways of doing things.

Love it.

Arran Stone  

Really easy to use budgeting tool. Great customisable reports depending on the clients level of understanding.

Anna Jordan  

Spotlight frees up your time, with push of the button reporting out of Xero. Clients who have mulitiple entities can produce consolidated reports at the push of a button. On top of that there is the Forecasting module which produces a projected Cashflow report straight from your P&L Forecast. A very powerful tool, and it's great to get feedback from clients where they have been able to report quality, accurate reports on time. Happy clients!

Sarah McIlroy  

Great automated KPI and snapshot reporting tool that can produce sharp professional reports in the space of a few minutes. We have even adapted these reports to tailor them for our farming clients!

Jeremy Skedgwell  

I have been using spotlight for somtime and we use it with all our clients. Our clients love the reports as it give them an overview of where they are at. Excellent software

Lars Swann  

Wow what an easy to use tool. It lends itself to all aspects of business advisory work. Wow & more wow for the UK team. Such knowledgeable and friendly people. It seems like I have known them for ever. All have graduated from the Top Gun Fighter School and are at the top of their game. #maverick

Paul Miller  

Great product. Clients (and our firm) love the ease of use and contemporary look and feel.
Fully customisable graphs are also very valuable. Multi-currency is also great for our international clients.
Thanks Spotlight!

Craig Harvey  

Great product. Really clear reporting which pulls together workflow and website information. We particularly enjoy the consolidation of two entities between NZ and Aus into on currency and combined P&L. Awesome. Continually improving to a point where we will be able to do that with forecasting too I am assured!. Great service too.

Guy Blundell  

Great product - So easy to use.

James Carson  

I've been using Spotlight Reporting for the last year or so, and the Forecasting toolset to set budgets for the new financial year. A very simple tool, with good features and control over data. I've discovered lots of neat little features to aid in reporting, and without destroying the integrity of the core P&Ls - I can provide discreet reports for an audience that are of more use than a giant list of numbers.
The value of the trend analysis charts, and the template options is understated. Pulling in my core data across multiple entities to get a basic consolidation is very useful. Some more consolidation options would be handy (like contra/offset of intercompany transactions) but the outputs are great, and the ease of use high.
The Forecast tool really helped my year-end, and allowed me to keep a locked record of adjustments, and a simple way of testing scenarios.
Lots more features that could be added over time, but there seems to be a good feature list building up, and this is now an important tool in my arsenal of fiance team weapons.

John Robson  

Spotlight is a fundamental part of our business. Clients love the reports! Easy for clients to understand and easy for us to highlight key areas of their business which need attention. Support from Spotlight is outstanding - not that you'll need it often.

Nickie Sheehan  

Great reporting tool. Easy integration with Xero and the best looking reports going around!

Peter Harris  

Great service, responsive account manager and support team, sleek product. Happy to go the extra mile to find customised solutions for challenging clients!

Elena Kazemi  

Great company to deal with and impressive software. Very easy to Sync with Xero. Highly recommended.

Brian McMillan  

A brilliant add-on to Xero! Our clients love the fancy graphs and we love the ability to customise the reports to suit both our needs and the clients needs.

All the figures from Xero are transformed with the click of a button. Awesome job spotlight!

Ravi Agrawal  

A simply excellent tool. Used to detailed spreadsheet models, this allows rapid and accurate information to be presented to our stakeholders. Well done!

Stuart Gordon  

very useful and powerful. :)

Margie Cuadra  

I love Spotlight because its simply brilliant! It takes the boring and uninteresting figures and puts them into a format where clients can easily understand and love.

Sharon Young  

Brilliant add-on. Use it all the time, the best way to present insights for clients in a way that's easy for them to understand.

Removed - Legal - 0007320554 Removed - Legal - 0007320554  

Spotlight has been great for us. It is a Great System that provides tremendous value not only for our team members but also our clients in being able to provide great business analysis, KPI's, forecasts and charts. We recommend Spotlight often.

Troy Townley  

We really like this software simple to get data form Xero, Google Analytics and other KPIs in and then neat reporting for our board.


Lee Wapling  

This is a great piece of software. We have 170 franchisees now on Xero and around 25 on QuickBooks and we import the data every month to generate very useful ratio and KPI reports. Once it is setup it is very efficient and saves us a lot of time compared to doing this analysis using Excel. We provide reports to each State Manager with only their stores as well as having national level reports for Head Office staff. The support staff have been excellent.

TCS Head Office  

A great way to add some perspective when meeting with clients to help them rev up their businesses. Nothing beats graphical representations of important numbers.

Once clients have seen these reports they usually insist that they become part of the regular reporting.

Troy Purcell  

Great add-on! Forecasting in my new favorite way to budget and forecast for clients, and the Help support is fantastic! They are very easy to work with and very responsive!

Jen Huang  

Great reporting tool that provides a high quality range of additional reporting that really will make a difference to any business that uses it!

Phil Burnell  

Spotlight gives our firm the tools to provide a variety of different reporting levels to suit different clients.

We love the seamless data import and clients love the graphical representations of how their business is performing.

Highly recommend to any firm looking to take their service to the next level.

Lucy Danon  

We use Spotlight Reporting at my firm to provide dashboards to our clients for free. It's a great way to start the conversation about additional advisory services. We also use it for consolidating multiple Xero entities, even with different currencies. I love that we can bring in non-financial data as well, such as Google Analytics charts.

Blake Oliver  

Forecasting is so easy with Spotlight, having used many other systems Spotlight Forecasting gives us the edge and has given us the ability to do so much more for our clients and help them plan into the future with confidence.

Kevin Dent  

Spotlight has allowed us as a firm to go beyond the normal year-end process and really help our clients on a more regular basis. The ease in which we can produce meaningful, high-quality reports showing our clients both the financial and non-financial data that drives their business is amazing. The reaction that we get from clients has been brilliant can't recommend highly enough.

Danny Carrington  

At Valued Solutions we’ve looked at many add-ons and how they are implemented with clients and practices alike. Each practice has its own requirements based upon clients needs, but we can definitely recommend Spotlight as a suite of tools for those accountants that want to offer more to their clients as we’ve helped implement many of the add-ons for accountants as well as clients.

David Oliver  

Simply the Best!
Best analyst on our Team and by far the prettiest staff member - wouldn't be without it!
Great NZ support too (on the ground at the coalface) which I need - nothing is a problem and never made to feel as if I am a nuisance. Spotlight your life - work - clients! Keep up the A+++ work!

Lisa Martin - PTBA - Professional Tax & Business Advisor  

Spotlight reporting is helping us take management reporting to the next level, with quick information routinely sent to clients and more detailed reports to clients wanting something more.
Having moved bookkeeping into 'real time', we can now add 'real time' reports and even predictions for the future. The visual reports are far more interesting than rows of figures in traditional management accounts, and immediately draw the eye to the real issues.

Guy Robinson  

At Angeloop, we run a number of bank accounts with teams in different countries.
Spotlight helps us keep an eye on things, running complex reports to consolidate accounts.

Tim Boeckmann  

We used to spend two days a month collating head office information for franchisees - now this happens automatically with the click of a button. And Google Analytics is graphed with another click of a button.

Cassandra Park  

I highly recommend Spotlight Reporting. The ease of a click of one button to do multi entity consolidations via Xero, plus the choice of many useful graphs make this product a must-use. Eliminating multiple spreadsheets and the associated manual errors is very satisfying!

Neil Gash  

Spotlight reporting is a great analytical tool. It's easy to use and easily consolidates multiple entities. Our clients like the way it looks and how it explains their business.

Merv Gyde  

I love Spotlight reports! It's so easy to customise data and tailor reports to reflect what is relevant for each client. The group consolidations are so much more meaningful than the manual versions we had been putting together and much less time consuming to complete.

Carli Orr  

Really love the simplicity of spotlight, and the visual impact is a real hit with my clients. This is a great report package.

Nancy Shallcrass  

Spotlight Reporting has given real added value to the management accounts we prepare for our clients. The reports look professional and once they are set up it take minutes to generate monthly/quarterly management accounts.

The links to the cloud accounting software is brilliant, and once the data is in there you can generate virtually any graph/pie-chart/report based on the data. Our clients love the colourful/ simple charts as it is much easier to understand then a whole report of numbers!

The multi version has given us a great tool to consolidate data which saves clients hours of time consolidating data manually, which our clients are really impressed with.

d&t chartered accountants and business advisors  

I consolidated things manually the hard way for years and made many mistakes along the way. Even when I got things right, trying to get a third party to sign off on my work was a nightmare because the build was so complicated. Spotlight just makes it easy to consolidate a set of entities and is definitely worth the price.

Charlie Zigmond  

An excellent tool for adding value and strengthening client relationships. Producing high impact visual reports is a simple process through the Xero integration and I would highly recommend Spotlight Reporting.

Richard Suswain  

A great add-on. This really helps move the financial numbers to a picture which our clients understand faster. Spotlight has led to more discussions and increased sales with current clients.

Mac McSwain  

We looked at several different options for providing management reports to our clients. We wanted to give our clients a new and fresh representation of the truth of their financials. Spotlight is easy to use and powerful to present. All clients get a Spotlight dashboard that is tailored to their specific business. Syncing information from Xero is a breeze too. I would recommend Spotlight over the rest of their competition.


This is a brilliant add-on! It's so easy to use and adapts well to the information needs of clients. Its also a great tool for starting conversations with clients. The team are great, and always eager to answer any queries we have.

TT Accounts  

I have been using Spotlight Dashboard for about a year now and really love it! I had tried a different add on prior and kept fumbling with it, but Spotlight is super easy, well presented, accurate and clients love it. And I was beyond thrilled when my Spotlight Rep emailed me to let me know that I had enough clients on it to qualify for business pricing, which actually saved me a good chunk of money each month. That doesn't happen everyday! Can't say enough good things about the product and the people behind it.

Stacey Yalenti  

Spotlight Reporting produces fantastic reports that are extremely easy to read, fun to use and have a huge amount of flexibility.

Cath Booth  

This is the best reporting app out there so far. If your clients are looking for forecasting, if scenarios, beautiful reporting packages for management and investors, this is the one! The support team is responsive, fast turn around.

Wanda Medina  

We have been using Spotlight for the last two qtrs for our reporting. It has saved us large amounts of time from a preparation point of view and our clients are loving the added reports we are now producing.

Matt Sharwood  

I've been using Spotlight for our clients and I love it. The customization options are great - they give you an endless amount of ways to show your clients how they've been going!

Andrew Clark  

We have started to use the Dashboard with every set of Management Accounts we produce and the response from clients has been fantastic, the challenge now is to upsell them to the Spotlight Reports package at their review, although I do not think that this will be difficult.

Tony Miles  

I have been looking for the right Dashboard tool for my client base for awhile. Most were too complicated for them to understand. I recently started using Spotlight Dashboard with several clients and they are loving the one page view of their business. They are getting a much better understanding of where their business is and where it is headed when the data is prepared in this way. It is even helping me advise them better and the integration with Xero is great. It was very easy to get up and running. I received fantastic support from the Spotlight team and I was able to implement the tool quickly.

Vicki Kosuda  

We use Spotlight for all of our clients. This is an especially great tool for multi-company reporting so clients can see the big picture. I love the updates to the custom chart formula builder - it is very user friendly! This is a great add-on reporting service.

Jenny Reed  

I have used Spotlight Reporting in my last two businesses. Both required me to aggregate data from multiple sources and present that data to stake holders who were not "number crunchers". Spotlight Reporting is the perfect tool for this. It is very powerful and provides a fantastic collection of pre-canned reports.

David ten Have  

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.

Spotlight has made end of month management reporting quick & easy for single and multi company reports. We are releasing "real time" information earlier each month.

Support has always been fantastic and suggestions for changes are always considered and are often included in the product updates.

We are also using Spotlight for clients that also require high level reporting and report packs for Board/Management Meetings.

Thanks Spotlight & the fantastic Spotlight Team

Kerryn McDonald  

My clients love the reports from Spotlight. Some have offices in different countries so the multi-currency really helps them.

Thomas Taylor  

Wow, what a great product! Spotlight lets accountants provide reports with real time data and presents it in a very understandable delivery. My clients would much rather see colour than just numbers. I am enjoying their increased interest in accounting!

Any accounting firm that has not yet deployed Spotlight reporting is at a distinct disadvantage.

Michelle has been exceptional to deal with.

Thanks Spotlight.

Roy Turner  

The ability of Spotlight to group multiple Xero organisations together and to customise the display name for each account has saved us significant time. By grouping similar expenses together, it allows us to highlight to our clients the key areas in their business. All handled with virtually no data entry. Spotlight enhances the ability of both managers of and advisers to business, to measure their results in a real time environment.

Amy Schleif  

Have really enjoyed our Spotlight journey so far. With a few clicks we can produce insightful management reports for our clients, meaning we are seen as really providing that add-value service. Furthermore, our account manager, Michelle, is fantastic! Not shy to come and visit us and always very responsive to our needs - just the way it should be.

Steve Betts  

Spotlight is a brilliant tool to illuminate financials in a colourful, pictorial way that inspires clients to get interested in looking at their numbers. The use of the tools promote discussion and help to focus attention on the business in new ways.

Love your work Spotlight :)


Steven Mundy  

Spotlight is a real gamechanger. It pulls live data from Xero to produce really powerful but easy to read reports, charts and graphs for reporting and forecasting, which enable us to give businesses the clarity to make better informed decisions.

Clients love the look of the reports, and the added support it allows us to provide to them.

We have also used the reports to secure bank funding for clients as bank managers are equally as impressed!

Sharon Pocock FCCA  

We have been using Spotlight Reporting for about a year now and really love how powerful the software is for our clients. We have tried several other competitors and they do not compare. Here are a few of the main reasons why Spotlight shines above the rest.
1. They are one of the only services to offer Non Financial Statistical reporting. This is a HUGE deal. We service the dental industry and we track the number of new patients, the number of canceled appointments, number of treatment plans presented and plans accepted. We track the production of each dentist and each hygienist. Spotlight allows us to have all of this information in one package that we can present to the client. Really powerful stuff.
2. The integrate really well with XERO (very automated) for both actual and budgeted information and they allow you to group and customize way beyond what XERO can offer. They do this online and also a PDF package to publish and present to your client on a monthly basis. Looks Very professional.
3. Their income statement template is very robust allowing you to show monthly actual with % of Revenue (why XERO does not have this in their reports is so silly, but they don't). They have an actual to budget column and the best part on the report is they have an actual column with a "rest of year" budget column to allow you to forecast the end of year.

Again, Spotlight Reporting is the current King of Reports at this moment. Highly recommend them.


I have recently started to use Spotlight and my clients love it! I am able to talk to them about their important key performance indicators and am presenting information in a way that they understand and use. They now really look forward to my visits or calls to review their recent period. This has resulted in increased billing and new referrals for me as well. A MUST HAVE product!

Scott Sander  

Great product and great price! I really enjoy using the simple interface, while my clients truly appreciate the visual feedback it provides.

Patrick Courtnage  

There's a bidding war in our team for who gets to work on the monthly/quarterly jobs that use Spotlight Reporting! We (both our team and our clients) love the user friendly/easy to read presentations that assist in informed decision making. Highly recommended!

Viden Group  

Simply nothing better on the market!!

Spotlight Reporting is an extremely powerful reporting tool, yet just like Xero the interface is simple.

No more fussing around with endless spreadsheets, it's all done with one click of a button and the data is imported from Xero. Spotlight Reporting allows us as business advisers to really leverage our knowledge and experience adding significantly more value to the client relationship.

Our clients love the way in which the data is presented and the fact we can focus with them on the important issues in their business rather than just compliance aspects.

Would certainly recommend that Xero partners add Spotlight Reporting to their practice tool-set and start today both with using it for the practice and also with your clients.

Stephen Paul  

Fantastic product. We are a non-profit and use for this for reporting our financial data to our Board in a way that provides depth in an easy to read and understand format.

Chris O'Neill  

It's a no brainer for us, great looking reports and graphics all easily customised, produced in very little time and absolutely accurate. But more important than why we like them is that the clients absolutely love them and are wanting to engage with us to discuss how they can improve their business so the results look even better.

Without a doubt Spotlight Reporting has revolutionised the reporting we do for not for profit boards, no longer is the finance section of the board meeting a chore but they are exciting about discussing the trends they see in the graphs and high level snapshot of the results which is just perfect for their needs.

Avril Hillind  

Excellent for KPI reporting, we use the custom graphs a lot and you can produce really nice results which are easy for our clients to understand. Also great for multiple companies, as you can merge many companies into one report - ideal for franchises etc.

Glennis Stuckey  

Spotlight Reporting - a simple to use online product that integrates easily with Xero. It produces value adding reports for advisors, so they can deliver awesome results to their clients!

Debbie Haddon  

We love the tools that Spotlight have brought on-line as Xero add-ons and use them all when working with our clients. It is fantastic to have tools that enable us to communicate with our clients in a graphical form that they understand and all without having to spend hours getting the data into a spreadsheet!

Karen Woller  

I remember where I had to number crunch ratio analysis on a monthly basis for the head franchisor of 20 franchisees in Excel, importing data and reformatting layout.

I sure wish this product had been available then would have saved me a lot of time.

Margaret Baker  

Must say I have been very impressed with the seamless ease I have set up board quality monthly finance reports for our Accounting & Advisory business. The link to Xero is great and uploading data for non-financial KPI's is easy via excel and making reports is a breeze. Self taught, watched a couple of videos and I was up and running, I highly recommend this for all Xero users - and Lucy does a great job with the set up and early training too - 5 stars!

Tim Hale  

Spotlight Reporting has been fantastic and fun, we are looking forward to getting non-financial data in there!

Xing Dong Yan  

One of my all time fav add-ons :) What used to take hours of spreadsheets and manual graphs is now completed with the click of one import button. We can give clients a great analysis of the key areas impacting their business in one easy to read report. This keeps them focused on what's important.

Our clients love the reports. They get a real bounce in their step when you can show them how a few simple changes can make a big difference to them.

Steph Hinds