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Stitch Labs

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |eCommerce

2.6 out of 5 stars
Based on 24 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Stitch Labs, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Stitch Labs

A must-have to manage inventory, orders and customers from all of your sales channels. Automatically updates everything in Xero - check out Stitch Labs.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Stitch Labs, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For support contact Stitch Labs.

A client is using Shopify and vend for sales for different channels and stitch Labs for inventory management, i need help with the best way to map these apps to Xero while avoiding double posting of data :) thanks

Bayode Agbi  

I wanted to share a review I posted in the Shopify App store re:Stitch Labs and others I integrate with and Xero being one of them. Please reach out to me (tdunlap@reaversystems.com) if any of you have questions about my experience or set-up.

The review:

In my first full year I struggled to keep my inventory straight and accurate. I even outsourced my accounting and inventory management to someone "experienced" in this sort of thing.

Then why did I have to spend hundreds of dollars with my local accountant and my own time just to straighten out my COGS and related product sales?

What a nightmare.

Someone told me, or I heard on a podcast, about one retailer's trifecta ecommerce system that made ecommerce fun again.

It was the Shopify <--> Stitch Labs <--> ShipStation system. I already had two of the three. So I decided to try out Stitch.

And am I glad I did! I also ditched Quickbooks for Xero.

With Stitch, I added my Shopify and Amazon stores as a channel. I connected ShipStation and Xero.

Stitch is the hub of my ecommerce universe.

As orders come into Shopify and Amazon, they automatically flow into Stitch. I can quickly see what open orders I have at glance, inventory levels, and when it's time to reorder stock.

From there, the orders are pushed to both ShipStation for fulfillment and Xero for accounting purposes.

After I fulfill the orders in ShipStation, the information flows to Stitch which adds the tracking details to the order, closes it out, and notifies Shopify that the order has been fulfilled (I use ShipStation's notification to send tracking details to the customer).

At the end of the week (or month), I can jump into Xero and reconcile all my transactions. And at the end of every month, Stitch pushes over a manual journal entry with all the month end details on COGS, inventory purchases, stock adjustments, etc.

No more keeping track of inventory on a spreadsheet or running extra reports for my accountant.

Stitch has made my inventory management and purchases such a breeze that I actually enjoy ecommerce once again.

And the customer service via chat has been nothing short of outstanding, in my opinion.

Thank you Stitch Labs and all the Stitchers and Master Stitchers who helped me create my own ecommerce nirvana.

Terry Dunlap  

We use Stitchlabs, amazon, shopify and xero. we have synced our 2 sales channels to stitch and then stitch syncs to xero. we've had issues a lot of you are having with that xero to stitch sync, but also love a lot of the things xero and stitch do too, as stitch works great with the sales channel inventory management part. so as a proposed solution - Does anyone know if instead of syncing xero to stitchlabs... would it be better and could you just sync directly from ones sales channel to xero? then just use stitchlabs for what its best for, maintaining proper inventory sync between stitch and the sales channel?

mike johnson  

Stitch has been a complete nightmare from day one. I'm not sure how it works for companies that have only a few hundred skus and don't have much purchasing activity, but for us it has been a dead end at every turn. Has anyone actually gotten them to fix an issue? I can't get an answer on how to pay a bill from their purchasing monthly journal entry as they don't create a bill in Xero for you, but then offer no guidance on how to handle the accounting they are lacking. All payment methods get dumped into one account which equals reconciliation nightmare. Sadly, I was willing to "work around" every short coming I came across (which was ALOT), and have been patiently waiting for the engineers that never get back to you, and all the customer representatives that continue to tell me that they either don't know, or that Stitch doesn't do that yet. I think my final straw was them deleting a post of my husbands desperate plea for help. Also, they have zero community forums...that should have been a red flag right there. If you are looking for more support then just "where is this button" run far far away. Don't put in hours of manual data entry like we did to only find out it doesn't work anyway. The search function is horrible, you can't even do simple things like expand a field on a purchase order, and you will have to question everything such as simple math in adding up your items on an sales order. And I'm suppose to trust them with my inventory calculations?!?! I have been in business for over 12 years, and have dealt with over 20 different software programs and companies of various kinds, and I have never even written one bad review. I guess there is a first time for everything. Has anyone found an alternative solution? We have three sales channels, and over 5000 parts alot of which are kits and require inventory management and a cloud based solution. I just want a company that actually cares about it's customers and customer support that knows more about their software than I do!! Thanks in advance.

Melissa Farrell  

All started well with a great woocommerce integration- was willing to give up shortcomings like lack of gst incl pricing, etc for the good reports stitch has- however too many flaws the major one which made me move was about a hundred unnecesary dr abd cr adjustment multiples for the same transaction - uner manual journals ended up me having nearly a thousand pages of manual journals. Drawbacks include pulling Sales journals even when its an abandoned cart the details are pulled as an order in draft status. Support was initially defiant and gave the belief that everything would be fixed but nothing really happened and were'nt really interested in fixing the bugs as only advanced users would know it was rewriting manual journals. In short great reporting features but lacking overall in key departments.

Simply Suave  

Adam, best place to get a reply to your question is by posting here: Using Xero Add-ons. This is just for the review of BigCommerce, and you can only comment once!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

How does the integration work for reconciling cash. For example, if my BigCommerce sale goes through for $100, the invoice is created in Xero and the payment is applied as 100? How do you reconcile that when the $97 comes in from my merchant service provider to capture the credit card processing fee?


Adam Sharrow  

StitchLabs has been a great solution for providing functionality that Shopify does not offer. We are able to trust that our inventory will be accounted for, with an online marketplace and wholesale orders. Stitch acts as the hub between Xero (accounting), ShipStation (shipping), and Shopify (ecommerce). I don't know what we would do without it! And the best part is that their email support staff is quick and really knowledgeable.

Alexis Ring  

We are a US-based company using Stitch Labs for well over a year, and more recently, Xero. We started with Stitch so that we could easily maintain our available inventory on both our Shopify stores and Amazon. For the new year (2015), we adopted Xero and only then really started using Stitch to its fullest potential. It is now our "official" inventory manager and our order manager.

Before adopting the Stitch-Xero combo, we had a laborious process to get orders into Quickbooks. Semi-automatic, imperfect, and laborious. With Stitch, Shopify orders and Amazon orders arrive automatically into Stitch and get pushed over to Xero. We deal with a lot of backorders, so we edit the invoice date (different from order date) in Stitch and it updates Xero. This allows us to visually see in the dash cash in from future shipments. Simply wonderful. We use the option of having them come in as draft so I can review.

We absolutely love how Xero is made for the real-time, digital world (QB is more like - "hey we took this paper stuff and put it on a computer"). Stitch handles the sales/order side of feeding Xero. We now have a clear view of our operation - money in, money out.

Another plus in Stitch: the ability to enter a manual order. We sell in a few smaller channels and the ability to pop an order into Stitch, with Shopify, Amazon, and Xero updated effortlessly is fantastic.

The bundling feature is also a blessing in Stitch, as Shopify has no kitting feature. We have a few skus we sell in different configurations. Stitch publishes what's possible for us to put together. We maintain the component inventory and Stitch handles the rest.

Support is also amazing. The system is easy to pick up - very clean UI - and most of our concerns are clarifications of whether we are we are doing makes sense. We always receive prompt and professional assistance.

In summary, Stitch is a great solution for small businesses (and bigger ones) who sell in multiple channels. We were happy using just Stitch because it did what we wanted. Now that we connect with Xero via Stitch we are thrilled. I'd give Stitch six stars if I could! :-)

Alan S. Adler  

I am a UK accountant who foolishly suggested the xero-stitchlabs to a client. It has been an embarrassing debacle from day one. Xero have even admitted to me that they should never have marketed Stitchlabs as a xero add-on for UK customers, and have now stopped doing so. That doesn't help us though - we're faced with the decision of whether to pour more time and effort into the problem or jump ship. Aside from the VAT problems, the COGS manual entries (which are WRONG and have to be manually fiddled with each month), we keep getting problems in Stitchlabs, which they apologise for and fix (but never find themselves - there seem to be no internal integrity checks), but then when we ask them to ensure the fix is also reflected downstream in Xero, both Xero and Stitchlabs wash their hands and say "not our problem"! We recently had about 50 invoices in Stitchlabs that lost all data, e.g. showed all figures as £0.00 and addressed the invoices to "The unknown customer". Stitchlabs fixed this, but now we're left with manually fixing all 50 invoices in Xero. Any tips from others would be gratefully appreciate!
Joseph, may I ask about your comparison tool? Is it something you've built yourself in Excel or something someone has provided for you?

William Steward  

I highly discourage anyone looking for a seamless integration between Xero and Stitch to look for other providers. I have a client that uses Stitch for Inventory and invoicing, data should seamlessly move from Stitch to Xero but it does not. Last month over $ 65,000 in invoices never made it from Stitch to Xero and their "engineers" are still trying to figure out what caused this. The worst part! this is not the first time it has happened.

On a weekly basis we now how to run a comparison tool to check between invoices imported in Xero and the ones generated in Stitch. This process is time consuming and simply impractical. If I had the ability to give less than one star I would!

Joseph Serrone  

Hello all!

Does any one have any recommendations for any alternative products for StitchLabs - any cloud based product that can integrate seamlessly with Xero.

I really love to work with StitchLabs - because of its ease of use and other great features.
But the COGS/Purchase accounts not getting synced is a BIG handicap.
For the last two months, I am not seeing the COGS and Inventory getting updated in Xero. So, forget about instant sync, even the monthly once sync is not working for me!!!

I am disappointed at this point due to this hiccup.

Ajmel Kottai  

I cannot find the Stich addon in the xero addon store anymore. Has it disappeared?

Thomas Haederle  

I was wondering where my COGS were. Now I realize it's only once a month, and last month didn't even happen. :-(

How can I effectively make business decisions if I have to wait until the end of the month to see my numbers? We purchase things weekly. Every 2 days in most cases. Sales happen ever few minutes. So that is not good.

I had to manually map all my inventory items. If I add more items via my webstore channel, I'll have to manually add those as well. Very frustrating and time consuming considering I thought this was a good "integration".

Shannon Rawls  

I use Stitch to integrate Shopify, Shopify POS, and Amazon into Xero. If it actually worked it would be great. I haven't has a sale come over for a week... in spite of selling over 100 items.... nothing is coming over. then ill get slammed with many many orders but its completely random best i can tell..

The tax settings are also clunky within the interface. I also don't like that every customer comes over as a distinct entry.. as opposed to "Amazon Sale". I have 100's of archived customers because they wont allow modification.

Clunky at best across the board. If you are looking for a robust accounting software... with robust interfaces... look elsewhere. Xero isnt it.

Brad Stees  

In the world of SaaS you cannot have it all. There is no 'and' solution just a series of 'or' statements. The Stitch integration with Xero is no exception to the rule.

Previously we were on Unleashed, and were it not for the dearth of graphical reports produced by Unleashed as well as another integration hiccup we'd still be there. Unfortunately we had to make an 'or' call as we also run Vend and Shopify, which don't play well with Unleashed, we switched to Stitch. While the switch alleviated some problems with inventory sync problems it has created a whole host of other accounting issues with Xero.

Two of the biggest gripes are how Stitch handles COGS and the way it has posts sales into Xero. As previously mentioned the fact that COGS is only posted once a month is an absolute disgrace when real time information is key to making critical business decisions. What's worse is for the last two months that once a month function did not work and we needed to request a manual journal posting. On the sales posting side we have had to add an extra step with Stitch. All sales are posted into 'Awaiting Payment' and must be handled manually. When we used Unleashed it was so seamless that we never had 'money coming in' as it was handled so seamlessly, we are a retail operation. There are a host of other niggling issues with Stitch, but they are not integration related.

On the up side Stitch does have a decent Customer Support team, which we have spent a great deal of time communicating with over the last few months. Unfortunately, long term solutions to problems are not 'on the product roadmap at present' and the engineers are perpetually backlogged with work. Credit to them, they do come up with a band-aid solution eventually.

In summary if you are a retailer that makes use of Vend, Shopify and Xero a proper solution to handling inventory that integrates all three cleanly does not exist. Until then there is Stitch and a prayer that the next update will address some of the shortcomings. In the meantime the pretty reports and UI from Stitch should keep you entertained.

Note - It is possible that there is a setting to avoid the problem of sales posting where they do, but after spending considerable time tweaking the system we have yet to find it.

Matthew Finch-Noyes  

we are disillusioned as we use stitch to link our sales on AMAZON.co.uk with XERO but really does only help us to create an invoice in XERO without entering manually the name and address of the customer. Infact we still need to change the invoice number, link manually the item code with the one in Xero and change the VAT.
it is helpful but I was thinking to get more for the amount paid...waiting for stitch to get the XERO and AMAZON.co.uk integration sorted out hopefully.....will see

Giuseppe Trerotoli  

We are disillusioned also. The once-monthly sync of COGS is not good. Also difficult to navigate around in. Crying shame that Xero cannot do native inventory. We are moving to Quickbooks online

Ben Gooden  

There are definitely issues with Xero/Stitch integration. The taxes that should be attached to the product do not come across with the items. I could previously manually adjust each line item in Xero, but I can no longer do this. The cost of sales is not coming across properly into Xero, and as the cost comes as one manual journal entry at the end of each month, it's hard to track where the entry is out of balance. Also, Stitch only sends COS across when an order is completed. If a large order is ongoing, there is no cost of sales recorded for the period that partial or progressive invoices are generated. We use multicurrency, and I want to set the rates according to our government bank rates. Stitch restates our rates. We are currently running parallel with our previous programme, and we cannot switch over unless Xero and Stitch solve their issues.

Nancy Meredith  

We are a UK company and to be honest the integration is not as great as it should be for us. Neither VAT nor EC Sales come through accurately. Also as Xero has multi currency and Stitch doesn't, this causes embarrassing problems for us as Stitch keeps updating Xero US$ invoices back to GB£; there needs to be a way to freeze Xero invoices and stop them from re-syncing. Payments also need to be updated on both systems. This is fiddly as Xero is led by invoice number and Stitch uses order numbers. We have raised all these issues with Stitch and have seen no progress; therefore we will most likely have to abandon Stitch at the end of our business year.

Jacqui Rickman  

We are Australian users of Stitch, of which does not integrate well with Xero. It requires manual adjustments and deletions of lines on invoices carried over into Xero every time. If you forget just one invoice your BAS Statements and all your accounts will be incorrect. Although a fundamental flaw in the integration it seems Australia is too small a market to warrant a fix. Both systems are great seperately, however this asked me to review the integration, of which simply doesn't work.

Steven Deveraux-Stanford  

We love Stitch Labs - we really do. The service has a great Xero integration, and really helps businesses keep track of all of their logistics. Stitch has one major drawback which has caused us to need to abandon the app. When syncing contacts from Stitch to Xero, Stitch appends a "Contact Code" to the end of the customer name. This wouldn't be the end of the world, except that many of our customers are already in Xero and this creates a duplicate record. The really frustrating thing however, is that Xero's contacts sync with other services, and the "Contact Code" has even found its way into our MailChimp campaigns. Now instead of sending marketing emails to "Caleb Jones" we send emails to "Caleb Jones (1203)" the mess was frustrating, but showing our customers that they really are a number is something that we couldn't do.

Caleb Jones  

I work for Afficient an accounting and Xero integration firm. We have recently been integrating StichLabs and Xero for a client and have found the integration process to be very simple and easy to implement. This allows for real-time accounting information to be generated and our accountants can keep the company's book reconciled on a daily basis.


Kane Hooper  

Stitch has revolutionized our business, and continues to. There are a bit of things missing (multiple currencies and bulk editing of product through csv to name a couple) that would allow Stitch to work 100 times more for our business, but nevertheless I am a lifer. One day I know Stitch will get there! And I will be basking in all of it's even greater greatness ;)

Tyler Madsen  

I love the integration with stitch and xero.

The main flaw that I've seen is the lack of 'Purchase Order' being transferred as they happen, with transaction cost details. Currently the 'cost of goods sold' (via POs) gets transferred on the first of every month, but that's not near detailed enough for people that have new purchase orders (from different vendors) on a weekly basis. This is a must have for people that want to remain on top of their books and want to run a large company with these integrations.

We pretty much love everything else though...so far.

Don't get me started on the Stitch and Spark Pay integrations...too many feature requests to talk about. ;)

Chais Meyer  

Overall Stitch is great and this integration is valuable. However, the tax support is limited as Stitch will add a line item for tax and then add a negative tax adjustment to offset Xero's tax calculation. Apparently this is due to a limited tax api. However, I would rather Stitch assume that the Xero administrator has set up the Account that Xero interacts with correctly and just not add the tax line item. If rounding is necessary, maybe just leave the invoice as draft? Anyway because of this I set Stitch to save invoices in draft mode and I go back and fix the taxes. Again, still gets more of the data replicated so adds value regardless of tax handling.

Sean Calvillo  

I originally wrote a glowing review back in September but have been forced to change this based on the latest debacle with the Stitch and Xero integration.

I was a big fan of Stitch when I first starting using it given the ease of use once it was up and running. However, the more I have used it, the more disillusioned I become.

One of the key features for me was the way that Stitch "talked" to Xero and apparently synced and mapped all of the information to the correct Xero accounts. However, it has become clear that this isnt the case and the integration just plain and simply doesn't work and maps incorrectly. The main reason for integration is to take way the manual part of both systems data transfer and we are now left with having to manually correct entries when the incorrect data hits Xero. Very sad.

On top of this, Stitch still does not have an import product function, which again leaves the user having to manually input this data. Its very surprising given some of other vendors that now integrate with Xero offer this function and it appears this "up and comer" award winner from Xerocon US is now falling way behind the competitors.

And lastly, the COGS is only synced once a month. One would have thought that this would have been done at the same time the corresponding sales invoice was created so that it effectively matched from a P&L reporting basis. I raised this with me but just got a response they were looking into it.

Hopefully they can iron out these problems or, like one of the other reviewers, I will be left with no option other than to jump ship to one the new "up and comers"

Simon Knapp  

Loving the integration - makes my day so much easier! Need simultaneous multiple currency option in stitch lab to make the last star for me. Then it would be complete for integrating with Xero and Paypal and selling internationally from NZ. Xero integration was the deal maker for signing in with stitch lab.

Still loving it months later - saves lots of time and help and response to questions is fantastic.

Jeanie Ackley