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Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Inventory

4.6 out of 5 stars
Based on 47 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Unleashed, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Unleashed Software

Unleashed provides online inventory software integrated with Xero, allowing accurate costs, margins and stock control. Integration with Xero is seamless and easy. For more information, check out Unleashed.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Unleashed, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Unleashed support centre or this page for information on connecting Unleashed to Xero.

52 Customer Reviews
Unleashed is our preferred application we recommend to clients in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Their release of new requested features is the fastest we have seen and they excel at looking after both their partners and customers.

Their software is abundant with excellent features that help businesses grow by streamlining their processes and giving them access to valauble reporting data for decision making.

If distributing or producing stock is your game, you need to be using Unleashed with Xero.

Will McTavish  

We've been using Unleashed now for three years and we love it. If you're looking for inventory management, stock control, reports etc and a clean integration with Xero, then Unleashed is for you.
What we like best is the responsiveness of the support team and the continual updates making the system better. Go Team Unleashed! No wonder you were voted Xero Add-on of the Year!

Danielle Butler  

We had a completely out of date system around 2 years ago which was holding us back and costing too much money to run and maintain. I was informed of XERO for the accounting side and got this up and running straight away.

After this we needed a full on inventory system that would operate with no problems and that could handle thousands of products/stock movements.

Unleashed stood out as THE add-on for us. After setting up (which was easy!) and integrating with XERO (even easier!) we soon found that Unleashed would be the key system to our business. Integrates into our online Magento store too!

If you have thousands of lines, multiple warehousing, mass stock movements and selling in multiple currencies then this is the add-on for you.

(check out the full list of features)

Wouldn't choose anything else!

Thanks Unleashed.

Simon Pashley  

One of my fav add-ons for Xero Unleashed certainly knows inventory. So easy to use yet so powerful with the reports and information you can get out. Unleashed really does take care of the entire inventory process with ease. Integration into Xero, GeoOP and Vend mean businesses who are both tiny and huge can run their entire businesses with ease using Unleashed. We love the real time margin reports and ability to really drill down into what's working for your business.

Steph Hinds  

We are finding stock management to be one of the most requested features for Xero add-ons. Unleashed is a comprehensive solution we specify for businesses of all sizes, most recently for a company with over a $1million in stock. But it works for the smaller businesses too.

It has the best product costing solution that we have worked with in a longtime. The ability for importers to do full foreign currency product costing within Unleashed is a great simplification for business owners.

Getting the set up right at the start is key for anyone. On several occasions we have had to delete an existing set up and start again. This is definitely not a DIY add-on. Get good advice, do your process mapping and make sure you have ongoing support to get the most out of Unleashed.

It is always great to see new enhancements and integrations on a regular basis.

Engine Room Chartered Accountants  

I have no hesitation in recommending Unleashed to anyone wanting to maintain accurate, real-time understanding of their inventory.

With the numerous excellent features this product offers, positive progress is inevitable.

Whether you are simply trading, tracking stock or manufacturing, Unleashed is the ultimate solution for your business.

Take the management of your business to another level when you integrate it with other add-on's like Vend and GeoOp.

There's beauty in simplicity. Unleashed makes managing inventory a beautiful experience.
And you couldn't ask for a better way to empower your staff by enabling them to access the right information at the right time.

Justin Walker  

Be careful before going with Unleashed.
When compared with Xero, Google Apps for Business or Insightly it is slow. Unleashed promises improvements, but in 12 months they do not appear to have ever been significant.

Again when comparing to other Cloud Based applications they are not very responsive to contact or issues.

I agree with the Engine Rooms comments, "this is definitely not a DIY product".

Unleashed does have some nice features, make sure it will fit and understand the implications before committing to it.

Geoff Letcher  

I have a client who will probably want to interface Unleashed via his Magento site and Xero.

Many months ago I did trial Unleashed for my client and found issues with correctly integrating multiple Sales (general ledger) accounts with Unleashed. At that time Unleashed assured me this was possible. In general the set-up certainly was not straight forward, and certainly not DIY. Unleashed were very helpful, albeit, given the time difference with the UK I recall working many unsociable hours.

However, I am concerned to learn of Unleashed running slow.


Since originally posting I have had a response from Unleashed:

Currently you can only have one store front or sales integration – this may be changed in future but I haven’t got any information at this stage.

We have had a few speed issues lately that are mostly resolved, they are generally a result of bugs in the system etc. but some UK/USA customers have advised that the speed is not optimal – this is due to our servers being in New Zealand. However, we in the process of moving our servers to Rack Space and CDN networks which should have a huge improvement on speed, especially for Northern Hemisphere customers so stay posted for more information on this.

John Cotter

Yes Accounting Limited

John Cotter  

I'm a manufacturer and I've tried Unleashed fairly thoroughly on two occasions. On the first attempt the biggest problem was it does not support case conversions i.e. Unleashed cannot calculate that 1 case = X number of units, that is all calculations are set on a base of 1 unit and driven upwards from there. Thus, if you're selling something in ounces but are buying raw materials in 55 gallon drums all measurements are in ounces including your POs for 55 gallon drums. I think it's fair to say this is annoying and really means this isn't a full manufacturing / raw materials inventory software.

On the second attempt at using Unleashed I swallowed the inability to track my raw materials and hoped it would do the rest of the job with aplomb. For the most part it worked great with finished goods until I tried integrating it with my 3PL. If you sell more than a dozen things a day then Unleashed is likely not for you. It does not support any API integrations with 3PLs nor does it even have the capability to export or import the necessary .csv files between yourself and a 3PL. Thus all orders and shipments have to manually entered. Again, a very surprising deficiency for what seems to be a smart software.

What's remarkable is Xero + Unleashed would have Quickbooks + Fishbowl and numerous other softwares licked if they just sorted out these two glaring and somewhat fundamental problems.

According Unleashed's CEO, by way of a conversation with my Xero accountant, none of these issues merit fixing so chances are this will be a half-baked "manufacturing inventory" system for some time yet.

Over all their support was friendly but only available during New Zealand business hours. And much of what's in the support pages is dated.

To see the support pages on case conversions:

Peter Smith  

Slow software, full of bugs that never get fixed properly. Vague passing the buck support and so so so slow.

I moved from Unleashed to Dear - so much better and support that care

Matthew Smith  

Unleashed is S-L-O-W!!! So S-L-O-W that it makes it hard to really assess functionality. I think if it was faster then the architecture would make more sense but just the process of watching and waiting for the database to clunk over while making small talk with your customer who just wants a timely answer is pretty frustrating. Also, back-ordering isn't available in any meaningful way. Unleashed seem to be blithely unaware that more than a good disposition is necessary when dealing with businesses trying to manage/implement key parts of their business. Would be really good to know what's happening with the speed issue as this is the elephant in the room yet Unleashed hasn't sent us an email or any kind of broadcast that I'm aware of ... Also, we tried to integrate with Shopify and Vend. When we signed up we were told this would work but it doesn't: resulted in complete corruption of products across the Vend and Shopify platforms. This is a shame as would be a very compelling offering if all three integrated, along with Xero. Unleashed documentation is not the best either. My overall impression of Unleashed is they are primarily marketers who've employed developers rather than the other way around. Metrics seem wrong.

James Kirton  

Very good communication but unfortunately system couldn't produce labels so unable to use.

Stuart Yarndley  

We have been using only parts of unleashed in the past but due to growth have encompassed it completely in the past two months. With the exceptional help I have received from my support person and a clearer understanding of the product I am confident the programme has been developed in such a logical manner that it will suit a small growing company for the near future and due to the constant upgrading perhaps longer than that.


Sally symes  

As a Premier Partner of Unleashed, Training and Beyond has implemented and trained a considerable amount of clients. Unleashed's perpetual stock inventory is invaluable for business that requires comprehensive stock movements and reports. The multi warehouses, foreign currency and now back orders enable our clients to have transparency and real time data interfaced seamlessly with Xero for their financials. We look forward to continuing to offer business's this fabulous tool and will enjoy future releases with even more functionality.

Melanie Morris  

We went to Unleashed after another system failed to meet our needs and so far they've been brilliant. It's a very easy to use system and the ability to record bins locations for picking with the number of SKUs we have has been critical to the smooth running of our business. The support during set up was excellent and all my questions were always answered and any issues fixed promptly.

Kathryn Gardner  

We recently acquired a small importing and manufacturing business. It was an old and very tired business without much in the way of IT infrastructure. The only near accurate record of stock levels was in the previous owners head.

On the Sunday prior to settlement, we set up the business financial accounts on Xero and the inventory in Unleashed. We imported the product list, stock values, customer lists and supplier lists into Unleashed. Because they talk to one another so seamlessly, I had to do this exercise once only and I could do it from the loungeroom at home at a time that suited me.

When we walked in on Monday morning, we needed a system that could process orders from the three hundred customers and manage the circa 30,000 items in inventory across 350 product lines(SKUs).

Within 20 minutes of arrival we processed our first order. The customer details were on the screen, the products were picked from a list, the invoice and packing slips were printed for us and the warehouse started packing. Most importantly, the person adding products to the order didn’t need to understand the accounting transactions underneath. Unleashed tells Xero what has been sold (or purchased) and Xero handles both the revenue transaction and the changes on the balance sheet.

Now we process the average order in one or two minutes and have complete confidence that our financial records are updated in realtime. I’ve seen this level of capability in a large business running SAP after millions in upfront investment and large teams of staff to support it. Never thought it would be possible for an average SME.

Malcolm Campbell  

Great experience with the support team after a minor issue with signing up some new clients. They were quick, onto it and my problem was solved in no time flat. Thanks guys!

Amy Holdsworth  

Definitely a 5 star from me. I had some major integration issues, complicated by my customised website. What I can say is that Unleashed were more than helpful in resolving this for me. Credit also to Zeald for coming to the party with writing code for this integration! For the Unleashed side, I had one person contact me constantly, who had a great working knowledge, and actually understood what my "non-web-tech" brain wanted to achieve.

Very happy customer!

Thanks to you all.

Rob Holah
Industrial Athletic

Rob Holah  

5 stars from me. Fantastic communication when help is required.

thanks, Rowena

ACME Batteries  

Very good support. Love the fact, they have a phone number to call them for support. Unleashed is great for small to medium sized stock handling. Looking forward to future add-ons that will give us more power in reporting.

San Lee  

We have been working with Unleashed for a number of years. As a cloud based stock management system Unleashed continues to be a good choice that meets our clients growing business needs.

Penny Anderson  

Friendly customer support team. Excellent!

Xiaoning Dong  

We have now rolled out Unleashed to four subsidiaries across four countries. We will, in time, extend Unleashed elsewhere too. This is because Unleashed gives us big business ERP capability at a SME price-point. We are now able to do all sorts of cool things including EDI, e-commerce and field sales in an agile and scalable manner. Furthermore, the reporting - in particular margin reporting - gives us invaluable business intelligence into customer and product trends. However, the best word to describe Unleashed is "responsive": the customer support is ridiculously fast to try to help in the unlikely event we have an issue and, unlike some other app vendors in the Xero ecosystem, Unleashed works really hard to improve functionality in a way that is meaningful for us (by that I mean not merely tinkering around the edges of UX and instead making changes that result in improved business efficiency). Of course, not everyone will be satisfied at the pace at which they are improving, but if you're putting your business onto a SaaS platform, you want to be with people who are committed to listening to their customers and improving their platform. Unleashed are definitely 5 stars in that regard in our opinion.

Shiv Narayan  

For Unleashed we will definitely give 5 stars, your service & support is remarkable. "Unleashed is fantastic!"

Salesh Narayan  

Great product, thanks Unleashed

Maia Royal  

I have dealt with multiple customer service reps, visited alot of the help forums and watched many of the help tutorials while transitioning to unleashed software. This had made the move to Unleashed seemless! I would like to pass on a big thanks to your team for the hard work put into this fantastic business tool.

Ryan Steven  

Excellent for serious stock management. Multiwarehouse and pushing to xero is great. Had great integration help from Jeri Murphy which helped. http://jerimurphy.com/unleashed/

jim test sales  

The help I have received being completely new to unleashed has been amazing.
Thanks for your help in helping us move forward % starts to Ben and unleashed

Anita Vickery  

Customer support has resolved all issues i have had with them

philip root  

Unleashed on the surface seemed like a fanastic complement to the Xero accounting system and we anxiously anticipated the updates they assured us were in the works.

Unfortunately the backordering update failed to allow for partial invoicing of orders which makes the update itself fairly useless, no-one in their right mind sends stock out to a customer without invoicing them for the goods. There is a work-around in splitting the order and creating a seperate backorder but this does not show on the customers invoices or paperwork and makes it hard to track from a user perspective also. Have been getting told by support since the shipping update came out that this will be fixed but it still looks like it is months away.

I find unleashed like to try and release numerous fairly insignificant updates to try and look like they are constantly improving without any real improvements of substance. Support has not been too bad but the system is definitely slow.

We are currently looking for alternative options.

Kellie Appleyard  

We are looking for a package for a clothing web-retailer.
Does the variant data come through to Xero in a form to be able to report on Products and product Groups, as well as product variants.

Peter Graham  

we were experiencing server and software issues with our previous accounting system so decided to look at a Cloud-based system for our inventory-heavy distribution business. Enter Unleased! I contacted an Unleased consultant - Will McTavish of Link Solutions, who took plenty of time to talk me through the integration of our business to Unleased and Xero. Through our accountants, our business was already on Xero so Unleased would be the natural add-on.

We have been pleasantly surprised at the ease of operation of Unleased and our calls to Will have dropped to nothing. I am impressed at the quick reactions to the Unleased Team when ever problems arise so we have few complaints these days.

Regular updates are a welcome although there are still a few more I would like to see in the near future perhaps.


chris wong  

Great to commence getting personal assistance from the Unleashed Team with issues and actually talk with someone
this makes the management and time of any issues alot easier for me when in the coalface

Mason Fisher  

We recently have just swapped to Unleashed Inventory Add on as the inbuilt Xero functionality is lacking for what our manufacturing business required. The Unleashed support team have been fantastic in guiding us through the process and how it will integrate for us in our situation. technical support has also been very timely during our swap over period when we ran into things we were not sure how to complete!

Kurt Miglas  

We have worked with Unleashed and a few of our clients at Cloud Accountants now and we find the system very good to use. The most important thing for us though is that the Unleashed team are available both online and in person to help us work through any technical issues that we may have. Nice one guys!

Justin Keen  

We're about to sign up a second company to Unleashed as it works really well for our operations. Generally speaking we've had good responses to any issues or enhancements we've requested.

Becky Sangster  

Unleashed was recommended to our company by our accountant. Our business was growing rapidly and the inventory system we were using was slow and inaccurate. After making the move to Unleashed we now enjoy real time, accurate inventory. Unleashed is easy to use, and the integration with Xero makes it all seamless. Will and Raff from Link Solutions were invaluable through out the set up and training process.

Sarah Chisnall  

I have just started using Unleashed, and have never used a production program before. I decided to move our accounts to Xero and needed something better than my excel spreadsheets for inventory and inventory building.
Getting my head round some of the processes has been made so much easier with their excellent customer support. I cannot praise their support members highly enough. I have never had to wait more than about an hour and a half for email questions (even receiving an answer back at 7.30pm their time), and their phone support is excellent too.
Everything flows through to Xero automatically and so far so good.

Susan Buller  

Am pretty new to Unleashed but did find the integration with Xero to be simple and seamless. Will be working on the Magento integration this week which I imagine will prove a little harder, but I have been impressed to date with the level of help and support available from Unleashed - not something that a Xero user is accustomed to !!

Gill Doms  

We decided to run with Unleashed and Xero to support set up of our distribution in Australia. We've been impressed with the ease of set up and ease of use, which has been done with a few telephone calls and a bit of "in-house" systems knowledge. Training for staff was done on the fly but Unleashed seems very logical and easy to work through. We're about 2 months down the track operationally and it is working very well. Impressed with the reporting and visibility we're getting out of it. A few minor issues along the way but nothing major. Web-based systems - a new experience for us - we run a full ERP system at NZ parent but didn't need the complexity for a relatively small sales & distribution operation. From our perspective this experience has very much been a positive one. The combination of Unleashed and Xero is well worth consideration.

Murray McDonald  

We are new to Xero and Unleashed and have found both to be simple and user friendly. The customer service from Unleashed is excellent.

Peter de Gail  

Great support so far via webinar, videos and skype ... We are just getting set up on Unleashed. Will update once up and running. Thanks Ben and all.

Bonnie Marcello  

I am new to Unleashed but what a great experience, support from Unleashed has been great to date. Great integration, easy process.
I have been using Xero for a while in another business - Unleashed made it so much easier.

Pieter Meiring  

Awesome support - particularly from Ben. We love our interactions with Unleashed, Ben makes problem-solving fun and easy. We get fast and valuable support just by picking up the phone resulting in quick, lasting solutions - just what every business needs. :)

Steven Boyd  

Unleashed is something that is worth every dollar! Finally found a software that is comprehensive, detailed yet user friendly. Wish I had discovered it much sooner. Customer service is excellent as well!

Tina Lagdameo  

Early days for our company but so far no disappointments, the Unleashed team have been attentive and supportive. Looking forward to using the software to it's full potential.

john hannah  

I have been using Xero and unleashed for 6 weeks now and we are loving the potential of this combination.
The implementation process needs better explanation, but once understood it works very well.
The support team are very quick and interested, They sometimes however give you a stock answer without actually reading about the problem.
I would recommend this software to any business, Talk to someone else who has already implemented unleashed and I do not mean an accountant.
Talk to the staff on the front line.

John Carroll  

We have implemented Unleashed for 20+ businesses and found the program meets the needs of most SMEs needing an inventory solution. For businesses where it does meet their needs, it is a very easy to use and very reliable solution, with lots of great features.

Yes, there are gaps in the functionality (such as invoicing of partially shipped orders, which is at last due for release in the next couple of weeks), just as there are gaps in any app. It is important that any prospective user reviews the system before implementing it. No two solutions have the same range of features, just as no two businesses have the same range of needs.

Having reviewed a number of other inventory add ons for Xero we are confident that Unleashed represents the best available solution for most prospective users who approach us.

Rhys Roberts  

I've recently changed companies and moved from a inventory system that was incredibly sophisticated but slow and limiting.
Moving to Unleashed with our Consumer Electronics distribution business has been great. With access anywhere and anytime and I have been surprised at how intuitive and flexible it has been. Of course there were some minor teething problems (use the right browser!) along the way - and I am still discovering aspects of how much I can do.
A key component has been the support offered, which was, in short, excellent (Hi Ben!).
The support quality was well out of proportion to the modest cost to use the software - and much appreciated.
Great software, great team and I'm in for the long-haul, I will look forward to see how Unleashed evolves over the coming months and years.
I am sure that there are other Xero partner products out there, but if you are looking for quality inventory management with excellent support I'd be comfortable in saying 'look no further'.

Carey Dixon  

If you are looking for the ultimate mobile office Unleashed is great add on for any sales driven business. My team can check there availability anywhere, process orders, check customers accounts even send the invoice direct to the customer. We have streamlines business so much i am spending more time looking for new clients instead on sitting in an office balancing books and completing paperwork. i don't know what took me so long to change to something different.

Ben Deguara  

Great way to simplify accounting and inventory and keep track of everything.
Ben, our customer service contact, is awesome and very helpful too!

Vaishali Thirwani  

We are a small mobile business and unleashed has been an amazing platform to manage our stock control from two different warehouses in different parts of the country since 2010. From managing importing to landed costs to sales and balance of stock it works seamlessly. And the timeless link with Xero has been an integral part of our system in terms of managing the income and expenditure for cost of sales etc. More recently VEND has added to this cloud system of managing our direct sales which links with Unleashed for stock control and Xero for income.

Dawn MacLean