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Unleashed Software

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Inventory

4.6 out of 5 stars
Based on 297 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Unleashed, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Unleashed Software

Unleashed provides online inventory software integrated with Xero, allowing accurate costs, margins and stock control. Integration with Xero is seamless and easy. For more information, check out Unleashed.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Unleashed, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Unleashed support centre or this page for information on connecting Unleashed to Xero.

What a power horse!! It can do pretty much everything we need it to in order to run our manufacturing and retail company. And more importantly, the customer service is outstanding!! 5/5 is well deserved.

Zan Kramer  

Unleashed has been a great choice of stock management software for our company. We have been using Unleashed since our inception, and have found that it has met and exceeded our expectations at pretty much every turn.

We find the software to be well resolved, and in the rare occasion that it doesn't work as we need, we have had good support in either finding a suitable work around, or having a feature requested lodged that has been actioned upon in a timely manner.

The customer service team has been responsive and supportive.This was especially evident during the COVID lockdown period, which hit our hospitality facing business pretty hard. Unleashed suspended our account while not in use, with good communication and enough time for us to export info that we would need from the system over the period we would not be using it. It is heartening to know that there are real world people sitting behind the scenes who show empathy and care.

Nada Piatek  

Working on an urgent case, the respond time is very fast, and really solved my query within the time frame.

A good support team and thanks to my supporting specialist Heather.

Hongying Qiu  

Hi Stuart,

Thank you for taking the time to outline your feedback, it is invaluable in highlighting areas where improvements can be made.

Firstly I’d like to acknowledge that the API documentation does fall short in some areas, as it's not been kept up to date with some of the technical changes made and we’re aware we need to address this.

We’ve spent some time today reviewing the interactions you’ve had with our support team and agree that we missed the mark in a few key areas. We can see you need specialist technical support, not our general support and onboarding services and this must be frustrating when you can't get the correct answers you need in a timely manner.

We will ensure your open case has attention overnight and then reach out to you directly tomorrow and propose a plan of action to restore your confidence in us.

The Unleashed Team

Unleashed Team  

I'm giving them 2 stars out of an appreciation that if their software eventually works it'll do what we want it to do. However, there are some serious issues here which given the cost really isn't acceptable.

Support is incompetent.
I've raised three tickets.
The first case having told me that the software categorically couldn't do what the documentation said it could, I got an acknowledgement that she didn't actually know how that component worked. The software can do it - but given the lack of knowledge from support and the horrific documentation (more on that later) good luck getting it to work.
The second case I was also told that a basic functionality wasn't possible - but why don't I add it to a future concept wish list. Actually it did work, it just needed very specific steps to get it working (which don't appear in the documentation).

The third case was raised 9 days ago and still has yet to have a response.

If like us, you are builing an API integration and planning on using their API documentation to do so, save yourself the hassle now and don't.
The documentation doesn't include all of the fields (No, really!). Some of the fields in the documentation are miss specified (like a nullable field that is required, which if it isn't included returns a generic server error without any diagnostic info). Support didn't know about the field either!
The documentation specifies some fields as both fields and filters, when they're actually only filters. No error message though - they just overwrite the field with a default value.

Knowing what we know now about the challenges of trying to get this to work, we would have gone with a different provider. Perhaps the most galling part of our experience is being told that support is a paid for feature - despite the fact that we're paying for onboarding support, and the fact that the support requirements are because their own documentation is sh*te (a fact acknowledged by the very sweet but ignorant support team)

Stuart Fitzgerald  

Unleashed is easy to get started with and quite powerful. Cloud based, it also easier to get working with most platforms. I am a startup , so have to fully stress test yet but have worked with supply chain software / ERP systems for 30 years or so (eg COPICs, Avalon, SAP etc). Did not miss a beat now with UL. There best way I could summarise is thus: of all the challenges of a startup, UL is not one of them.

Michael Blowes  

We have found Unleashed to be really great stock management software. It is so user friendly and intuitive. The onboarding we received with Celine was fantastic and she was a pleasure to deal with.
Any time we have had a problem or weren't sure what to do our queries get answered very promptly. And they always check in to make sure everything is solved before closing the ticket.
No regrets here going with Unleashed. The integration with Xero is great.

Tracey Welson  

Really helpful team at Unleashed, and quick to respond to support questions. The onboarding process made a big difference to getting us confident with the processes and we'd recommend the system. Max, Sara and Tasmin have all been great in the regard, and David who initially helped on the sales side, was also very informative.

Matt Casson  

Unleashed - Easy to deploy, Powerful inventory, Very quick and effective customer support - thanks to Max @ Unleashed on this occasion

Kelvin Hughes  

Have to say that the support provided by the Unleashed team is extremely fast and always very useful - Have yet to find a situation that they weren't able to effectively troubleshoot. Gemma and Max in particular have always been great for solving issues!
Thanks guys,

Jonathon O'Donohue  

Very speedy and efficient response from Gemma this morning, resolving my issue in a matter of minutes and also providing additional pointers for future reference.

Lewis Inglis  

Just started using unleashed support recently and so far I have found Gemma very helpful and she usually manages to resolve any issues I have

Peter Campbell  

Great customer service from Kristina! I managed to fix my Unleashed - Shopify integration issue regarding GST pricing.

Nadia Hambali  

I started to use Unleashed Christmas 2018. At that time the telephone support was not available and I have had a year of not reconciling cost of goods and stock in hand. I was at desperation point, and the programme was in danger of being thrown out of the window. As a last resort as the programme does work well - I took out telephone support and found Max. He has been incredible over the past 3 weeks, often dealing with 3-4 phone calls per day. Needless to say we are now up and running properly without glitches, I have a far better understanding of how the programme integrates and Max has been totally instrumental in this. Superb programme, superb telephone support, but would recommend anyone starting with this programme to use the telephone support as a must in the beginning.

sallyann Kilby  

Great Support from Gemma, always helps to solve the problem.

Arif Haque  

All good so far, lots of interesting & useful capabilities that we never had before using just Xero to manage our inventory & productions. On-boarding has been great & all my support e-mails have been replied to in quick fashion. The accounts team are loving it so far... the production team are slowly coming round...

Leanne Tea  

Max was very helpful with my request and I managed to have the sales order report I needed. He was very friendly and quick to reply with additional tips!

Edit: March 2020 - Still like this software however it does create some issues with forex variances both in Unleashed and Xero. The stock value does include exchange rate differences with are very difficult and time-consuming to reconcile with Xero's stock account.

Manuela G  

Thank you Sarah Coulter for resolving our issues. You are really great.

Leyzel Ferrer  

Hi Yang Liu,
I’m sorry if you felt forced into this situation, that is never our intention. As you have expressed, while you did genuinely like the system, the custom 3PL integration was more than you budgeted for. Our sales consultants’ primary task is to understand if Unleashed suits your business. Onboarding a business who won’t be able to make the most out of Unleashed doesn’t benefit either party. There's a 7-day cooldown period where at any time you cancel your subscription, we give you a full refund.
As we have developed and added value to our onboarding service, we've recently started charging for this in some regions. At the time we spoke, we would have made you aware that the free onboarding was coming to an end, as a courtesy to our prospects. Our sales consultants were keen to make all businesses aware of this change during this time.
We offer a monthly subscription and annual subscription for all of our plans. Upon review, we can see that our sales consultant recommended the monthly subscription to match your requirements. As mentioned, when entering into an annual subscription, you agree to a minimum of 4 months, as per our terms and conditions, with the discount provided. Our annual subscription has been designed to be flexible and fair for our customers and our business. There’s always an opportunity to move from monthly to annual to enjoy the savings that come with our annual subscription. We encourage our customers to regularly review their business requirements and pick the most suitable subscription.
You have expressed that perhaps Unleashed would benefit your business, but that the timing might not have been ideal. As per our email correspondence, we offer the opportunity to place the subscription ‘on hold’ for up to 6 months so that you can progress to the stage where you are ready to migrate. We also allow users to extend their trials so they can continue testing until they are satisfied their business requirements fit the Unleashed system. Our support and sales team in Bristol are available to answer questions, provide product demonstrations and direct users to educational resources from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday. Our New Zealand team will respond to inquiries overnight. Rest assured we do care greatly about our customers and how we bring them onboard, if you’d like our help further investigating how your business could benefit from Unleashed and our open API, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@unleashedsoftware.com.

Unleashed Team  

Very little regard for their customers. A salesperson called me multiple times to convince me to convert. Initially, it seemed interesting and something that we could use in our business. The salesperson resorted to a tactic to pressure me to sign before a certain date by telling me the price of onboarding would raise if we delayed. So I decided to give it a try and signed up.

However, within doing our first onboarding call, we found that this did not do what we hoped it would and that the integrating process would not be smooth. Therefore, we said that we would like to not move forward with it for now.

At that point, they said we would be locked in for a minimum of 4 months and there would be a cancellation fee. In total, doing a single call and deciding it wasn't for us would cost us over $500.

The frustrating thing is that I still did think the software could have been viable and did want to explore it with them in the future once we reach the right stage. However, their eagerness to attempt to bend their potential customers over and take them for all they could really put me off of this company.

I regret that we fell for the hard sales tactics and frankly feel a bit scammed by how we were treated. At the end of the day, there's lots of quality competing software in the market and the types of people you align your business with matter. Therefore, I would suggest that you stay away.

Yang Liu  

We've been having some issues after the latest app update however their customer service department is quick to respond with suggestions.

Hristiyan Ivanov  

Really like Unleashed for production management. I had a few issues with product mapping between shopify and Unleashed to begin with but Gemma was able to sort that all out for me really quickly. The whole software takes a bit of getting your head around but if you manufacture products then there's no better program

Noah Warren  

About a week ago I was very stuck when it came to stock adjustments on unleashed as some errors had been made but Gemma in the Unleashed Support Team was amazing help with quick replies and detailed instructions I was able to rectify the issues very quickly.

Extremely happy with the service. Thanks again to Gemma!

Melanie Reeves  

Great customer service from Unleashed specifically in dealing with Camille Pineda, thanks for your help!

Lindsay Lyon  

We went live with Xero and Unleashed on October 1, 2018. We chose both on the basis of their respective features, and the tight integration. As a side note, we also went live with Gusto for the same reasons. I believe what has distinguished each application is the ease of use, and the tight alignment with theory and practice. Regarding Xero and Unleashed, we hold separate weekly Management Team and Operations Team meetings using each application's Dashboard to review the business results and activity. Both apps reporting are extremely facile for instant drill-down variance analysis. I would offer that organizationally, at a management level, Xero and Unleashed have dramatically improved our business acumen while increasing our business IQ twenty points, or more. Both apps (and Gusto too) are incredible values relative to what they offer, provide, and what we pay. If you're serious about change and improving your business, I recommend you start with Xero, Unleashed - and if you're unhappy with your payroll provider, Gusto. Good luck and have FUN!

Jerry Klein  

We have been using Unleashed now since March alongside Xero. We moved to both systems at the same time and it has one of the easiest things we have done. We were going to run our old system for a month alongside Xero and UL but by the end of day two we switched over 100%. The team at Unleashed are very responsive, starting with the sales process which is not your typical pushy sales tactic, though to the support team that are very knowledgeable and importantly understand the customers needs.
Our accounts now only have to deal with Xero as the data pushed though is live and fully accurate. It's been the perfect pairing and something we should have done ages ago.

Check out Unleashed today!

Lee House  

Great support from Gemma at unleashed support- fast reply!

Team Finance  

Thanks Sarah Coulter to attending to my query so promptly, and providing me with an answer that will be easily explainable to my team

Wendy Farnworth  

Thanks very much for your help Camille. Solved my problems efficiently and professionally.

Axis IT Consulting  

Camille provides quick response to all my queries. :) Thanks Heaps!

Judeth Yumul  

The more I use the Unleashed Support team; the more impressed I am. They are always so prompt with their response and advise. The range of API's is also impressive.

Tracy Neilson  

Unleashed have been very swift in answering my queries to date. The service I received from Emiliano today has been great. I marked my query as urgent and was able to resolve the issue with Emiliano's assistance right away. Very happy!

Rachel McGregor  

So far my engagement with the Unleashed Support Team has been a pleasure. Their responses have been quick and concise and compliment the Unleashed Software.

Benedict McCreesh  

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Unleashed for stock control integration with Xero.
Great support too.

Jordan Smith  

Very friendly staff and super supportive and timely responses through the ticketing system.

Nicole Sanday  

We have been using Unleashed for 7yrs in Australia & 2yrs in NZ. The program is always being developed and improved which is great. We recently wanted to upgrade our program and this opened up the use of a dedicated Product Analyst to assist us during the OnBoarding Stage. Harry was a great help in answering my questions and teaching me new aspects of Unleashed that I hadnt utilised. We recommend Unleashed & Xero as a great dual program to run your stock and accounting systems. We will be introducing Barcoding shortly and look forward to what Unleashed can deliver in this aspect for our business.

Michelle Manton  

Unleashed's experience in providing intelligent inventory management solutions is clearly shown in the level of refinement in the platform. Unleashed will manage your entire supply chain, from purchasing with landed costs, management of stock across multiple locations, right through to omni-channel sales management.

If you're using Xero in the wholesale/distribution and manufacturing space, Unleashed will take the complexity out of managing stock - allowing you to invest your time into adding value to your business.

Luke Shortland  

Unleashed Support team is just amazing.
Always comes back with prompt replies and they are always kind and helpful.
Best customer support I have ever dealt with.
Last time I dealt with Merita and she was fantastic.
thank you guys for your great work.

Catia Gentile  

I just got off the phone with Natanya and what a wonderful experience it was. We went over how the onboarding process was going and talked about ways to further improve software integration. From our experience, Natanya and the rest of the unleashed team are very customer-centric and listen to what we have to say. We have had very few issues with the software so far and the issues we did have were addressed and fixed very fast.

Devan Fischer  

Great product and support

Daniel Simmons  

Staff at Unleashed are super helpful! They are always happy to help and are very informative whether your issue is big or small :). Love how attentive they are, it makes me feel at ease adjusting to their software.

Bussabong Kornuraiwattana  

We couldn't run our business so efficiently without Unleashed and their customer service is excellent! They resolve our queries within 24 hours of contacting them every time and are very knowledgable.

Alexandra Szwarcberg-Poch  

Excellent Inventory management tool with great access to information and reporting.
Pain free integration with Xero, received excellent support from Natanya who was able to answer/solve all of my questions regarding the on boarding process in a timely and efficient manner. Unleashed is a great tool if you are looking to upgrade the inventory management aspect of your business.

Paul Garvey  

Great support from the Unleashed team - super helpful and very knowledgable!

Jason Tan  

Very happy with Unleashed and the integration with Xero. The two work together brilliantly. Support team is also fantastic.

Sam Walker  

I had a great experience with Unleashed support today. One of my clients had some issues with BOMs and, Mrs Camille from Unleashed support, walk me through the process to make sure I was happy with the solution.10 out of 10.

Michell Feitosa  

I have started up a business and I am using Xero as my accounting software and u leashed as my inventory control system. I needed to find out how to link both software systems and also to find out how to export suppliers from unleashed to xero. Kristina who handled my ticket was very thorough and did a great job handling any queries I had. Very happy with the customer service and highly recommend unleashed

Michael Mandicos  

Very professional, and knowledgeable.
I had multiple questions and concerns, and nothing was a problem, and as I continue to streamline my business through unleashed, I know that I'm in safe hands.

Thanks Natanya Seiderer and Team!


William Person  

We’ve been using Xero for years and have only just started using Unleashed – so far so good.
Put a ticket in with Unleashed and get a very quick & friendly response from Alice, who is able to sort out my query.

Sandra Maher  

We have been using Unleashed and Xero for several years now. Can not fault their customer service, both fast friendly and efficient!
Put in a ticket for a problem in Unleashed and overnight not only had an answer had the solution. Thanks Camille for the great service.

Andrew Horne  

We have been using Unleashed for over 2 years now and have had great support from them when required. Have just had fantastic customer service from Harry at Unleashed over an issue, which was promptly looked into and then he followed me up to ensure I was happy with how everything was working now. The continual updates and improvements have been great - often things we didn't know we needed until it was implemented and then we wondered how we did without! As a small manufacturing business in NZ this has almost everything we need. The only down side is unfortunately the POS add-on of Vend isn't suited for our business as it is based on fulfilment in full straight away, where we have partial fulfilment as a common occurence.

Ophelia Smith  

Unleashed is a great Inventory system that is always improving. We have been using the software for 4 years and during this time our company has grown and so has the capability of Unleashed.
Syncs nicely with Magento and Xero.
Customer service has been fast and excellent.

Tom First  

Very quick and friendly response from Camille, who was able to sort out my issue straight away. On top of Unleashed being a very user-friendly and still comprehensive inventory system, would highly recommend!

Hamish Rundle  

Very good support from Vandana over the last 90 days. One of the best outcomes for us to proceed with Unleashed was to have your support.
Being a start-up company, and not much experience in the Inventory Management discipline, we would have struggled without your support. We greatly appreciate you as you were always available for assistance within a day or two.

Ingrid Castricum  

Just been converted from Cin7 to Unleashed and I have to say how helpful the sales team are and they get a 5* rating from me, specially to Kyle Hughes.

Kyle has given me support throughout the trial. I haven't been the easiest of customers with some of the technical question, but he has gone the extra mile to answer my question or to find out the answers. He has given video support and numerous telephone calls with support.

The software is very easy to navigate and I have found the procedures lest painful than what I was using before. Really can't express enough the support you are given from the moment go! Will be recommending.

Mike McGarry  

I have just been dealing with a tricky (for me) export/import issue for the last couple of weeks and I have had fabulous service from Kristina at unleashed. I would have been really stuck if I had not had the support that Kristina had offered to me. Kristina was very precise in her instructions and kind with it! I would totally recommend unleashed support as they got back to me in a timely manner.

Pam Fegan  

We have been using Unleashed with Xero for just a month. Today was my first experience using support@unleashedsoftware.com, I received a response in 27mins from Camille Pineda. Her instructions to solve my issue were clear and simple. When learning a new system it can be very overwhelming, I feel at ease knowing that my queries and issues are going to be responded to so quickly and efficiently. Thank you Unleashed!

Sonya Bel  

We run a small but growing manufacture and distribution company and have Xero and Unleashed integrated for over a month now. We spent a lot time gathering the data and making sure that we were set up properly before we went live, we also went through the Unleashed university. We had fantastic support from Harry at Unleashed and when we finally went live it went smoothly and we have not had any issues!

Nick Shirley  

I have just experienced excellent support from James McCormack, Unleashed. WIth customising a picklist in Document design. Thank you

Emma Robson  

We recently took ownership of a manufacturing business. We have an extremely lengthy list of suppliers and we purchase many different types of components. We generate heaps of invoices, manage a distribution network and a service agent network. We have local customers and we also export. With this in mind, we assessed a number of inventory management platforms and settled on UNLEASHED for a number of reasons. Some include: (1) It integrates with XERO (2) It's off-the-shelf functionality ticked every box for us (3) We concluded that it was the best platform for delivering a seamless transition during the ownership changeover process (we were right). (4) It is intuitive (6) The value for money is exceptional (5) The support team were faultless from the time we first showed interest in the product, to this very day. In essence, UNLEASHED has actually exceeded our expectations and I can state categorically that it has been the best business decision we made prior to taking over the new business. Am I an advocate? At this stage...absolutely!! DA (MD)

Damian Arthur  

Dear Paul,

We want to extend our sincerest apologies concerning the issues that you have faced. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards for our customers — so this is not an issue we take lightly.

As you are aware, while we have a managed integration with Magento, one does not currently exist with Magento 2. Any connection between Unleashed and Magento 2 is handled by a third-party developer. The integration you used was developed by Land Digital, and anything you paid for the integration would have been paid to Land Digital, not to Unleashed.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the functionality of a third-party solution. We put all development through extensive testing before we list it on our website, but unless the connector is built in-house we cannot offer support. Any support required would need to be addressed directly to the developer of that software. In this case, Land Digital.

However, we are reviewing our messaging to ensure we make it completely clear that we only offer a managed integration with Magento, not Magento 2. In light of the issues you’ve outlined, we’re also reaching out to Land Digital to check that their integration is operating properly.

Please be assured that we get no financial gain from referring our customers to third-party integrations. We directed you towards this integration with the sole intention of helping you integrate your systems. Once again, we’re sorry that using the third-party integration did not rectify your issue.


The Unleashed Team

Unleashed Team  



Unleashed on its own and tied with Xero is fine. If that’s what you need it for, it will perform as you would expect. (Hence the 2 stars)

However, we bought Unleashed specifically because they told us they supported Magento 2 and that any orders placed on our Magento store would be fed through to unleashed and stock updated and fed back to magento. They told us this would be done through a 3rd party app and we paid them £300 extra for the privilege.

After over 8 months of set up and going backwards and forwards with Unleashed and their 3rd party app by Land digital for Magento, we were finally told that the connector would not work with assembled products. This is a crucial and basic feature of inventory functionality. We simply sell branded soft toys with various printed garments. Not hard.

Not only that, but they would take the stock figure from the total stock qty not the stock available figure after allocated stock was taken in to account. After 8 months, they finally admitted that the connector was not fit for purpose. Actually, I lie. They’ve never admitted that. They still think its fine, which is even more frustrating!

When asked if Unleashed had any plans in the pipeline for a native integration with Magento 2 the answer was no, so we now have a useless piece of inventory software that does nothing particularly more interesting than Xero inventory does on its own.

Dealing with Stephen and Tasmin at Unleashed was incredibly frustrating. Their response to the failings of the connector was that it wasn’t their problem. True, its not their program but we were assured at the beginning and throughout by Unleashed that their software would fulfil our eCommerce requirements. It does not.

We now have meetings scheduled with Bright Pearl and Cin7 which have native integrations with Magento 2.

Good luck everyone!

Paul Logan  

Absolutely love the way I get a really quick helpful response from support to all my questions!!

Kim Thomas  

We are a food manufacturer and wholesaler company uses Xero/Unleashed combo for almost a year. We set it up by our own. We have many questions about this Unleashed software at beginning and sometimes as well. Both Stephen,Nick and Camille was quick to respond, they are clearly researched my questions and knew what the solution was. They are such informative, helpful and professional team! Many thanks for Unleashed software company who supply us such a great software and team.

Daniel Wang  

Camille provided quick replies to all my set up questions, the service team is making the set up of Unleashed go smooth. Many thanks!

Milinda Higgins  

Great customer service!!!

Carmela Terrobias  

Easy to use! Fast and intuitive

James McCaig  

Happy to have jumped to Unleashed at the right time. Unleashed is perfect for us because of the extensive reporting, inventory functions it has. It is a little pricier that I have expected but I would say it is worth it if your business is growing. If I am to ask for anything that they can add is to maybe still have a optional dashboard function where I can choose which data my other teammates can see instead of completely removing dashboard access from them. I love how the reports are, it can give you a very good idea on how your business is per product, per customer and etc. Their service is also wonderful as I just shoot an email and no later than the 1 day later I will get a reply and even message me if I have resolved my issue. Thanks to James for the support! More power and more updates!

Robert Isidro  

Our company uses Xero/Unleashed/Shopify combo for over a year. We had a 3rd party set it up and the training did not go smooth as there was mostly no training. I had my first interaction with Unleashed Ticket submission and have to say the person who took my question has been AMAZING. Camille was quick to respond, she clearly researched my question and knew what the solution was, even though it was an issue with Xero, not Unleashed. She has been quite informative, helpful and professional! I appreciate her helping me all the way through the issue and even double checked something I did myself.

Lisa Anderson  

Our company is new to Unleashed but the professional onboarding service has made our system changeover very pleasant and smooth. We were taken care of by the onboarding specialist Vandana Yadav, all our problems were answered, she's professional and very knowledgeable in the system. It's been amazing learning from her and having her support, changing or starting new systems can be very daunting and Vandana has helped us make this entire experience absolutely amazing. I highly recommend Unleashed!

Dannielle Anderson  

The prompt service and help i received from Shawn at Unleashed today was outstanding.
By asking a couple of questions he promptly replied with print screens and directions to solve my question, all within 30 minutes.

Great Service Shawn, Thank you.

Gary Walsh  

Have been using Unleashed for a few months now. Everything working really well - very neat integrations with Xero and Shopify, and really great customer service (thanks Camille!). Prompt replies and no problem currently unfixed. Highly recommend.

Patrick Fletcher  

Great service from Camille. Prompt replies with useful explanations.

Tom Greenwood  


Ian MacLeod  

So far so good. We are still in the early stages with Unleashed, but it's working nicely as an inventory system. It is user friendly and the support from Nick has been fantastic. It offers more than what we were expecting and we're looking forward to using more of what it has to offer in the future.


Katie Comley  

Had great service from Camille at Unleashed Support. Very prompt reply with clear, easy to follow instructions. Solved my question quickly.

Dominic Rogerson  

Great service from Walter at Unleashed.Solved my issue and provided detailed explanations and follow up.

Libby McDermott  

Really happy with how the Unleashed system turned out. We weren't an easy fit at first, but the team at Unleashed, and Nick in particular, were really fantastic and helpful and we are now away and never looking back! Cheers guys

Patrick Malley  

Unleashed customer service is great, in particular, my recent experience dealt with by Nick from the Unleashed team. Nick was quick to respond to my query and kept me in the loop whilst he investigated it further.

Courtney Todd  

Whilst having a catch up with Steve from Unleashed, I explained (well moaned is a better way of describing it), how long it was taking to do a customer historical search for a product. Steve sent me a video showing how to search efficiently, it seems I was going about it in a completely convoluted way and is a perfect example of Steve's ethos of "Ask Me Anything".
Thanks Steve!!!

Paul Walters xxxx

Paul Walters  

We had an issue with an export between Unleashed and Xero, contacted Unleashed via Chat with our Query. Camille answered within 30 seconds! She was most courteous as well as "real" so you knew you were talking with a real person and not a robotic one, keeping us up to the minute with what was happening. She had fixed our problem within 4 minutes as well as giving instructions on how to fix and find any other similar issues. Top level, exceptional service!

Vendella Accounts  

We are loving Unleashed. We onboarded with Natanya and she has gone beyond our teams expectations of customer support. She has understood all of our questions and answered quickly and with thorough and helpful guidance. We have integrated our custom ordering software with their API and additionally utilize the Xero integration. It is clear that Natanya understands the needs of both an operations, development, and finance team and Unleashed is a software that brings us all together. Thanks Unleashed!

KC Mulligan  

Amazing help.

Was having an issue with getting things to match up in Unleashed, used the help desk within Unleashed which had amazing answers for pretty much everything except what I was after so I sent through a message for some assistance.

Fast response and easy fix to my issue, clear instructions on how to fix the problem and get things back on track.

Thanks Camille for you help :)

Shelley Donaldson  

We have been talking about getting on board with Unleashed for some time and have finally taken the jump. Initially it was all a bit daunting and we were feeling a bit lost. The break through 'ah ha' moment was when we contacted one of their partners and talked through what our business does now and how we can make it work within Unleashed. We also went through all the questions we had things we were unsure on. We are so happy with all the little things that Unleashed can do, reporting wise. Xero and Unleashed 'talk' effortlessly and we just carry on processing. So far we are enjoying using Unleashed.

Hannah Topham  

Firstly can I say that it has been a pleasure doing business with the Unleashed team, their support and genuine help is amazing.

I took on the challenge of learning the system in detail myself using the 'sandbox' option which was so useful for testing and double checking information plus formulations before going live. I did this for two months plus read the help manual and watched tutorial videos.

The result PERFECT! Just love the software, it has made managing the inventory side of the business so easy and fun. The big benefit is accuracy with pricing, selling, purchasing plus understanding BOM, margins and sale performance.

Powerful program - terrific partner in business as you grow into your future!


Cherie Carre  

Switching to a new inventory system can be quite daunting but the team at Unleashed made the process very simple. They were even kind enough to extend my training program when business interruptions kept pushing back our go live date. We are looking forward to the improvements Unleashed is going to make to our business

Jodene Fendall  

Wanted to thank Camille for her quick and helpful response. Been fantastic on my past could of enquiries. Highly recommend Unleashed and the great customer service to any one that asks me.

Russell Hunter  

Great support & service. Quickly resolved my issue. Thanks Camille

Maria Edwards  

We have recently switched to Unleashed as a way to manage our inventory. It does everything we need and syncs seamlessly to Xero giving us the best of both worlds. It has cut so much time to our inventory management making ordering & stocktaking between two warehouses so much easier & quicker.

The set up process was great and really easy. The OnBoarding team touched base regularly to make sure everything was going smoothly and if you ever have any questions are always happy to help.

I find the program very user friendly and only wish we had made the switch sooner.

Courtney Clark  

Celine from Support Team response so fast and helps to solve my issue within 30 mins! Amazing!!

Ada Lam  

Customer Support 10/10 - super quick response and clear instructions - thank you Camille

Alison Chalcroft  

I've had to ask Unleashed Support a lot of questions since we started using the program. Response is ALWAYS fast, friendly, and informative. If they can solve the problem, they do - if they can't, they let me know why and how to deal with it. Always clear, always transparent, always helpful. Best customer support I've seen in over 20 years.

Rick Schultz  

Camille was very patient with my lack of knowledge of how the design part of unleashed works. Not only did Camille resolve my issue, Camille exceeded my expectations with my providing me with details on how to make changes myself in the future. Thank you :-)

Letitia Jackson  

The Unleashed support has been fantastic and the system/ integration works a charm.

Arne Beatson  

I would say that Unleashed support team is very helpful and responsive within 24 hours

Elaine Li  

Just finishing up on boarding with Natanya - she was fantastic. Really helpful.

Julie Hirsch  

We’re almost finished onboarding with Nick, he literally could not have been more helpful and proactive in getting us set up. Looking forward to using the app now!

Patrycja Drennan  

I did an on boarding training with Natanya. It was extremely helpful to understand the basic setup options.

Carolina Bilynskyj  

Fantastic customer service - my queries are always resolved efficiently. Thanks Camille!

Chelsea Connell  

Great customer service! Camille gave me quick feedback and helped resolve my issue very quickly.


Santa Anna`s Info  

I have been using Xero for years but changing to Unleashed as our software provider has been difficult for the MD to get his head around and finally made the leap. Nick has been a godsend! He has been genuinely very helpful - there didn't seem to be any questions or issues that he couldn't answer or come up with a bespoke video of a solution.

The software itself is great and the switching process was a lot less difficult than we initially expected. Obviously there's a learning curve in changing systems and tweaking it to suit our needs but ultimately you won't regret the decision.

Again our support guy (Nick) has been excellent!!!

Karyn Greenwood  

With a distribution warehouse, eCommerce warehouse and 6 physical store locations across Australia, inventory management has always been a nightmare for our business especially with the large growth we have seen over the past few years. We started using Unleashed approx. 2 years ago, and it has been a godsend for our business. The scalability has allowed us to stay on top of our inventory management as we continue to grow. Over the time we've been using Unleashed, we've hit a couple of speed bumps (always self-inflicted) and everytime the Unleashed support team has been wonderful in working with us to troubleshoot any issues. Most recently, we integrated our stores POS system Vend directly with our main account for greater transparency and reporting across our retail arm. Walter, one of the support staff, was there to help us through the initial process and continued to follow up with us prior to and after launch providing great insight into best practices and troubleshooting some of our errors in setting up the connection. We'll continue using Unleashed knowing they've got a great system and support network!

Trent Disney  

Ms Camille from unleashed is very helpful, she can help me to solve the problem very very quickly. thanks a lot.

Queenie Tso  

Changing to a new software provider in an area as critical as this could be very stressful. Unless Nick is involved! If you choose to go with Unleashed, make sure you get full use out of your onboarding support. They're genuinely very helpful - there didn't seem to be any questions or issues that they wouldn't address.

The software itself is great and the switching process was a lot less difficult than we initially expected. Obviously there's a learning curve in changing systems so leave yourself a few weeks but ultimately you won't regret the decision. Our support guy (Nick) has been superb.

Ben Clark  

If you're looking for powerful, easy-to-use, cloud based inventory management, Unleashed is exactly what you need. Easy to set up and to integrate with existing systems.

The integration between Xero and Unleashed is seamless which makes Unleashed a great choice for businesses who need more inventory management features than Xero provides.

The support from the Unleashed customer success team is excellent and they're always ready to help with your questions however daft they may be at times!

Definitely recommended!

Laila Buckley  

I have consistently had good support from Unleashed support desk. Thank you....

Peter Hall  

My first time contacting unleashed support to solve an issue with dates when entering costs on a purchase order. They responded immediately with suggestions, and kept coming back to me until it was resolved. Being a relatively new user I was very grateful for their prompt and efficient service. I will definitely be using their help more often !

Glen Modra  

Just signed up a week ago but felt the need to review early due to the incredible customer service. Best service I've ever had from a company yet. Also, the software was easily the best out of the 5 or so alternate ones I was considering. Great intuitive UI which is important for me, and it works with Amazon, Xero, Shopify and can do Bill of Materials which ticks all the boxes for my business. Highly recommend!

Mike Viskovich  

We had an issue with a sales order from unleashed not syncing through to Xero and contacted the unleashed support team. Everything was sorted so quickly & easily, without any fuss or bother. This is not the first time we have used unleashed's support. They have always been very quick to respond and always resolved any issues we have had. Thank you

Lisa Rose  

Unleashed is a fabulous inventory program that integrates with Xero quickly and pretty much instantaneously, I have always found the support staff quick to respond and excellent with dealing with questions. Our "On Board" consultant was absolutely brilliant.

Lisa Wilson  

Unleashed support crew are great! Quick prompt replies and assist with any queries not just regarding unleashed but also vend and xero integration. Walter Bryan is very sufficient and ALL support crew are very polite. Great service guys! Thank you!

Dynamic Accounts  

Unleashed is nothing short of amazing. We deal with importing goods from continents all over the world all batched in varying volumes, which was a total headache. We went from 15+ spreadsheets to something so slick it has greatly reduced my time needed. In fact, when I added up the time to manage the spreadsheets it totalled 248hrs per year. Learning the terminology was a bit tricky, to begin with, and with our many bulk products breaking down to smaller units it took a while to get everything into the system but with the help of the unleashed team and the training program, I have everything in the system running and I would not look back. I only wish I did it sooner. Don't think about it, just do it.

Alan Hughes  

Unleashed is one of the best Inventory Management systems out there. We've been using it for over 3 years now. I will highly recommend Unleashed to people looking for an Inventory Management software.

Another thing I would like to mention here is the Unleashed Support Team is super helpful and responsive. Excellent customer service!

Thank you Team

Suneet Sodhi  

Excellent response from unleashed with my query. Thank you Camille.

Annette Hilton  

Fast efficient responces. Very friendly.

Karen Wakelin  

Unleashed is working well for our business, easy to update and extract information from. Whenever we need assistance from the Support Team, they are willing to help. Would strongly recommend for any ones business that requires a strong inventory management system.

Lectern Hub Accounts  

We have been using Unleashed for our import and distribution business for nearly three years now. They are really quick to respond to issues and queries and very happy to help when we are not sure how to go about something in the system. Happy to recommend Unleashed!

Libby Bourke  

Unleashed is a great tool and they have one of the most prompt response times for support queries that I have seen.

Josh Wilson  

Unleashed is a great tool for inventory management and reporting. Thanks to Nick in the Support department for helpful and timely service!

Wes Heginbotham  

Big thank you to Natanya. Her service has been fantastic in implementing Xero for us.
I look forward in using Unleashed into the future (and also look forward to some of the wishlists being fulfilled to make it an even better product)

Adam Hutton  

Thank you Merita for such prompt and excellent service.
Was great to get my issue resolved so efficiently :)

Jennifer Boulter  

Thank you Camille from Unleashed Support for being so efficient and helpful today! I really appreciate the great service!

Megan Arnaudon  

We had a smooth transaction from one Unleashed Account when we changed company name to a new Unleashed, Nick and his team were very helpful in this transition. Thanks so much

Cherie Young  

Unleashed has been a really valuable software saving us time and resources to focus on what is even more important. Nik from onboarding has been very helpful and the expertise from Katie with Xero was priceless, delivered way and beyond a high level of customer care!


Dealing with Unleashed has been absolutely wonderful. I had no idea how I was going to set up and integrate our three new software systems but thanks to Unleashed they made it happen. We are using Unleashed for the inventory management side of things and it has everything we need to run our medium sized wholesale business. The service and professionalism from the staff at Unleashed is exceptional. I highly recommend this company for any business looking to grow and make things easier and more productive. A special thanks to Dylan for guiding me through the entire setup :)

Samantha Dart  

We moved over to Xero and Unleashed from MYOB as we found MYOB to restrictive.
Unleashed is as impressive as it name suggests. It offers everything we need for inventory and warehouse management with room to grow. The software is intuitive and very easy to learn. I didn't have to spend time watching tutorials to work out how to navigate my way around. Just what we were looking for. Its seamless integration with Xero makes the accounting side easy. Nick Chatterley was great to work with, no question was too much trouble. He was knowledgeable and happy to assist with any on boarding queries we had.

Melissa Holford  

Just coming up to our first anniversary using Unleashed, this inventory package works for us, and is scalable, for future expansion, and increased product ranges, with batch tracking. The mobile app is used by our sales team, at the order point, eliminating any further order entry. It has worked seamlessly with Xero, throughout the year and the support has been first class

Andy Baden  

I have found the team at Unleashed easy and professional to deal with, Walter was prompt and precise with my requests. What more can you ask for.

Mathew McKinnon  

Working with unleashed has been an absolute dream. Their sales and support team are so approachable and helpful especially when we've had the most basic questions! The compatibility with Xero is awesome too. Thanks Kyle specifically for talking me into jumping ship from another competitor product, we'll never look back!

Rosamund Heathcote  

After trialling a number of Inventory systems, I decided on Unleashed. It was perfectly suited to our business model as we needed multiple warehouses, the ability to create bill of materials, assemble products and work in multi currencies oh and with the simple integration with Xero it was a definite winner!

I'd initially signed up for a trail version of Unleashed just to see if it really did do what it said it could do. I was impressed. Kyle Hughes one of the Sales Execs at Unleashed was always on hand during our trial - nothing was ever too much trouble. After 2 weeks of thoroughly testing the trial version we subscribed on a Medium User Plan. The API integration with Xero was so unbelievably easy. Online Support is great, to date we have only had to raise two Support tickets to query a CSV import and from logging the ticket, to resolution that was less than one hour! I cannot thank Kyle and the Support team at Unleashed enough.

The software is intuitive and extremely user friendly - I even declined one of their Onboarding Sessions because I felt it wasn't needed. Feedback from all of the team here has been positive.Training was never an issue as all team members picked up the new system so easily.

Subscribe to an Unleashed trial today - you won't be disappointed! It'll make your business life so much easier to manage!

Tom Smith  

We've been using the Unleashed and Xero integration since March 2017...what can I say?! It works a dream! We have a number of other standard integrations with Unleashed and even custom API links and everything that needs to go to Xero for financials does so perfectly. No more manual cost of sales journals from different systems. Bank reconciliations are a breeze because of the integrations. Stock handling works well, adjusting stock where required...all posting to the general ledger correctly...stock takes are also easily managed in Unleashed with the data passing through to Xero correctly.

We did do our research prior to choosing Unleashed, where the other options just didn't stand up to the job.

Any technical issues we've had regarding Unleashed and Xero or other integrations have been answered and resolved in a very timely manner, normally within a few hours.

In essence, we've moved away from a cumbersome, expensive ERP to fully working, easy to use, inexpensive SaaS packages that all do their jobs very well.

Happy to give more praise to the Unleashed team or advice to potential customers...

Scott Hale  

Unleashed is great software, with a focus on accuracy.
The video tutorials are excellent - as is the support; we've even had great proactive 1-on-1 support sessions with the Bristol team.

Elizabeth | Perudo  

Unleashed is always improving and adding features that are recommended by the community. Highly recommended!

Laine Weighill  

I have been using Unleashed combined with Xero for the last 2 months. After using MYOB for just over 25 years it has been a learning curve but I must say Unleashed has everything we need for our Inventory. Nick Chatterley has been my saviour navigating this program. Response to queries is excellent and only too willing to help even with us being in Perth. I would highly recommend this program Unleashed to anyone using Inventory on a daily basis. And the team at Unleashed - professional and courteous. Thanks again Nick for all your help and support
Deanne McDonald

Deanne McDonald  

We have been using Unleashed for 7 months and when I have any questions I find the support staff extremely helpful. They reply to any questions almost immediately. Thanks again Vandana Yadav for your help!!!

Christine Parkes  

I am an Unleashed Implementation Partner and have conversed with Tulsa Wong on several occasions to resolve various queries in relation to new implementations. Every implementation brings up a variety of new challenges depending on the client's business and their functionality requirements. On every occasion, Tulsa has worked through the queries and resolved them for the best outcome in a very methodical and diplomatic way. He has helped me gain more knowledge of Unleashed over the course of the implementations. Thanks very much for all your help Tulsa.

Linda Melhuish  

Nick Chatterly from Unleashed is a boss and super knowledgable and helpful when I had multiple questions relating to the Unleashed-Xero integration.

Provides a service above and beyond what is expected.

Thanks mate!

Michael Edwards  

We use unleashed for a number of our clients. Fantastic software. Full of features and always improving and evolving.
Their customer care service is always very quick to respond and provide helpful and accurate response.
Their open API is very handy, and enabled us to developer a number of custom integration as well as an EDI for moving data between Customers and Suppliers which use unleashed.

moshik grushka  

The thing I like about Unleashed is the support
They are so responsive and helpful which allows me to on-board clients with ease. Special shout out to Walter who has been very helpful!

Stevee-Rose Theyers  

Thanks to Natanya and team for their continued help as we on-boarded to Unleashed. Quick to respond and always able to answer my questions, I've been very impressed with Unleashed's customer support. Better yet, our sync with Xero has been as seamless as we could have hoped for.

Thanks again!

Tara Myhran  

Thanks to Walter Bryan at Unleashed for his prompt responses to my query. I am definitely gaining confidence in this inventory system. It is awesome knowing that you are well supported when you get stuck. Unleashed also provides seamless integration into Xero, which enable us to have real time, reliable financial reporting. Thumbs up to the team!!!

Joanne Chow  

We have recently changed the invoicing process in Unleashed and had a doubt about bills of materials, but it all got fixed very quickly. Thank you Nick Chatterley for your very responsive support and very clear explanation. A great customer service/support is a big deal, and we have been very impressed by your efficiency.

Margherita Torri  

Unleashed UK support = 10/10! Just starting up here integrating the 2 systems and have been seriously impressed by the detail that the support team (specifically Shaneel and Stephen) go into to make sure the product is right for my business and what i need it to do.

Feeling confident that as the size of the business grows i will be able to maintain control and be able to rely on accurate inventory and financial information.

Very well done

William Moore  

Can someone please give me Nick Chatterley's contact details?

I need to know if an Unleashed warehouse can connect to a Vend account and then obviously to Xero. Also some other technical details.

San-Mari Beukman  

I had an issue in unleash regarding the purchase. when i informed the support the response was quick and the resolved with in 15 min. I thank Mr.Nick Chatterley for the response and effort for resolving the issue and also the the members who worked on this.

Mohammed Fahad  

Unleashed is working well for us as our inventory management system alongside Xero. Integration is seamless and the customer support team at Unleashed have been great as far as sorting out any issues we have.

Margaret Peryman  

Hi Walter Bryan

Thank you immensely for your help today. I had been spending a number of days trying to work it out for myself.... in future I won't even hesitate to ask for support.
As always Unleashed & it's Support Staff have done a superior job in my opinion!
Thank you!


Richard Smith  

We have been using Unleashed since 2014 when we started using Xero.

The integration is easy and efficient, though you need to keep an eye on it as very rarely a transaction will fail to export which can cause problems.

They actively develop the system bringing in new functionality, which is always a good sign.

Overall the product and service have been good, and issues have been resolved relatively quickly.

It was a disappointment when they changed their pricing schemes, and only put new features onto the newer and more expensive plans as they decided to phase out the one we were using to start with, hence 4 stars.

Terry Liddle  

Unleashed is our Inventory Management system of choice. It integrates really well with XERO and if there are any issues we always receive great support from the Unleashed Customer Service team - thanks Nick Chatterley!. Unleashed is constantly updating their services and providing us with new features. We are very happy.

Siobhan Thomson  

Hi Nick Chatterley,

Thank you so much for your support over these past few years. Your responses are always direct and easily understood. I do appreciate your help and feel quite safe that my questions are always answered.

The Brand Exchange

John Karam  

would highly recommend unleashed, they do things properly.

Kai Lan  

Great help and brilliant service from Walter Bryan!


Chi-Kwong Yau  

Unleashed is a fantastic option for those that need more than what Xero can offer. What your get the price is impressive, Unleashed offers features and functionality usually only available in systems 3 times the cost.

Unleashed's dedication to ongoing development adds a lot of value, you know you'll never be stuck with a system that's out of date.

Support desk and knowledge and quick to reply - 10/10 from me.

Louisa Currie  

Xero is brilliant (love love love) but their stock inventory didn't have all the capabilities I required, this is where Unleashed stepped in - couldn't recommend it enough. The team there have been extremely helpful and patient as they have helped me get to grips with how to use the software which has made such a huge difference in how I manage my stock. The fact that it ties in so nicely with Xero is a total bonus.

Cherith Walter  

Hi Users,
We have had the Unleashed and Xero integration for a couple of years now and it had never been setup right because of our previous accounting approach.However, we have recently reviewed the system and made the appropriate setting changes to suit our business needs. We wouldn't have been able to do this if it hadn't been for the support of a great support team at Unleashed. Our contact person, Nick Chatterley was simply brilliant. He was quick to respond to our queries and his responses were precise. It helped that he understood our queries without having to word elaborate emails.These detailed instructions helped us get our system running smoothly. We can now track our sales/costs daily which is priceless!
Thanks again Nick & Unleashed,
You are awesome!

Suvin Wijesinghe  

Hi I logged a slight issue I discovered with Unleashed not connecting to xero today and they got straight back to me with in 10 minutes all fixed !! awesome thanks to Nick.

mike peers  

Thanks a lot for the help from Unleashed team. All problem solved.

Frank SUN  

Support team is quick to answer and really helpful.

Sharon Bolderson  

Always something that needs a work-around with unleashed, however their support team certainly helps keep things running.

Thanks for the help

Andrew Creighton  

Unleashed is getting better and better. The new features on Customer notes and fixed customer pricing are fantastic. It is evolving to make our jobs so much easier.
Also, thanks Unleashed for your great Technical Support

Vickie Andrews  

Unleashed is really wonderful - and as they continue to develop the program, it just keeps getting better and better. The support is 5 star, best we've ever had. Responses and solutions within the hour. Brilliant. Highly recommended.

Christine Lilley  

Love how support solves our issues



Marco Mojarro Tenorio  

Been using Unleashed a few years now, Love the speed at which customer support helps, dealt with Nick Chatterley today and he solved the problem instanty, and fast. He da man!!!!

Kate Strong  

I just received some great support from Nick Chatterley through Unleashed. It was just a simple issue, however, he took the time to guide me through it and explained everything very clearly.

Debbie Millott  

I have just received terrific support Vandana from Unleashed. My brain wasn't working too well and I was having trouble with customer contents. She was very patient with me and the problem was soon sorted, in addition we are now able to use previously unknown features available from Unleashed which will enable us to save paper and have better communication with our customers. I go to the US next week and will be able to do all my accounting work on the run.
Our company manufactures ducted vacuum machines, each machine having some 40 component parts, Unleashed makes it easy to keep track of these parts and of course the cost of the finished product. What took hours in the past is now completed in seconds.
Thanks Vandana and Unleashed.

Michael Strong  

I absolutely love using this software!! So user friendly and the support crew are phenomenal! I highly recommend the Unleashed and Xero package to ALL business owners as sensible and attractive investment tools to business tracking and growth.

Thank you Unleashed!!

Jemma Mullinder  

I've been working with Unleashed for a while now and no matter how big or small the problem I have is, they always do their best to assist and clear the error, even if they need to call you back. There are some reporting and document design features we are waiting on, but the upside is that Unleashed is constantly updating and improving their system.

Vandana is an incredible support and I cannot thank her enough for her assistance.

Samantha Collins  

I've logged a handful of cases over the past couple of months and almost all of the time they were able to assist with the queries. If at first they were unable to help, they endeavour to further understand the issue and assist in resolving the queries.

Additionally the guys are very quick to respond to the cases.

I have yet to fully utilize the functions Unleashed has to offer and still process of learning the ins and outs of the program.

Amy Tang  

The guys at Unleashed are very professional and a dream to deal with. Any issues I've had have been dealt with and solved quickly. Running a busy small business, it's reassuring to have them there working with you. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Unleashed if you are using Xero.

Gordon Foster  

Nick was really quick at getting back to me (unlike Xero support), was friendly and gave the information I needed all within 24 hours.

Jessica Taylor  

We've been using Unleashed at one of my clients for the past year. The client have four retail shops running Vend that integrates through to Unleashed. Although the functionality in the software is quite good (not as user friendly as DEAR INVENTORY), the support is really pathetic. We are struggling now for more than a week with data that is not pulling through from VEND. The support team cannot give any substantive feedback. I phoned them, paid an extra fee per month for "PRIORITY SUPPORT" to just get hold of somebody after nobody replied on my emailed support requests. That also did not help. There is no need to pay extra for NO EXTRA SUPPORT.

I would not recommend Unleashed for use in ANY environment where there integration to VEND is needed. The integration between Dear Inventory and Vend is much more sophisticated and it does not have breakdowns like Unleashed.

Dirk van Velden  

Have just started with Unleashed and Xero and had a few queries due to my own mistakes!!! The team at Unleashed were fantastic, very prompt and easy to understand answers !!! A big thank you to Vandana for her excellent assistance!

Marion West  

I have just recently started using Unleashed and Xero and in addition to finding my way around new software I needed to make a number of changes to my warehouse and customer data. Unleashed help team have been awesomely responsive and have managed to find solutions to all the issues that I've come across.

Thanks team for your patience and quick responses

Alan Williams  

Unleashed support has been super supportive. Very impressed.

Carol Qiu  

Once we spread our distribution to 4 warehouses Australia wide Unleashed (which we had already been using for our single warehouse inventory) stepped up and made the transition so easy, I couldn't believe it.

They have an extremely quick response to any queries for assistance or "help" and gives you (the user) the opportunity to make suggestions to not only improve your situation, but assists others in the process if the idea is worthy.

We sync our unleashed with Xero, with such ease and immediacy. It is brilliant, giving us everything we need from running purchasing reports to stock updates, and anything else my boss throws at me, from all the warehouses instantly.

I can't talk highly enough of the system, it was the best thing we did, and marrying up the two systems was painless, and extremely easy to understand and operate.

I can't recommend it enough - a wonderful addition to our business.

joy eason  

We are a small pharmaceutical and veterinary manufacturing business and switched from a large accounting/inventory system, which was not working for our requirements, 3 years ago. Unleashed has worked extremely well for us and is changing with intuitive upgrades which interface easily with Xero. The Unleashed and Xero support teams are fast, efficient and go to great effort to remedy queries and explain how to go forward.
Using these two has made our business far more streamlined and organised.

Samantha Sinclair  

We are a SME using Xero for approx. 6 years and very happy with the change in the functionality over that time. Xero facilitates all our needs except inventory management hence we're currently implementing Unleashed. As Xero invoicing works very well for a lot of our custom orders - we sell some off the rack items but a lot of very customised, one off - we would like to keep using Xero for our sending of quotes and invoices to our clients. We would use Unleashed for inventory management of our stock items, particularly tracking backorders, but Xero for invoicing. Does anyone else do this and do you have any advice please? Thanks in advance.

Annie Loveridge  

We have quite a unique production operation within our business as we make bespoke, made-to-order products and Unleashed has really helped us standardise a lot of these processes. It's also made it much easier to report on KPIs and targets for our production team.

The sales/support staff at Unleashed have been really helpful and are always on hand to help when we need it.

Removed - Legal - 0006917003 Removed - Legal - 0006917003  

We made the transition to Unleashed last September after looking around at various options but have been delighted with the results.

The software is user friendly and provides many benefits to a growing business. It integrates fantastically with Xero and after making the leap of faith we have not looked back.

I have no hesitation in recommending Unleashed and have also been very pleased with the ongoing support and assistance provided plus the constant innovation and development is very refreshing a welcome addition and powerful tool for our business.

Toni Unkles  

Been using since around December 2016 - so far have had no issues and enjoying being able to take better control of my stock and purchasing, which was something I'd struggled with before with Sage.

Many thanks also to Stephen Jones, who helped us with setup and other niggles that always come with starting up from scratch, to make our transition to this system as seamless and painless as possible

Will Coleman  

I've used Unleashed now for two companies.
Unleashed gets the critical things right.
- The right features: powerful yet not too many and the constant updates are great!
- Easy to use: Logical, easy to onboard staff, easy to learn.
- Integrations: Integrates brilliantly with Xero and Salesforce

I couldn't recommend it enough!

Neill Myers  

Unleashed has been great for my little record label. I'm able to track inventory all over the place, and it works great with Magento & Xero.

Slovenly Recordings  

After months of searching for the right inventory management system, but none of them offering the functionality that our company required, I found Unleashed. We chose Unleashed not only due to the product, its integration with our website back end, but also for the high level of customer service we encountered and have been provided with ever since. Our company started using Unleashed properly approximately a fortnight ago and it has completely revolutionised our activities from an operational and inventory management perspective. The software has not only saved us time, but also affords us instant snapshots regarding our inventory, stock levels, as well as orders we have placed. From a management perspective, the insights provided are valuable to both our sales and operations teams. We were assigned an Unleashed expert to onboard us and he kept telling us it was ‘really simple’. To be honest, I didn’t believe him at first, but now we have been up and running and using Unleashed for a little while now, I couldn’t agree more. The platform is indeed very simple to use. Our experience with the Unleashed team has been a very positive one . I would most definitely recommend this Unleashed to any other SME who holds inventory as part of their business model.

Samantha Hobbelen  

We have been using Unleashed for a year and half. Love their app and love their customer service team. Speedy & professional support! And you will appreciate that you can actually speak to a real person over the phone instead of sending out emails and waiting for a response.

Anna Qiu  

We have been using Unleashed linked to XERO for 4 years. It is fantastic for our importing distribution business. We recently had a connection issue between the two and some of our transactions did not export to Xero over a three week period. Rogan Mocke was absolutely wonderful both in service an speed of response.

Warwick Jackson  

We just switched to Unleashed 6 weeks ago from Cin7. Our company has multiple warehouses, multicurrency import and export, multiple pricing tiers, retail and wholesale distribution, manufacturing component with thousands of unique products. Unleashed is a great fit for our business.
During the months of evaluating Unleashed Stephen and Katie provided me with comprehensive and transparent information on the features it currently has and doesn’t have so I could comfortably evaluate Unleashed.
Rogan was extremely helpful with on boarding. The data upload and configuring was very easy compared to other programs we have used. Any error reports on my upload, were really easy to decipher what I needed to fix to re-upload. When I had questions, Rogan was straight on the phone to discuss and made sure I fully understood the settings in the system.
The support staff are helpful friendly and thorough, we have used both tickets and phone support so far since being live and we have had quick responses and problems have been fixed within our expectations. The Request a Feature system seems transparent and inclusive (we've added, but its early days for anything to be completed yet).
The Unleashed interface is really intuitive, user friendly and easy to navigate. Reports are easy and being able to save and change the information on the view screens and reports is fantastic. It has been a very smooth transition and we think it is a good fit for our business and future integrations. I cannot thank the team at Unleashed enough for their customer service and helping make a transition less stressful.

Justine Russell  

As a company, we needed to see what our pain points were with inventory, and prior to Unleashed, we didn't have concrete evidence to prove our thoughts. With Unleashed, we now have the quick and easy ability to see what's going on, and make informed decisions to allow for higher efficiencies and greater understanding of our inventory life cycle. Serial number tracking is essential for us, and Unleashed has provided that option, which ensures all serial numbers are entered in a mandatory fashion which closes the loop. The integration between Xero and UL was seemless and logical; Danielle was a great support for us in pushing forward, thank you for all your efforts!

Aaron Grant  

Thank you Sakshi for the wonderful job yesterday in sorting out the integration with Xero and Unleashed. Prompt attention to the matter and the many emails you wrote throughout yesterday to sort it has been outstanding. Good Job Sakshi Arora !!

Geoff Henderson  

Just finished talking to Sakshi Arora on the phone. She's been trying to help me add Pricing Tiers. I have a lot of difficulty but Sakshi was gentle and patient with me. Once we spoke I sorted it out very quickly and was extremely happy with your assistance. I would thoroughly recommend not only Unleashed, but Sakshi as well. Wonderful!

Ann Clarke  

Unleashed is definitely an excellent software addition for Xero, adding the full inventory management that Xero lacks. Add to that the integration with Xero is really simple - literally two clicks. Nice features include when invoices are sent to Xero they remain in draft form allowing mistakes to be corrected, amendments made at that stage as well.

Highly recommended

Marc Walters  

Sakshi Arora from Unleashed Support provided a quick and easy solution to my enquiry.

Paul Johnston  

Rogan from Unleashed Support, thank you for your very quick response and great explanation which helped me immensely. So far I have had fantastic support and our integration with Xero is generally seamless. Well done team.


Your response was extremely detailed and gave me every scenario !! BEST response I have ever had from Unleashed - as everything explained in the one email. :) Thank you

Lauren Yelavich  

In relation to support we rate Unleashed very high. A particular shout out to Rogan Mocke and Ivan who have both helped me out in the last few days. The unleashed support team are always quick to respond with helpful easy advise to follow.

Joe Lahey  

Unleashed is amazing. It has a few awesome features but the one we love the most is the 'Bill of Materials', this feature enables us accurately quote anything from turf installations to complex irrigation setups live at a customers home. This feature alone has saved us thousands and our sanity.

Next up on our list is the stock management features. We can now go from quote to, what do we have? and, what do we need? in a few clicks. Ordering stock is so simplistic its ridiculous.

Because I had no idea about inventory management it wasn't the easiest transition, but it was well worth the effort. My warehouses are now totally organised and in sync, I have a few more processes to put in place before I am 100% but overall unleashed is amazing and the staff are great, I have spent a bit of time with them on the phone and they are very helpful.

Leighton Wainohu  

Started using this product July 2016. Transition from MYOB was not seamless but you could not expect it to be, however the transition process was easy and simple. Support is great and we LOVE the product. We are a manufacturer and reseller and the difference it has made to our life compared to MYOB is amazing.

i found a minor glitch in the production module, Contacted support and within a few days they had updated the software to resolve the problem.

I am looking forward to the unleashing all the benefits of the product going forward.

keep up the good work.

Jim Guszlovan  

Staff are always friendly and willing to solve the issue as best they can.

Always a fast response.

Janelle Darlington  

I had a billing problem with Unleashed and Vandana sorted it out for me. Awesome customer service.

Philippa McKinnon  

Has a great response from Rogan on behalf of the team who sorted my UL problem - really appreciate the wonderful service

Chris Wylie  

Unleashed is pretty cool. It's easy to use and get the hang of, and I love the tracking of batch/serial no's and expiry dates. Danielle has been super helpful with our integration and we wouldn't have got there without her guidance. Definitely recommend Unleashed to others!

Jade Steward  

We have been using unleased and Xero for nearly two years. It works so well for our multiple location inventory and consignment stock. It is so easy to use on invoicing / purchasing and running variable reports when you need. It integrates with Xero and absolutely works great for us. The best thing about unleashed is the support team. Whenever you have question, they will always get back to you and solve your problem very quickly.

Rui Han  

Unique and Powerful inventory management system with serial ability, customization forms, simple layout and ease of use stand Unleashed apart from other software. Danielle in customer service has been brilliant with assistance and answering my crazy questions, overall is a great package and i have no hesitation in recommending this product.

Newman Holden  

We help companies who don't quite fit the mold, migrate into using xero and unleashed, usually having to write a few add on modules to help out. We have a lot to do with the support and help desk. I have had most dealings with the Unleashed team and I can't praise them enough they are always fast to respond to any query and they have always come back with the correct answers. Due to this I feel comfortable recommending these products to our customers. Special thanks to Sakshi who has helped us out through a tricky time this last month.

Peter O'Hanlon  

I signed up with Unleashed 6 months ago to handle the growing inventory needs of my business. Right from the set-up, Rogan and the team have been fantastic with their customer service, problem solving and patience with my multitude of questions.
Unleashed integrates well with Xero, and soon I'll also have it integrated with Shopify and my shipping aggregator. Unleashed has enabled me to improve my business efficiency on many levels including streamlining my ordering thru to dispatch processes, understanding my product margins and making more informed decisions regarding stock.
Unleashed have a real focus on customer feedback and I am looking forward to the next updates as they roll out. Thanks for all your help Rogan.

Natalie Meldrum  

Easy to use and set up with good functionality and integrates well with Xero.. The support from Stephen Jones in the UK has been excellent with quick and concise advise on how to proceed when encountering problems - most of which were of my own making! With it's ease of use and integration with Xero along with excellent on-line and local support from Steve, I would highly recommend Unleashed for those requiring more in depth stock control.

Sue Warren  

I use Unleashed for the past 10 month now and have to say that for our juice manufacturing sites and various Warehouses it is nearly perfect. As more we use it as more functions emerge to be useful.
It may be slower sometimes than other systems I used before, this however is due to the vast amount of functions and details one can change and customise.
I also experienced slowish response from the customer service. Again, this is/will be rectified as Unleashed has now a UK office and will handle queries from here directly as I know.
As I see, Unleashed is not perfect but constantly improving, updating and most of all, taking constructive feedback on board.
Listening to their users' requirements and working towards satisfying them makes me stick with Unleashed for long term.

Tamas Bakon  

We use Unleashed & Xero and had an issue where the integration had failed, for some unknown reason. I communicated with Unleashed Support and was replied to by Rogan, who advised me of the remedy and we were able to get back on track immediately. Many thanks for the great work Rogan.


Great help offer by Rogan....

Synergia Solution  

Our company uses Xero and Unleashed. I had a series of issues with the exporting of invoices from Unleashed to Xero.
I contacted Unleashed and got a very helpful Unleashed Team Member, Rogan.
The issue continued for some time but Rogan was always in contact and keeping me informed with updates and communication.
We got the problem resolved and Rogan was with me from start to finish.
Highly recommended.

Sonya Wilkinson  

Unleashed has a great team of talented individuals who are very timely and accurate with their support responses. They've helped me out of some sticky situations before and I can definitely rely on them to make things happen. Thanks for the help over the past months and I hope we can continue our relationship for future years to come.

Cheers all.


Alan Joe  

Over the last year Unleashed has rolled out numerous features to become an extremely powerful Inventory Management system. Our clients are loving using Unleashed and we are confident that any business that is scoped and implemented correctly will find this a valuable tool.

Joanna Monteith  

Had issues with sales reconciliation in Xero . Sakshi from Unleashed provided great assistance and follow up until resolution of the problem .

Greg Nugent  

We have just switched over to Unleashed from a very labour intensive manual system of keeping track of stock on excel. Implementation was a breeze with the tutorials on youtube, and having Rogan there to assist when needed was a massive help.

Hilton Frost  

Have been using Unleashed for about 5 years now and it's working very nicely for us. We integrate with Magento and Xero and the integration is smooth. Thanks for supplying an all-round good solution!

Hendrik Wentzel  

After trying other inventory management systems to manage bundles it looks like we've found a solution. In the process of getting up and running with it but the support has been really great. Rogan has been super helpful on calls and emails. For us - Unleashed had to be able to work between Shopfiy and Xero, manage inventory and multiple kitted products.

Jeanie Ackley  

We have many hiccups that we cannot fix especially with being new in Unleashed. Any little thing we need help with we know we can contact the support team and have a response in a minute or two. A great business is run by good people and unleashed have those people. Great, helpful and a really friendly team! Thank you again Rogan for your help yesterday! :)

Hayley Sinton  

My team and I recently took advantage of Rogans knowledge of Unleashed in a Q&A conf call session. We all found him extremely knowledgable, helpful & willing to go the extra mile for us.

Sue Miller  

Unleashed continues to add excellent functionality to its offering. With recent updates over the past 12 months including a sales app, disassembly, batch and serial tracking and a new look and feel, Unleashed has really pulled things together nicely. Unleashed also provides a great suite of reports to allow businesses to analyse inventory movements, sales data and product data which also ensures businesses can make timely critical decisions. With full integration with Xero and integrations with other specific applications we would recommend Unleashed across a wide range of industries. In terms of value for money we believe Unleashed is a good buy for customers compared to competitors and we will continue to recommend their product.

Todd Dunick  

Therese, can you touch base with Unleashed about this? This page is just for the review of Unleashed, so you're not likely to get the answer to your questions here.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

i am trying to change to unleash from quick books. There are three things i cannot work in unleashed any help would be appreciated.
1. Show order amount shipped amount and backorder amount on one invoice. Currently the full qty ordered does not show.
2. Make any adjustments to invoice once invoice has been completed. I would hope for a least admin sign in - so as to make adjustments without having to credit lines and re do.
3. Show date range sales report on one simple page. On screen i need to scroll through pages. If i export report all details show. Agree, i can hide lines etc , but is this needed. There must be a way to show easy report.

Therese Carroll  

We process more than 1000 tons of cashews per year, have 50+ value added SKUs, export to 7 countries and operate in several different locations, some of which are very remote. With Unleashed we can manage the process & inventory flow with relative ease, from farm to finished product & sale. Being cloud based and accessible via all devices, Unleashed a winner for us. Their customer service is great, especially when it comes to figuring out more complex inventory maneuvers. The fast development and improvement of features is also a big plus point!

Jonas P  

I can really recommend Unleashed to any interested parties. Their help desk is extremely efficient and always answers my question as quickly as possible and are very friendly. Thank you, Unleashed, I really appreciate that.

Pat Dodd  

We have been using Xero for about 12 months and have now decided to add on an inventory programme, after researching the market and what was available with regards to the recommended add ons to Xero to meet and accommodate our Inventory needs. We decided to go with Unleashed. Best decision we made from the moment we contacted Unleashed they have been nothing but over accommodating & helpful to assisting us with the integration of Unleashed into our business along with offering an extreme amount of patience's to helping us understand the Unleashed programme and how it all works. I have been dealing with Stephen whom has been fantastic to work with. I highly recommend choosing Unleashed to meet your inventory needs.

Kim Beslich  

Hi Melissa,

Generally customers created in Unleashed are not exported to Xero until they have been involved in a transaction. So when you complete a sales order with the customer, both the transaction and the customer record are sent together - in this way, existing customer records are always updated with each new transaction against them.

If you are unsure which fields in Unleashed match up to which field in Xero, check out our list of Field Mapping, which is a handy guide. You can also click through to the rest of our Xero integration help files from there.

If you're still having problems, please do email support@unleashedsoftware.com so our team can help you out!

Kind regards,
The Unleashed Team

Unleashed Team  

I cant work out how to have Customer Codes carry across from Unleashed to Xero when new customers are entered. Please help?

Anne Saunders  

Hi Marc,

I'm sorry to hear you haven't had a positive experience with Unleashed - we'd like to resolve this with you at all possible. I just wanted to address a couple of things - the trial version of our software includes access to all features, including the API for custom integrations.

I'm not sure I understand your complaints with regards to our Xero integration - we do not pull in the full chart of accounts, nor do we advertise that we do, because we are not an accounting software. All of the manufacturing process is pushed through to Xero as stock journals for tracking those costs and component parts, while we do pull down multiple costs of goods sold accounts so you can assign stock directly to those accounts. As this is all accounting for inventory, only inventory-based accounts are used.

I can see that you have, in fact, used the account over the month you've had it since signing up, with multiple logins, records imported and transactions created. Even if these records have been imported via the API, it is still use of the account. I can also see that your tickets with our Customer Engagement Team have had reasonably timely responses, considering the times we specify support is available - today your tickets have had responses within a matter of minutes.

We would like to take your response on board - particularly why you were not aware that your custom integration could have been tested before purchase - so please do continue contact with support@unleashedsoftware.com so we can improve our communication about this in the future.

Kind regards,
The Unleashed Team

Unleashed Team  


First of all their free trial to test their system doesn't include all the features so if you are making a serious buying decision with custom integration you have to start paying before you know if the product will work.

Second, we were told that if the product wouldn't work we could get our money back.

Third they market integration with Xero and being able to purchase subparts, except their system doesn't pull in your whole chart of accounts nor does it allow you to put "parts purchasing" in a separate account from inventory so your books are wrong between raw parts on order and inventory.

We spent a month on this integration to figure out it wouldn't work. We never used the product and they won't give us our money back.

In addition their installation customer service was terribly slow and not helpful.

It's a company we will never do business with.

*note: I can't seem to reply to your reply but to be clear. Your free trial does not have all the API features so we had no choice but to pay. Even if we could use the free API it is for 7 days which is ridiculous if you are talking about a potential customer with 50K orders and over 50 sku combinations?! To expect someone can get a system integrated and tested in 7 days is absurd. Even the customer service person working with us on integration said that if we paid and it didn't work, we could get our money back.

Your system doesn't actually properly handle parts in process to push that to a different account in xero other than inventory. It's not actually inventory until we receive and assemble the parts.

To repeat we NEVER USED the account other than to give you our test data. When we asked to cancel it took several days to get a reply and now I'm six emails and three weeks into arguing with your team to get our money back. This is not a company I would recommend doing business with.

Marc Barros  

Hi Paddy,

I'm sorry to hear you have not had a satisfying experience with Unleashed - I can see in your correspondence with our team that you've had several minor issues in the software that were quickly resolved, but is there any problem that is paramount right now? We'd like to be able to help you - please email support@unleashedsoftware.com if so.

We feel that our pricing plans are commensurate to the range and quality of the features and reporting we offer, and feedback we've had from many other internationally trading companies suggests as such too. Please do contact our support team if you need assistance with the software and getting the most from your inventory solution investment.

Mandy at Unleashed

Unleashed Team  

We've been using Unleashed for 2 years, and it's woefully lacking in basic functionality required for an internationally trading company.
It promises more than it can reliably deliver.

Would be ok for small businesses with minimal needs. But is too expensive compared to other products, so not the best option there.

If i could turn back the clock, I wouldn't have chosen this software.

Paddy Kennedy  

Hi Hugh,

Thanks for the great review! We are continually updating our software to provide relevant and functional enhancements, and it's fantastic to hear our recent release, batch number tracking, is working so well for you. Our customer engagement team also works hard to ensure we can help our customers in every way possible, so it's good to hear they've been helpful to your business.

Thank you again!
Mandy at Unleashed

Unleashed Team  

We've been using Unleashed Software in my business for just over two years. Over the course of this time there have been many relevant updates to enhance the functionality. One of the more recent features offers batch tracking which will add a valuable new benefit to my snack food distribution business.
In fact we've been so impressed we've signed up our UK-based company with the Xero-Unleashed combination. Perfect for both countries where I can log on and navigate around both subscriptions with ease.
However the biggest rave I have for this company is their customer service which we have found to be exemplary. Hat off to Unleashed.

Hugh Cowan  

Hi Annmaree,

Thanks so much for the positive review! Our support team works really hard to help our customers in every way possible, so I'll be sure to pass your lovely feedback on.

Mandy at Unleashed

Unleashed Team  

We have been using Unleashed and Xero for the last year. Over that time I have had to contact Unleashed for customer support. They are exceptional and cannot do enough to help you. I highly recommend using Unleashed if not only for their support.


Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for the great feedback, it's always a pleasure to hear our software is the right solution for a business! The best part is, the longer you use Unleashed, the deeper and richer that reporting data will become!

Keep an eye on our blog for product feature updates that will continue to improve your Unleashed experience, and don't hesitate to email support@unleashedsoftware.com if you need anything in future.

Thank you!
Mandy at Unleashed

Unleashed Team  

Our company has been on Unleashed for about 6 months now and it has done wonders for our inventory management. We have quite a complicated supply chain and other inventory management platforms have failed in terms of supporting our needs. I had started to accept that our business was too complicated and would not find a solution that fit all our needs, but Unleashed kept surprising me the more I started integrating with it. Above all, the reporting gives us data in a format that we can easily utilize and the transparency of our business has never been better. I cannot recommend this platform enough.

Mark Brunjes  

Hi Delaney,

Thanks for posting your feedback. I've checked into your ticket history, and it seems that although most of these tickets were resolved in a timely fashion, unfortunately with your most recent ticket, the follow-up has been a little slow, due to multiple departments being involved to try and address your issue in the best way possible, so we apologise for that. As you do have our premium support package, you can also call us anytime - we're happy to help!

The base currency is shown for all pages except the transaction itself for ease of reporting - many companies purchase and sell to many different countries, so our reporting is shown in your base currency, using the exchange rates you set, so you can see the true financial data or your transactions, including profit margins, in your native currency.

Currently Unleashed will only use the exchange rates you set - when transactions are exported to Xero, Xero assumes control of the exchange rates using XE.com - this is not something we have control over, and you must override this by manually setting an exchange rate for a set time period in Xero. You can read more about this here: https://help.xero.com/au/CurrencySettings

I believe an Unleashed team member will be following up with you directly, but you are always welcome to call our support line or send an email to support@unleashedsoftware.com

Unleashed Team  

On the surface Unleashed has good functionality, however sometimes functionality is not enough.

We've had ongoing issues with support not getting back to us without us following them up and we've been charged for 'premium' support which we feel didn't offer us any benefit.

We also have issues with foreign currency transactions - it's not possible to view a table of sales invoices and have the invoice total show in the invoiced currency unless it's your base currency.

Also just found out that a year of transactions have been posted to Xero with Xero and Unleashed using different exchange rates. I'm now not sure how to fix and not hearing back from support with what we should do.

I feel if the 'premium' support we've paid for was worth anything, we would have had Unleashed driving our implementation, keeping in contact with us, getting back to us when we had questions and making sure we pick up problems.

Very VERY disappointed.

Delaney Van Baalen  

Hi Frances,

Good to hear you've had such helpful responses from our dedicated support team, and thank you for leaving a review! Unleashed is a growing product - but we're releasing more feature upgrades and product enhancements than ever, and rely on user feedback as to what improvements to the software are needed most.

We hope we can continue to hear from you and what your business needs are as we grow together :)

Mandy at Unleashed.

Unleashed Team  

Went live 3 weeks ago, had various teething issues which have been superbly dealt with by Danielle in Support and her backup. She even called me in the evening twice from NZ (we are UK based) to give help and advice. Fast responses from support although often I needed to provide more info to get a solution. Changes still need to be made to the system it is a young product at the moment, but we feel the Xero and Unleashed combination will work very well for us long term, and we will grow and change together.

Frances Moss  

Hi Robert!

Unleashed is multi-currency in that it can work with transactions that occur in multiple currencies - so if you have one supplier operating in USD and one in AUD, your purchases with them can be made in their native currencies. However Unleashed only allows one base currency per account - so while you can make those purchases in USD and AUD, if your base currency is NZD, it will give an overhead view of all of your margins in NZD.

If you so choose, you can therefore run only USD transactions from one warehouse and only AUD transactions from another warehouse, and can even set different prices for different currencies on the product using Sell Price Tiers, so the correct currency sell price comes up for each customer. It's with the customer that the currency is set, so you can work with as many currencies as you like, but when viewing reports, Unleashed uses the currency exchange rate you've set to translate all of those multi-currency transactions back to your base currency, i.e. NZD, for ease of reference.

You can learn more about our multi-currency function on our Product Overview page, or contact our sales team to book a one-on-one with one of our Solution Architects, to get an in-depth view of how Unleashed's multi-currency functions might help your business: sales@unleashedsoftware.com

Mandy at Unleashed

Unleashed Team  

I am running a business that has a warehouse with the same inventory in 2 countries. I sell each the products out of each warehouse in their own currency and then have that money deposited into that country's bank account in the local currency. I know zero can handle the 2 bank accounts in different currencies, but can this package or any other handle the fact that the inventory in the 2 different warehouse is invoiced and tracked in a different currency? I only do about 150 transactions a month between the 2 warehouses and am looking for the least expensive solutions. Thanks.

Robert Ranger  

Hi David, thanks for posting a review!

I think some of these problems for you are solvable, so I'm going to address them in the order you listed them.

1. I've just had a look, and it appears the sub-total line appears as a default on quotes and invoices. If you have a custom invoice/quote, it could have been removed accidentally. To check or add it back in, within the document designer you can click on the tab that says Toolbox, then the category Other Data, and drag and drop the box that says Sub Total onto the document. This will drop two boxes - one is a label that just says 'Sub Total' that you can alter if you wish, and one is a databound field that will pull the sub total from a quote or invoice when the PDF is generated. You can position these two boxes as you like, and see how they look in the preview tab.

2. Payment terms not being available on a quote template is currently something our development team is working on. In the meantime if you list your payment terms in text under the Footer Details in Settings | Organisation | Company | Invoicing, you can drag and drop this component onto a sales quote template - in this manner you can include your payment details. The other option is to use a simple text box, found in the Toolbox tab of the document designer.

3. We have the ability to purchase Never Diminishing items in development at the moment - things you don't want going into your inventory but still purchase or pay for, like coffee. This is slated for release in the next couple of months. In the meantime, you can purchase the items as stock, and then use a stock adjustment to remove that stock from your system before it comes time to replace it - this way the purchases still go through to your accounting software, as well as the stock journal from the stock adjustment, and you have a clear trail of the purchase available for audit at a later date. Products can now have specific COGS accounts assigned to them too, so you can ensure your purchases are going to the right account in Xero automatically.

If you are having a problem that you are struggling with, I encourage you to email our support team at: support@unleashedsoftware.com

Mandy at Unleashed

Unleashed Team  

Im just evaluating Unleashed and so far it seems ok but does have some serious limitations.
1. Inability to add a sub-total line in a quote/invoice - This seems a basic need so I don't know why it can't do it
2. Templates are limited. Payment terms MUST be put on a quote. Why can't we customise the templates using all of the possible input boxes?
3. I can't seem to work out how to use the system for general PO's for items that aren't going onto saleable stocks. As part of our process controls, we raise PO's for all purchases. I don't always want things like stationary, coffee supplies etc going onto my inventory.

I'll stick with it for now but I would like to see it more customisable. Ive looked at the demo of the Cin7 system and that seems to do what I need but without a trial first, I'm hesitant about signing up.
I do like the serial number tracking in Unleashed and the ability to buy in one currency and sell in another. This was a key reason for giving it a go

David Townsend  

Hi John, thanks for posting a review!

Unleashed is an in-depth inventory management system, as you've said, and proper implementation can take a little time, but yields excellent results in terms of stock management and profit and loss monitoring. We like to put it this way - Xero has a 'light' inventory system as part of its package, and this is suitable for things like the service industry, such as restaurants who carry a small amount of stock they need to track. Unleashed is the right solution for any business that has more demanding inventory needs in product-based industries like manufacturing or eCommerce. This is where being able to track serial numbers, have stock in multiple warehouses and split shipments and invoices really becomes exceptionally useful.

Thanks for providing some feedback, it's always great to hear!
The Unleashed Team

Unleashed Team  

Unleashed is a serious inventory management system. This will give you an excellent level of stock and inventory information.

It is not for the faint of heart, it is a proper database and will take a while to set up and use. However if you are manufacturing, have many stock lines, and/or many different warehouses this is a very nice piece of work.

John Whyte  

Hi Paul,

Thanks for raising these concerns - it's important to us to acknowledge and respond to customer feedback. In reference to the GST issue - currently our system uses GST-exclusive pricing, and adds any taxes (as defined by the user and Xero) at the total of the invoice. GST-inclusive pricing, that includes the tax at the level of the product price, is a more advanced feature that our development team intends to release later in the year. It's part of a series of rolling updates to the way we incorporate taxes for a variety of countries and currencies. One reason this has taken some time is because our company has undergone some major restructuring for positive benefits, meaning we have been able to release dozens of major and minor product enhancements this year alone. GST-inclusive pricing has always been on our roadmap, but the foundations had to be laid to ensure it's a strong and flexible improvement.

We are about to release our new User Interface, which will make the software prettier, but also more functional, so navigation is simpler than ever. This update, while worked on in conjunction with the product development team, has primarily been constructed by our design team - updating the UI has not taken any time away from improving product features. It's also the stepping stone for future product enhancements, to improve the overall functionality of the software.

If you'd like to discuss your concerns further, please do email support@unleashedsoftware.com - a lot of the features we develop are done so by incorporating user feedback of what works and doesn't work, such as our recent release of Serial Number Tracking, one of our most requested features.

Thanks for your time,
The Unleashed Team

Unleashed Team  

We have been using Unleashed / Xero / Magento now for a few years. Unleashed has some serious issues that are still not fixed (yet the Unleashed team will tell you differently). They have made promises to include the GST component into their orders / invoicing now since we started with them and nothing happens.
This is only one of a number of major downfalls with the system that really really limit it's potential to be a great inventory solution. They need to spend less time on making it look pretty, and make it actually work.
BE WARNED it is far from the perfect solution.

Reply from us to response below from Unleashed:
Same response every time. lets see some results. Please less "Moo" and more "Milk" Unleashed!

Paul Arnott  

Hi Andy and Jenny,

Thanks so much for leaving reviews for us, it's always great to hear you're getting the support and implementation assistance you need! We always aim to provide excellent value for money and our Customer Success program is a big part of that. If you need anything at all, don't hesitate to reach out!

The Unleashed Team

Unleashed Team  

Have just started to upload data into Unleashed & Xero. The two programs are not up and running as yet, but I just wanted to comment on "the support" so far.Unleashed appointed a "Customer Success Manager" for any help I might require during the implementation stage. All questions were answered quickly either by phone or email - always available. For a deeper understanding on my more complex topics e.g B.O.M's and assemblies, an online scope session was booked within a day.The support staff have been fantastic and hopefully I will return to update this review with even more positive comments once implementation is complete.

Jenny Anderson  

Value for money, very good support, system up and running 99.8% of the time.

Andreas Berns  

If you are used to the beauty of Xero and its flexibility get ready to be frustrated with Unleashed.

The software runs slow, it does not allow for easy mistake corrections and the company consistently over promises on what they have in the development pipeline.

Think twice before integrating it.

alejandro sanz  

Been using Unleashed for a bit over a year.....but very disappointed with the incredibly slow development process. There are issues and features that have been promised for years, which still have not been carried out. Seemingly simple features like GST inclusive pricing is still not available. Integration with Vend is complicated and unreliable. Have now moved to Cin7, which offer all the features that I require - excellent customisation support, all the features that I expect, easy to use layout and built in POS system.

Sorry Unleashed....couldn't wait any longer for the features you have promised.

Janne Nilsson  

Disappointed with Unleashed. There is no ability to change the big long sales order number that is totally unnecessary. The stock count couldn't be backdated. i.e. we loaded the count on Jan 5th and it posted it Jan 5th instead of Dec 31st. The multi-currency doesn't work with Xero and I can't get the stock on hand report to balance to Xero.

Anyone thinking of using unleashed should use another software instead.

Tom Allison  

Great software, especially for company who import thier products. Easy to use & integrate with Xero, Vend, & Magento. It has break down price option that is an asset for this software.
In last 3 years that I am working with them, they improved thier software. I recommend it for everyone.

farzan samsamy  

Really disappointed, especially with such high rating from users.

The process to go from quote to invoice (with Xero) has a huge number of steps and there is no video covering this. There are a few video's but these do not cover everything. Some points to note:

3 x the cost of Zero and no telephone support at all

No ability to delete or void an order

No ability to add the customers payment terms to a quote. This can only be done manually via a text box even given its a field in the customer.

Product development seems really slow. There are requests going back over a year for really basic items.

You cannot quote for anything that has not been created as a stock item first.
They have a weird item called average land costs witch they base their margins on. This means that your margins will be all over the place until you have ordered and invoiced the first quote or manually amend it via a complex upload.

Such a shame, it looks great, it's just not there yet and poor support (i'e no way to talk to anyone makes it even worse).

Matt Phillips  

Do not try and integrate Unleashed and Vend. Bugs all over the place...

We have been using Xero and Unleashed for a couple of years now but needed stronger retail store and POS functionality so we implemented Vend about 6 months ago.

Its been a disaster!!!

Unleashed is supposed to be the product master and it just never worked even close to properly. Product price changes, product name changes, product code changes and obsolete products - none of them updated in Vend. As a result the stores were selling the wrong goods at the wrong prices and has ruined our inventory management to the point we have to restock take everything. On top of that there are rounding issues, stock on hand issues, no support for refunds, transactions silently failing and not making it back to Unleashed or Xero. We have had to go back and manually reconcile over 600 transactions as we can't trust anything that comes out of Vend.

I spoke to Gareth who is the CEO of Unleashed and he insisted that the integration had been fully tested but this is plainly not the case. This has never been tested in the real world and I have received no notification that any of this issues have been resolved. I am not spending any more time or money bug testing their software.

Philip Bachler  

Problems syncing Unleashed, Xero and Lemonstand.
It's hard to believe that we are the only business with this problem and it appears there is a huge gap in the market for a solution that'll take data from an e-comm platform, correctly create new (retail) accounts form it in Unleashed, update stock and order values correctly and provide accounting info all in one. We're using Lemonstand (via OneSaas) for direct to consumer online transactions, Unleashed to generate trade orders and manage stock and Xero for the accounting side. Unleashed appears to sync perfectly with Unleashed but getting our retail web sales to sync with Unleashed simply won't work and we've tried everything we can think of with the various support teams.
Lemonstand will create a generic order in Unleashed but cannot designate the customer type - ie it's mixing retail customers with trade customers in Unleashed all of which need to be manually approved to complete each order and adjust stock.
If a web customer tries to order a second time on our Lemonstand platform, the order is rejected when it reaches Unleashed presumably as it's assuming it should create a new account each time.
The value total is not correct in Unleashed because of a difference in the number of decimal places allowable not being the same.
Unleashed seems fine for trade orders and stock management but as it's only part of our business we'd love an all in one solution that actually works. Does anyone use Unleashed successfully with any other e-comm platforms such as Magento?
I hear Xero are launching a stock management module - maybe that will help by taking one system (Unleashed) out of the equation if the functionality is sufficient in the new module?
Please does anyone have any hints or tips that we could try or know of a system that can cope with online retail orders, trade orders at various pricing levels and accounting function?


Ian Elliot  

Not being able to handle serialized products is a major negative. Also it cannot handle multiple bin locations which is core to any Inventory solution.

Henk de Kock  

What makes Unleashed powerful is the ability to add on the functionally you need for your business as you require it. It is like the xero of stock control. Used within its recommended workflows it can allow you to add retail, service and e-commerce onto the same stock system. Link this to Xero and you have a very powerful, cost effective system.

Michael Davis  

Unleashed and it's integratability to other great platforms such as Xero and now Neto makes it the number one choice for online inventory management. We've been using it for almost 2 years and the usability and Unleashed dev team making improvements only makes this software a better solution.
A special mention does have to go out to the Unleashed customer service team, they truly do put all other customer service departments to shame, they are always helpful and forever a pleasure to work with.

Ben Dawson  

Hey guys, I've been using Unleashed for about two years and think its awesome. I can easily see our stock levels and see where stock has gone - a heap of info at my finger tips. Oh, and Em in the Unleashed Support Center absolutely rocks.....very friendly and helpful :-)

Ali Pottinger  

Unleashed awesome programme, coupled together with xero you can't go wrong. Special mention to Em your the best thanks for the support over the last couple of months.

Derek Curd  

I love Unleashed it works so well with Xero. It is simple to integrate and the staff at Unleashed are grouse. It is great for warehousing and live stock, invoicing is simple, and importing and exporting is really good. The staff at Unleashed are very helpful and always available on the phone, with knowledgeable staff. Em Tantau is grouse, and one of the most helpful people at Unleashed. Her knowledge of Unleashed is terrific, always able to answer any question i have thrown at her.

Accounts Holgate Brewhouse  

UNLEASED was an epic failure for our business, it missed the mark on so many basic integration issues. Product codes in UNLEASHED were not populated correctly to XERO resulting in massive data massaging for invoice (to allow tracking in xero). Having a single sales account and cost account did not work for our business. Support, well, this was very hit and miss, our success manager was moving on, so we got very below average help in this area . . .

GST was being calculated on full invoice value, not on discounted value, so the GST component on invoices was incorrect. Reading the blog, which I wish I had done earlier, these are all issues that have been around for some time with UNLEASHED and not resolved.

Stock count process was very clunky and not user friendly, with a number of input areas just not functioning as you would expect for a package which is about inventory, mouse click on one line and the field opens up 2 below where you want it, or just greys out . . .

Peter Murphy  

Customer support are friendly but they don't have the answers to technical questions.
About the software - it is easy to use, but definitely has its flaws. Most apparent is the sync issues which i've had since day 1 and no one has been able to resolve this. Forget this software if you need to integrate Magento with Unleashed and if you have skus tallying in the thousands and your stock levels frequently change. The sync between Magento and Unleashed can take hours upto a week and when you need peace of mind that your inventory is always up to date then this will not do it for you.

Several other issues including the inability to change SOH or delete skus make life difficult. There are workarounds, but this isn't ideal.

Overall the software is easy to use, but some easy solutions are just plain difficult to resolve but the biggest let down is certainly speed. The efficiency of a seamless system is lost when you wait for pages to load or try other ways to workaround a simple stock deletion.

Alex Hsu  

UPDATE 3 March 2015

We've wasted hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars of subscriptions and development time. We’ve had enough and are leaving this silly creation of mad Australians (or wherever they come from).

The best thing about this software is that it rests on spreadsheets/ API and that it's accurate. Apart from that it’s slow & clunky- poor UI design, extremely counterintuitive. Adding basic features takes them years (very slow development- you wouldn’t even be allowed to call it “development” in some states). The single feature they added since aug-2014 is... are you ready? The feature is… wait for it... ladies and gentlemen, this long awaited and amazing feature is: sales/purchase order exchange rate export to xero! There you have it, rejoice pheasants- another feature of this magnitude won’t arrive for another 6 months!

The support was good once- the guys who knew their stuff have left and keep leaving- the new guys are not even aware which buttons show on the user side vs their side and keep telling you to press buttons you cannot see (sic!), not to mention the formatting of their support emails, a disaster you’ll be calling meetings to decipher.

What else is there ah yes: you cannot filter (xero sync) sales/purchase orders based on warehouse code/ location, can't perform simple tasks quickly, cant perform customers sync from xero (even manually pressing the freaking button wont save you- but hey there is some invisible button UNLEAbeliever can see i.e. customer service, and will kindly offer to click it for you).

If they cannot even integrate with xero properly (that is an app generating almost all their users) what can they do, really? Ask yourself that... They cannot even keep their basic documentation in order (you know what I'm talking about boys- field definition pdf's for import templates), and that's the kind of documentation the user uses more than any other- those documents are badly written, ambiguous, confusing and out of date.

There are operations you can perform in one place but not in another, there are always some obscure errors whatever you try to do... e.g. if you want to change the default supplier currency you can do it for some suppliers but not for others... no reason given, ever. They'd rather you spent ages figuring it out on your own than provide a simple pop-up... oh boy... Don't be fooled by the nice shiny red enterprise grade interface... It's hides a bigger mess than you can imagine.

Don't, just don't.

Renhal Ltd  

We made the move to Unleashed this year for our inventory management and have been very pleased with the support when we have had to ask questions. The integration with Xero is really quick which makes it easy to use. I especially like how cloud based systems such as these allow us to use any computer as a makeshift workstation.

Luke Faesenkloet  

5 stars from me. Good services and we're happy with it. Thanks Guys

Amy Yu  

"Unleashed has a great layout and easy interface. The features are plenty and great integration with Xero and Geoop. Stock control is now easy and the custom documents intuitive to create making our documents unique to our business. Support is fast friendly and effective. Unleashed avoids inventory errors and saves me a lot of time - well worth the investment! "

Mike Chilton  

We work exclusively with iPads on the road, and unleashed reduces our paperwork fourfold. Wouldn't be in business without it. Very responsive service/ support especially in the early days.

David Johnston  

Unleashed Inventory control integration with Xero is fantastic and seamless.
The software removes the guess work in tracking inventory and orders.
Fantastic customer support from Ben, highly recommended.
Will give it five starts when the package allows me too automatically partial ship and invoice order.
For now there is a work around which is time consuming.

David Fisher  

Unleashed is a tool everyone tracking stock should be using. We find it an excellent tool for tracking sales but also find the reporting capabilities are second to none. The ability to really refine your search in terms of reporting makes for precise reading and allows us to look at our business under a microscope.

The user experience is very clean and tidy and makes teaching new users simple and easy. With the added bonus of them not having to learn a new language.

The team at Unleashed is all great and helpful. They are ready to listen to any issue and really understand that they are selling a service and not just a product.

We will continue to use Unleashed into the future.

Dan Plested  

Unleashed is a fantastic operation, not only the add on itself but the support that is provided. I was concerned at the start (mainly due to the price) that the support levels would not be there. I have been proven very wrong. As a case example, my company had an issue with Unleashed occur on Friday afternoon, by start of business on Monday it has been basically fixed with many emails being sent around over the weekend to resolve. Don't get me wrong, there are niggles, but the effort that the staff at Unleashed go to help and fix is second to none. Ben and the team from CEO down are clearly partnership focused, and not just customer focused.

Chris Williams  

After some initial glitches with Unleashed mainly due to user errors the client is now managing the process well. We have some exceptional support in recent months with the Unleashed team making every effort to assist the client to come to grips with what they need to do to make the system work efficiently. Ben Berry-Smith has been outstanding in his support and addressing our concerns.

Ashton Wheelans Limited  

As a new company employee which uses UNLEASHED I found this software incredibly easy to learn, understand and work with. I'm not that tech savvy but this program I understand no problems at all, the support from unleashed is second to none, they offer assistance for any issue or learning curve I come across, they are prompt and understanding to my needs, and openly encourage me to ask questions and raise any concerns I might have.

Thanks Unleashed.

Christopher White  

Well! we had a networking issue this morning that caused a serious disruption to our order processing. This was absolutely nothing to do with Unleashed but everything to do with the poor management of our local ISP.
However, the Unleashed friendly support team fronted by Sianne Hussey took ownership of the problem and carried out a thorough investigation and kept me informed of progress. I now have even greater confidence in Unleashed Software combined with Xero as a safe and secure platform upon which we run our business. Thank you Unleashed.

Doug Clark  

I've only been using unleashed for a few months but the one on one support is fantastic. I've been dealing with a girl called Em and she is amazing!! would highly reccomend

Carla Carroll  

We are a sales and distribution company - We needed to change our operating system to cloud based ,electing to go with Unleashed has proven to be a great decision. We did have some trouble in the set up, but quick responses from the support team had us running smoothly. We are finding the system comprehensive, and user friendly. One month in we are looking forward to being able to use it to its full capacity.

Carole Mitchell  

We are a small mobile business and unleashed has been an amazing platform to manage our stock control from two different warehouses in different parts of the country since 2010. From managing importing to landed costs to sales and balance of stock it works seamlessly. And the timeless link with Xero has been an integral part of our system in terms of managing the income and expenditure for cost of sales etc. More recently VEND has added to this cloud system of managing our direct sales which links with Unleashed for stock control and Xero for income.

Dawn MacLean  

Great way to simplify accounting and inventory and keep track of everything.
Ben, our customer service contact, is awesome and very helpful too!

Vaishali Thirwani  

If you are looking for the ultimate mobile office Unleashed is great add on for any sales driven business. My team can check there availability anywhere, process orders, check customers accounts even send the invoice direct to the customer. We have streamlines business so much i am spending more time looking for new clients instead on sitting in an office balancing books and completing paperwork. i don't know what took me so long to change to something different.

Ben Deguara  

I've recently changed companies and moved from a inventory system that was incredibly sophisticated but slow and limiting.
Moving to Unleashed with our Consumer Electronics distribution business has been great. With access anywhere and anytime and I have been surprised at how intuitive and flexible it has been. Of course there were some minor teething problems (use the right browser!) along the way - and I am still discovering aspects of how much I can do.
A key component has been the support offered, which was, in short, excellent (Hi Ben!).
The support quality was well out of proportion to the modest cost to use the software - and much appreciated.
Great software, great team and I'm in for the long-haul, I will look forward to see how Unleashed evolves over the coming months and years.
I am sure that there are other Xero partner products out there, but if you are looking for quality inventory management with excellent support I'd be comfortable in saying 'look no further'.

Carey Dixon  

We have implemented Unleashed for 20+ businesses and found the program meets the needs of most SMEs needing an inventory solution. For businesses where it does meet their needs, it is a very easy to use and very reliable solution, with lots of great features.

Yes, there are gaps in the functionality (such as invoicing of partially shipped orders, which is at last due for release in the next couple of weeks), just as there are gaps in any app. It is important that any prospective user reviews the system before implementing it. No two solutions have the same range of features, just as no two businesses have the same range of needs.

Having reviewed a number of other inventory add ons for Xero we are confident that Unleashed represents the best available solution for most prospective users who approach us.

Rhys Roberts  

I have been using Xero and unleashed for 6 weeks now and we are loving the potential of this combination.
The implementation process needs better explanation, but once understood it works very well.
The support team are very quick and interested, They sometimes however give you a stock answer without actually reading about the problem.
I would recommend this software to any business, Talk to someone else who has already implemented unleashed and I do not mean an accountant.
Talk to the staff on the front line.

John Carroll  

Early days for our company but so far no disappointments, the Unleashed team have been attentive and supportive. Looking forward to using the software to it's full potential.

john hannah  

Unleashed is something that is worth every dollar! Finally found a software that is comprehensive, detailed yet user friendly. Wish I had discovered it much sooner. Customer service is excellent as well!

Tina Lagdameo  

Awesome support - particularly from Ben. We love our interactions with Unleashed, Ben makes problem-solving fun and easy. We get fast and valuable support just by picking up the phone resulting in quick, lasting solutions - just what every business needs. :)

Steven Boyd  

I am new to Unleashed but what a great experience, support from Unleashed has been great to date. Great integration, easy process.
I have been using Xero for a while in another business - Unleashed made it so much easier.

Pieter Meiring  

Great support so far via webinar, videos and skype ... We are just getting set up on Unleashed. Will update once up and running. Thanks Ben and all.

Bonnie Marcello  

We are new to Xero and Unleashed and have found both to be simple and user friendly. The customer service from Unleashed is excellent.

Peter de Gail  

We decided to run with Unleashed and Xero to support set up of our distribution in Australia. We've been impressed with the ease of set up and ease of use, which has been done with a few telephone calls and a bit of "in-house" systems knowledge. Training for staff was done on the fly but Unleashed seems very logical and easy to work through. We're about 2 months down the track operationally and it is working very well. Impressed with the reporting and visibility we're getting out of it. A few minor issues along the way but nothing major. Web-based systems - a new experience for us - we run a full ERP system at NZ parent but didn't need the complexity for a relatively small sales & distribution operation. From our perspective this experience has very much been a positive one. The combination of Unleashed and Xero is well worth consideration.

Murray McDonald  

Am pretty new to Unleashed but did find the integration with Xero to be simple and seamless. Will be working on the Magento integration this week which I imagine will prove a little harder, but I have been impressed to date with the level of help and support available from Unleashed - not something that a Xero user is accustomed to !!

Gill Doms  

I have just started using Unleashed, and have never used a production program before. I decided to move our accounts to Xero and needed something better than my excel spreadsheets for inventory and inventory building.
Getting my head round some of the processes has been made so much easier with their excellent customer support. I cannot praise their support members highly enough. I have never had to wait more than about an hour and a half for email questions (even receiving an answer back at 7.30pm their time), and their phone support is excellent too.
Everything flows through to Xero automatically and so far so good.

Susan Buller  

Unleashed was recommended to our company by our accountant. Our business was growing rapidly and the inventory system we were using was slow and inaccurate. After making the move to Unleashed we now enjoy real time, accurate inventory. Unleashed is easy to use, and the integration with Xero makes it all seamless. Will and Raff from Link Solutions were invaluable through out the set up and training process.

Sarah Chisnall  

We're about to sign up a second company to Unleashed as it works really well for our operations. Generally speaking we've had good responses to any issues or enhancements we've requested.

Becky Sangster  

We have worked with Unleashed and a few of our clients at Cloud Accountants now and we find the system very good to use. The most important thing for us though is that the Unleashed team are available both online and in person to help us work through any technical issues that we may have. Nice one guys!

Justin Keen  

We recently have just swapped to Unleashed Inventory Add on as the inbuilt Xero functionality is lacking for what our manufacturing business required. The Unleashed support team have been fantastic in guiding us through the process and how it will integrate for us in our situation. technical support has also been very timely during our swap over period when we ran into things we were not sure how to complete!

Kurt Miglas  

Great to commence getting personal assistance from the Unleashed Team with issues and actually talk with someone
this makes the management and time of any issues alot easier for me when in the coalface

Mason Fisher  

we were experiencing server and software issues with our previous accounting system so decided to look at a Cloud-based system for our inventory-heavy distribution business. Enter Unleased! I contacted an Unleased consultant - Will McTavish of Link Solutions, who took plenty of time to talk me through the integration of our business to Unleased and Xero. Through our accountants, our business was already on Xero so Unleased would be the natural add-on.

We have been pleasantly surprised at the ease of operation of Unleased and our calls to Will have dropped to nothing. I am impressed at the quick reactions to the Unleased Team when ever problems arise so we have few complaints these days.

Regular updates are a welcome although there are still a few more I would like to see in the near future perhaps.


chris wong  

We are looking for a package for a clothing web-retailer.
Does the variant data come through to Xero in a form to be able to report on Products and product Groups, as well as product variants.

Peter Graham  

Unleashed on the surface seemed like a fanastic complement to the Xero accounting system and we anxiously anticipated the updates they assured us were in the works.

Unfortunately the backordering update failed to allow for partial invoicing of orders which makes the update itself fairly useless, no-one in their right mind sends stock out to a customer without invoicing them for the goods. There is a work-around in splitting the order and creating a seperate backorder but this does not show on the customers invoices or paperwork and makes it hard to track from a user perspective also. Have been getting told by support since the shipping update came out that this will be fixed but it still looks like it is months away.

I find unleashed like to try and release numerous fairly insignificant updates to try and look like they are constantly improving without any real improvements of substance. Support has not been too bad but the system is definitely slow.

We are currently looking for alternative options.

Kellie Appleyard  

Customer support has resolved all issues i have had with them

Philip Root  

The help I have received being completely new to unleashed has been amazing.
Thanks for your help in helping us move forward % starts to Ben and unleashed

Anita Vickery  

Excellent for serious stock management. Multiwarehouse and pushing to xero is great. Had great integration help from Jeri Murphy which helped. http://jerimurphy.com/unleashed/

jim test sales  

I have dealt with multiple customer service reps, visited alot of the help forums and watched many of the help tutorials while transitioning to unleashed software. This had made the move to Unleashed seemless! I would like to pass on a big thanks to your team for the hard work put into this fantastic business tool.

Ryan Steven  

Great product, thanks Unleashed

Maia Royal  

For Unleashed we will definitely give 5 stars, your service & support is remarkable. "Unleashed is fantastic!"

Salesh Narayan  

We have now rolled out Unleashed to four subsidiaries across four countries. We will, in time, extend Unleashed elsewhere too. This is because Unleashed gives us big business ERP capability at a SME price-point. We are now able to do all sorts of cool things including EDI, e-commerce and field sales in an agile and scalable manner. Furthermore, the reporting - in particular margin reporting - gives us invaluable business intelligence into customer and product trends. However, the best word to describe Unleashed is "responsive": the customer support is ridiculously fast to try to help in the unlikely event we have an issue and, unlike some other app vendors in the Xero ecosystem, Unleashed works really hard to improve functionality in a way that is meaningful for us (by that I mean not merely tinkering around the edges of UX and instead making changes that result in improved business efficiency). Of course, not everyone will be satisfied at the pace at which they are improving, but if you're putting your business onto a SaaS platform, you want to be with people who are committed to listening to their customers and improving their platform. Unleashed are definitely 5 stars in that regard in our opinion.

Shiv Narayan  

Friendly customer support team. Excellent!

Xiaoning Dong  

We have been working with Unleashed for a number of years. As a cloud based stock management system Unleashed continues to be a good choice that meets our clients growing business needs.

Penny Anderson  

Very good support. Love the fact, they have a phone number to call them for support. Unleashed is great for small to medium sized stock handling. Looking forward to future add-ons that will give us more power in reporting.

San Lee  

5 stars from me. Fantastic communication when help is required.

thanks, Rowena

ACME Batteries  

Definitely a 5 star from me. I had some major integration issues, complicated by my customised website. What I can say is that Unleashed were more than helpful in resolving this for me. Credit also to Zeald for coming to the party with writing code for this integration! For the Unleashed side, I had one person contact me constantly, who had a great working knowledge, and actually understood what my "non-web-tech" brain wanted to achieve.

Very happy customer!

Thanks to you all.

Rob Holah
Industrial Athletic

Rob Holah  

Great experience with the support team after a minor issue with signing up some new clients. They were quick, onto it and my problem was solved in no time flat. Thanks guys!

Amy Holdsworth  

We recently acquired a small importing and manufacturing business. It was an old and very tired business without much in the way of IT infrastructure. The only near accurate record of stock levels was in the previous owners head.

On the Sunday prior to settlement, we set up the business financial accounts on Xero and the inventory in Unleashed. We imported the product list, stock values, customer lists and supplier lists into Unleashed. Because they talk to one another so seamlessly, I had to do this exercise once only and I could do it from the loungeroom at home at a time that suited me.

When we walked in on Monday morning, we needed a system that could process orders from the three hundred customers and manage the circa 30,000 items in inventory across 350 product lines(SKUs).

Within 20 minutes of arrival we processed our first order. The customer details were on the screen, the products were picked from a list, the invoice and packing slips were printed for us and the warehouse started packing. Most importantly, the person adding products to the order didn’t need to understand the accounting transactions underneath. Unleashed tells Xero what has been sold (or purchased) and Xero handles both the revenue transaction and the changes on the balance sheet.

Now we process the average order in one or two minutes and have complete confidence that our financial records are updated in realtime. I’ve seen this level of capability in a large business running SAP after millions in upfront investment and large teams of staff to support it. Never thought it would be possible for an average SME.

Malcolm Campbell  

We went to Unleashed after another system failed to meet our needs and so far they've been brilliant. It's a very easy to use system and the ability to record bins locations for picking with the number of SKUs we have has been critical to the smooth running of our business. The support during set up was excellent and all my questions were always answered and any issues fixed promptly.

Kathryn Gardner  

As a Premier Partner of Unleashed, Training and Beyond has implemented and trained a considerable amount of clients. Unleashed's perpetual stock inventory is invaluable for business that requires comprehensive stock movements and reports. The multi warehouses, foreign currency and now back orders enable our clients to have transparency and real time data interfaced seamlessly with Xero for their financials. We look forward to continuing to offer business's this fabulous tool and will enjoy future releases with even more functionality.

Melanie Morris  

We have been using only parts of unleashed in the past but due to growth have encompassed it completely in the past two months. With the exceptional help I have received from my support person and a clearer understanding of the product I am confident the programme has been developed in such a logical manner that it will suit a small growing company for the near future and due to the constant upgrading perhaps longer than that.


Sally symes  

Very good communication but unfortunately system couldn't produce labels so unable to use.

Stuart Yarndley  

Unleashed is S-L-O-W!!! So S-L-O-W that it makes it hard to really assess functionality. I think if it was faster then the architecture would make more sense but just the process of watching and waiting for the database to clunk over while making small talk with your customer who just wants a timely answer is pretty frustrating. Also, back-ordering isn't available in any meaningful way. Unleashed seem to be blithely unaware that more than a good disposition is necessary when dealing with businesses trying to manage/implement key parts of their business. Would be really good to know what's happening with the speed issue as this is the elephant in the room yet Unleashed hasn't sent us an email or any kind of broadcast that I'm aware of ... Also, we tried to integrate with Shopify and Vend. When we signed up we were told this would work but it doesn't: resulted in complete corruption of products across the Vend and Shopify platforms. This is a shame as would be a very compelling offering if all three integrated, along with Xero. Unleashed documentation is not the best either. My overall impression of Unleashed is they are primarily marketers who've employed developers rather than the other way around. Metrics seem wrong.

James Kirton  

Slow software, full of bugs that never get fixed properly. Vague passing the buck support and so so so slow.

I moved from Unleashed to Dear - so much better and support that care

Matthew Smith  

I'm a manufacturer and I've tried Unleashed fairly thoroughly on two occasions. On the first attempt the biggest problem was it does not support case conversions i.e. Unleashed cannot calculate that 1 case = X number of units, that is all calculations are set on a base of 1 unit and driven upwards from there. Thus, if you're selling something in ounces but are buying raw materials in 55 gallon drums all measurements are in ounces including your POs for 55 gallon drums. I think it's fair to say this is annoying and really means this isn't a full manufacturing / raw materials inventory software.

On the second attempt at using Unleashed I swallowed the inability to track my raw materials and hoped it would do the rest of the job with aplomb. For the most part it worked great with finished goods until I tried integrating it with my 3PL. If you sell more than a dozen things a day then Unleashed is likely not for you. It does not support any API integrations with 3PLs nor does it even have the capability to export or import the necessary .csv files between yourself and a 3PL. Thus all orders and shipments have to manually entered. Again, a very surprising deficiency for what seems to be a smart software.

What's remarkable is Xero + Unleashed would have Quickbooks + Fishbowl and numerous other softwares licked if they just sorted out these two glaring and somewhat fundamental problems.

According Unleashed's CEO, by way of a conversation with my Xero accountant, none of these issues merit fixing so chances are this will be a half-baked "manufacturing inventory" system for some time yet.

Over all their support was friendly but only available during New Zealand business hours. And much of what's in the support pages is dated.

To see the support pages on case conversions:

Peter Smith  

I have a client who will probably want to interface Unleashed via his Magento site and Xero.

Many months ago I did trial Unleashed for my client and found issues with correctly integrating multiple Sales (general ledger) accounts with Unleashed. At that time Unleashed assured me this was possible. In general the set-up certainly was not straight forward, and certainly not DIY. Unleashed were very helpful, albeit, given the time difference with the UK I recall working many unsociable hours.

However, I am concerned to learn of Unleashed running slow.


Since originally posting I have had a response from Unleashed:

Currently you can only have one store front or sales integration – this may be changed in future but I haven’t got any information at this stage.

We have had a few speed issues lately that are mostly resolved, they are generally a result of bugs in the system etc. but some UK/USA customers have advised that the speed is not optimal – this is due to our servers being in New Zealand. However, we in the process of moving our servers to Rack Space and CDN networks which should have a huge improvement on speed, especially for Northern Hemisphere customers so stay posted for more information on this.

John Cotter

Yes Accounting Limited

John Cotter  

Be careful before going with Unleashed.
When compared with Xero, Google Apps for Business or Insightly it is slow. Unleashed promises improvements, but in 12 months they do not appear to have ever been significant.

Again when comparing to other Cloud Based applications they are not very responsive to contact or issues.

I agree with the Engine Rooms comments, "this is definitely not a DIY product".

Unleashed does have some nice features, make sure it will fit and understand the implications before committing to it.

Geoff Letcher  

I have no hesitation in recommending Unleashed to anyone wanting to maintain accurate, real-time understanding of their inventory.

With the numerous excellent features this product offers, positive progress is inevitable.

Whether you are simply trading, tracking stock or manufacturing, Unleashed is the ultimate solution for your business.

Take the management of your business to another level when you integrate it with other add-on's like Vend and GeoOp.

There's beauty in simplicity. Unleashed makes managing inventory a beautiful experience.
And you couldn't ask for a better way to empower your staff by enabling them to access the right information at the right time.

Justin Walker  

We are finding stock management to be one of the most requested features for Xero add-ons. Unleashed is a comprehensive solution we specify for businesses of all sizes, most recently for a company with over a $1million in stock. But it works for the smaller businesses too.

It has the best product costing solution that we have worked with in a longtime. The ability for importers to do full foreign currency product costing within Unleashed is a great simplification for business owners.

Getting the set up right at the start is key for anyone. On several occasions we have had to delete an existing set up and start again. This is definitely not a DIY add-on. Get good advice, do your process mapping and make sure you have ongoing support to get the most out of Unleashed.

It is always great to see new enhancements and integrations on a regular basis.

Engine Room Chartered Accountants  

One of my fav add-ons for Xero Unleashed certainly knows inventory. So easy to use yet so powerful with the reports and information you can get out. Unleashed really does take care of the entire inventory process with ease. Integration into Xero, GeoOP and Vend mean businesses who are both tiny and huge can run their entire businesses with ease using Unleashed. We love the real time margin reports and ability to really drill down into what's working for your business.

Steph Hinds  

We had a completely out of date system around 2 years ago which was holding us back and costing too much money to run and maintain. I was informed of XERO for the accounting side and got this up and running straight away.

After this we needed a full on inventory system that would operate with no problems and that could handle thousands of products/stock movements.

Unleashed stood out as THE add-on for us. After setting up (which was easy!) and integrating with XERO (even easier!) we soon found that Unleashed would be the key system to our business. Integrates into our online Magento store too!

If you have thousands of lines, multiple warehousing, mass stock movements and selling in multiple currencies then this is the add-on for you.

(check out the full list of features)

Wouldn't choose anything else!

Thanks Unleashed.

Simon Pashley  

We've been using Unleashed now for three years and we love it. If you're looking for inventory management, stock control, reports etc and a clean integration with Xero, then Unleashed is for you.
What we like best is the responsiveness of the support team and the continual updates making the system better. Go Team Unleashed! No wonder you were voted Xero Add-on of the Year!

Danielle Butler  

Unleashed is our preferred application we recommend to clients in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Their release of new requested features is the fastest we have seen and they excel at looking after both their partners and customers.

Their software is abundant with excellent features that help businesses grow by streamlining their processes and giving them access to valauble reporting data for decision making.

If distributing or producing stock is your game, you need to be using Unleashed with Xero.

Will McTavish