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Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Point of sale

3 out of 5 stars
Based on 23 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Vend, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Vend

Vend is point-of-sale, inventory and customer software retailers love to use. For more information, check out Vend.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Vend, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Vend support centre or this page for information on connecting Vend to Xero.

We have been using Vend with our clients now for over 2 years and absolutely love it. It's simple to setup, simple to train clients how to use yet has some brilliant functionality to really drill down into how your business is performing. The integration with Xero is great and cuts out so much of the data entry time.

For anyone who needs a POS.....this is exactly what you need.

Steph Hinds  

Vend is a powerful and robust Xero-add on that use for all my clients. It handles large inventory, multi-stores and like the review above states: has a very easy interface to use for cashier to business owner. It integrates well with Xero, being very customizable for different needs. The Vend staff are also very helpful and some of the cheeriest people I work with, it's always a delight to interact with them.

There is no better cloud-based POS solution!

Kirsten Barrie  

Vends workflow for dealing with Supplier Returns (ie: stock being returned to your supplier for credit), was to create a negative order in Vend. This transaction should have txfrd to Xero as either a negative purchase, or a credit note.

Currently, Vend has issues with supplier returns - you cannot have a supplier return created in Vend export correctly to Xero - you will end up with a crazy Xero transaction, that bears little resemblance to your supplier credit note.

Vend have advised (today) that they are aware of this issue, and that the development team are re-working this function, but no date for resolution has yet been provided.

Our current work around for this is to still process the Negative Order in Vend, however delete any transaction that flows through to Xero, and enter a manual credit note directly into Xero.

If you are a business where supplier returns for credit are required, then you should take this into consideration.

Cassandra Scott  

It's very clunky compared to Xero and often they seem to break things when they do updates. The API through to Xero sometimes misses invoices and there are other traps that make this an average product.

Mike Stewart  

Vend has good basic functionality but we've had a lot of issues with cache-ing and bugs, resulting in continual lost sale details across all our locations. It hasn't caused a huge back-office headache but our front of house staff are VERY wary. Inventory management functionality is less than perfect (little things like only being able to download & upload a 1000 records at a time are very annoying) and you will need someone with excellent business flow skills to manage. We've also had a torrid time trying to integrate Vend with Unleashed and Shopify (we're bleeding edge). Would love Xero to work with another POS supplier so that we have more than one integration option!!!

James Kirton  

Agree with the comments above. Clunky, poor downloads and reporting. Basics like EFTPOS integration, petty cash expenses or cash out, goods issues, returns, vouchers, commissions etc not present or poorly catered for. We're in the process of leaving Vend.

This review is based on current performance. When we signed up, Vend promised some features were imminent. 18 months later they have not materialised. When we advised Vend of our key reasons for leaving, they confirmed they were common complaints and offered no timeline for resolution.

Kelvin Ovington  

I agree with the four most recent comments above... Vend is poor. I totally disagree with Kirsten and Steph above (how much did they pay you for those comments?) Firstly, I'm disappointed with Xero that they made Vend an approved add on. I feel like lodging a complaint under the Trade Descriptions Act!! I'm an accountant and experienced user of all types of systems, from MYOB thru to SAP. The main complaint around Vend is the lack of flexibility in reporting, can't even get access from my smartphone. The Vend database is deficient in it's structure if you can't get even summarised reports based on registers, and if our register closes at 12:30 am then the resulting sales are spread over two days. Stock take procedures are abysmal. There is no way I would consider integration with Xero as I can't configure Vend to transfer the data in a format to match the accounting system (e.g. Vend does not support Xero locations) I would be forever checking and correcting. Conclusion: I run Vend as 'stand alone' and am actively seeking a web based alternative.

John Finn  

Vend is a brilliant product and I would recommend it to anyone in retail, light hospo and salons.

Vend is very powerful when set up correctly and the proper training has been delivered. At Link Solutions we set up Vend properly and deliver comprehensive training so our clients get the most out of the solution. You need to understand what is does, what it doesn't do and know that it is only going to get better. We have 30+ clients that are using Vend and loving it.

It needs to be understand cloud software is developing all the time and it is in a live environment. This is why bugs can occur from time to time. You will find this with ANY application, not just Vend.

Vend do need to develop some more features particularly around the reporting, but this is why they have a team of developers working on this.

You can contact me directly will@linksolutions.co.nz if you would like some more information about using Vend correctly.

Vend is awesome.

Will McTavish  

I have on-boarded many clients with Vend and they have used words such as 'thrilled', 'excited' and 'so happy' to describe their experience with their new POS system. Integrated with Xero and their website it has been a huge timesaver and powerful tool to run their business with. Their staff have also loved using the new system, which is a huge win for the business!

I have been extremely impressed with the support team and client success managers whom I have worked with alongside clients. While there are still some features that would be great to have added (within every app I work with there are features that are customers want in the pipeline), it's great to see Vend is working their butts of to make this happen with expanding their team.

I have no hesitation in recommending Vend (with an appropriate scope session first of course) and have been really happy with how it has helped my clients to date. If you need an example, see here

Heidi Seal  

If VendHq is the best on the market and one of the most popular Add-ons, then how crap is their competitors.

The overall system to work is not bad, but there are some serious shortfalls in the fundamentals of the system and in some cases lack serious logic

Some to mentioned

#Sales will never balance with Xero, due to Negative sales, when you withdraw money from the cash register to pay for stuff, even running reports to try and reconcile, good luck.

#Reports are bad, Can't see the breakdown of the totals unless one consolidates multiple Csv's, maybe we just spoiled with Xero's reporting.

#No support for Sales commission calculation, hello, should this not be one of the first functions they added. Many shops have a split between the sales person and the person running the till, now the only why this can be done if the person uses different log-ons for each sales person.....?

Xero should start to implement some sort of Quality control, before approving add-ons, the same way apple approves apps for their platform

Heinrich Botes  

Customer service is poor, I have inquired about Loyalty program for clients twice and never had a reply. I also couldnt do client payments for a few weeks so im looking for another provider

Tasha Murray  

I have been a heavy Vend user for over a year now and have been using Xero for over 3 years. We rely on the integration of Vend and Xero to provide the most basic function of statements for a small number of our customers who hold monthly accounts. It is a heavy burden to have this feature.

Xero is brilliant and always has been, support is great although very seldom required. I have recommended it to a number of other business owners.

Vend is a nice little POS and works well enough in a shop situation but would not recommend for a higher volume site or one which holds customer accounts. The development cycles feels rather adhoc and lacking in testing as it is prone in recent times to breaking things. We have had account sales go to the wrong accounting in Xero recently (Vend acknowledged the issue and are working to resolve with us but has been a huge time hog), we have had odd stock figures change for no reason. We have lost sales from Vend which have gone nowhere.

Like the sales/consulting folk above me if you would like to discuss our experiences search for Carterton Auto Services and ask for William

William Hamilton  

I've helped integrate Vend in to a number of businesses and have been using and selling other POS systems for a number of years.

Vend, by far, is the best I could recommend to most business types. It's a proper software platform in itself, not just an App. It's rare that I come across a retail business that Vend isn't able to fit with.

Mathew Grant  

As a partner, I love how the Vend team just gets involved with the on boarding of my clients. The partner dashboard just blows me away every time, and I'm actually a little envious of what they have done. I know every time I upload a lead into the dashboard the sales team are on it.

Ramiz Gorgees  

Hi folks,

Thanks for all your feedback (both good and bad), this really helps us determine which things we're doing awesomely, and which parts of Vend need to be improved to help accountants, advisors, book keepers, and retailers do better business.

Right now Vend has around 130 staff, and we're growing every day. A lot of this number are developers and support staff. I wanted to share that to show that we're committed to building out Vend's feature set, and supporting our customers.

One of our key focuses for 2014 is developing better reporting tools (something that's been voiced in this thread). To that effect we've brought on Greg Day from PeopleMine, to help us on this front.

We've gotten in touch with, or tried to, anyone in this thread who's had problems with Vend. If you haven't received a message from us, or if anyone has any questions or ever needs any help with Vend, please feel free to get in touch with our Support team (support@vendhq.com) or myself (sim@vendhq.com) and we'll take care of you.

Thanks again for the reviews,
Sim – Vend Community Manager.

Vend Support  

I'm looking into vend for a small salon client of mine and would like to integrate it with Xero but I can't find any clear info on how, where and what info vend will bring into Xero and how it will affect reconciliations. For instance when I make sales does it post all sales as invoices "awaiting payment" and then these figures are reconciled when the payments hit the bank rec screen?

Or does it do something else does anyone have a clear view of what I'd be looking at?



Adam Pritchard  

Hi Adam,

Oli here from the Vend Support Team. In answer to your first question: The only things that post to Xero are Account Sales, Register Closures and Completed Stock Orders. You can then choose how you want them to post across and have them go through in any state between draft all the way to pre-approved if you wish. Reconciliation is all done Xero side as Vend only touches the invoicing side of things there.

If you want to know a bit more or just have a bit of chat about how the integration works feel free to just get in touch with us via support@vendhq.com or you can contact me directly via oliver@vendhq.com.

Oli, Oliver Vend Community Support

Vend Support  

Having a background in hospitality and being restricted by server based POS systems in the past that were slow and clunky, the ease and simplicity of using Vend is almost magical! We have a number of clients using it and they too love the user interface, the reporting features and integration directly into their accounting software. The new User Interface is super snazzy and just plain easy and my favourite thing aside from the actual software itself is the support team. The onboarding process for Vend for any new client either through a partner or directly with Vend can't be faulted, they work with you to get your POS system set up exactly how you want it so its easy for you to do business. Because that's the way it should be, easy!

Amy Holdsworth  

the Worse POS EVER. I signed up and uploaded over 750 products to the system. I have nothing but problems since!!!! customer service extremely poor!!! even though I paid for premium service, I have asked my customer service manager to call me on a number of occasions and she hasn't once called me. Xero sales don't sync to Xero or payments double up. does not flow, it shuts done constantly, I have recently purchased a socket scanner because they told me that my previous scanner wasn't the best, even though they recommended it. today they told me the problem is the new socket scanner, even though once again they recommended it. the problem is their update!!! If I could give them a minus start rating it would be -10. Biggest headache ever.
I own a service station. this system is rubbish.
Xero on the hand is very good.

Kristy Peattie  

I love the discussions posted on here. It shows the difference between getting help to set it up correctly and fumbling through it and blaming your tools...

Does Vend work with Xero for everything you would need for a retail shop?


I encourage the rest of you to find some support through Vend or a Vend Expert.

I have seen a demo where a purchase was started in Vend. Then that account sale is directly linked to Xero. No DOUBLE ENTRY...
Once Xero see's the payment in the bank account (etc) then Xero automatically marks it as paid... IN VEND!

Brilliant. Simple. Easy. Everything I need in this "techie" cloud based age...

Dean Mealing  

The Customer Service from Vend has been excellent. I was a bit unsure if it was the right product for me but after discussing it with one of their Customer Service personnel (which I could call and talk to which made me more impressed) it was definitely the right product for me.
Highly recommend Vend

Marchi Hami  

Seriously regretting having moved from our previous software & accounting program to Vend/Xero integration. It has been a nightmare! Lost some important functionality, very disappointed after it came so highly recommended.

I recently had a query regarding updating account customer details - as I can't update details for account customers in Vend. The reply I received: "...you can use the option import from Xero directly on the Vend customers page however this often cause duplicates in Vend. The best way to edit customers that has been imported from Xero without causing any duplicates is by using/importing CSV files"

There is an 'import from Xero' option that causes a defect! Why have the button if, after using the button, Vend support is just going to tell you "well you should use a CSV file to avoid that?"

The dashboard is very pretty. The quick keys are great. I love the ability of fractional and composite products. I can add photos to items which is great for some of our items which are hard to physically label - staff can quickly check and image if they're not 100% sure which item is which. Can search for an item using any word of the items name (previous system you had to type in EXACTLY as the item was entered). It's very handy as I can run it on my iPad at market days, serve customers and have the data save instantly - so much better than the old days where I would keep hand written data and then have to enter it at the end of the day!

Vend absolutely has some great points. But as someone who has just spent 6 months feeling like I am hitting a brick wall, I wish I had never changed from my old system. I often find myself wishing I could change back if only it wouldn't take so much work to change all that data back!

At this stage I can only recommend Vend to someone who is a small business with very basic needs - I'm sure it would be fantastic for you. Just not so much for me!

Amelia Greenfield  

In general Vend works well, but the number of problems we have had with basic functionality, as well as the integrated information going across to Xero has been looking for a new solution.
- our customer support manager never returned calls. In the end we would call the general number (where we would generally get good support) rather than wait for her because she never followed up,
- we are in the process of completing a stock take and for a number of products we enter a counted number of products and it doubles it!! No reason and very adhoc. Where we have had products in many different locations and continue to add to their tally we now have no idea if the counts are correct (and unfortunately I'm assuming there a number of products that won't be correct)
- when we entered product received invoices once again Vend would double quantities added on an adhoc basis. When we are adding invoices with 100 different sku's we didn't notice this was happening for a very long time (We have a lot of international currency transactions so difficult to notice), Vend said they were aware of the problem and it may have been fixed - but customers should have been aware of it so we could keep an eye out for it.
- transfers from Vend to Xero are not balancing. There is a massive rounding issue which we can't clarify,
- looking at my product sales reports, some of the reports and products show the sales value without the gst (which is what I think what should be shown) but for no apparent reason other products are showing up with the gst still included in the value. I'm just hoping the gst reports for tax are correct. (And when I check the individual products details they are all showing as correct)
- regularly the bar code, or product code would not show up on the drop down list of available products. Then, try scan the same product 15 minutes later and it would be there. (This occurred with scanned items as well as items where we entered codes). This is not acceptable when we have a queue of customers to serve.
- we had to abandon our loyalty program because the system was so slow bringing up customer details that we often assumed the customer hadn't been entered and therefore added them to the system. They were there, and now we have multiple listings for individual products.
I want to love Vend and Xero, and definitely love the convenience of cloud, but the fundamental problems I've had should not occur.

Nicole Keleher  

Vend is a great tool for our retail clients. It's so easy to set up and integrate with Xero - giving clients and ourselves immediate access to sales and stock data, so that we can make better informed decisions together. It's also incredibly easy to use and looks very cool, which is a huge bonus.

Sharon Pocock FCCA  

I switched to Vend from another tablet-based POS system because I use Xero and I really like Xero. For some reason I assumed Xero would have similar standards for their partners as they do themselves (ahem).

As some folks above (or below) have pointed out, Vend has an easy-to-use front end. But that's about where my compliments stop.

* Receipts -- we've had multiple instances where printed receipts would not show all the line items in an invoice. Vend basically told us we were selling too many things. Seriously.
* Account Sales / Credit Terms -- if you sell on account and you give your customers credit, even after you apply payments in Xero (because you'll never use Vend for Accounts Receivable) you will still have to go back into Vend and find each and every invoice and manually select each invoice to "check Xero for payments". If you don't, the "Parked" invoices will continue to proliferate.
* Duplicate Invoices (in Xero) -- if you sell on account (to Xero) it's not uncommon to have duplicate invoices created in Xero.
* Delivery Notes -- Vend does not support Delivery Notes. They also see no reason to support Delivery Notes. If you ever need to ship sold goods to a customer, you're out of luck.
* Payment Adjustments / Voided Sales -- If you make a mistake on an invoice after it's been paid (i.e., "closed"), you're in for a nightmare. For instance, if you adjust payment (e.g., switch from Visa to Amex) you could very well end up with twice the stock movement. Don't use "Void" because the stock will remain "sold".
* Credit Notes -- forget about it. Not possible.
* Multiple Devices -- if you, as a business manager, would like to check in on how your stores are doing, and you don't pro-actively log out each and every day, you could very well cause Vend to consider the respective register to stay open indefinitely. This, in turn, will likely prevent future register closures and interfere with Xero reporting.

Finally, when it comes to Customer Service, Vend is simply useless. Each and every time I (or my team) report an issue, we get a variation on "oh, that's unfortunate. But Vend isn't designed to support the very basic and fundamental selling activities you're doing, and we have no plans to do so because we'd rather focus on adding "Recommend Vend to Friends" buttons on your dashboard".

Run away from Vend. Quickly.

Stephen Finch  

We have been using Xero and Unleashed for a couple of years now but needed stronger retail store and POS functionality so we implemented Vend about 6 months ago.

Its been a disaster!!!

Unleashed is supposed to be the product master and it just never worked even close to properly. Product price changes, product name changes, product code changes and obsolete products - none of them updated in Vend. As a result the stores were selling the wrong goods at the wrong prices and has ruined our inventory management to the point we have to restock take everything. On top of that there are rounding issues, stock on hand issues, no support for refunds, transactions silently failing and not making it back to Unleashed or Xero. We have had to go back and manually reconcile over 600 transactions as we can't trust anything that comes out of Vend.

I spoke to Gareth who is the CEO of Unleashed and he insisted that the integration had been fully tested but this is plainly not the case. This has never been tested in the real world and I have received no notification that any of this issues have been resolved. I am not spending any more time or money bug testing their software.

Philip Bachler  

We've been using Vend for 8 months now and for POS it is fantastic; easy to use, looks good etc. Where it comes unstuck for us is the Xero integration which seems to be missing some important components for people with multiple outlets or many supplier invoices. A couple of examples are:

Basics like stock transfers between outlets (shops) don't even feed to Xero so you can't use that functionality. In order to make sure your balance sheet/P&L for each shop is correct in Xero you have to do a complicated system of issuing and receiving a supplier purchase order from one shop to another in Vend and then a POS sale from originating store, it is fiddly and takes ages.

Other major downfalls is that your bookkeeper has to go into line item on every supplier invoice in Xero and code it individually even though this info is collected in Vend - it doesn't send the info to Xero. This causes a huge amount of extra tedious work to ensure Xero reports are accurate.

The silly thing is that all the information is there in Vend, it just isn't fully integrated with Xero so lots of double entry required causes more work than it saves.

Vend support is really good, friendly and prompt but too often the answer is; sorry can't do that.

Jess Bailey  

We would echo many of the comments above. BUT it is possible to overcome some of the shortcomings by extending the Vend/Xero integration by writing an app that connects the vend and xero APIs. This is what we have done and are continuing to develop.

Our app does things such as:
- retrieves the cost of goods sold from vend for a period and transfers the corresponding value from Xero's stock on hand (balance sheet) to the Purchases account (P&L) so we can properly account for cogs for the period without manual calculations and journals.
- creates journal entries for Stock Takes (now Inventory Counts) in Xero to account for increases or decreases in stock on hand value.
- handles stock returns - which vend just does not handle so these are correctly reflected in Xero.

If you're interested in this functionality or anything similar email me and we'll see if we can help you. rob@offshoot.co.nz

PS We've also created an app to control the way the cash drawer opens because in Vend it opens at the wrong time for the wrong transaction types.

Rob Berman