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Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Point of sale

3 out of 5 stars
Based on 12 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Vend, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Vend

Vend is point-of-sale, inventory and customer software retailers love to use. For more information, check out Vend.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Vend, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Vend support centre or this page for information on connecting Vend to Xero.

12 Customer Reviews
We have been using Vend with our clients now for over 2 years and absolutely love it. It's simple to setup, simple to train clients how to use yet has some brilliant functionality to really drill down into how your business is performing. The integration with Xero is great and cuts out so much of the data entry time.

For anyone who needs a POS.....this is exactly what you need.

Steph Hinds  

Vend is a powerful and robust Xero-add on that use for all my clients. It handles large inventory, multi-stores and like the review above states: has a very easy interface to use for cashier to business owner. It integrates well with Xero, being very customizable for different needs. The Vend staff are also very helpful and some of the cheeriest people I work with, it's always a delight to interact with them.

There is no better cloud-based POS solution!

Kirsten Barrie  

Vends workflow for dealing with Supplier Returns (ie: stock being returned to your supplier for credit), was to create a negative order in Vend. This transaction should have txfrd to Xero as either a negative purchase, or a credit note.

Currently, Vend has issues with supplier returns - you cannot have a supplier return created in Vend export correctly to Xero - you will end up with a crazy Xero transaction, that bears little resemblance to your supplier credit note.

Vend have advised (today) that they are aware of this issue, and that the development team are re-working this function, but no date for resolution has yet been provided.

Our current work around for this is to still process the Negative Order in Vend, however delete any transaction that flows through to Xero, and enter a manual credit note directly into Xero.

If you are a business where supplier returns for credit are required, then you should take this into consideration.

Cassandra Scott  

It's very clunky compared to Xero and often they seem to break things when they do updates. The API through to Xero sometimes misses invoices and there are other traps that make this an average product.

Mike Stewart  

Vend has good basic functionality but we've had a lot of issues with cache-ing and bugs, resulting in continual lost sale details across all our locations. It hasn't caused a huge back-office headache but our front of house staff are VERY wary. Inventory management functionality is less than perfect (little things like only being able to download & upload a 1000 records at a time are very annoying) and you will need someone with excellent business flow skills to manage. We've also had a torrid time trying to integrate Vend with Unleashed and Shopify (we're bleeding edge). Would love Xero to work with another POS supplier so that we have more than one integration option!!!

James Kirton  

Agree with the comments above. Clunky, poor downloads and reporting. Basics like EFTPOS integration, petty cash expenses or cash out, goods issues, returns, vouchers, commissions etc not present or poorly catered for. We're in the process of leaving Vend.

This review is based on current performance. When we signed up, Vend promised some features were imminent. 18 months later they have not materialised. When we advised Vend of our key reasons for leaving, they confirmed they were common complaints and offered no timeline for resolution.

Kelvin Ovington  

I agree with the four most recent comments above... Vend is poor. I totally disagree with Kirsten and Steph above (how much did they pay you for those comments?) Firstly, I'm disappointed with Xero that they made Vend an approved add on. I feel like lodging a complaint under the Trade Descriptions Act!! I'm an accountant and experienced user of all types of systems, from MYOB thru to SAP. The main complaint around Vend is the lack of flexibility in reporting, can't even get access from my smartphone. The Vend database is deficient in it's structure if you can't get even summarised reports based on registers, and if our register closes at 12:30 am then the resulting sales are spread over two days. Stock take procedures are abysmal. There is no way I would consider integration with Xero as I can't configure Vend to transfer the data in a format to match the accounting system (e.g. Vend does not support Xero locations) I would be forever checking and correcting. Conclusion: I run Vend as 'stand alone' and am actively seeking a web based alternative.

John Finn  

Vend is a brilliant product and I would recommend it to anyone in retail, light hospo and salons.

Vend is very powerful when set up correctly and the proper training has been delivered. At Link Solutions we set up Vend properly and deliver comprehensive training so our clients get the most out of the solution. You need to understand what is does, what it doesn't do and know that it is only going to get better. We have 30+ clients that are using Vend and loving it.

It needs to be understand cloud software is developing all the time and it is in a live environment. This is why bugs can occur from time to time. You will find this with ANY application, not just Vend.

Vend do need to develop some more features particularly around the reporting, but this is why they have a team of developers working on this.

You can contact me directly will@linksolutions.co.nz if you would like some more information about using Vend correctly.

Vend is awesome.

Will McTavish  

I have on-boarded many clients with Vend and they have used words such as 'thrilled', 'excited' and 'so happy' to describe their experience with their new POS system. Integrated with Xero and their website it has been a huge timesaver and powerful tool to run their business with. Their staff have also loved using the new system, which is a huge win for the business!

I have been extremely impressed with the support team and client success managers whom I have worked with alongside clients. While there are still some features that would be great to have added (within every app I work with there are features that are customers want in the pipeline), it's great to see Vend is working their butts of to make this happen with expanding their team.

I have no hesitation in recommending Vend (with an appropriate scope session first of course) and have been really happy with how it has helped my clients to date. If you need an example, see here

Heidi Seal  

If VendHq is the best on the market and one of the most popular Add-ons, then how crap is their competitors.

The overall system to work is not bad, but there are some serious shortfalls in the fundamentals of the system and in some cases lack serious logic

Some to mentioned

#Sales will never balance with Xero, due to Negative sales, when you withdraw money from the cash register to pay for stuff, even running reports to try and reconcile, good luck.

#Reports are bad, Can't see the breakdown of the totals unless one consolidates multiple Csv's, maybe we just spoiled with Xero's reporting.

#No support for Sales commission calculation, hello, should this not be one of the first functions they added. Many shops have a split between the sales person and the person running the till, now the only why this can be done if the person uses different log-ons for each sales person.....?

Xero should start to implement some sort of Quality control, before approving add-ons, the same way apple approves apps for their platform

Heinrich Botes  

Some suprising comments here, we have used vend with various clients, including two in the last month and it's always been really good. There are some key things to know and understand prior to setup with 'complex' products (such as variants) but any partner should be able to assist with this.

Same as Will above I'm more than happy to chat to anyone using, or considering using it, to run through workflows and/or iron out any problems,

Dan - www.ociusdigital.com.au/why-work-with-us

Dan Fairbairn  

Customer service is poor, I have inquired about Loyalty program for clients twice and never had a reply. I also couldnt do client payments for a few weeks so im looking for another provider

Tasha Murray