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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Point of sale

4.1 out of 5 stars
Based on 100 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Vend, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Vend

Vend is point-of-sale, inventory and customer software retailers love to use. For more information, check out Vend.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Vend, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Vend support centre or this page for information on connecting Vend to Xero.

Just wondering what all the fuss is about really. If everyone thinks Vend is so good for Xero, would you mind explaining what to do when my client needs help (for example) getting the closing transaction to always match the bank feed? I've been talking to Vend support. They said they have great phone support I can access, but they won't advise on things like account synchronisation between Vend and Xero (apparently an accountant must do that on their own). They also won't send anyone to your door. I quizzed them on this and at first they said they had partners who could help. So I pushed them further on that until they conceded that they could only offer phone support. What happened to the good old days when people actually cared about company reputation?

Shaun McAtamney  

A client has just started using Vend. Finding integration to Xero good except for credit card payments. Vend sends through total credit card payments as one line item, but there are 2 deposits to the bank account, one for everything except Amex and one for the rest. Only way to reconcile in Xero is to click into the invoice, then click the payment link, and then select Options > Remove & Redo.Then, next to the statement line, please click on Find & Match, then select the relevant invoice, and then click Split to reconcile the part payment.
As this happens most days, the bank reconciliation is hardly what I would call automatic. I appreciate that Vend write the integration but Xero do promote the app. Does anyone else have experience with this

Maggi Smith  

I came across Vend/Xero by accident. We had to upgrade our POS system and needed a compatible accounting system. Vend and Xero are so easy to use we pretty much self taught ourselves once we got the initial setup. We love how Vend is so versatile and you can move from one screen to the next without starting at the beginning. Xero is such a time saver with its reconciliation automation.

Bronwen Pretorius  

Been using VEND since we opened our store this year and it has been great!!! They are always listing to user on how to improve and make the system better/easier to work with. The integration with XERO is GREAT and is such a time saver. Love the ability to be able to drill into the data and pull so many different out of both systems and really be able to see how your business is preforming and also how individual products are preforming. Great POS system and XERO has been great on the accounting side!!!!

William Kelley  

I'm a first time Business Owner.I was introduced to VEND/XERO when I took over the business. Both together are must for any current or first timer. Easy set up, Easy Use and everything about the business is easy monitor at the office, on the go (mobile) or at Home. I Love it !

Tim Ramsey  

Vend is great software very easy to use.
love it

Ishkhan Kojayan  

I love using My vend, There are always updates that improve the system ! I love the new dashboards and so do my employees!

Yannick Gibson  

Vend has been life/business changing for us at the Waiheke Resources Trust. The efficiency and integration with Xero actually ends up saving us money on our previous stock managment subscriptions and time spent in accounting.

Mike Maahs  

Vend makes my extremely busy life an awful lot easier. It is robust and simple to us, and I would recommend it highly. Link it with Xero for the best results.

Barnaby Smith  

I've have been using Vend for about 18 months. I'veflound it easy to setup, use and maintain and love the ipad terminal. An improvement to Vend Ecommerce would be to include the differing tax rates set up in VEND.
Linking with Xero means we can now track sales and inventory far more easily. Thoroughly recommend Vend with Xero!

Ros Cameron  

We use Vend - great for inventory ... Easy for POS - we are also connect to xero, but have had huge problems with the Commbank app. We had to stop using that. Vend told us it was a issue with xero or the commonwealth bank --- Xero and the Commonwealth Bank told us it was a problem with Vend. So we got nowhere.

We have just put in afterpay and am wondering whether that integration will actually work between Vend and Xero. We are particularly concerned as we need a barcode scanner and the one suggested by VEND was the Apple barcode scanner - but that comes from the States and we are in Australia so are wondering whether that would work.

The problem with xero is that the people that are supposed to assist you all seem to come from overseas countries - i.e. England, America etc., so do not actually know about the APPS like AfterPay which is only in Australia.

zoe west  

We implemented Vend & Xero 8 months ago & absolutely love it. It is so simple to use. So much Information available at a stroke of a key. I have recommended this program to many other users that have a business similar to ours & they were very keen to check it out.

Martha Truin  

The Vend integration has been great for us because it allows us to much more accurately cost our sales to the correct account. Before using Vend and Xero together we would just put all of our retail sales under one account, but now we are able to run more helpful reports. It has also made our Gift Card liability much more clear. Lastly, because items are getting correctly costed, the reports we have to run for the USDA are more accurate and have resulted in lower fees because previously we were over-reporting certain sales out of laziness. Thanks Vend + Xero!

Sander Kallshian  

Vend is so easy to use we got it 18 months ago and is one of the best pos systems i have every used . Using it is so simple and the way it interacts with unleashed and zero makes computing a breeze.

Paul Hunter  

I've set up Vend for a client (with a trade counter) who needed to link their till to Xero. Vend seemed like a good option but we don't use the inventory tracking.

Main problems we have faced is:
Clients with terms - the days takings will not be allocated if a customer pays off an invoice older than today. This has meant that our Aged Receivables balance is ridiculously overstated and our cash and card controls are also understated. There is no fix for this - so Vend is not suitable for any business that offers terms (like a trade counter who will have account customers).

Only use Chrome with Vend. When we used other browsers it just opened our test account.

Other than that, it is quite easy to set up and easy to use for the till operators.

Mark Gillespie  

We are a skin clinic in Singapore with plans to open 10 stores across the country. We use Timely for our appointment system and online bookings from our website. We don't use Timely POS, but use the easy to setup link to Vend due to the many features and benefits Vend has-including eCommerce store, managing our inventory, cash management and the list goes on. We link Vend with Xero using the simple integration feature. We keep Xero pretty simple for P&L, Cashflow, Balance Sheet and direct integration with our bank. Whole setup works a dream.

Paul Cameron  

Vend+Xero is my go to integration for my retail clients. People ringing in sales love the sell screen.
However, the Vend reports could be a bit more robust and really the Price Books need som work.

Heather Allan  

We have been using Vend since opening the store almost 7 months ago. It is so easy to setup, use and maintain and the iPad app runs seamlessly. Since linking it to Xero we can now track sales and inventory far more easily. Thoroughly recommend Vend with Xero!

David Wilmott  

We are using Vend, Unleashed and Xero for our business but are having troubles with barcode scanning in Vend not pushing through stock to Unleashed. Anyone else have this problem? We are using the iPad app for Vend.

Karl Jung  

I've been using vend with xero for nearly two years in my small grocery store ... and I love it. It has its quirks, as does xero, and experienced support for the fine detail of initial set up is recommended ... it is more 'database' than 'accounting system' and so doesn't always feed things through to xero the way traditionalists expect. The iPad app is great for POS and I love the detail of data I have to work with for inventory and sales analysis. I love that I can keep a eye on what's happening in-store while I'm out and about via my phone. I'm looking forward to seeing how it scales up for me in the coming months. There's scope for improvement in the customization of reports and the eCommerce offering. I like that vend is constantly developing and improving, and look forward to what functionality is brought out in the future.

Cathie Gould  

We have been using Vend for about 10 months now and Xero for 8, and it has been a great experience so far. This was my first time setting up either a POS or accounting programs, so there was some difficulties to be expected. I found the online videos and tutorials, along with the numerous posts, to be very helpful when I would run into a problem. Anything that wasnt easily tackled by a video was easily handled on the phone or via chat with a person. As referenced before in these posts, the integration between Vend and Xero can be a bit tedious, such as syncing on account sales, rounding errors, and voiding sales in Vend and Xero. There is also no way to generate a monthly statement for customers, which can also be a pain. But, for being a cloud-based system, it has performed very well. The Vend+Xero integration is great for small businesses, the headaches only become noticeable with lots of sales. Im sure as technology allows, the issues Ive mentioned will be addressed, and this will be a top performing product for years to come. I would highly recommend after comparing numerous cloud based competitors.

James Anderson  

We have added a solid integration experience for Vend and TradeGecko customers in terms of integration. We also can address an shortcomings previously mentioned in regards to Xero or the related platforms working together. In the case of ecommerce, we have also provided a solution for several platforms including Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento. So Vend customers have a ton of options.


Wayne Thompson  

I am running my first business and most of the processes and procedures are pretty straight forward. I have not had any experience with any other accounting software but have had no problems (besides the usual new business set up learning curves). Anything that I did have a problem with was sorted out promptly and professionally. Many thanks to everyone working so hard behind the scenes to make our lives easier on the ground. Small businesses need all the help they can get, and the vend/xero integration is so smooth and easy, I get to spend more hours on the other menial tasks of my business. I would not want to run my business without it, I feel sorry for the people decades ago who didn't have this kind of help.

Thanks again team,
Until my next mistake,
Stoker Brewhouse

Nathan Sauer  

Hi Angela,

I'm really sorry to hear that you haven't had the best experience with Vend so far. Frustration is definitely not the result we're aiming for! Let's see how we can help improve your situation.

Firstly, we'd really appreciate more info about your experience with Payment Express. We seek to ensure the best service possible for our customers, payment partners included. Would you mind sending us an email at xero@vendhq.com with more detail?

Are there any aspects of Vend that you're specifically needing help with right now? Please let me know if you're awaiting any answers from our Support team and we can get someone to help out asap. I can request that an agent give you a courtesy call if needed.

We really appreciate your feedback, and completely understand that tedious workflows aren't ideal. On Account sales are high on our list. To improve this, both Xero and Vend need to do some work to allow accounts receivable payments in Xero to automatically update the sale balance against Vend On Account sales. Xero is making some changes at the moment which should allow us to do this over the coming months. While I can't provide the exact timings right now, I can say it's definitely on our radar and something we plan on making better. Sorry I couldn't quite give you the solution you were looking for straight away.

Once again, thanks for sharing your experience with us. It helps us keep tabs on what's working, and what needs improvements. I look forward to hearing back from you so we can get this sorted.


Ashley Gilgrist
Vend Marketing & Communications

Vend Support  

I wouldn't recommend using Vend to anyone. I started using Vend 5 months ago, and whilst it does have many great features, my overall experience is one of frustration and far more work then it should be. Reconciling on account sales with Vend and Xero is tedious and time consuming. I committed to a 3 year contract with Payment Express as it was the recommended Eftpos provider from Vend and it has also turned into a nightmare. Communication from Vend is sporadic and slow. Issues can easily take weeks to resolve, if at all.
If I hadn't spent such a large sum on the hardware and could change my eftpos provider I would drop Vend like a hot potato, unfortunately I'm in too deep to get out again. I strongly recommend you do some in depth research before committing to Vend.

Angela Clapperton  

Hi Angela,

Sometimes running accounting software and apps, can be a tedious task and confusing, sometimes the internal set up cannot be correct.

If I can be of assistance to log into your system and review perhaps I can assist in your tasks and assist in streamlining them.

I am certified professional with 25 years small business accounting.

Janice L Lewis

Hi my name is Janice Lewis an Accounting Associate from
Global Professional Services Partners Inc.

I recommended your app to one of our clients she was very happy to find a solution.

355 Elmira Road North, Unit 115
Guelph, ON, Canada N1K 1S5
T: (416) 800-1129 EXT 246
F: (416) 800-1135

Janice Lewis  

Hi I am currently investigating what POS system to use with Xero and while Vend looks very good I have seen some bad reviews of on account sales. My business would run quite a few on account sales for either proper B2B accounts or even clients running a small project that will require multiple purchases over a few weeks. Has anyone any guidance on how it's working?

Shane Curran  

We have been using Vend since 2011 and have seen it come through great improvements in a lot of the negative comments above.We have been integrating Vend with Xero for the fast two years and it was a huge learning curb and still has its hiccups at time but would recommend to other retail stores for its great inventory system.

Julie Powell  

Hi Matt,

Tracking Categories did not make it into our last round of Xero updates — sorry for the misleading info there.
It's at the top of our priority list for the next round. I can't confirm the timing at this stage, but we'll send an announcement as soon as this changes.

Thanks for reaching out. If you have any further Qs, feel free to get in touch directly at xero@vendhq.com.

Vend Marketing & Communications

Vend Support  

To quote Matt from May 2016 "Does anyone know if Tracking Categories can be set along with the Account in Vend, so that the tracking categories in Xero are automatically applied when Vend posts its daily transactions to Xero? I notice Kate from Vend mentioned they were talking to Xero about this feature in her post in this thread on October 13, 2015 but can't see anything about it since then."

Vend support said it was going to be in the next update - I can't seem to get it working which means I have to code each till closure once it is posted into Xero. The 'Contact' for each till has a default Category but this isn't being applied to the invoice. Can anybody help?

Brian Allen  

Great POS system and to have this seamless intgration with Xero is of immense help and it saves a lot of time. As we started to do warehouse sales we created a sub category in our Xero accounting for all the sales generated trough VEND (that we are using for our warehouse sales): this is helping us a lot to track how we are performing compared to the other sales'categories

Michele Gabrielli  

I don't usually leave reviews, it's just not my thing, but having to use something in your business everyday that really works for you instead of it breaking or even just wishing it could do something more or be more convenient, is really something to give pause to and be thankful for. I pay VEND to do a job, that job is to keep track of my inventory and my sales and give me the tools to do more with the data and for my customers while keeping the interaction with it simple, easy and clean. VEND in my opinion, clearly does this! IS VEND , the product, perfect? There's always room for improvement, that goes for any product, but then you add their stellar customer support, the type of support you wish everyone had because if they did, business would be so much less stressful. This type of support is what you receive from VEND and is the reason why they get a enthusiastic 5 stars from me.

As for Xero, I think these two companies collaborate and work from the same playbook. 5 Stars for Xero too for making something that SUCKS (accounting) tolerable! Thank you both for making business more fun!

Frank Dauenhauer  

Hi Andrew,

Really sorry to hear you haven't been having a great experience with On Account sales, we're all ears.

Due dates do currently set to the Xero default term, but we definitely see the benefit in recording individualized payment terms for clients. Unfortunately this is not coming up in our short term plans, sorry — we will send out an update if this changes. Merging duplicate customers is super important and this is on our radar, although I don't have a timeframe for you at this stage.

Fortunately, Xero are currently working on a solution that will make checking payments in bulk much more efficient. Once this is available we will be sure to utilize this enhancement in our integration with Xero as soon as possible.

Thanks for sharing your experience Andrew — we pass all feedback on to our development team who are always improving and updating Vend, including our integration with Xero. We appreciate your patience as we make using Vend + Xero even better. If you have any further questions, we're here to help: xero@vendhq.com.

Thanks again,

Ashley Gilgrist

Vend Marketing & Communications

Vend Support  

Cannot speak highly enough of Vend. From initial contact to implementation everything just worked. Questions I had were answered promptly and it's so easy to make it fit into your workflow. Highly recommended!

Michael Vincent  

Has anyone used the On Account part of Vend. We use it and it has been a nightmare. The customer profile does not have a place to record payment terms specific to the client. Therefore all due dates default to the Xero default term. This means I have to modify any On Account invoice in Xero if the payment term is different from the default term. Not all our sales are pay today. Another problem is when emailing out invoices Vend doesn't record if the invoice was emailed or not. This means each month we send out copies of invoices that customers haven't received and we can't check whether it was our staff fault or not. The invoice template ex Vend is deplorable but apparently that was our email server. Sales across the counter works find and so it should but Vend lets itself down big time with the On Account application. Even the tedious task of checking for a payment in Xero takes time and if it isn't done then the debtors balance in Vend is wrong and causes more mistrust. Sadly where we have duplicated customers there is no merge option to fix this, only Delete which wipes off the sales history. Vend is overpriced for the basic product it provides.

Andrew Crawford  

I have had months of use with Vend, I must say the set-up was easy & the training I had was Amazing. It is the most simpliest program to learn. If you need POS Vend is the way to go. The best part, the fact that it is integrated with Xero all details from each day go straight across, no data entry to be done, as it's all done for you.

Melissa King  

We have been using Vend with our clients and love it. Easy and simple to use.

Julie Buchinger-Dwyer  

2 Years and counting, we are head over heels with Vend POS. It truly allows my staff to get on with the business of making customers happy. Meanwhile - in the background all the management of stock, accounts inventory, reports and so on - all happens seamlessly.

Integration with Xero and Deputy make my accounting and HR happen without effort. Love it !!

Therese Lakke-Benson  

As a complete retail infant, getting on board with Vend and Xero at the outset has made my transition into business so much less painful than it could have been.
The help team are extremely responsive to questions, queries and problems, and essentially make it feel that like a large business, i have my own IT support team.
Glitches in the system get ironed out when they are raised, and there have been a whole heap of great upgrades since I joined in 2015.
Having our inventory management/POS and e-commerce tied together and integrated with our accounting software is amazing, and I am pretty sure my accountant loves it too!

Alison Muscroft  

Hi Ian,

Thanks so much for your feedback — we’re so pleased to hear you’re enjoying both systems — and we’re sorry that the stock management between Vend + Xero isn’t quite working for you right now.

Is there any reason why you’re using Xero to make sales? Xero recommends using Vend as the master system for making sales, and we’d also suggest using Vend for inventory and invoicing — this will remedy the reporting and stock level issues you’re having, as well as make the process smoother by managing these workflows in one place — plus, you can choose to sync purchase orders raised in Vend to Xero as unpaid bills.

Vend’s inventory and products have a complex structure around product variants, composite products, and so on — this is more advanced than what Xero offers and because of this, it’s not possible to integrate the systems at an inventory level at this stage.

Would you like to give us more insight on how you’re using Vend + Xero for your business? If you could give us more details at xero@vendhq.com we’d be glad to discuss this further and see where we can help.

Best wishes,

Ashley Gilgrist

Vend Marketing & Communications

Vend Support  

easy integration my accountant loves xero

Koren Conrad  

Would struggle to find anything negative to say about Vend, run a bu busy bike workshop and it suits our needs perfectly.

Martin Elswood  

Generally very happy with the integration with just one major point that should definitely be improved in future iterations:

In short, there is no integration of stock management between Xero and Vend. You handle your individual stock items in either one or the other, but not both. So, if you make sales in Vend, and then would like to invoice, say, a B2B customer, you have to manually input your items. Plus, any sales made through Xero are not fed back into the Vend stock or sales systems, meaning your stock levels and sales reports are inaccurate.

This fix would improve dramatically the integration and overall usability of these two otherwise very good systems.

Gill Mann  

I have been using Vend and Xero for almost 2 years now. It took a little while to set up things correctly - for Xero you absolutely have to consult with your accountant - but since then things have been fantastic. Vend is a slick, sexy platform - the latest upgrade was a major step forward. Xero is less sleek, but very efficient.
Keep up the good work !!

Hein Van de Geyn  

We are both a Vend and Xero user and find both platforms to be amazing.

Sarah Woolway  

I have found Vend & Xero work pretty well together, reconciling sales/income etc directly into Xero is pretty seamless which of course makes it easier and faster to work in Xero which is a big tick from me.

Most disappointed with Vend from a stock management POS system - it doesn't, anyone who says otherwise doesn't understand stock management. The issue is once your stock level hits zero you can still continue to sell it, no system flags, popups or similar - this means it is NOT managing your stock at all. I raised the point with Vend but honestly I got such a sales pitch as to why they don't it was embarrassing to listen to.

'Stock Management' excluded I am pretty satisfied with it

David Rew  

Making the decision to migrate our POS system to Vend was one of the best business decisions we have made, discovering that it interrogated into Xero so simply and with such efficiency, an absolute bonus. Our staff all have expressed how much easier it is to use Vend compared to our last system, they have commented on how much more intuitive the front office interface is and how efficient it is to complete all types of transactions.

In one of our stores we have moved to the Vend iPad IOS app, all of us have been super impressed with the versatility of running our POS from this platform.

Using Vend & Xero in unison has simplified our back office processes assisting us all to be more efficient and productive.

In Vend and Xero, we believe that we have partnered with two progressive companies who are both at the top of their fields in cloud based technology.

The La Vie Group

Charles Robertson  

We have been using Vend for over 5 years now with our footwear stores. It was super stable and integrated very well with Xero as well as Shopify and many other apps. As our business, product database and requirements grew Vend struggled a little, but nothing compared to other products we have trialled and used along the way. A year or so ago Vend seemed to undergo a massive overhaul of their system and it became glitchy in a lot of areas. I am very relieved that this has been sorted out and it is now very stable and has the power to handle our big databases and unique requirements with integrations. The sales analytics and performance reports were well worth the wait and glitches. Very happy with the new and improved Vend! It has been super sharp the past 6 months and the dreaded stock takes are fast and seamless along with the awesome gift cards and loyalty that were always massive dramas with accounting integration. Finally, there is a simple and stable solution that doesn't confuse the retail staff or the accountant!

Overall, we love Vend! The simple integrations with Vend make it easy to tailor solutions to our unique and changing situations, and that includes Vend with Xero. Managing our business is made seamless and accurate.

Shoes Feet Gear

Peter Charles  

We’ve embraced Vend as our POS as it offers a flexible package suited to small businesses like ours. Vend and Xero together are quick to set up and easy to use, look professional for our shoppers, and save a lot of admin time.

Daniel Moreton  

The Vend app is brilliant. It's perfect for my coffee bar because it makes service quick and easy. The Xero integration has made managing from back of house simple too.

Thomas Roden  

We have used Vend in our retail business for some years with very positive results and have recently integrated Vend with Xero. We have been delighted with the overall ease of use, benefits and time saved from using this combination. The assistance we have received from the Vend Support Team has been excellent and we have no hesitation in recommending Vend and Xero for any small business.

Derek White  

I've found the Vend so easy to use. I also love how it all hooks up to my Xero software and Tyro facility - it's all connected and makes for an awesome point-of-sale system.

Sarah Carroll  

I've already recommended Vend to other retailers and will continue to do so. They're always improving their application, and seeing the changes they've made so far is really exciting. Here's why I think Vend is a great application for retail businesses.

1) Vend is easy to use for managing my business. I can easily keep track of how my stores, from popularity of products to individual employee sales, are performing.

2) It's straight-forward enough for new staff to learn their way around and start making sales too, even if they're not computer experts.

3) The integration with Xero is definitely a winner. Vend syncs important info through to Xero which saves me from hours of manual data entry. And it's made keeping track of how my business is performing even easier with all the new improvements.

4) I've connected Vend with other awesome applications like Shopify and Cockatoo, so it's a complete retail solution from selling online at anytime to checking how my stores are performing from my cellphone.

Leah Day  

Vend and Xero, along with Shopify, are my go-to apps. I manage a specialty brick-and-mortar store as well as an online shop, and together, they help me monitor my stock levels without having to be personally in-store. Very handy when I run pretty tight quantities. It just makes managing both aspects a whole lot easier so I can focus on running and planning the more creative aspects of my business. With Vend and Xero I can make sure things are getting processed correctly, and I'll get notifications on invoices I'm getting. It's just a smarter and more agile way of doing things.


Prakashan Sritharan  

Hi Ken,

Really sorry to hear you’ve been having these issues, let’s get this sorted out! From what you’ve described it sounds like something could be going on with your Xero settings, either in regards to inventory tracking or the account your COGS are mapping to. If you get in contact with Vend Support and give them access to your Xero account, they can have a more detailed look at things and let you know the best solution. Just submit a ticket here with what you’ve written above so we can get this fixed.

Best wishes,

Vend Marketing & Communications

Vend Support  

Ken, you're more likely to get an answer to your question if you post it in the Using Xero Add-ons page - as this is just for the review of Vend :)

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

I am having trouble reconciling my stock value in Vend and Xero. As I buy stock Vend sends it to Xero as a cost of sale rather than a stock asset and then catches up the profits made as and when the items are sold.
For my purposes this is inaccurate as it doesn't post items still in stock. For instance if I buy £100 cost value of product and put them on the shelf, I haven't lost £100 as a cost of sale, I still have £100 of stock on hand. Vend doesn't seem to see this or send it to Xero. According to Vend I am now £100 in the red on my P&L. And zero value on my balance sheet.
As I sell product, again my balance sheet for stock on hand is unchanged according to Vend.
This is a deal breaker for me and as much as I love Vend, unless I can find a workaround on this I may have to move my accounts to eposnow or some such.
Any help gratefully received.

Ken White  

The reporting dashboard makes it easier for everyone in the business to monitor performance. The ability to see sales and margin data (through recording COGS) has been an excellent addition. While the integration with Xero can be streamlined, any problems are usually due to human error. We’ve always had great service from their knowledgable support team. We use Vend with multiple clients, and it’s great to know they are using a reliable system that keeps getting improving and getting better. Keep up the good work!

Simon Manawaiti  

Using Vend and Xero, we have instant information about everything in our business. We don't have to wait for the end of the day or week to see what's working and what we need to improve. We're saving time we already don't have, and making smarter decisions. Also working with our bookkeeper and accountant collaboratively in bith cloud systems means we have great confidence in the information, we know more and can do more. We weren't numbers people when we began, but the ease of the services helped us become led by key metrics and identify gross profit as our metric to focus on, which changed our business. Xero and Vend together has really helped us become a lot better at business over the last five years.

Ingrid Starnes  

Vend is simple and easy to use, and being cloud-based while integrating with Xero makes business a lot easier as we're able to do maintenance tasks and planning from home.


We have been using Xero and Vend together for 18 months now on the recommendation of our accountants – Frank HQ. We are delighted with how both packages talk to each other. Our daily retail sales from Vend feed through to Xero at the end of each day which is ideal and leaves no room for error in reporting. Once set up these packages work seamlessly together. I would highly recommend running these two programs together for accuracy and efficiency.


Does anyone use Retail Express as their POS? We have upgraded to the new version and have to do the integration with Xero manually now using their Accounting Link!!! Very inconvenient as it is only on my desktop and not accessible from anywhere else.

Ann-Maree Hughes  

Before we chose Vend we did a lot of research. We were particularly interested in a system that could make things work well together. Vend really stood out to us as it could integrate with Xero, as well as other great programs like Collect Loyalty. Vend was super easy to use and set up. Our team caught on from day one. Vend is very functional, and with the Xero integration book-keeping work is made a whole lot easier. Together, Vend and Xero help us grow as we need to.

James Magnus-Johnston  

The Vend product is excellent! Support has been great in helping us get set up and with any other issues along the way. And I love the integration with Xero. It takes so much hassle out of the day-to-day running of our business, and the information just syncs through and gives us a snapshot of how our business is doing at any given time.

Pop-up Fest  

Hi Matt,

Thanks for getting in touch. Tracking categories is still in our plans and will be in the next round of integration improvements. We'll let you know as soon as we can confirm a timeframe for this one!


Vend Marketing & Communications

Vend Support  

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for getting in touch and letting us know about your client’s situation. Your feedback is really helpful as it lets us know what we need to work on to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future.

We’re so sorry to hear your client has been experiencing issues with the Shopify integration. This shouldn’t be happening! The Vend support team would be happy to get this fixed. If your client submits a ticket here, we can ensure Vend and Shopify are linked so inventory levels update between platforms, and things can run far more smoothly going forward.

While multi-currency purchasing is something we intend to do, we unfortunately can’t estimate a date for this as it isn’t coming up in the near future. However, the ability to report on a historical inventory count is a current work in progress, keep an eye out for this soon as it will be released in the coming months! And after this, we’ll be improving the freight element of cost-of-goods-sold.

Is your client using the gift card feature we released late last year, or are they using their own gift certificate solution? Our gift cards were set up with dedicated mappings and liability settings in the Xero integration so they shouldn’t be causing issues with accounting. But if they are using the gift card feature and are still having issues, then we’d really like more information on this.

Once again, thanks so much for your feedback Sarah. We’re taking this very seriously and would really appreciate some more details on your client’s position, who set up their integration, and if there’s anything we can do to help their situation. Would it be possible to get in touch with us? If so, please send us an email at xero@vendhq.com.


Vend Marketing & Communications

Vend Support  

While looking for a point-of-sale solution, Vend came highly recommended by fellow small business owners. Using Vend and Xero together has been great for my store! Time-consuming admin tasks are now automated, so I'm able to focus more on managing and growing my business. I'd recommend this integration to any other business looking to grow and requiring a point-of-sale and accounting solution.

Alistair Barnes  

Does anyone know if Tracking Categories can be set along with the Account in Vend, so that the tracking categories in Xero are automatically applied when Vend posts its daily transactions to Xero? I notice Kate from Vend mentioned they were talking to Xero about this feature in her post in this thread on October 13, 2015 but can't see anything about it since then.

Matt Miller  

Our client used a professional integrator to set up a stock system & online store. They chose Vend & Shopify (as they already had Xero). Shopify has never accurately linked with Vend so customers have paid for items that are unavailable and had to have a refund. This has impacted sales and the store is considering closing down the online facility because sales are so low that they barely cover the fees. Vend also doesn't do multi-currency & can't backdate a stock count for reporting purposes. So if you buy from abroad, you will never have accurate costs. Vend doesn't deal with freight which should be absorbed into COGs. Gift certificates produce dodgy accounting. I spend about an hour a week reconciling the sales invoices to the money that arrives and changing purchase invoices. I would not recommend Vend if you have foreign purchases.

Sarah Morris  

We love Vend and Xero and will recommend it to anyone who'll listen. In fact, I've helped the clothing business next door set up their Vend and Xero integration following our recommendation! It's easy to get up and running and makes life so much easier for small businesses in terms of saving time, bookkeeping, and getting a true view of your overall performance.

Mark Downey  

Vend is great for our business! It's reasonably priced and the stock management and loyalty features work really well for us. Being able to link to Shopify and Xero means it's a complete retail solution and makes overseeing day-to-day numbers easy. I would not hesitate in recommending VendHQ to any single or multi retailer thinking of using xero.


Alan Grant  

The Xero and Vend integration was seamless and very easy to set up and with the added benefit of being able to integrate Shopify with Vend our e Commerce sales are pulled through (mostly) seamlessly via Vend.

We can recommend this for anyone using Xero as you dont need an IT department to make it work and it reduces the need to manually capture sales in your accounting software.

Stephan Cilliers  

We love that Vend is quick and easy to use. While we're not a standard retail store, which means point-of-sale systems don't always meet all our needs, Vend is the best one we've come across so far. And with Vend always evolving and updating, we're planning for it to become 100% perfect for our business. I believe using Vend and Xero together is worth 5 stars as the compatibility makes life so much easier for our day-to-day accounting and getting an insight into how our business is performing. I'd definitely recommend using Vend and Xero together, especially in retail businesses.

Beverly McCormick  

Vend is easy for anyone to use and their customer support is excellent. And it works excellently with Xero! So the whole package together is what I think everyone should be using for an efficient point-of-sale system. We find it makes our lives so much easier at the end of the day because it saves us so much time and extra bookkeeping work.

Denise Pottle  

Love Vend, love Xero. Vend integrates seamlessly with Xero and is so easy to use! I would definitely recommend using both products together.

Jodie Whitelaw  

We have been using Vend for 15 months now and absolutely love it. It is extremely user friendly and an attractive app visually. The Xero integration is fabulous, so much time saved on data entry. The only issue I have is that once posted to Xero, should you have made an error, it is not that easy to edit. Any help with that would be much appreciated.

alex murray  

I actually have very few problems using Vend. The software is continually being improved, and the plug in with Xero and Shopify makes everything easier because it saves heaps of time and does everything I need to run my business.

Chris Pickings  

The Vend point-of-sale system works seamlessly. It's trouble-free to use day in and day out. And Vend is always making regular updates with functions improving all the time. Their help desk is great. The same thing can be said about using Vend and Xero together. Vend connects with Xero for an efficient bookkeeping service, which gives me more time to focus on running my all-in-one art gallery, art teaching studio and specialty coffee lounge.

brian wilson  

We have been using Vend in our small retail gift store for 18 months now. We use it for ordering and receiving, inventory management, and of course, point-of-sale. The seamless integration with Xero for invoices and sales at the end of each day means that I spend fewer hours 'after hours' catching up on admin work.

Bill Rice  

Vend has completely changed my life. I used to spend hours entering invoices into my accounting system, and now with Vend and Xero it's done at the point-of-sale. I can just come home and relax. It's awesome!


We use Vend with all our retail clients and couldn’t be more impressed with the Vend team or the product. Vend have put a lot of time and effort into developing their integration with Xero and for good reason. It just makes retail easy. The benefits of using it with Xero are huge. Here are my top three reasons:

1. Vend syncs your POS and sales data to your accounting system every day.
Vend sends an invoice to Xero when you cash-up and close your register for the day. This invoice then automatically gets marked in Xero as paid based on the payment types taken throughout the day, which is pretty cool. Once these payments hit your bank feed in Xero, they seamlessly match up to the payments applied by Vend. And as your bank reconciliation lines up perfectly with your cash-up procedures, this also mitigates all sorts of cash handling risks.

2. Vend makes your Xero reporting even smarter
Another great benefit of having these invoices and all your data flow from Vend to Xero is the ability to elect which revenue account you would like each product sale to go to. This provides much more in-depth reporting in Xero on your profit and loss so you can make even smarter decisions. And because Vend sends your cost-of-goods-sold to Xero as they are incurred, your PnL reporting gives you an accurate snapshot of how your business is really doing on a monthly basis so you can make more informed decisions month to month.

3. Managing customer accounts is easy with Vend.
Yep, they thought about this too. When a customer buys an item on account, Vend raises an invoice in Xero against the customer. If a shopper pays at a later date via the register in-store, Vend marks the invoice in Xero as paid and it’s reconciled with daily bankings the next day. And if a customer happens to pay by bank deposit, Vend knows to check Xero so it keeps their payment details up-to-date in Vend too. It's pretty clever.

From our experience, using Vend and Xero together is by far the best app solution for retailers. In my humble opinion, it’s the most advanced integration in the Xero ecosystem.

Reuben Sweeney  

We searched for a new POS for about 3 years, with the requirements that it be easy to use, look really good, was fast and interfaced with Xero. Vend was always on our watchlist but for a couple of years it was just too slow and to be frank, the design felt clunky. When the new version came out all our issues were resolved and perfect for what we do. The customiseability is great and our reception staff love it! We've recommended it to others who had similar requirements and they’ve implemented Vend too.

Andrew Akers  

Hi all,

Thanks again for your feedback so far. It’s so important to us and we’re aware some improvements have been needed to help Vend and Xero work better together. In the past six months we’ve been working to revamp our integration with Xero to provide accountants, advisors, book keepers, and retailers a service that’s better than ever. Thanks so much for your patience while we’ve made these upgrades, we really appreciate it.

These are our latest improvements, with more to come over the year:

Posting cost-of-goods-sold (COGS) to Xero
COGS automatically sync to Xero and are recognised when they’re sold. It’s now easy to get an accurate snapshot of how your business is truly performing in real-time. Easily view your profit against your total operating expenses and keep tabs on your overall profit or loss. Find out more here.

Payment due dates for account sales
Select the due date for all accounts receivable invoices from account sales to match your Xero default due date. Invoicing is streamlined and manual edits eliminated. Find out more.

Bulk account payments
You can now pay off multiple account sales or laybys (layaways) against a single customer in a single transaction in Vend. Payments will automatically sync to Xero. Find out more.

Vend to Xero customer sync
Contacts also sync between Vend and Xero. Now any updates to customer details in Vend will automatically update in Xero too. Find out more.

We’ve also made some experience upgrades that we hope will make navigating between Vend and Xero simpler, such as design and layout improvements in our Xero settings page. There’s now a quick link in Vend where you can check which Xero account the store is connected to – great if you’re managing multiple businesses. We’ve also improved error messaging and invoice numbers for account sales.

It’s been a busy few months, and this is just the start. We’re dedicated to bringing you a world-class experience. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Just get in touch at xero@vendhq.com.

Best wishes,
Ashley from Vend

Vend Support  

Hi Murray,

Thanks for getting in touch! If they're a typical business who buys finished goods at wholesale and sells them at a retail level, Vend and Xero should be all they need. The Dear add-on is great if they are also a manufacturer, or if they need to pull multiple outlets' inventory together to list online.

Vend can handle thousands of inventory items no sweat, so Vend and Xero are likely all they need to run an inventory based omni-channel retail business. It would be good to give the sales team in your local area a call so we can find out more about your client's specific business needs, or if you have any more questions for us! We'd be happy to help out.

Vend Marketing & Communications

Vend Support  

Hi Tom,

We're sorry to hear there's been a bit of a delay hearing back from us. Alex would love to have a chat with you about our advisor program, and will be in touch shortly. Thanks for your interest!

Never fear, our support team are a great bunch of people who are ready to respond in a flash! They're on the line 24/7, and have won a few awards for their service. You guys will get along just fine.

Let Alex know if you have any other questions, and he'll be happy to help.

Vend Marketing & Communications

Vend Support  


I doubt you're going to find any answer from Vend here. Like others have said, they're support and communication is terrible. I filled out their online form to become an affiliate which resulted in a sales call. When I told the representative that I wanted to become an affiliate he said I would receive a phone call the next day to set me up and answer any questions.

No phone call for a few days leading me to go to their website and use the chat service. The woman there told me to send an email to alex@vendhq.com. I sent him an email last week and have received no response to that either.

At this point I really have no choice but to assume that they aren't looking for new business at this time. I am researching other options for my clients that I can support. I can't build a firm on excellent customer service if I can't get Vend to respond. If it's this difficult to get them to call me back from the sales department, I can't imagine I would ever get a response from the support department.


--Update 11/10/2015--

Thanks for the response, Ashley!

I submitted another request via the link for the local sales team. I'll report back when I hear from them or Alex.

Thanks for your response,

Tom Woolley  

I am keen to implement Vend at a retail client that has thousands of inventory items but I am struggling to work out whether Xero/Vend will work or whether I need to add Dear or one of the others to the mix. Any feedback would be most welcome.

Murray Barnetson  

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your feedback in this review. We’d really like to help you fix some of the issues you’re having! We have recently made some big changes to our Xero integration and have more planned, including addressing some of our top feature requests. But in the meantime here’s some more info on a few of your points:

- For the purchase orders, this should no longer be a problem - the 400 cap has been addressed and extra large purchase orders can now be transferred across pretty easily.

- Tracking categories - we are currently working with Xero to explore how we implement this feature in Vend. It’s something we’re working on for the future for sure!

- Stock on Hand and Cost of Goods - we are working on a product update for this year to correctly account for COGS, so this improvement isn’t far off.

We’re really sorry you’ve had delays with our support. Having great customer service is really important to us and we want to be able to help you as best we can. Our team recently won a Gold Stevie award for best customer service, but we appreciate that we don’t get it right every time!

We know you’ve recently had a chat with the support team to resolve the points you raise here, and they’ve provided some advice around time zones and the priority phone number. Some of the other delays have been due to factors such as staff training but these are very rare! Our support operates 24/7 so please do feel free to get in contact with the team there if you need any further help - they’ll definitely be around to chat.

Vend Communications Manager

Vend Support  

We've been using Vend now for just over a year across 3 stores, Here's some feedback on our experience .

1. As a Stand alone application Vend is quite feature rich and affordable.

2. The integration with Xero is average - Daily transfer of invoices and payment works ok but we have issue with large purchase orders eg. 400 + lines items not coming across correctly. (totals significantly different etc.)

3. Same very basic integration features missing - eg. no tracking categories

4. Vend does not allow for correct accounting of Stock on Hand and Cost of Goods sold. ie. there is no way to purchase goods and allocate them as stock on hand then record them as COGS when they are sold. This mean ALL your stock purchases are immediately allocated as an expense - which totally messes up your balance sheet and P&L

5. Vend Support leaves a HUGE amount to be desired If and when you get a hold of an experienced staff member they are always courteous and helpfull. the big issue is simply getting a hold of someone though.

We have a paid support subscription and more than 50% of the time we can't get through on the phone so we leave a message to call us back and no-one does.

We recently had a major issue with our product data (due to a third party application) that was costing us sales daily. Support promised they would begin working on the issue that very day. 9 Days later they had still not even started.
I requested to speak to a customer support manager, but as usually no-one was available - I was assured someone would get back to me the next day - but, as usual, I heard nothing back from the customer support manager.

We also had a similar experience with sales - we requested to speak to a sales person about upgrading our account, and setting up the Vend eCommerce. We were told multiple times someone would call us and never heard back from anyone.

In the last 3 days alone we have spent a total of 4.5 hours on hold with vend - each and every time after 30 minutes on hold their system simply hang's up on you. (and yes, I'm still waiting to either get a call back or get some support)

Overall if your POS system is crucial to your business then think twice about using vend. It's ok when it's working but if you need support in hurry - chances are you'll be left in the cold (even when you pay for support!)


Mark Kostner  

Vend is only good for a mum selling crap on eBay, not suitable for a decent retail business at all. Tried doing a stock take and it said I had to count 98 different products when I have 2736? Its reporting system shows pointless information, you cant print stickers for existing products with out creating an order and then the printer wont even print the stickers correctly on the templates THEY provide. Their support is CRAP, no phone numbers to call up and when you ask for a ticket for them to call you they dont! The sales reps dont know a thing about the product and uploaded wrong data, including variants, costs, RRP, product codes and the list goes on.....

Hayden Poppe  

Hi! We have only just converted from QB POS & Quickbooks to Xero & VENDHQ. We are struggling with the following issue:

1. When a sale is on account in VENDHQ is recorded , it then gets sent to Xero.
2. When the customers pays via bank transfer, it get reconciled in Xero but it is not reflected in VENDHQ?

How do we solve this?

Robina Hill  

Hi Cheryl,

I'm sorry to hear we didn't bring you and your client the delight we always try to aim for here at Vend. I've just reached out to you by email as well to make sure we can help your client get going as soon as possible.

Thanks for your feedback,
Vend Customer Marketing Manager.

Vend Support  

I have a client who has been vainly trying to get Vend up and running for 2 months and still no luck. Our emails appear to be falling on deaf ears. We were told that as Vend Advisors our clients would get all the help required to set up. So far we cannot even get the Inventory CSV file to import correctly. The client is now considering another option as he doesn't know what to do.

Cheryl Blacklock  

We are a small zoo and wildlife center. We have found Vend to be an excellent choice for our single outlet. Manages our ticket sales, gift shop, memberships etc nicely and integrates well with Xero nearly all the time. A great build would be a simple CRM integrated into Vend. The system is easy to use, intuitive and has been a bit step forward from our old TotalPOS system.

Darren Quirk  

Hi Alberta,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review here. Your feedback is very important to us.

I'm very sorry to hear that you've been having issues with using Vend in your cafe. The point you bring up about our cash out feature is actually something we've been working on and will be releasing very shortly. For more information regarding that along with other releases, you can head here: vendhq.com/new.

Also, the issues you bring up regarding payment keys over multiple stores and Tyro fees are definitely something we can look into, as I think the issues you're having may be happening because of the way your store is currently set up. If you wouldn't mind emailing me at lorilynn@vendhq.com, I would be happy to look into these issues in more detail with your Customer Success Manager to see how we can make your life a bit easier and make sure Vend is working for you the way it should be.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you,

Vend Community Manager

Vend Support  

I think Vend is hopeless for coffee shops/cafes. I had concerns about a few things, such as the lack of order dockets, clucking primitive cash out feature, messy payment keys when over multiple stores/registers and massive Tyro fees. I was told all these "issues" were currently being addressed and it has been nearly a yearn and now I am total these are not a priority. So disappointed. time and money down the drain.

Ali Slotemaker  

We launched our craft beer retail business six months ago and used Xero and Vend together from the outset. We were very impressed how easy Vend was to set up and to integrate with Xero, despite being based in London where neither software is particularly well known to accountants just yet. Reconciling is a breeze and there have only been a few instances where we've had to report an issue/bug or needed additional help, and we've always received very good, quick service. Obviously we're still in the early stages of but we wouldn't hesitate to recommend both Vend and Xero to anyone starting a retail business.

Jen Ferguson  

Vend is a powerful piece of technology that has completely re-shaped our business to become efficient and fool-proof.

The Xero/Vend integration has been seamless for us, and couldn't recommend a better duo.

Sarah Firmston  

Vend + Xero = Unreal!

I use Vend in two sites and I am more than happy with both applications! I think the issues that I have come had to overcome have been me learning the tools and making sure the accountant is across what I have learnt, as it has been a learning curve for them.

Happy with the ordering and invoicing...

Keep up the good work!


Hi Brad,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review here, your feedback is very important to us, and is what helps us improve our integrations and make sure our retailers have the best user experience possible.

You bring up a lot of important and valid points here. In regards to contacts being locked after syncing with Xero, this is actually something that is currently on our list of fixes and our product team is looking into.

In regards to the issues you bring up surrounding inventory values and loyalty, would you mind sending me an email with more information at lorilynn@vendhq.com so I can better understand what issues you're facing and can loop in the appropriate teams.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Vend Community Manager

Vend Support  

Hi all,

Just want to reiterate what's already been said here. Vend is fairly nice in isolation, albeit expensive, and does bring together a few aspects we needed. But, scratch the surface and it quickly reveals many bugs and difficulties especially in regards a seemless link with Xero. The result is a bunch of manual workarounds.

Same as others have said; inventory values don't cross properly, loyalty does not work with xero, contacts are locked in vend after passed to xero,

Brad Teal  

Hi all,

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who's posted a review/feedback on Vend and Xero's integration. Your comments and feedback are what help us to improve how we integrate and let us know what we're doing right and what we can work on.

@StephenFinch: Hi Stephen. Thank you for your feedback and narrowing down the issues you are having. A lot of the pain points you brought up (receipts, credit notes, delivery notes, etc) are features that we are currently in the planning process for; we do get a lot of feedback from our retailers in regards to these functionalities.

If you’d like to email me at lorilynn@vendhq.com, we can discuss the changes in further detail. Again, we appreciate the feedback and it is something we are taking very seriously.

@JessBailey: Thanks for your feedback regarding Xero, Vend, and some of the areas with the integration that are causing problems for you.

We are making several changes to our inventory and stock order functions in relation to our Xero integration, which I think will solve a lot of the issues and workarounds you are struggling with.

If you could send an email to lorilynn@vendhq.com, I can take a look into your account with Vend and see how these changes might work for you and how we can streamline your workflow/processes to make your life easier :)

@PhilipBachler: Thanks so much for taking the time to leave some feedback regarding Vend, Xero, and Unleashed. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with the Vend/Unleashed integration and can completely understand how frustrating this must be for you.

It sounds to me like this is primarily an inventory management issue you’re having. I’m currently looking into this for you with our testing team, our support team (to investigate the Vend & Unleashed API) as well as our product managers from our inventory division to see what exactly might be causing this.

Again, I apologize for the frustration this must be causing you. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please email me at lorilynn@vendhq.com so I can help you out and get this sorted.

@RobBerman: Hi Rob! The app you are developing sounds very interesting and something we'd be interested in hearing about. If you could shoot me an email at lorilynn@vendhq.com, I can put you in touch with our product team to see if it's something we could work on together? Thanks!

-Lorilynn, Vend Community Manager

Vend Support  

As treasurer of the Northern Raiders Gridiron club I needed a product that was simple for canteen staff to use and run on a device that most people are familiar with. That is why we as a club chose Vend to run our busy canteen at our home games. Not only does it record our sales, but it also manages our member discounts with ease and gives us great insight as to what is selling and what is not. And as club treasurer I also love how it integrates directly into our Xero accounting package, as it save me time not having to do double entry from one solution to the other.
Thanks Vend + Xero you make my job that much easier.
Michael Santinon
Club Treasurer: The Northern Raiders Gridiron Club.

Michael Santinon  

We would echo many of the comments above. BUT it is possible to overcome some of the shortcomings by extending the Vend/Xero integration by writing an app that connects the vend and xero APIs. This is what we have done and are continuing to develop.

Our app does things such as:
- retrieves the cost of goods sold from vend for a period and transfers the corresponding value from Xero's stock on hand (balance sheet) to the Purchases account (P&L) so we can properly account for cogs for the period without manual calculations and journals.
- creates journal entries for Stock Takes (now Inventory Counts) in Xero to account for increases or decreases in stock on hand value.
- handles stock returns - which vend just does not handle so these are correctly reflected in Xero.

If you're interested in this functionality or anything similar email me and we'll see if we can help you. rob@offshoot.co.nz

PS We've also created an app to control the way the cash drawer opens because in Vend it opens at the wrong time for the wrong transaction types.

Rob Berman  

We've been using Vend for 8 months now and for POS it is fantastic; easy to use, looks good etc. Where it comes unstuck for us is the Xero integration which seems to be missing some important components for people with multiple outlets or many supplier invoices. A couple of examples are:

Basics like stock transfers between outlets (shops) don't even feed to Xero so you can't use that functionality. In order to make sure your balance sheet/P&L for each shop is correct in Xero you have to do a complicated system of issuing and receiving a supplier purchase order from one shop to another in Vend and then a POS sale from originating store, it is fiddly and takes ages.

Other major downfalls is that your bookkeeper has to go into line item on every supplier invoice in Xero and code it individually even though this info is collected in Vend - it doesn't send the info to Xero. This causes a huge amount of extra tedious work to ensure Xero reports are accurate.

The silly thing is that all the information is there in Vend, it just isn't fully integrated with Xero so lots of double entry required causes more work than it saves.

Vend support is really good, friendly and prompt but too often the answer is; sorry can't do that.

Jess Bailey  

We have been using Xero and Unleashed for a couple of years now but needed stronger retail store and POS functionality so we implemented Vend about 6 months ago.

Its been a disaster!!!

Unleashed is supposed to be the product master and it just never worked even close to properly. Product price changes, product name changes, product code changes and obsolete products - none of them updated in Vend. As a result the stores were selling the wrong goods at the wrong prices and has ruined our inventory management to the point we have to restock take everything. On top of that there are rounding issues, stock on hand issues, no support for refunds, transactions silently failing and not making it back to Unleashed or Xero. We have had to go back and manually reconcile over 600 transactions as we can't trust anything that comes out of Vend.

I spoke to Gareth who is the CEO of Unleashed and he insisted that the integration had been fully tested but this is plainly not the case. This has never been tested in the real world and I have received no notification that any of this issues have been resolved. I am not spending any more time or money bug testing their software.

Philip Bachler  

I switched to Vend from another tablet-based POS system because I use Xero and I really like Xero. For some reason I assumed Xero would have similar standards for their partners as they do themselves (ahem).

As some folks above (or below) have pointed out, Vend has an easy-to-use front end. But that's about where my compliments stop.

* Receipts -- we've had multiple instances where printed receipts would not show all the line items in an invoice. Vend basically told us we were selling too many things. Seriously.
* Account Sales / Credit Terms -- if you sell on account and you give your customers credit, even after you apply payments in Xero (because you'll never use Vend for Accounts Receivable) you will still have to go back into Vend and find each and every invoice and manually select each invoice to "check Xero for payments". If you don't, the "Parked" invoices will continue to proliferate.
* Duplicate Invoices (in Xero) -- if you sell on account (to Xero) it's not uncommon to have duplicate invoices created in Xero.
* Delivery Notes -- Vend does not support Delivery Notes. They also see no reason to support Delivery Notes. If you ever need to ship sold goods to a customer, you're out of luck.
* Payment Adjustments / Voided Sales -- If you make a mistake on an invoice after it's been paid (i.e., "closed"), you're in for a nightmare. For instance, if you adjust payment (e.g., switch from Visa to Amex) you could very well end up with twice the stock movement. Don't use "Void" because the stock will remain "sold".
* Credit Notes -- forget about it. Not possible.
* Multiple Devices -- if you, as a business manager, would like to check in on how your stores are doing, and you don't pro-actively log out each and every day, you could very well cause Vend to consider the respective register to stay open indefinitely. This, in turn, will likely prevent future register closures and interfere with Xero reporting.

Finally, when it comes to Customer Service, Vend is simply useless. Each and every time I (or my team) report an issue, we get a variation on "oh, that's unfortunate. But Vend isn't designed to support the very basic and fundamental selling activities you're doing, and we have no plans to do so because we'd rather focus on adding "Recommend Vend to Friends" buttons on your dashboard".

Run away from Vend. Quickly.

Stephen Finch  

Vend is a great tool for our retail clients. It's so easy to set up and integrate with Xero - giving clients and ourselves immediate access to sales and stock data, so that we can make better informed decisions together. It's also incredibly easy to use and looks very cool, which is a huge bonus.

Sharon Pocock FCCA  

In general Vend works well, but the number of problems we have had with basic functionality, as well as the integrated information going across to Xero has been looking for a new solution.
- our customer support manager never returned calls. In the end we would call the general number (where we would generally get good support) rather than wait for her because she never followed up,
- we are in the process of completing a stock take and for a number of products we enter a counted number of products and it doubles it!! No reason and very adhoc. Where we have had products in many different locations and continue to add to their tally we now have no idea if the counts are correct (and unfortunately I'm assuming there a number of products that won't be correct)
- when we entered product received invoices once again Vend would double quantities added on an adhoc basis. When we are adding invoices with 100 different sku's we didn't notice this was happening for a very long time (We have a lot of international currency transactions so difficult to notice), Vend said they were aware of the problem and it may have been fixed - but customers should have been aware of it so we could keep an eye out for it.
- transfers from Vend to Xero are not balancing. There is a massive rounding issue which we can't clarify,
- looking at my product sales reports, some of the reports and products show the sales value without the gst (which is what I think what should be shown) but for no apparent reason other products are showing up with the gst still included in the value. I'm just hoping the gst reports for tax are correct. (And when I check the individual products details they are all showing as correct)
- regularly the bar code, or product code would not show up on the drop down list of available products. Then, try scan the same product 15 minutes later and it would be there. (This occurred with scanned items as well as items where we entered codes). This is not acceptable when we have a queue of customers to serve.
- we had to abandon our loyalty program because the system was so slow bringing up customer details that we often assumed the customer hadn't been entered and therefore added them to the system. They were there, and now we have multiple listings for individual products.
I want to love Vend and Xero, and definitely love the convenience of cloud, but the fundamental problems I've had should not occur.

Nicole Keleher  

Seriously regretting having moved from our previous software & accounting program to Vend/Xero integration. It has been a nightmare! Lost some important functionality, very disappointed after it came so highly recommended.

I recently had a query regarding updating account customer details - as I can't update details for account customers in Vend. The reply I received: "...you can use the option import from Xero directly on the Vend customers page however this often cause duplicates in Vend. The best way to edit customers that has been imported from Xero without causing any duplicates is by using/importing CSV files"

There is an 'import from Xero' option that causes a defect! Why have the button if, after using the button, Vend support is just going to tell you "well you should use a CSV file to avoid that?"

The dashboard is very pretty. The quick keys are great. I love the ability of fractional and composite products. I can add photos to items which is great for some of our items which are hard to physically label - staff can quickly check and image if they're not 100% sure which item is which. Can search for an item using any word of the items name (previous system you had to type in EXACTLY as the item was entered). It's very handy as I can run it on my iPad at market days, serve customers and have the data save instantly - so much better than the old days where I would keep hand written data and then have to enter it at the end of the day!

Vend absolutely has some great points. But as someone who has just spent 6 months feeling like I am hitting a brick wall, I wish I had never changed from my old system. I often find myself wishing I could change back if only it wouldn't take so much work to change all that data back!

At this stage I can only recommend Vend to someone who is a small business with very basic needs - I'm sure it would be fantastic for you. Just not so much for me!

Original review 10/12/2014.

2/10/2015 - I hate Vend more than ever. Wish I could give a less than 1* review. Currently in process of changing to a new system.

If you have account customers - STAY AWAY FROM VEND. I just typed 500+ words why (dealing with more issues than just account customers) but my answer is too long to post here.

Vend does not cope with credits, customer invoice due dates and a lot of other basic stuff. It leaves me in disbelief how poorly this system works for my small business. I honestly think it's only suitable for micro-business!

Amelia Greenfield  

The Customer Service from Vend has been excellent. I was a bit unsure if it was the right product for me but after discussing it with one of their Customer Service personnel (which I could call and talk to which made me more impressed) it was definitely the right product for me.
Highly recommend Vend

Marchi Hami  

I love the discussions posted on here. It shows the difference between getting help to set it up correctly and fumbling through it and blaming your tools...

Does Vend work with Xero for everything you would need for a retail shop?


I encourage the rest of you to find some support through Vend or a Vend Expert.

I have seen a demo where a purchase was started in Vend. Then that account sale is directly linked to Xero. No DOUBLE ENTRY...
Once Xero see's the payment in the bank account (etc) then Xero automatically marks it as paid... IN VEND!

Brilliant. Simple. Easy. Everything I need in this "techie" cloud based age...

Dean Mealing  

the Worse POS EVER. I signed up and uploaded over 750 products to the system. I have nothing but problems since!!!! customer service extremely poor!!! even though I paid for premium service, I have asked my customer service manager to call me on a number of occasions and she hasn't once called me. Xero sales don't sync to Xero or payments double up. does not flow, it shuts done constantly, I have recently purchased a socket scanner because they told me that my previous scanner wasn't the best, even though they recommended it. today they told me the problem is the new socket scanner, even though once again they recommended it. the problem is their update!!! If I could give them a minus start rating it would be -10. Biggest headache ever.
I own a service station. this system is rubbish.
Xero on the hand is very good.

Kristy Peattie  

Having a background in hospitality and being restricted by server based POS systems in the past that were slow and clunky, the ease and simplicity of using Vend is almost magical! We have a number of clients using it and they too love the user interface, the reporting features and integration directly into their accounting software. The new User Interface is super snazzy and just plain easy and my favourite thing aside from the actual software itself is the support team. The onboarding process for Vend for any new client either through a partner or directly with Vend can't be faulted, they work with you to get your POS system set up exactly how you want it so its easy for you to do business. Because that's the way it should be, easy!

Amy Holdsworth  

Hi Adam,

Oli here from the Vend Support Team. In answer to your first question: The only things that post to Xero are Account Sales, Register Closures and Completed Stock Orders. You can then choose how you want them to post across and have them go through in any state between draft all the way to pre-approved if you wish. Reconciliation is all done Xero side as Vend only touches the invoicing side of things there.

If you want to know a bit more or just have a bit of chat about how the integration works feel free to just get in touch with us via support@vendhq.com or you can contact me directly via oliver@vendhq.com.

Oli, Oliver Vend Community Support

Vend Support  

I'm looking into vend for a small salon client of mine and would like to integrate it with Xero but I can't find any clear info on how, where and what info vend will bring into Xero and how it will affect reconciliations. For instance when I make sales does it post all sales as invoices "awaiting payment" and then these figures are reconciled when the payments hit the bank rec screen?

Or does it do something else does anyone have a clear view of what I'd be looking at?



Adam Pritchard  

Hi folks,

Thanks for all your feedback (both good and bad), this really helps us determine which things we're doing awesomely, and which parts of Vend need to be improved to help accountants, advisors, book keepers, and retailers do better business.

Right now Vend has around 130 staff, and we're growing every day. A lot of this number are developers and support staff. I wanted to share that to show that we're committed to building out Vend's feature set, and supporting our customers.

One of our key focuses for 2014 is developing better reporting tools (something that's been voiced in this thread). To that effect we've brought on Greg Day from PeopleMine, to help us on this front.

We've gotten in touch with, or tried to, anyone in this thread who's had problems with Vend. If you haven't received a message from us, or if anyone has any questions or ever needs any help with Vend, please feel free to get in touch with our Support team (support@vendhq.com) or myself (sim@vendhq.com) and we'll take care of you.

Thanks again for the reviews,
Sim – Vend Community Manager.

Vend Support  

As a partner, I love how the Vend team just gets involved with the on boarding of my clients. The partner dashboard just blows me away every time, and I'm actually a little envious of what they have done. I know every time I upload a lead into the dashboard the sales team are on it.

Ramiz Gorgees  

I've helped integrate Vend in to a number of businesses and have been using and selling other POS systems for a number of years.

Vend, by far, is the best I could recommend to most business types. It's a proper software platform in itself, not just an App. It's rare that I come across a retail business that Vend isn't able to fit with.

Mathew Grant  

I have been a heavy Vend user for over a year now and have been using Xero for over 3 years. We rely on the integration of Vend and Xero to provide the most basic function of statements for a small number of our customers who hold monthly accounts. It is a heavy burden to have this feature.

Xero is brilliant and always has been, support is great although very seldom required. I have recommended it to a number of other business owners.

Vend is a nice little POS and works well enough in a shop situation but would not recommend for a higher volume site or one which holds customer accounts. The development cycles feels rather adhoc and lacking in testing as it is prone in recent times to breaking things. We have had account sales go to the wrong accounting in Xero recently (Vend acknowledged the issue and are working to resolve with us but has been a huge time hog), we have had odd stock figures change for no reason. We have lost sales from Vend which have gone nowhere.

Like the sales/consulting folk above me if you would like to discuss our experiences search for Carterton Auto Services and ask for William

William Hamilton  

Customer service is poor, I have inquired about Loyalty program for clients twice and never had a reply. I also couldnt do client payments for a few weeks so im looking for another provider

Tasha Murray  

If VendHq is the best on the market and one of the most popular Add-ons, then how crap is their competitors.

The overall system to work is not bad, but there are some serious shortfalls in the fundamentals of the system and in some cases lack serious logic

Some to mentioned

#Sales will never balance with Xero, due to Negative sales, when you withdraw money from the cash register to pay for stuff, even running reports to try and reconcile, good luck.

#Reports are bad, Can't see the breakdown of the totals unless one consolidates multiple Csv's, maybe we just spoiled with Xero's reporting.

#No support for Sales commission calculation, hello, should this not be one of the first functions they added. Many shops have a split between the sales person and the person running the till, now the only why this can be done if the person uses different log-ons for each sales person.....?

Xero should start to implement some sort of Quality control, before approving add-ons, the same way apple approves apps for their platform

Heinrich Botes  

I have on-boarded many clients with Vend and they have used words such as 'thrilled', 'excited' and 'so happy' to describe their experience with their new POS system. Integrated with Xero and their website it has been a huge timesaver and powerful tool to run their business with. Their staff have also loved using the new system, which is a huge win for the business!

I have been extremely impressed with the support team and client success managers whom I have worked with alongside clients. While there are still some features that would be great to have added (within every app I work with there are features that are customers want in the pipeline), it's great to see Vend is working their butts of to make this happen with expanding their team.

I have no hesitation in recommending Vend (with an appropriate scope session first of course) and have been really happy with how it has helped my clients to date. If you need an example, see here

Heidi Seal  

Vend is a brilliant product and I would recommend it to anyone in retail, light hospo and salons.

Vend is very powerful when set up correctly and the proper training has been delivered. At Link Solutions we set up Vend properly and deliver comprehensive training so our clients get the most out of the solution. You need to understand what is does, what it doesn't do and know that it is only going to get better. We have 30+ clients that are using Vend and loving it.

It needs to be understand cloud software is developing all the time and it is in a live environment. This is why bugs can occur from time to time. You will find this with ANY application, not just Vend.

Vend do need to develop some more features particularly around the reporting, but this is why they have a team of developers working on this.

You can contact me directly will@linksolutions.co.nz if you would like some more information about using Vend correctly.

Vend is awesome.

Will McTavish  

I agree with the four most recent comments above... Vend is poor. I totally disagree with Kirsten and Steph above (how much did they pay you for those comments?) Firstly, I'm disappointed with Xero that they made Vend an approved add on. I feel like lodging a complaint under the Trade Descriptions Act!! I'm an accountant and experienced user of all types of systems, from MYOB thru to SAP. The main complaint around Vend is the lack of flexibility in reporting, can't even get access from my smartphone. The Vend database is deficient in it's structure if you can't get even summarised reports based on registers, and if our register closes at 12:30 am then the resulting sales are spread over two days. Stock take procedures are abysmal. There is no way I would consider integration with Xero as I can't configure Vend to transfer the data in a format to match the accounting system (e.g. Vend does not support Xero locations) I would be forever checking and correcting. Conclusion: I run Vend as 'stand alone' and am actively seeking a web based alternative.

John Finn  

Agree with the comments above. Clunky, poor downloads and reporting. Basics like EFTPOS integration, petty cash expenses or cash out, goods issues, returns, vouchers, commissions etc not present or poorly catered for. We're in the process of leaving Vend.

This review is based on current performance. When we signed up, Vend promised some features were imminent. 18 months later they have not materialised. When we advised Vend of our key reasons for leaving, they confirmed they were common complaints and offered no timeline for resolution.

Kelvin Ovington  

Just updating this review as we have now exited Vend to another cloud based POS. A bit concerned that there are people commenting here who think Xero and Vend integrate seamlessly. This is not the case if you use Gift Vouchers, Credit Notes or a General Ledger. Significant manual entry is required to manage these components so you're business is compliant. If you think everything's OK I'd suggest a review with your accountant. Also interested to note that third party consultant/developers are unanimously enthusiastic while actual businesses not quite so ... Good luck.

Vend has good basic functionality but we've had a lot of issues with cache-ing and bugs, resulting in continual lost sale details across all our locations. It hasn't caused a huge back-office headache but our front of house staff are VERY wary. Inventory management functionality is less than perfect (little things like only being able to download & upload a 1000 records at a time are very annoying) and you will need someone with excellent business flow skills to manage. We've also had a torrid time trying to integrate Vend with Unleashed and Shopify (we're bleeding edge). Would love Xero to work with another POS supplier so that we have more than one integration option!!!

James Kirton  

It's very clunky compared to Xero and often they seem to break things when they do updates. The API through to Xero sometimes misses invoices and there are other traps that make this an average product.

Mike Stewart  

Vends workflow for dealing with Supplier Returns (ie: stock being returned to your supplier for credit), was to create a negative order in Vend. This transaction should have txfrd to Xero as either a negative purchase, or a credit note.

Currently, Vend has issues with supplier returns - you cannot have a supplier return created in Vend export correctly to Xero - you will end up with a crazy Xero transaction, that bears little resemblance to your supplier credit note.

Vend have advised (today) that they are aware of this issue, and that the development team are re-working this function, but no date for resolution has yet been provided.

Our current work around for this is to still process the Negative Order in Vend, however delete any transaction that flows through to Xero, and enter a manual credit note directly into Xero.

If you are a business where supplier returns for credit are required, then you should take this into consideration.

Cassandra Scott  

Vend is a powerful and robust Xero-add on that use for all my clients. It handles large inventory, multi-stores and like the review above states: has a very easy interface to use for cashier to business owner. It integrates well with Xero, being very customizable for different needs. The Vend staff are also very helpful and some of the cheeriest people I work with, it's always a delight to interact with them.

There is no better cloud-based POS solution!

Kirsten Barrie  

We have been using Vend with our clients now for over 2 years and absolutely love it. It's simple to setup, simple to train clients how to use yet has some brilliant functionality to really drill down into how your business is performing. The integration with Xero is great and cuts out so much of the data entry time.

For anyone who needs a POS.....this is exactly what you need.

Steph Hinds