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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |CRM

4.7 out of 5 stars
Based on 37 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and WORKetc, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About WORKetc

All-in-one business management including CRM, Projects, Billing & more. Link with Xero & you have true end-to-end management of your entire business., check out WORKetc.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with WORKetc, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the WORKetc support centre or this page for information on connecting WORKetc to Xero.

Works well with Xero, the only downfall is that it can not update payment recorded on Invoices on Xero in Worketc

Depo Ogunruku  


We Setup all kind of companies, provide all needed support services and follow up their success, by forming LLC companies besides the Free zones and Mainland Business Formation

jack ford  

Great so far, happy about the fact that one have settings to prevent all history from being synched.

Nicely done

Louis Yssel  

I have spend many weeks and month trialling different solutions for project management, and WORKetc is the only solution that offers my Engineering Services business the complete package, with an end to end business management solution including customer database management, CRM, quotes, project management, online collaboration both internally with staff and externally with clients, invoicing and extensive reporting.

Add to that a support and integration team that is very willing to help out and develop solutions to further customise a solution tailored just for you, this is by far the best solution out there.

Robert Smedley  

WORKetc is one of the most reasonably priced, easy to use, and frankly functional PSA systems I've ever seen. Maybe the most complete package. I reviewed at least 10 ticketing and PSA applications prior to use and it's well balanced. All that nice stuff said, we're in the process of integrating WORKetc as our primary quoting and invoicing utility . My top choices for Accounting, Receivables and P&L / sales reports are Quickbooks on premise, and Xero. I'm almost certainly settling on Xero based on numerous reviews and my first hand experience setting up a test company in about 20 minutes. Now top this off with the fact that to enable WORKetc integration it took maybe an additional 10 minutes. Literally one of the simplest, easiest, most pain free integrations ever.

Bravo to both companies. It looks pretty Kick*** so far.

Damon Galt  

WORKetc integration with Xero is very valuable to our operations. No more duplicate entry!

Kristi Nitchen  

Hi Micahel,

It's a pity you didn't speak to us before posting here - could have saved you some time, as although Xero and QBO integration was not intended to be included in the slimmed-down Starter account, it is.

The Starter package is intended for businesses that are just starting out, who aren't ready for the full-blown WORKetc experience (or in some cases who have under-budgeted). I've chosen to ignore the fact that Xero integration is included when it wasn't intended to be, so you would be able to use that still, and have one of our experts assist with the setup if necessary too.

WORK[etc] Support  

According to their pricing page WorkEtc does not include Xero integration in the $78 a month Starter package. You have to jump to $195 a month Team package to get it.
This is quite surprising and disappointing considering that it's listed in the Xero apps.

If WorkEtc is listed here then it should work with Xero with all packages.

I was about to sign up for their trial but am glad I didn't waste anymore time. It looks to be a great program but I'm sure I'm not the only one reluctant to pay $195 a month at the first step.

I do hope I am wrong and welcome a correction here and on their website.

It seems that Xero only allows one post here even though the email includes a reply link so in response to the nameless support person below I will just add a quote from the founder of WorkEtc, Daniel Barnett taken from above,
"WORKetc is committed to building out our Xero integration with the goal of making it a core integration within our platform."
Of course the response below is written as if from a principle of the company.

Michael Durrant  

Integrating our accounting software with our ERP software was something I was initially against as I only want to raise invoices in my accounting software, but there are efficiency gains with linking Xero to WorkEtc. My accounts staff no longer have to create invoices by interpreting timesheet entries, saving time during invoice creation, review and approval. Now, I just need to make sure all consulting staff know that their timesheet entries might actually appear on an invoice!

Darren Szczepanski  

Hi Margaret

If you can send us the Invoice Template I can have someone create that for you.

Custom Fields can also be added to Invoices if needed. Get in contact with the Support Team and we can guide you through this.


WORK[etc] Support  

This is basically good. I find the integration very smooth and easy to set-up. The invoice shows up immediately in Xero, which is fantastic. The default accounts for the invoice amounts to show up is have not show up for whatever reason, but that may be a user issue.

I have two suggestions for improvement:

1. Allow us to import and use a custom invoice template (which I have set-up in Xero and has been great to use), and

2. Allow for custom reference to be added to the invoices.

It's a great piece of integration and I think it just doesn't quite suit my needs for it in its current form as I am required to double-check and double "handle" certain tasks.

Margaret Liu  

Hoping to have Dropbox added very soon

WORK[etc] Support  

Just started hammering through set up......so far EXCELLENT....things missing:

1. Support for Okta SSO integration
2. bill.com, expensify.com, wrike.com
3. dropbox for business is critical

We spent a good portion of the day digging into the application, and while we haven't spent much time with the Xero integration, the application itself is pretty amazing. We actually went back and upgraded from the basic edition all the way to the Foundations edition due to the constant stream of additional features which we kept finding. By the time we are complete, we anticipate that we will wind up eliminating several apps which become redundant with this platform. We will continue to update as be build out. This one is a winner!

An amazing app@

Jordan Zoot  

Really quick and easy to setup. All our work is now centralized!

Farren Mare  

Hi Kerry, thanks for reaching out.

I understand Dianne is no longer able to help you, but same advice applies - please contact us directly for help and support. Not sure how far you got with the setup before Dianne moved on, but you can export your Inventory from Xero and then import that into WORKetc if you want to - this will ensure all the products are in WORKetc. This part is entirely optional though, as any products or other Invoice entries will be automatically created when the Invoices sync over anyway.

Any new items that are added to the Inventory in Xero will initially use the default account code that is configured in the sync settings dialog(ue) box in WORKetc, but once created you can change the item in Xero to use an alternative code if necessary.

You can delete everything that already exists if you wish, but we're not recommending this as it may impact on other existing records in your Xero account.

WORK[etc] Support  

Hi Daniel Barnett,
Can someone please advise me on how to merge Work Etc with Xero in regards to the inventory items? Should I start with a clean slate in Xero then let all of the items come over from Work Etc when we merge?

kerry neill  

Sorry Dianne, we weren't able to reply on here at the time, but understand it's all sorted now. Generally best to email us directly, but we will be able to reply to future posts here as needed shortly.

Nisa & Randy - thanks for the feedback :)

WORK[etc] Support  

Daniel, I have a client who needs help getting the integration between Work Etc and Xero set up specifically for Invoicing and Payroll. They are desperate. Can you help me help them?

Dianne Jewell  

I actually started using Xero initially because I was using the worketc CRM with another business. I am still using worketc with that business and I am so happy with both the CRM and the integration and functionality between Xero and worketc that I have got another business now running the exact same system.

Two completely different businesses - one retail and one in branding/marketing - but both working really well under the combination.

PS - my accountant also loves Xero so everyone happy!

Nisa Berzeg  

Daniel, this is great news. We moved to Xero in 2014 and Work Etc. this past December. I love both packages and both companies. Like Sash, I found the integration to be very, very limited.

Your post here stating that the integration is 1.0 confirmed my suspicion. It's absolutely great news to hear that you are working on a more expanded integration. I would offer to help in any way that I can.

Randy Kremlacek  

Hi Sash,

I'm the founder and CEO of WORKetc. Thank you for your on-going support and actually taking the time to write some detailed thoughts above.

What we have in the Xero marketplace right now is the first version of our add-on for Xero. We're currently in the process of hiring a dedicated, full time developer to iteratively roll out everything that you've suggested above plus other suggestions from our customers that have already been collected, analyzed and scoped.

WORKetc is committed to building out our Xero integration with the goal of making it a core integration within our platform. I have specifically chosen a strategy of building the Xero integration in-house, rather than the alternative of simply plugging in a third party integration service where we'd ultimately be limited in terms flexibility.



Daniel Barnett  

Whilst I agree with others that Worketc is a very useful product, we're talking about the Xero integration specifically so I'll focus on that.

Invoices are exported from Worketc to Xero. There is no pickup of payments from Xero back into Worketc. Since many organisations would have automatic bank feeds configured to pickup payments from customers, this is a key feature that is lacking. You need to continuously check for payments and then manually update the status in Worketc. Alternative products such as AffinityLive have this two-way sync sorted.

Invoices can often fail the sync from Worketc to Xero if the product code in Worketc is too long. This occurs when Worketc places a suffix on all produt codes, even if they are the same. For example:

This makes invoices ugly at best or they don't sync at worst.

It is also limited in what information gets through as a line item description, resulting in a number of invoices with descriptions such as "Senior Engineer", rather than the activity it is related to.

Perhaps things are focused on product sales rather than professional services, from an invoicing perspective.

Sash Vasilevski  

We've just started using WorkETC and thus far it has been really easy to get going and the support is tremendous.

Andy Baker  

I have been using Worketc for close to a year now and it has had a direct impact on productivity for our company. The support case system is where I spend most of my time and it is very easy to use. I have had experience with 2 other support case (ticketing system) software and this is the best one by far.

Worketc doesn't stop there. Our company uses this web based software for project management. I am involved in working the projects, but not the project setup. However, one of the great things about Worketc you can schedule meetings where they host topics in web seminars, fashion outlining their features such as project management. So their support is very thorough.

These are just 2 of the features they offer. I can see after more time with the product and learning as I go, how they will be able to open more opportunity for increase in production. Increase in production reinforces our customer support, which is one of our bottom lines!

Joey Gilbert  

WORKEtc will take our business to a whole new level. It really ticks all our boxes.

John Murphy  

We're a business intelligence company that provides development, training and consultancy on the visualisation of data, so that business users can answer the questions they have. From this we have leads, projects, time and bills. WorkEtc provides all that we need aside from the accounting functions that Xero gives.

This is overall a 4 star review but each separate component, Xero and WorkEtc, both deserve 5 stars. The only issue we have is the sync drops between the two but this usually due to maintenance being performed on the Xero side.

The two products together provide us with a smooth and slick workflow from lead all the way through to invoice, excellent! This was something we were doing with 3-4 software packages only 12 months ago.

Kevin Pemberton  

We love using Worketc and Google Apps integration. It's made collaboration and version control a snap. Couldn't imagine life without it! Can't wait to try it with Xero as well.

Robert Crenshaw  

What once took several separate and not entirely compatible systems is now achieved with WorkETC. The customer support is second-to-none. Looking forward to the upcoming redesign!

Mark Bagley  

Makes life alot less stress free, simplifies all aspects of managing a business.

Steven Kennedy  

Xero and WE are a formable match made in heaven. Together they are tackling business management in the cloud based universe with a powerful set of tools. These tools come together to help any business in need of financial management structure. Where one is missing in action the other picks up. Like any business partnership, each side needs to give something. It seems like both sides here are pulling every rabbit out of the hat. Pick your phone up, take a picture of an invoice, check your accounting, put in employee time, seamless, innovative, the future of business. Need I say more? Try it today and you will be taking a step in to a productive business future. The keys to the Ferrari are right here.

Jason Royals  

WorkEtc does it all and does it all well. We consolidated 4 systems into one WorkEtc implementation and the cost was less. This integration looks very interesting and I will be investigating this for sure. All the comments are very encouraging as well.

David jones  

Worketc is the best CRM product on the market. We replaced over five cloud application with this one tool. It has allowed everyone to come together into one application, which has created a great work environment. Not to mention the integration with many outside tools like Xero make it easy to switch!

Thomas Lawler  

The integration with WorkEtc and Xero was easy, intuitive and works great! This is great stuff.

Michael Hill  

Very happy with the integration abilities. Makes life easier at work.

Kumorowski Brent  

WorkETC and Xero have finally provided the missing link for my business processes. Excellent.

John Plumb  

WorkETC replaced 4 to 5 cloud apps that we were using and we've been very happy with its CRM capabilities. We decided to check out the integration between Work and Xero and found that the integration works well.

Dean Detton  

I am very impressed with the Xero and WORKetc is an incredible tool we have been using. I would like to see even more collaboration between the two.

Jonathan Hickman  

Work(etc) replaced a lot of the cloud apps we were using for our business. I love that our business platform is on one pane of glass from lead through to support and invoicing. Having our jobs hook into Xero as invoices is a big time saver.

Accounting Dept.  

The WORKetc/Xero integration make running my consulting firm a breeze!

Before, I had to do the bulk of the invoicing for our consultants and contractors, but with WORKetc, they can keep track of their own hours and expenses. I then generate email invoices to clients, which are synced over to Xero seamlessly.

That means that only myself and our CFO need to have access to Xero - a much safer prospect, and much easier for our staff. They only have to learn one great system - WORKetc.

Xero and WORKetc are perfect partners. I can't imagine running my business without them!

Kathryn Gonzales  

I first came across Xero from within WE. I am really glad that I did because I think both Xero & WE share the same philosophy. Simple, efficient Cloud based intuitive systems. As such and with the bonus of the synchronisation between the two in my opinion they are a perfect pairing to manage your business.

Andrew Merrifield  

WORKetc is simply the best. I have been able to increase my efficiency with support tickets and just getting work done. It has more tools than you could ever need to use! This is a great problem to have.

I have not found any issues with downtime or data loss. I love the fact that I can depend on this system to always work!

Joshua McClure  

We have been using the two products together for almost a year and love it. The integration is almost completely seamless. We do have some suggestions for WE and XERO in the future
1. When we delete alter or re issue invoice in WE they have to be managed individually in xero, we realize this is probably difficuilt to fix but it would be nice!
2. This feature would make the two completely perfect together - I lose the connection between expenses, invoices and projects when It goes from WE to xero, if xero mirrored the projects and connections of invoices / expenses to those projects, that would be awesome - in fact my head might explode I'd be so elated!

Thanks, keep up the good work!

Scott Moore  

I love this tool for Customer Management! You can do everything in one place!

brittany thompson  

Worketc and Xero were meant for each other. Just connected my second business.

Gordonx2t c  

WORKetc is the only application we've found whose support is as good as Xero's! Brownie-points aside, the slick automation from contact to lead, to project, to invoice was awesome enough, but to have that invoice show in Xero within minutes saves even more time... so now I can afford to write reviews rather than stressing about double or triple data-entry

Steve Westrop