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Started by Xero API -   in Add-on Reviews |Invoicing + Jobs

4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 11 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and WorkflowMax, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About WorkflowMax

A Xero owned product. Comprehensive online job management solution that pushes sales & purchase invoices, tracking information and contacts into Xero. For more information, check out WorkflowMax.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with WorkflowMax, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the WorkflowMax support centre or this page for information on connecting WorkflowMax to Xero.

19 Customer Reviews
As a Tax Agent in NZ, I LOVE WFM. I'm green with envy that Ozzie has Govt reports, but our equivalent WFM is just a breeze, working with Xero accountants they don't mind that I switch 'linked' during the year for GST and year end back again

Gayle Buchanan  

I'm with Gayle and with loving WFM. Filing returns has never been easier. Thanks WFM

Ivana Dryland  

WFM is the logically next step for any accounting firm or bookkeeping business to manage and get the business really focused back around throughput and the jobs that are priority to grow the bottom line of the business and those jobs that are not worth chasing. As an accounting firm in Australia using Xero and WFM together we have found it amazing. However the whole team has to embrace the change. If you want to chat more just email me at robertk@nbc.com.au.

We also help clients bed down WFM, Xero and a whole heap of other Add-Ons in their businesses to make a huge difference.

Robert King  

As the leading WorkflowMax/Practice Manager in Australia, we have helped Accounting Firms and their clients make the transformative move to WorkflowMax. Not only do they get powerful reporting, cool Document Storage and searching with Box.com and Dropbox, smooth as silk integration with Xero and detailed information at their fingertips, WorkflowMax allows your business to focus on the key elements for success in your Practice - job completion, invoices sent and cash collected.

You simply are NOT a Firm of the Future if you aren't using WorkflowMax/Practice Manager

Tim Callcott  

Inland Revenue, Xero, lead management and practice management integration is the key for running an efficient practice and that is what WFM delivers. WorkflowMax/Practice Manager is a must have tool for the modern practice!

Debbie Haddon  

It's time to include some of the additional reporting features available in Australia and NZ to the global version of WFM, esp in Canada and the US. For starters in Canada, GST/HST report filing that connects directly with online government reporting as well as corporate business income tax reporting capabilities. Would make a nice 2013 Christmas present for us, Canucks.

Earl Rudolfo  

We use WorkflowMax daily and recommend it to our clients as a solution for time and job tracking. WFM enables us to prioritise jobs, to have open communication across the firm, and to manage leads efficiently. Cheers guys!

Chelsea Brook  

3 years ago we made the switch to Workflow Max for our business and haven't looked back. Now we are implementing for our clients as well! Workflow Max has completed changed the way we approach running Growthwise. We have access to everything we want to know about clients, all the jobs we have to complete for the year and now ability to lodge BAS directly within WFM!!!!! We can run reports on anything we want to see for the business all from the click of a couple of buttons. A must for any progressive accounting business and so awesome for anyone else wanting detailed workflow control.

Steph Hinds  

Fantastic add on product for time and job management, compliments Xero brilliantly,

Daniel Fairbairn  

Love WFM, we tried to use IRIS practice management, but something didn't feel right. We tested WFM and were a little apprehensive to start with, but once we got into the roll of how everything operates we were hooked.

With the integration with Xero, its a win/win and now that Xero own them I am sure things are only going to get better,

Paul Rawlings  

At very early stages of implementation. Called only 1 WFM partner in UK, they did not respond.

I think I need help with this. I do not mean email help. Katie of WFM is very helpful. I think I need more help. Early stage. It is daunting.

Cannot rate at the this stage. Don't know enough.

Aziz Merchant  

Like WFM!

However, my employer has been to a conference few weeks before. The presenter in the conference said that when sending the quote to clients through email, the clients are able to accept the quote directly in the email as there is a button letting the clients to click on "accept".

However, this is not happening in our WFM. We can only send out the email with the attachment of the quote and the message we typed in. The clients can only reply us through email, but not just clicking on a button "accept".

Will it be possible for us to do the same as the presenter? How can we create the button?

Thank you.

Bianca Choi  

Our practice moved to Xero and WorkflowMax from other products 3 months ago. The transition was simple and straightforward. We have found both applications to be extremely user-friendly, comprehensive in terms of features and providing relevant management and reporting information that is easily accessed. The Report Builder is also extremely easy to use. Working out of the cloud has provided far greater flexibility then we ever had previously and at a far lower cost.
The support provided has been first class and appears to be available 24/7, staffed by highly competent, polite and very responsive personnel.
We implemented both WorkflowMax and Xero without external support but will now seek assistance to extend the benefits we are already receiving from both systems.
I wonder how other software solutions will compete and have recommended both WorkflowMax and Xero to other prospective users.
Thank you.

John Barrington  

I gave WFM 4 stars because the Xerocon Practice Manager is a 10* product.

WFM seems very good, in that it is easy to add steps and review job status. However, I found that the initial Accounting templates had very little real-world detail. This surprised me, as I believe many WFM users are professional accountants.

I want to trade accounting, tax and related templates with anyone, ASAP. I am U.S sole CPA, with many (to me) clients and 50 years of heavy computer experience. I have been heavily outsourcing since 1999 and cloud accounting since 2005. Therefore, I badly need WFM control.<b><b>

No one here can now work without first creating or adapting a template that covers ALL steps they need. Each new job starts with the latest applicable template and my looking hard for steps to add. However, I still do not trust myself or anyone to include everything needed.<b><b>

If you have particularly detailed templates, I will pay for them. I also will give you my 0CPAs program. It automatically Saves All assigned entries, for all accounts and clients, with a few clicks. It also exports rules to Excel (soon to MySQL), for any or all clients, so you automate finding errors and copying rule supersets to any or all clients. Much more is coming, so please tell me where you need Xero automation.

Finally, I will pay any UK (October 4), Australia or New Zealand firm that makes me a delegate or consultant for the Practice Manager or other beta.



Hi Mike - did you get any replies to your Template request or do we simply have to get out the machete and cut out the path ourselves?

david kupferman  

We are trying to figure out how to add due dates and compliance dates to WFM for USA Tax purposes. We can create the templates but the dates are able to auto populate based on the type of taxes we are doing. Any luck out there?

Jackie Hirahara  

I love the functionality of Workflow Max is great but support is HORRENDOUS!!!! 2 emails for support, an invite to support and after 24 hours there was no response at all! Of course, there isn't a phone support so there is no way of contacting them! I am a very frustrated customer.

Karen Edwards  

Hi Karen - We take great pride in our awesome support team and the amazing response times of the team, which are some of the best on the planet (judging by Zendesk's statistics :)). In fact our customer support is often commented on as being second to none, and is one of the key reasons WorkflowMax is so well loved by our many thousands of subscribers, so your comment does come as a surprise.

On further investigation it seems that we have only received a single ticket request from you and this was responded to within 6 business hours, which is outside of our target of 80% of tickets responded to within 4 business hours although well within the 100% of tickets closed within 24 hours target. A peak in ticket load yesterday afternoon was to contribute to the slight delay in your response.

I do hope you experience the usual standard of performance from the team in your future interactions.

Gavin George
Co-Founder WorkflowMax

Gavin George (Xero Staff)  

Is there a community forum for Workflow Max like this Xero one? It would be ideal!

Natasha Faux