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XO Cashflow

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Debtor tracking

3.3 out of 5 stars
Based on 9 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and XO Cashflow, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About XO Cashflow

Streamlines the process of sending overdue invoice reminders to your debtors to help you receive payments faster. Check out XO Cashflow.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with XO Cashflow, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For support contact info and a guide on how to setup XO Cashflow and Xero, check out the XO Cashflow support center.

Installed this add on in an effort to manage overdue accounts, (Xero should really provide)

Loaded ok, no problems with syncing so far, however had the following issues:

1. In Xero we have some customers invoice due date set as 30 days after invoice date month, xocashflow does not seem to recognise this, says they are over due when they are not.
2. the site states you can set a customer as exempt from overdue emails by changing the setting in the Invoices tab, however when selected this tab just returns a "whoops page not found error"
3. cannot find anyway to change or set the "days overdue setting" XO provides several at 7, 14, 30 and 45, plus allows for custom, but no method to set.

4. Lastly the biggest problem and show stopper, ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT. We have sent several emails relating to the above issues and no response. This is totally unacceptable.

Desmond Hill  

Website down yesterday. Not Syncing today. Has it closed down?

Gerard Mongan  

Has the attachments been updated yet? I'm not sure that Xero not letting any add-ons take pdf's of invoices and attaching it to emails is entirely true. We use GeoOp for scheduling which is a Xero add-on and automatically adds the created invoice as a pdf to the job and allows you to email it direct to the client from there.

And as for the sluggishness, I received a reminder from a creditor and clicked the link to add a note and i tried multiple times and still would not load. I then went direct to the website & it kept timing out, I tried 3 times until I eventually got onto the site.

I'd love to use this but need to make sure it will work best for us. Have these issues been fixed?

Tamara Owen  

Hi Sara,

I'm part of the company that created xocashflow and use the platform for our own cashflow management processes three times a week. The two issues you've raised are valid, but they're not reply criticisms of the add-on itself. I'll explain why.

The sluggish load times occur on parts of the system that are syncing masses of our data down from Xero. Your very first sync brings across every invoice, supplier and customer record, so if you have thousands of records in your Xero account, this will take quite some time. As for the inclusion of links to shall invoices, pending Xero doesn't make it possible for any a add-on to do this, despite us begging them for more than a year now. We promise to add this functionality at no additional cost as soon as Xero makes it possible to do so.

To lend your voice to this cause, please vote on the following page. This is a request we posted to Xero in 2012 that has presently attached 120 votes of support. The more Xero users who express their desire for this feature, the more likely Xero is to make it possible. We'll follow soon thereafter:

Thanks for trying the system. We hope to have you back on board in the future!

Curiosity Cave Accounts  

I tried it out but think I'll pass. Their website is really slow and the reminders don't even include a copy of the invoice or link which is pretty essential.

Sara Gould  

XO Cashflow is a fantastic solution for anyone requiring to make sure your invoices get paid. I was one of the founding developers with the product but I am also an actual customer, using the software for my own business that I run part time on the side. It has easily paid for itself 100x within the first couple of months. Outstanding invoices are now at the lowest it has ever been.

For a product so affordable, you're crazy to not use it. Highly recommend.

Jaymie Jones  

Love this add-on. In my last business (web design agency) I had a big problem with bad debts. XOCashflow saved me time (my own time spent chasing invoices), money (paying staff to chase invoices) and stress. It immediately helped me work out who were the clients that I didn't want to keep anymore and it pulled the rest into line. Highly recommended.

Dan Norris  

We tried this a year ago. Cannot see the point of a system which flags up overdues at 7 and 14 days, then thinks it's a good idea to leave the next reminder at 28 days. When I asked whether this could be changed, was told that "all existing customers were happy" and that any variation would be in the more expensive upgrade. Which, I see, still hasn't materialised, not that I would have used it anyway. At that time it also had no automation, don't know whether that has improved, so can't really see what the added benefit is on top of Xero's already woeful credit control facility.

Jeff N  

Simple and effective. Does what it says on the tin. 5*

Philip Duncan  

Thanks in advance. We look forward to seeing reviews appear here and will be sure to respond promptly to any constructive comments as to how we can further improve the system in the future.

Joshua Smith