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4 out of 5 stars
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If you are a user of Xero and Zapier, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

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I agree with the comments of Sean Aquino and Stephen De Tomasi. As a tradesperson, my invoices are always composed of multiple lines. I have created my needed Zaps for various invoice workflows however they are not as automated as they should be. Multiple invoice lines is a must!

I manage contacts have them synced to Xero but 2 way sync will be the ultimate since the reality is contact data constantly needs updating.

Support for Projects and Quotes is a crucial.

Tim Butler  

Yep - very smooth. You have to learn it first, of course, but once it's in your head then you can make a Wufoo/Xero Zap in a matter of minutes. If only the people who work with me here would get their heads around Xero itself, we'd be quids in (pun intended)

Andrew Walker  

We use Zapier to link Xero and our production scheduling software - it works great. We input a job as an invoice and minutes later the data has been migrated ready for our factory floor to schedule. My only gripe is that Zapier can only handle 100 or less new invoices a day. It just stops working if we hit that limit. I am told that this will be fixed, but have been waiting a while now...if it wasn't for this I would give it 5 stars

Rachael Boswell  

The connection works well for transactions with one trouble area- invoice lines. We like to track what our customers purchase and the current Xero - Zapier integration only lets you provide a single input rather than multiple lines for an invoice. Yes you can use zapier rules to format for multiple lines but this is not practical. Each invoice line has multiple columns so you would need to add a lot rules making each sync quite costly since Zapier charges based on the number of times data is handled. Description, unit cost, quantity, category, etc would all be separate rules.

Sean Aquino  

Hi Rob, this page is just for reviews of the Zapier and Xero integration. Each person can only comment once so you won't be able to have a proper conversation here. If you have questions or are having trouble with the integration it's best to reach out to Zapier Support directly, or you can post your question in Using Xero Connected Apps where you can have a threaded discussion with users in the forum. :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Hi there, I frequently am getting oauth errors with my zaps, even after testing my account connection and ensuring it is still valid. Please see screenshot https://www.dropbox.com/s/6fbwdwcfk4u8dok/Screenshot%202018-01-17%2019.51.28.png?dl=1

Rob Weidner  

Brilliant - everything I needed and more!

Bryn Sparks  

Kamil Jaszkowiak

Kamil Jaszkowiak  

I often pick up new clients and find myself invoicing that same day so having contact sync between Google Contacts and Xero is crucial for me. I also often modify contact info on one platform, only to find out I need to update it on the other platform as well. I had OneSAAS do this for me without issue for some time, but ceased to function. I tried Zapier, but unfortunately there is no two say sync, no detection of changes, and creating all sorts garbage data. If you want to sync contacts, look elsewhere. They're probably fine for other things. At least their support was helpful.

Stephen De Tomasi