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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Payroll + HR

3.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 22 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Gusto, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Gusto

Delightful, modern payroll that is fast, secure, and easy to use. All government payroll taxes, compliance, and filings taken care of automatically. For more information, check out Gusto.


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I really enjoy using Zen Payroll, especially after switching from ADP. I've also used simplepay and paychex for clients. The biggest positive is that my clients understand how to run their payroll and mange employees in Zen. With other payroll software I find they are frustrated. If someone has clients in California and Texas I would suggest it be your first payroll choice.

Avery Dorland  

Nothing but good things to say so far. It is super easy and fast to set up new companies and employees. The customer support is also highly responsive. And the pricing is transparent.

Blake Oliver  

I have used other payroll services, including B of A and paychex, and in every category zenpayroll blows them out of the water. It is ten times easier to use and understand, its the cheapest option for us, and the setup took exponentially less time than any of the other services. In short, zenpayroll is the most modern payroll service provider out there. When I was with Paychex, I never felt like they were on the cutting edge, just trying to play catch up. Highly Recommended.

Zack Cram  

Just too easy and awesome :)

Vladik Rikhter  

We love using ZenPayroll! It's easy, simple, and beautiful!!

Michelle Galan  

I have enjoyed everything about zenpayroll - great customer service, simple product, and extremely intuitive - pretty much everything you would want, especially for a small business like mine.

raymond bonneau  

It's pretty tough to imagine life without ZP. They pretty much do everything and provide amazing service. I don't even really worry about Payroll at all, or taxes, or documentation, or really anything.

Ryan Noon  

I have clients on both Zen Payroll and ADP integrated with Xero. I must admit, unfortunately for ADP, I do prefer Zen Payroll. It's easier to set up, easier to sync with Xero for each payroll period, and the folks there are quiet lovely and very quick to help.

The one caveat is that they are still building out some features, like the clocking in option (coming soon! yay!) and some opt-out email preferences. Even with that being said, I still highly recommend them!

Kirsten Barrie  

ZenPayroll is awesome - I like how it automatically syncs with Xero, but also the guys there are very helpful (both as a source of information - check out their blog - and a source of help). Takes care of most of our payroll needs and I'm looking forward to them growing and providing even more services.

Pulkit Agrawal  

Zen is awesome, and with the recent cross-functionality with T-Sheets, approval of timesheets has never been easier. I have clients that can run payroll for dozens of employees in less than 5 minutes.

Ahmad Abdul-Qadir  

I had so many great things to say about ZenPayroll that I felt compelled to write a blog about them last month.

Until I switched to ZenPayroll, I didn't understand how truly different they were from IOP, Paychex, and ADP (all of which I've used). My favorite example happened just in the past week or so when our employee moved to CA and the system basically said, "Hey, I see you have an employee now in California. Do you have a state ID, or would you like us to apply for one for you?" Seriously??!?! So awesome.

If you use ZenPayroll, you should also check out the integration with Zenefits and T-Sheets.

Patti Scharf  

We have been using Zen with our clients since it fist came to Massachusetts and we love it. The interface is simple yet powerful and the customer service has been top notch. The best part for me has been the comments from several clients about how much easier it is for them compared to other systems they have used in the past.

The integration with Xero is excellent as well. The data flows quickly and accurately into Xero and I never have to wonder if it is working properly.

Mark Chapman  

I love ZenPayroll just like the people above. I do have a question about its integration with Xero.

Xero syncs each payroll as a Pay Item to be approved. The Pay Item once approved can be matched in the reconciling. But, there's a small problem (at least for me). ZenPayroll debits my bank account twice each payroll--one debit for the employee pay and one debit for the payroll taxes. When I choose "Find & Match" so that I can link the Pay Item to the bank transaction, I can only choose one Pay Item. This means that I can't reconcile because the amounts are different (the Pay Item is the sum of the two transactions so the total is always out).

Can someone help with this? It could be me...


Jordan Mills  

I will need to Debbie Downer on this product. While the product seems to have good ideas, it does not seem to be fully featured as many other platforms. We switched over at the beginning of this year from a non connected system. After two payrolls, we are going to undertake the pain of reverting back to previous provider (for 26 employees).

Things I like -
1. Integration with Xero
2. Charitable giving setup
3. Ability for employees to self service on bank accounts, withholding, etc.
4. W2s are included in the price

One thing of note, by default, the ZP "you've been paid" email notice contains all of the employee's pay information in the email. You can have this turned off by calling in, but there is no instruction/information on this on the help page. The "you've been paid" emails usually start arriving around 10:30 ET on the day the funds are deposited into the employee's accounts.

Things we do not like
1. Processing time of four business days between submission of time and deposit of funds. For example, most companies pay hourly workers on a Friday, one week in arrears. With ZP, you normally have to process hours on Monday of the week you want the deposit to occur. Most other payroll processors allow you until Wednesday. If there is a holiday during the payroll processing week, it requires you to submit payroll hours not on Monday, but on the preceding Friday (often before the work hours are complete for the hours you are paying).
2. No options for different vacation and sick time policies other than accrual
3. No support for different pay rates, such as holiday or piece work
4. No support for running payroll be group/division/location. (We have employees in six states, with three divisions)
5. No support for designating payroll shareholder (important for S corporation owners)

In all, if you have one location with mostly salaried employees, it would work fairly well, After that, the product suffers from just being too new.

PS - Jordan - your matching issue can be addressed using this ZP info


Dean Wilson  

Jordan...there's another solution to your matching issue.

Zen Payroll creates one single draft invoice for approval. After approving it, go to the payment section and edit the amount paid to match the amount of one of the two bank drafts, complete the bank account & date details and save it.

You'll then be presented with the screen showing outstanding invoices. One of those will be the "remaining" balance for the (other) Zen Payroll draft. Click on that invoice and enter it as a second payment (along with the bank account & date details).

When the drafts appear in your account from your bank feed, each will show up as "identified" to the appropriate amount, so you can then click "ok" twice and be done.

This is not any "easier" than the "split payment" approach outlined in Dean Wilson's link unless you have a whole lot of transactions to wade through in the reconciliation.

I prefer this approach because I need to edit the "draft invoice" that comes across from Zen (before approving it) in order to allocate gross salaries & wages across different expense categories ...something which Zen is not capable of doing at present. It's easy enough to do all of this at once (and editing the invoice is a lot "cleaner" than reallocating variable wage amounts by manual journal entry each time you run a payroll).

Updated 12-9-15 No longer need journal entry to allocate wages, they fixed that and it works very well...but I still create two payments to make things cleaner when reviewing the transactions. Since I can only post once-per-thread, what follows addresses Terrance's concern below (on Dec 9)...it might be a good time to switch to bi-weekly payroll from semi-monthly. The government is about to eliminate most lower-level exempt salaried statuses by doubling the salary level for an exempt employee, so there will be a LOT more people eligible for overtime. Overtime calculation is easy on weekly and bi-weekly payrolls, but it's a pain for monthly & semi-monthly calculations. The two extra payrolls per year don't cost you any more than the 24 payrolls would under their pricing plan.

John Brougher  

This is the best payroll app by far. I have clients on ADP, Intuit and local providers and there is no comparison to the customer service you receive with ZenPayroll. Taxes filed on time, forms completed on time, reminders, seamless integration, overall awesome.

Kudos to ZenPayroll for developing a solid app.

Wanda Medina  

As a bookkeeping provider this service has issues.

- 4 day processing time which is an eternity
- lack of multiple pay rates for employees with different tasking
- e-mail spam for reminders. would be nice if e-mails were lumped into a single reminder e-mail if you have multiple reminders falling on the same day.
- have had multiple instances where clients reports weren't sent to fed/state agencies then clients would call me when they received letters in the mail. Then I would have to contact zenpayroll to get it fixed.

Also set up billing to your main checking account, if you forget to tranfsfer funds and you nsf their billing you get hit with an nsf fee for EVERY client you have. This doesn't include your own banks nsf fees.

They are having some real growing pains.

On a positive note they have a good interface and good customer service.

Bryant Abaricia  

After a few initial glitches, which we resolved through Zen Payroll's support, we found it to be a good system for handling our payroll and were looking into making better use of its features. However, they just arbitrarily dumped us by email with no recourse for reasons that are not entirely clear. It was a rude slap in the face with no chance to address whatever concerns they might have had.

So I advise against investing time and resources into learning how to use Zen Payroll. There's no way to know if they value your business or if they'll keep you as a customer.

Thomas Beckett  

I really want to like ZenPayroll (ZP). My prior experience with ADP was frustrating -- they're built for the desktop while ZP offers a fresh online user experience. However, when it comes to timely and accurate filings with the State (my biggest need), ZP has failed. ZP mailed a duplicate check (from Q4 2014) to pay my GA Q1 2015 quarterly report. Today, my GA DOL contact indicated that ZenPayroll made a payment in July but the check bounced. Completely unacceptable. I feel like I'm getting the runaround and not getting straight answers. It seems like they're always blaming someone else for the problem. I cannot recommend ZP for failure to file accurate and timely reports.

Brian S  

Looking elsewhere after not being able to get a hold of anyone during business hours or have my calls returned.

Steve Morgan  

Not happy with Gusto. It all went smoothly at first, but as they've gotten into a fast growth mode, it's gone downhill quickly. They failed to file and pay a state quarterly unemployment tax return, then tried to make it my fault. They did request a penalty abatement from the state, which was granted. Then they sent in another quarterly unemployment return with incomplete information, and again tried to make it my fault. Still trying to get that one sorted. I just learned today they failed to make a year-end 940 payment. Can't wait to see how that works out. All these on different clients. As I said, not happy.

Nancy Leach  

I had the same experience as Nancy. They miss filed and blamed me. They did an abatement and it was forgiven. Now I've received yet another notice they failed to pay properly. I'm now waiting for them to blame me. Prior to ZenPayroll / Gusto I never had a single filling issue over many years. A real shame because they have an ok interface. I preferred it as ZenPayroll prior to the big move to Denver. If they do end up blaming me I'll be biting the bullet and switching.

Todd Minehart