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Use webcam to attach expense receipts

Started by Phill Coxon (X) in Feature Requests | Done!

I've searched but can't see if anyone else has suggested this.

When I have a bunch of paper receipts for expenses I find it very slow to use the Xero Android app to take a photo of a receipt and submit it. If I'm in my office I'd much prefer to be able to upload / submit receipts directly via the Xero website.

Unfortunately at the moment this requires users to scan, save and then upload images or to use the smartphone apps (slow!).

It would be great to have an additional button next to the "attach a file" link that allows the user to take a snapshot with their webcam. That way we can simply hold small receipts in front of the camera (every laptop has one these days, right?) and submit the receipt directly to Xero.

It will also be extremely useful when the ability to attach files / images is added to invoices etc.
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Yay - thanks for implementing this suggestion. :)

Phill Coxon (X)