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Inventory add-ons who support consignment functionality and multiple legal entities?

Started by Catherine Walker (Community Manager) -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

Posting this here on behalf of Sebastian Svensson who left it as a reply on an unrelated thread where it was a bit lost.
Any of your inventory management partners support consignment functionality and multiple legal entities?
The following was provided directly from our inventory add-on partners - if you have any further detailed questions please direct these to partner or post it here and I'll ask someone to respond.


We can support consignment both ways i.e. consignments to customers and consignments from suppliers. How we deal with legal entities is put them on a another Cin7 account and synchronise products and automate the exchange of sales and purchases between the legal entities.

Unleashed Software
Unleashed handles consignment by setting up a Warehouse within Unleashed for the consignee. That way you can track exactly what is in stock there and you can invoice out as you go.
As for the legal entities question. We generally do not support it. We recommend to use one Unelashed account for each entity unless you have them coming through 1 main e-commerce store (ie different storefronts).

OrderHarmony supports managing multiple shipments per order. This allows for part-shipping an order if, for example, not enough stock is available.
We do not currently support multiple legal entities, however. All changes from one OrderHarmony account are pushed into the same Xero account. This is not the first time that this feature has been requested, and could be added. But, as things stand right now, you would need to sign up several accounts in order to support that.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Hi Catherine,

This note may be a little late. But Cin7 handles consignment stock either owned by supplier or you provide the stock to your customer.
When handling supplier owned stock, stock is added into a consignment stock location and is kept of the books. Once sold you would run a consignment stock take to convert all sold items into PO's.
When handling your own stock at a customer, when the customer sends you a PO for the stock we convert the consignment stock order into a sales order.

With regards to multiple legal entities Cin7 has the ability to provide quad accounting functionality. In regards to creating a PO in one entity, that creates a SO in the second entity. The process can also be reversed.

Warmest regards Marc

Marc Zabern  

Hi Marc,

So do I need a plugin to achieve the Consignment management or is it part of the package that i have?

I have a footwear company and need to put 70 to 140 pairs in store on consignment for 90 to 180 days. Then i would convert the consignment to an invoice once the customer is happy with the product.



Craig Taplin