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Float: Cash flow forecasting for Xero

Started by Colin Hewitt -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

Hi everyone.
We're pleased to be announcing today that we're taking signups for Float - Cash flow forecasting for Xero.

Signup for the beta at www.floatapp.com/xero

If this is something you're interested in - we'd love to hear from you.

All the best
Bring that beta invite on.. ;)

Andy Ciordia  

Its getting closer every day Andy... just like I am to ordering up some of those amazing looking chocolates!

Colin Hewitt  

haha show me the flow, I'll show you the chocolates hehe.

Andy Ciordia  

Any news on the cashflow forecasting?

Vanessa Barrow  

Hi Vanessa
Yes the great news is that as of yesterday, we now have a working prototype and are hoping to start invite our first beta testers over the next few weeks and months.

Colin Hewitt  

OK thats feb news! I will keep plodding on with the excel spreadsheet for now...

Vanessa Barrow  

Have signed up - looking fwd to testing this and binning the spreadsheets !

Tanya Warnford-Davis  

Hi folks.
So we've got a "pre-beta" version that we are interested in having a few folks test for us. We're not production ready yet - so its not a version you'll be able to use when we go live, but if you'd like to help us with the initial testing and feedback - let me know!
You can reach me on colin@floatapp.com

Colin Hewitt  

Hi Colin,
Any further news?

Jonathan Matthews  

Hi Jonathan.
We're still in our alpha testing stage, and making good progress.
If you're interested in being a part of that - just email me (colin@floatapp.com)

Colin Hewitt  

Really looking forward to see this apps

Nelson Wong  

Hi Nelson - thanks for signing up for the beta.
We're just about to roll out some updates to the alpha and will be sending some more invites out really soon.
Watch this space :)

Colin Hewitt  

How do we get an invite for beta-testing? I have clients desperate for cashflow reports that work and spreadsheets are doing my head in

Gillian Krzanich  

Hi Gillian.
I've sent some more invites out today - everyone on this list should have one now.
Look forward to hearing your feedback.

Colin Hewitt  

Hi Colin
Please could you include me on the beta.
Many thanks,

Tim Gain  

Hi Tim
If you send Donald @ floatapp.com an email he will sort that out for you this week.
All the best

Colin Hewitt  

Hi everyone, just to let you know I’ve moved this into the Using Xero Add-Ons topic so more users can see this discussion. Thanks!

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)  

Hi, I am trying out at the moment but notice forecast includes GST will there be a version for Australia to pick up actual expense and show GST separately?


Has Cashflow forecasting beta been tested yet? Has it been released yet?

Becky Clark  

Hi. Cashflow forecasting has been released and the whole app is performing well.
We are currently running a new Daily forecasting option in beta.

Janahan Balasubramaniam  


My boss has just asked for a weekly cashflow in Euros as we operate in foreign trade
can the beta float app accommodate this If so would be happy to trial it


Maralyn Viggers  

Hi Maralyn
Currently we only forecast in the base currency that your Xero account is in.
Regarding a specific weekly cashflow, we can run a daily or monthly. Weekly is on the roadmap.


Colin Hewitt  

Hi Colin I am a new Xero user and need a cashflow statement for a small business loan. Do I have to sign up for Float? That's an additional fee correct?

Tanya Morris  

Hi Tanya.
Good to hear from you.
If its just a historical statement you need, then you can use the cash summary report in Xero to do this.
If you're looking for a simple cash basis forecast for up to 2 years, you can do this in Float.
But if you need a full cashflow, P&L and balance sheet forecast for a one-off loan there are probably other packages out there that are better suited to do this.
Float is focused on shorter term forecasting and cash management, and always staying up to date so you can anticipate future bank balances and make key business decisions.

Does that help?


Colin Hewitt  

the cash summary report is useless when an account has cash and non cash items in there, it just doesn't balance to the closing cash - any more news please

jill mccormack  

Hi Colin,
Can float app be used to create cashflows for projects too?

Rebecca Heans  

Hi Rebecca.
We don't focus on projects right now.
We're 100% focused on showing you your cash balance over the upcoming days, weeks and months.
Based on when invoices and bills are due and remaining budget information.

Would be interested to hear more about what you need though, so please feel free to email me

Colin Hewitt