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Allow custom fields on invoices and contacts

Started by Skeeve Stevens in Feature Requests | Under Consideration

Contacts and Invoices should be able to have definable fields which should also be able to be displayed on the invoices.

These fields should also be searchable.

Every business has their own unique information and for them to create their own fields means that a lot of the feature requests such as: Customer codes, Purchase Order Numbers, and many others, could be self defined.

Also, since the fields themselves don't interact with the accounting side of the application, they shouldn't interfere with anything and should be able to be done rather quickly by the developers.

Official Xero Reply
Leading into Oct 18 it's been a few months since our last post and do want to come back with update on the progress for you all.

While new invoicing is with a good base of users now there are a few key points like multi-currency, history & notes, and discounts that we're finalising before this is rolled out to all. As we begin ramping up more information will be communicated on our Blog, and through notifications.

Not only do we need to consider what a custom field will be used for we also need to think about where the field can then be surfaced, and how it should be reported on, with every end point developed. So, I definitely get on the surface a box in itself seems like an easy feat, but in it's entirety is more of a tricky wicket.

Thank you to the many here who have already given detail on specific fields and how you'd use them. I've included links to some of the specific request for these below. If one of these sings true for you, I'd really encourage you add more detail and make sure you've added your votes to the requests for those particularly.

- Invoices/Bills - Add Notes/Comments line item (Idea)
- Sales Invoices - 'Ship To'/Job Address (Done)
- Quotes: Title and Summary to flow through to Sales Invoices (Idea)
- Bpay Integration (with Reference Numbers) (Idea)
- Bills - Add second reference field (Idea)
- Sales Invoices - Field for Customer's Purchase Order Number (Idea)

Kelly M (Community Manager)