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Invoices/Bills - Override tax amount on line item where tax differs from tax rate percentage

Started by Matthew Woolnough in Feature Requests | Idea

Hi xero,

Would love the ability to override per line item the gst calculated rather than have to figure how much the gst inclusive cost is and then subtract that from the total to the amount with no gst included at all. Bank link has this feature which comes in handy for those with clients in food sales and health care

Official Xero Reply
I know there's been quite a bit of discussion here team, and please know we're continuing to keep an eye on the feedback here, and through other channels.
I do want to reiterate what's been previously mentioned - although it may not be practical for everyone here, calculating tax on a line-by-line basis is completely legal and within regulation.
In tow, for AU organisations if we were to allow an override function right now your GST in the BAS would be incorrect! - We are currently working on simple BAS that will remove this issue a little down the line.

On a nicer note, I'm pleased to announce that we recently extended the tax adjustment feature that's available in the UK edition to the Global edition of Xero. Now, when working in the global edition of Xero you'll be able to adjust the tax if not quite correct by clicking the small '+' icon in the Tax Rate column which'll open the Tax Amount column - More detail in our help centre :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)