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Invoices/Bills - Override tax amount on line item where tax differs from tax rate percentage

Started by Matthew Woolnough in Feature Requests | Done!

Hi xero,

Would love the ability to override per line item the gst calculated rather than have to figure how much the gst inclusive cost is and then subtract that from the total to the amount with no gst included at all. Bank link has this feature which comes in handy for those with clients in food sales and health care


Edited Community Manager: Please see official & Best responses below - Available in UK and Global versions of Xero, request-by-requests basis for those in AU Contact Xero Support. Thanks
Official Xero Reply
Hi team, just popping back in to confirm that the Google form period to switch the tax adjustments feature on in AU org’s has now ended (18 Dec 18). If you did happen to miss the window and feel you fit the criteria above reach out to our team at Support who can get detail to confirm on a one-on-one base.
Thank you all who’ve been in touch through the form to date, we’re validating the detail and will be in touch soon.

Over the next couple of months we’ll monitor usage and evaluate whether to fully open this feature to all of the AU region. I’ll come back once this has been confirmed to let you all know the next move here. :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)

Best Reply as chosen by Lauren C (Community Manager)
Thanks everyone for your interest on this request.

For those with an organisation on the Australian version of Xero we’re pleased to extend an opportunity to adopt the tax adjustments feature that we've previously release to organisations on the UK and Global versions of Xero

Tax adjustments let you change the tax amounts calculated on a transaction in Xero.
For more details of what it is and how you can use it, there’s information in Xero Central

If you’d like to use tax adjustments for your Australian Xero organisation please complete the online request form before 16 December 2018.

We’ll be checking requests and turning on tax adjustments to approved organisations from 17 December. We can only enable tax adjustments for organisations we can locate in our systems, and confirm the request is from the subscriber. We will send an email to the subscriber when tax adjustments have been enabled.

As always, there’s some (not so) small print and things to be aware of:
- If you use a Xero accounting partner - check in with them first.
- We recommend you use the new BAS in Xero with tax adjustments (eg Lodge BAS or Simpler BAS)
- If you use the older Full BAS calculation worksheet method keep adjustments to .99c or below to ensure the BAS amounts are correct. If you use the new BAS, there are no worries, the BAS amounts will be fine for whatever adjustment amounts you apply.
- Tax adjustments is available in ‘classic’ invoicing. If want to invoice and use tax adjustments, you’ll need to use classic invoicing. It’s not available yet in new invoicing.
- If you need to contact our support team please be sure to note that you have the tax adjustment enabled.

For those wanting this for New Zealand or US, there are other complications. Having met the need in most places it’d be good to get a refreshed sense of those specifically in NZ or US that’d make use of tax adjustments. Please create a new request for this, which you’re welcome to share to others who are interested.

Tim Wright (Xero Staff)