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SecurePay payment gateway integration

Started by Matt Mason in Feature Requests | Idea

SecurePay is one of the largest payment gateways in Australia and is operated by Australia Post.

It would be awesome if SecurePay was integrated into Xero, I'm sure there are many users of this gateway who are also using xero!
Perfect Matt - was just about to say the same thing.

Vote for SecurePay integration!!

Redfox Media Accounts

Secure pay is one of the largest and australian owned payment gateway this is a needed addition and one that could give a massive impact.

Mitch Menghi

This would be fantastic, I am also trying to find an extension for Joomla or Magento that allows customers to see the status of invoices and make payments directly on through our website.

Ben Hewlett

I have a lot of clients using Secure Pay & Xero. So please connect the two to make things easier for us!

Sharron Taylor

Is there any news on this front? I have a client that is using SecurePay that wants to integrate into Xero.

Anthony Staltari

Hi everyone, we’d be open to working with SecurePay but haven’t heard from them as yet. Our Add-Ons partners build the integration with Xero themselves, so this is something you’d need to request from SecurePay. You could send them the link to this Community page to show demand if you wanted. Cheers.

Matt Oldfield (Community Manager)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the votes and feedback, we will investigate the steps to becoming an add-on partner for Xero and keep you updated via this thread.


Richard Considine
Business Relationship Manager

Richard Considine

Great news Richard! I have a few clients that would be more than excited to hear this news! Please keep us updated.

Anthony Staltari

This is a must guys, It makes such a difference on the admin side that we have now opted to redirect some of our invoiced credit card sales back to PayPal despite their higher commision fees.
Apparently eWay integrates quite neatly with Xero too so if SecurePay doesn't get their act together soon in this regard we may have to start looking at switching to eWay instead. That would be a shame as we very much like the rest of SecurePay.


Camilo Osorno

Yes eWAY does integrate into Xero with for products built for the platform. Pay Now which allows you to email your customers a dynamic online invoice that they can pay instantly. Pay This which allows dynamic addition of a credit card surcharge to the invoice. Then we have a single singon capacity allowing large organisations to see their customers accounts (with permission) for reporting etc. And lastly we have mobile apps available. We arer here to help everyone in the Xero community.

Sheryle Moon

Our company uses SecurePay and is currently migrating to Xero so keen to hear what happens.

Adrienne Baldwin

any news on this? + 1 here

Dom Sullivan

Yes would love this to happen. Pretty please??

Mark Mannering

Hi Richard, is there any update on SecurePay automated feeds/integration? It would make a massive difference and please keep us updated as soon as it happens.

Deborah Appleton

Hi Richard, is there any update on the possible integration with Securepay and Xero? This was originally logged back in 2013 so would have thought we would have seen some progress by now? We are big users of Securepay and obviously Xero clients also, so if we do not see an integration very soon we will probably be forced to look at an alternative for the Payment gateway. Look forward to some feedback. Thanks.

Melanie Bowring

No replies at all really since 2014. :-(

Dom Sullivan

Any news on this?? We are keen to have Securepay as a Xero payment gateway

Nicole Osborne | Champion's Ride Days |

Hi Richard we use Securepay and Xero, when will we see integration between the two? This was lodged years ago and still we don't have it! Thanks!!!!

Laetitia Somers

Id love it - but I suspect the problem may actually lie with Australia Post, not Xero.- #justsayin

CL Kirby

If this is not going to happen anytime soon, can XERO or anyone else recommend a good alternative ? I need to be able to link my payment gateway to XERO will cut down a lot of admin time.


Phillipe Cossey

Here is what Securepay had to say when I contacted them:

Hi Cathy,

Unfortunately there is currently no integration for SecurePay within Xero. There has been interest by Xero customers for SecurePay integration for a long time, however Xero has not yet integrated.

If you have further enquiries, please advise.

Kind regards,
Customer Support

SecurePay Pty Ltd - A business of Australia Post

Level 8/222 Exhibition St Melbourne 3000
D 1300 786 756 | F 03 9629 5550
E support@securepay.com.au | W securepay.com.au

Laetitia Somers

That sounds a bit different than what their last comment on here was :) We do develop some Payment Services (like PayPal and Square), but the majority of integrations need to be done by the App (Add-on) themselves. We invest a tonne into our open API, and how to documentation, so that others can integrate with us.

Brittany H (Community Manager)

Please integrate with Xero with SecurePay!!

Linda Abousejean

bookitlive is a SecurePay reseller so would love to see SecurePay integrated to Xero. I have spoken with my account Manager at SecurePay to find out when this is going to happen and provided the link to this thread.

David Godbold

Still nothing, what a shame.

Tanika Berlowitz

Yes me too - should not be that ahrd but I guess Xero doesn't really think too much about existing customers with a large headache. New people are more interesting I guess

David Hunt

I'm Amanda from Securepay, and I'm not very familiar with Xero beyond knowing that it's a cloud accounting software and we often get asked about integration with Xero at the Securepay Service Desk, so I'm trying to see what we can do with our existing system.

Basically, we have a product called Securebill, which generates a custom URL for the merchant to be able to accept payments.


If a merchant wants to parse in data to the above URL they do the following:


and so on according to our guide https://securepay.com.au/_uploads/files/SecureBill_Integration_Guide.pdf

However, Xero expects the Custom URL to have specific parameters.


InvoiceNo is our “priref”
Currency is set internally, it is not set by the merchant, the default is AUD
Amount is our “amt”
I don’t know what shortcode is

Or for Xero to add us as a Payment provider with the above parameters in their system

Securepay Support

This is great step in the right direction. Are you saying that Securepay doesn't have the ability to set the custom paramaters as yet? Just the Securebill option? Is there any options to change/be flexible etc?
I assume Shortcode may be a short description of what the invoice includes.

Nicole Osborne | Champion's Ride Days |

Ah okay, I see, I think I've got it working now

Here's the invoice link: https://in.xero.com/7TZquENfDaAXqn4Cjra2c40sGbBaDgpfhEJ3Y7db

and if you hit Pay Now at the top it should take you to the payment page

Next Step: Callback to Xero to say the Invoice has been paid

Securepay Support

This is where we require a Callback URL or Return URL from Xero in order to send the result parameters back to say that the item was paid

Securepay Support

One more question:

Is it possible to append a query string to the Invoice URL to mark the invoice as "paid"

For example: https://in.xero.com/7TZquENfDaAXqn4Cjra2c40sGbBaDgpfhEJ3Y7db?paid=true

Securepay Support

Thanks to you securepay on the payments system,

My issue is beyond a link for payment generated in Xero.
My issue is more the following regarding Reconcilaitions and SecurepayFees

1. At present Secure Pay pays net of fees and bulked together
2. Currently I use Paypal and Stripe also - both of these do the same bulk deposit net of fees thing that secure pay does.
3. Both Stripe and Paypal match up easily with Invoices created at the individual and account for bank fees easility
4. Secure pay just gives a lump and we do not get given the customer name
5. I may have up to 10 or 15 of these a day so it means a lot of fiddling around hunting and pecking for times of orders versus times of secure pay payments to find out who paid. then having to spilt fees

So can we get on Xero and Secure Pay what Paypal has for Xero?

Thant will save many hours and maybe stop many people either go back to paypal and stripe or not go to secure pay at all.

David Hunt

Hi David,

If you are referring to SecurePay Online Payments, then you should be receiving two reports, one with the bulk amount and the other with the break down of the individual transactions.

I've been playing around with Xero, and it's not that you can't import reports with custom fields (because I've been able to do this with the bank statement reports). Xero just doesn't have anyway to import this type of report that I can see (Maybe Xero Support can chime in here?).

Xero would have to create a space in their portal to upload a SecurePay format report to and then this would be possible. We can even set the email address to the custom Xero address in our system so then these reports are delivered automatically to Xero, but as above Xero would need to create this functionality or demonstrate how this is possible to automatically reconcile on their end.

I'd like to look into this further for you, could you kindly forward the above to support@securepay.com.au along with your three letter Merchant ID,


SecurePay Support

Securepay Support

Thank you Amanda

This is exciting

I have sent that through to support@securepay.com.au


David Hunt

Lack of timestamps make this extremely hard to know what year any request has been submitted.

PLEASE add timestamps back in and give us another update on the SecurePay/Xero integration.

Kahli Benney