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Xero Payroll: SGC rate increases will be automatically applied

Started by Tim Wright (Xero Staff) -   in AU Payroll

As you will be aware, there are superannuation guarantee rate increases commencing in Australia from 1 July 2013. This is a quick note to let you know we'll be making some changes to Xero to help take care of the super rate increases automatically for you.

We're doing a release of Payroll in June and we'll be introducing a new Calculation Type for superannuation called 'Statutory Rate'.
The Statutory Rate will work in a similar way to tax tables.
We will store the superannuation rates behind the scenes and retrieve the right percentage based on the payment date of your pay runs.
So no matter what the mandatory SGC percentage is, we'll always have Xero up to date to use the right percentage.

We'll update your employees for you with this new option where the Superannuation Line in your employee's Pay Templates is set to:
Contribution Type: Superannuation Guarantee Contribution (SGC)
Calculation Type: Percentage
And the value applied to the employees Pay Template = 9.00%

If you've setup your employees Super Lines in some other way, we won't make the auto update.
If you want us to apply the update to auto handle the SGC rate, check your employees Pay Templates to ensure super lines are setup. http://help.xero.com/au/#PayrollPayTemplate
We'll have a specific Help Centre page up on the super changes and product updates on release.

Thanks for providing this update - brilliant!

And its all done without us having to stress and worry about installing updates.


Cassandra Scott  

Just what we need. Excellent.

Don Grgic