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Add basic Inventory / Stock Control

Started by David Gray in Feature Requests | Done!

For many clients we really need just basic stock control. Without it they will not move to Xero. I know there are some really great add-ons but they are far more than most of them need.

We just need a simple option in the Inventory Items to say "Inventory This Item". Then purchased the item would go to an asset account and when sold the cost value would transfer to a cost of sales account.

We also need a basic report that lists the items quantity and values in the inventory account and a simple stocktake option to allow counting and changing of the quantity and values.

Having basic perpetual inventory means that the monthly Profit and Loss is much more accurate and to subject to fluctuations in inventory.

Xero already has an Asset Register which takes control of buying and selling Assets. So part of the work has already been done.

Note: this is a request for basic inventory. If you'd like to vote for full inventory & stock control, the request is raised here.
Official Xero Reply
Thanks everyone for the feedback and votes here - you'll have noticed that basic Inventory was released today, and it now has it's own place in your header!

As I've mentioned, we do have further updates planned and we'd love to hear your feedback. Add your (newly returned) vote to some of the existing requests I've linked to below, or create your own!

Advanced Inventory - Archive Inventory Items
Inventory - Photos for inventory items
Inventory - Cost-plus / Mark-up pricing for Items
Advanced Inventory: Custom (Tiered Price List for different customers)

Peter Anderton (Xero Staff)