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CRM that integrates with Xero and Unleashed

Started by Bronte Selby -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

Does someone know of a CRM that integrates with both Xero AND Unleashed?
Currently our business does not have a decent CRM system because we cant find one that will integrate with both! :(
Talk to the people at Zeanz in Tauranga NZ. They are a Xero add-on partner with their Communigator software and are very accommodating with customer requirements.

Peter Rowe  

Thanks - will try... :)

Bronte Selby  

Did you manage to find a decent CRM system that integrates with Xero and Unleashed as we are in the process of looking as well

Lynne Sharp  

No unfortunately not yet.
Please let us know if you have any luck in finding one... thanks in advance!
At the moment we have set up our own temporary one because we hadn't found one that suits our requirements.

Bronte Selby  

Will do.

Lynne Sharp  

This question is still open for me! Is some body found the solution?
Thanks a lot for any information!

Alexander Chepurenkov  

I know that capsulecrm.com integrates with Xero, but i have not tried to integrate with Xero (so far).

We have been using capsulecrm.com stand alone, for more than a year and we are very happy with the result so far. Currently we are looking to start using unleashedsoftware.com and Xero, and would apreciate any experiences on how to integrate this 3 systems.

Carlos Pascual  

We are considering to try SugarCRM. A company called Cloud-tech http://www.cloudtech.co.nz/sugar-unleashed/ NZ have a connector they are launching in new year which integrates Unleashed & Sugar CRM.
Anyone tried SugarCRM that has any good feedback?

Lydia McKay  

I am looking for a solution here too

James Madden  

We are now using 'Onesaas' to integrate Unleashed, Xero, and Zoho (as our CRM). Seems to be working well, however it will only 'push' data to Zoho, not 'pull'.

Bronte Selby  

Capsul works really well.

Neil Wilson  

Hi Bronte,

How about trying our product to integrate Zoho and Xero, bi-directional.

We do both pull and push smoothly.

Let me know if interested to discuss more on the same.

My email is deepakteja@pipemonk.com

Looking forward.

Deepak Teja | Product Manager


We are trying to see if unleashed will work and are wondering why not use the CRM within Xero, once the invoice has been uploaded into Xero?

Noelle Crewe-Brown