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Email log for all emails sent via Xero

Started by Heather Shaw in Feature Requests | Idea

It would be great to have a log for all emails including payslips, so we can know when & if they were sent also listing to whom and who from. This could coincide with a date to send the payslip as many companies prepare their payroll a couple of days in advance of payment and do not wish to send the payslips on the day it is prepared but the day it is paid. At the moment it is too hard to remember to go back into the payrun to send the payslips once the payroll has been paid!!
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, it’s been a long while since we responded in conversation here, though I do want to pop in today(2 Dec 2019) with positive news in Xero’s mail platform, and assure you all that we’re still very much engrossed in all the conversation going on around visibility of what’s been sent from Xero, both here and through other channels of feedback.

Since Luke’s reply in 2016, the number of people working online and in the cloud has increased dramatically, and in unison so has the necessity of security measures and triggers to prevent fraudulent and malicious activity - We’ve introduced two factor, as well as two step authentication, and actively share current circulations and tips through our Security Noticeboard in an effort to help small businesses protect themselves.

Based on requests and feedback received from the community regarding how emails are sent from Xero on your behalf, we’ve been rethinking how we may be able to approach this and encompass the biggest themes where our users would like to see change.
Atm, we believe we’ve nutted down 3 points of prime focus;
- The ability to view what has been sent from a Xero organisation
- Option to be notified when something sent from a Xero organisation is undelivered
- Ability to resend a transaction from your Xero organisation

It’d be great to get your personal ranking of the importance in each 3 points above, and whether you believe Xero solving these would allow you to manage your client communications, on Xero.

We know another big area of demand is the ability to send from your own domain - In the future we’ll be looking to explore the ability for your Xero org to send emails from your Gmail or Outlook account.

To make sure the feedback is timely and can be included in the team’s research, we ask that you provide all thought through the comments box at the bottom of this thread by end of 2019.

Findings will help the team shape up any intended development for sending items from Xero, how each piece of work involved may fit with one another, and expected road to deliver.
Look forward to hearing from you all, and we’ll be back to share more, as the full picture comes into frame.

Kelly M (Community Manager)