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AU Payroll - Import Leave Requests into Xero via csv file

Started by Jodie Meigan in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

It is a very manual process currently to enter leave requests by a payroll administrator by creating and approving a leave request for an employee to include in a pay run. Our company uses a separate HR software which has the leave requests logged which are able to be exported to a csv file. It would save so much time to be able to import a csv file into Xero payroll to update the leave requests. Has anyone come up with a solutions or is this something Xero are looking into?
Thank you for your input, Jodie!
I've just changed the name of the idea slightly here, and we'll continue to gauge the demand of this request.

Don't forget to round back here and add your own vote 🙂.

Dana A (Community Manager)