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Xero Verify app - Login approval button position to be on the right-hand side

Started by Andrew Ireland in Feature Requests | Idea

Please move the admit/approve button in the 2FA app to the right hand side of the screen. This will align with Microsoft and many of the other 2FA apps.

Current position is problematic and slows down workflow.
Hello Andrew, I'm keen to get a better understanding of your idea here. Are you referring to Xero Verify app? Or is this something else?

Looking forward to hearing back from you 🙂

Dana A (Community Manager)

Hi Dana,

Yes, the Xero Verify app. We use both Duo and Microsoft Authenticator 2FA apps (along with others outside of our business), these have the approve/confirm buttons on the right hand side of the app screen.

As the Xero app has this on the left hand side, often we will automatically press the right-hand button and cancel the login request, this results in us needing to take focus away from our tasks and read each 2FA screen.

Would be great if they aligned from our perspective (aware you are catering to a large audience across many platforms).

Andrew Ireland

Thank you for rounding back to clarify, Andrew! I've just changed the title slightly so others who come across can easily understand it.

Just so we can gauge the demand, remember to come back here again to add your own vote 😃.

Dana A (Community Manager)