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Switch to old view in bank rec

Started by Andreea Radulescu in Feature Requests | No plans

Can we get the option to switch to the old view in the bank reconciliation if we are not happy with the new one?
Official Xero Reply
Hearing your thoughts here, everyone and have passed these down the relevant channels to our team. At Xero, we’re committed to catering to the diverse preferences of our customers, and as you're well aware, we've updated the bank rec screen in Xero so that it now has as default a more enlarged view. However, we recognise that different Xero users have different preferences in how they view their bank rec, so we’ve also offered the new compact view. You can read more on this update here.

While we appreciate the feedback you've shared on this update, being open, we won't be reinstating the old bank reconciliation screen. This being said, I want to reassure you all that we're listening to your thoughts, and these will be used for future testing and iterations of this screen going forwards.

I also want to reaffirm that though the changes you're seeing are visual, the most important work is actually taking place under the surface. We've reached a point in our journey where technical roadblocks must be removed in order for us to deliver new and innovative features - as well as build on existing ones - in future. You can check out our blog here for more info on what to expect in the months ahead.

To set the right expectation for yourselves and others that come across this thread, I'm going to close this feature request. However, you're welcome to continue sharing suggestions here as the team are taking your feedback onboard for future iterations, as I mentioned.

We also really appreciate that change can be challenging, so if you'd like some 1:1 help with the new look and feed of this screen, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Emily H (Community Manager)