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AU Payroll - Reports Formatting, all that green ink

Started by Jennifer Reardon in Payroll Feature Requests | Done!

Can we get the formatting of payroll reports changed from having a big green block - it's a huge waste of ink of any colour.

Many thanks
I second that.

Janet Aitken

I support this motion!

Julie Collins

Preparing Super lodgements - 2nd time today I've hit print & walked away to come back and find "Gray Scale" "Fast" not selected. rrr!

I appreciate there's a lot of competing demands for development and it's often more complicated than we might consider....but isn't this one an easy?

Jennifer Reardon

Green be gone! We've upgraded the reporting engine inside Xero Payroll and added some new reports. Details here.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)

Hi Catherine,
Unfortunately so has the Employee Details!
It's been really annoying not to have the info by employee on this report.

Jennifer Reardon