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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Accountant tools

4.8 out of 5 stars
Based on 413 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and AutoEntry, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips? Please note that AutoEntry was previously know as DocuRec.

About AutoEntry

Intelligently capture data from scanned Invoices and Receipts and post them straight into Xero. For more information, check out AutoEntry.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with AutoEntry, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support get in touch with the AutoEntry support team.

Have been using AutoEntry for 3 months now and the standard of customer service and support is fantastic. Super quick and super efficient. Highly recommended. Special mention and thanks to Amy.


I have to shout about the amazing customer service I have had from the Autoentry team this weekend. With 23 bank statements all needing analysing, but all in a scanned format, rather than in the original document, in a variety of currencies and one of them in Thai language,I really needed to them into excel format. The team at AE have put a massive effort in to help me get them converted to excel, despite the problems with the files - this has saved me days and days of work. They have definitely pulled out all the stops to help me, and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Kim Hume  

Put aside the auto-entry it's self is a user-friendly system. A good software shall come with fast & professional tech support, have to say the support team - Ms. Katherine is the best tech support I have approached never. Quick response, answer straight to the point. Excellent!

Freda Miao  

AutoEntry: Excellent and rapid customer service. Does the job. Has cut the workload massively. Supplier reconciliation software is a real bonus. Very cost effective. Even includes 'billable' expenses. One of the good things in the cloud.

F C  

Simple to use

Bertus Steenkamp  

Outstanding piece of software and saves me many hours of inputting, the app works very well and the main online version obviously more capable. More than meets my needs as a small business.

Karen Hunt  

Really easy to upload and use. Its saved my business loads of time. Like the way it deals with foreign currency.

Joanne Saunders  

We've been using Autoentry for the last couple of month for 5 of our larger data input clients. The advantages are the time saved and not needing to keep as many hard copies. I have found the cost has crept up , underestimating the amount of credit we would need and also the delay on the processing upload can be a little frustrating. But all in, I would recommend and will continue to use.

Janet Smyth  

I have been using Auto Entry now for three or four months. I have 12 clients currently using it (with a few more to connect in the coming month) ranging from those that process a small number of supplier invoices per week to one that processes over 40 per day.

The software is easy to set up and very easy to teach non-accountants to use. My clients have successfully managed to get their suppliers to send invoices to Auto Entry directly so reducing their workload and importantly paper and print costs.

The transfer of images into Xero is excellent and the way that Auto Entry learns as it goes means that the data extraction is of a very high quality indeed.

If I was being a little picky I would say it can be a little frustrating waiting for the upload to process which can be a few hours sometimes.

But all in all this is a very good application that delivers great results and it is being very well received by my clients.



User friendly quick and easy to use

Marcus Cridland  

Auto entry is great, easy to use, great support too.

Shirley Babb  

I started using AutoEntry when I got a customer with ALOT of paper receipts and it has saved me hours of time getting them uploaded onto Xero. Before I was taking a photo then manually entering each receipt, now I snap the photos straight into the app then come back the next day and they are all ready to push through to Xero. The more you use it the more settings are automatic so it gets quicker too!

Sarah Gathercole  

We were introduced to this software at the ICB Summit. Absolutely brilliant software, so easy to set up and use. We can set up new clients in a couple of minutes.
Getting clients sending records via the app saves so much time.
Great support, have been offered training through live webinars for both my practice and my clients as well.

Lynn Watson  

Great App for Xero, highly recommend!

Jamie Dawes  

Been using Autoentry a few months now and find it fantastic especially when a client shows up with a box with a years worth of receipts/invoices etc. Autoentry, combined with Xero and my Scansnap save so much time now allowing me to get on with other things while its doing its thing. Pretty accurate and great duplicate invoice feature.

Karen Moore  

Best Data Processing App out there, easy to use and very rarely makes mistakes.

Thomas Parcell  

I use Auto Entry, its makes it easier to get my purchase invoices posted, as everytime i receive an email with an invoice attached i forward it on to Auto entry. I chose Auto entry as it will scan each line of an invoice, where as others (like Receipt Bank) only scan in the totals, which is no good for purchase invoices.
At the end of the week they are all ready, scanned and I can process them. Its quite good, Saves a bit of time, and its easier checking a list than making invoices with copying and pasting. Also makes it easy if a PDF is locked, as it OCRs it. I link with Xero, and that conduit works faultlessly.

Chris Adair  

I am truly impressed with the accuracy and intuitiveness of AutoEntry, the simplicity to use it and the amazing and transparent pricing structure and the ability to control my own account. Never a need to contact support. It just works.

Michael Mori  

I was very impressed with how well auto entry reads invoices. Even some of the badly written scraps of paper were read correctly.

Susan Rickerby  

Auto entry is great for automating your invoice entry process. I haven't tried the statement reconciliation yet, but looking to give it a go soon.

Dan Miller  

Very user friendly quick and easy to use

Sandra Smart  

Excellent software making accounting easier. I also use autoentry which has halved my time spent on my accounts!

sarah lock  

I have been using AutoEntry for a few months now and rate it very highly for bank statement conversion. All uploads have been 100% accurate and turned around quickly. The rolling over of credits is very handy as I tend to use it quarterly rather than monthly. It saves hours of manual CSV creation.

Clare Bruton-Young  

We have been using Autoentry for over 6 months now, i can safely say it is my personal favourite invoice entry software on the market, very reasonably priced and allows you to enter multiple line enteries. Also the bank statement upload is great, forget manually entering dozens or more of bank line, Autoentry does it all for you. Excellent piece of software. Would definatley recomend this as an add on.

Leo Zade  

Auto Entry is an extremely useful and powerful feature which capture different types of documents and uploads them into xero from bank statements to purchase invoices etc which save me a lot of time when completing jobs. Highly recommend

Justin Barrington  

AutoEntry is a great add on product for Xero users. We recommend all our clients use it as it saves them so much time and ensures they don't miss claiming back any expenses when they are out and about running their business. You do need to review the output but the more you use it, the better it gets.

Celine Wood  

We've been using AutoEntry for a couple few years now and we love it as do our clients. It's extremely easy to get up and running and then to scale with your practice. Bank statement scanning is the best on the market and a massive time saver. The speed of uploads, the accuracy and the machine learning make it a compelling add on for Xero.

Keith Wood  

I was looking for a replacement for the previous software I was using when a colleague suggested AutoEntry. I had not had much success with my previous software so I was a little skeptical to say the least. WOW was I surprised, the turn around time is unbelievable as is the customer service. They reached out immediately to me after I signed up for the trail version and I actual got to speak to a real live person, several in fact. Everyone I talked to was most helpful but Scott was absolutely amazing in helping me to get on board. Thanks Scott, you are an asset to your team. I do a lot of clean up work so the accuracy and quick turnaround are absolutely invaluable to me. It integrates seamlessly with Xero, even gets the dates in the correct format......Never looking back.

Diana Stefanyshin  

We have been using AutoEntry for last three months. This software has definitely transformed the way we work. No more manual entry of documents for us. We have been scanning documents of clients who still like to deliver them to us however most documents are scanned by our clients. We are getting very good feedbacks from our clients. They love the app.

The only down side is that the software occasionally interprets date as American format so watch out for that.

Anna Candan  

We've been using autorentry for several years now and are very happy with it. IT splits invoices and the auto remembering aspect was excellent. The clients email suppliers and send the invoices to autoentry which is great. The payment system and options, plus the ability to change your package on a monthly basis and but in bulk is great from a cost point of view and you can carry forward credits.

Brendan Malone  

We've been using Autoentry for a few years now and feel it beats the competition hands down. Super easy to use and auto-publish means that you don't even have to check the transactions most of the time once the system has learnt about your bookkeeping

Philip Donnan  

I have been using Autoentry now for a few weeks and I am already seen a reduction in the time spent doing book keeping as this automates a lot of the process for us. It also gives us security knowing that a copy of the invoice is held in Xero. Also, we can keep control of what is added to Xero by making sure the entries are subject to a final approval. Aunto Rec was always good but this is so much better. It takes away a lot of the headache and clients are also impressed that they have their own 'email'/portal to upload documents. Saves a few trees as well by not having to print everything!! So glad we took this option up.

Sunil Aggarwal  

We have been using Autoentry for about 6 months now & it has certainly made my job a lot easier. Suppliers now send their invoices by email directly to Autoentry which then uploads them for publishing. This saves a lot of time & also there's no paperwork which is a massive help. There is online chat so if you have a query it is easy to get in touch. I would highly recommend the use of Autoentry

Alison Hawkes  

We've now been using AutoEntry for a few months, great time saver and has allowed the team to focus on the real work. Excellent.

Travis Bristow  

We've been using AutoEntry for over two years, it's a great add on to Xero, enabling us to scan and upload bank statements quickly and accurately and scanning invoices. Highly recommend it.

Simon James  

We have been using Auto entry since September 2016, the support we received during set up was extremely helpful. The way in which we now do our booking has changed for good. As a practice we are more efficiently and spend longer talking to the clients than processing.
We have also recently started using the expense module within Auto entry which is very simple to use.

Sangeetha Siva  

We highly recommend the use of Auto Entry who provide a more flexible and cost effective solution to it's main competitors. It's a great product to use to 'catch up' with the bookkeeping on new clients particularly with the bank statement upload option.

It works well for us!

Colin Webb  

If you have a high volume of supplier invoices you need to invest in AutoEntry. The time it has saved our business and the improved accuracy over manually inputting bills into Xero is worth 5 times the asking price. The aftercare support is fantastic; we received a phone call the week we signed up to offer training and any support tickets have been dealt with in minutes via their excellent live chat facility. AutoEntry is a no brainer for any business using Xero, I only wish I'd heard about it years ago.

Apollo Accounts  

I met Rob through a cold call and he explained the App and how it can help our. He did not try to oversell me and did not push for a plan that did not suit us.I can highly recommend AutoEntry and would not change in a hurry due to value for money and ease of use.

Jason Sperrin
PureTech Talent Ltd

Jason Sperrin  

We have been using AutoEntry for a year now and highly recommend it over its competitors. Its accuracy, ease of use and billing structure make it our preferred product for all new clients. As well as the invoice scanning, the ability to convert bank statements into a variety of formats is particularly useful.

Julie Black  

We have only recently starting using AutoEntry but have already seen significant efficency improvements with day to day processing as well as with our year end accounts process.

Shaun Craven  

We have been using AutoEntry since chatting to the guys at Xerocon 2017. We chose to work with AutoEntry over some of their competitors as they were better value and we liked the billing structure, with unused credits rolling forward. We also liked that it could work with POs. We find AutoEntry most useful for clients who are on the road and incurring travel/entertaining receipts. Historically it was difficult to get them to provide us with receipts but now they are getting into the habit of taking a picture using the app there and then. The feedback from clients has also been positive, the user interface is simple and clear to follow.

Samantha Hollands  

I met Rob from Autoentry at the ICB Inspire tour in Southampton. I was so impressed I went home and started my free trial. Within the first day I had used up all the free trial credits and loved it so much I signed up. It's so simple to use that I barely needed to chat to anyone throughout the whole set up process and integrated seamlessly with Xero. I now have a lot of my clients using it and more to get on board. It is just wonderful. You only pay for what you use, any left over credits are transferred to the following month, it's great value for money, the app is so simple to use even my most technophoboc clients are impressed. Most of all it is saving me time!!! Super product, super efficient and an asset to my practice.

Amanda Thompson  

Our Companies have been using Auto Entry for 12 months and we have found the software simple and efficient (new staff can be trained in minutes). The time and cost savings are measurable and substantial, with the software able to remember supplier names and nominal codes a huge benefit to a business such as ours.

Jason Lockyer  

We've been using Autoentry for a few yeasr now and feel it beats the competition hands down. Super easy to use and autopublish means that you don't even have to check the transactions most of the time once the system has learnt about your bookkeeping. Also a great price and the promise to beat any competitor on price too!

Paul Meades  

Quick and easy to use. Gives the client some ownership of the bookeeping process. The bank statement conversion is very useful, is quick and allows us to focus on more valuable work.

Dafydd Jones  

AutoEntry has significantly reduced the amount of time I used to spend coding invoices allowing me to provide clients with more value added services. With its machine learning capability it also brings consistency to clients' bookkeeping.

Zyaad Peertum  

Autoentry is a top quality product used in conjunction with Xero. The setup and interface is easy to use and you are up and running within minutes.

Clients and staff alike have both commented on the simplicity of the "paper to posting" process with the mobile app a particular highlight in data capture.

The OCR aspect itself is very accurate compared to other systems we have tried and tested with very few corrections required.

I would highly recommend this product for any accountant or business owner tired of fumbling through paperwork to provide proof of purchase or to find out how much certain items cost them previously.

The added bonus is Autoentry not only breaks down invoices at the snap of a photo or forward of an email, once posted it also attaches the scan to the data entry in Xero. Making it even easier to review entire supplier accounts through one program.

Simon Cook  

A simple but effective way of getting large quantities of receipts and invoices sync directly into Xero. Good UI and support.

Andrew Reid Thomas  

This is a fantastic tool to help save time inputtng receipts into the accounting system- Client can aslo upload and once you start using you wont want to stop

Peter Rushman  

We have recently begun trialling Autoentry with Xero and have found it very useful for uploading bank statements. As a bookkeeping company it is useful to be able to import a years worth of statements so efficiently enabling us to us these to speed up the bookkeeping for clients who only come to us once a year and cannot supply a csv for any reason. The service from Autoentry was very speedy with a years worth of statements uploaded in a matter of hours ready for us to use.

Kim Hughes  

I have recently started using Auto entry. It is a great software which works well with Xero. It saves a lot of time in compare to mannual entry. It is also a great way of saving invoices in cloud. I am really impressed with its accuracy and ability to identify duplicate.

Farhana Ferthous  

After answering a call from an Autoenerty sales person and telling him I had gone for another data entry provdier I got hung up on! I'm quite glad I went elsewhere now...

Tom Pattle  

Just tried out AutoEntry for my first time and I'm very excited. This is going to be a great tool at a very affordable price.

I needed to import a year's worth of bank statements into Xero but the CSV from Citibank didn't include any description for debit card transactions - the second line of their description didn't pull through. The descriptions came in wonderfully on the PDF conversion done by AutoEntry, already converted to the Xero import format. This would have been a lot of work by hand!

Also uploaded some bank statements scanned by hand. Evidently a few transactions were lopped off in the process. AutoEntry caught the differences and made an adjusting entry and a note. Now I just need to find those couple of transactions (I even know what page they come from) and I'm ready to go.

Eventually I'm looking forward to using it to convert bills and sales invoices also.

Gina Palacio  

A fantastic product and great customer service!

Nati Shaw  

We have been using Autoentry since April last year. It is a very efficient system which works well with Xero. We are really pleased with the time saved from manually inputting the invoices. would recommend this.

Account Finance  

New to Xero and AutoEntry. Love how both of these systems work together.

AutoEntry enabled me to upload a years worth of Accounts in no time at all. Was easy to use and works perfectly with Xero.

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to Simplify how they work and cut the time down it takes to log transactions.

Adam Close  

Time saving is an excellent pro as to enter bank statements or invoices manually can take half a day easily whereas the time to scan them instead takes around half an hour to 45 mins.

Works very well with Xero too or you can export to an excel file just as easily!

Customer service is excellent with staff getting back to you very quickly.

Dave Marks  

Discovered Auto Entry a month ago - easy to use, time saving and a decent price. Recommended

Ian Clouting  

Great pricing model and easy to use. This saves tons of time with the many bills we process with multiple lines. My account manager is quick to respond if I have a query.

Georgette Rowland  

Auto entry in conjunction with Xero has made my life really easy and more importantly, it is saving me a great deal of money on staffing costs. We upload to Auto Entry, I sign off the invoices in Auto Entry, publish to Xero, pay the bill and my assistant then reconciles the accounts which include the VAT ready for the 1/4 return. It is so simple.

Simon Williams  

Really easy to use, very accurate, and saves us time. Highly recommended!

Deanna Postill  

Great product. Creating import templates from PDF bank statements saves so much time!

Matthew Gair  

Recently started using Auto Entry and I find it so quick and effective especially when working to dead lines this can be a huge help. Everything transfers over to Xero nicely, Overall I think its a great software and would definitely recommend.

Charlotte Redmond  

Great value for money!

Aaron Samworth  

Really good! It will even notify you if there are gaps in the bank statement!

Alex Buckmaster  

Very easy to use, quick and efficient. Pricing flexible and fair. Very pleased with it, excellent product.

Jon Green  

We have found Auto entry does everything Receipt bank was doing but more affordable.

Nick Hume  

Autoentry has been a brilliant addition to our firm

Declan Pilling  

Autoentry is a great time saver and very efficient. The data from the invoices are extracted extremely accurately and has made bookkeeping much easier!

Dan Stearn  

This software makes bookkeeping so much easier and quicker!
It is a great time saver and allows us to analyse bank statements in Excel format.
We have linked clients on both Xero and Quickbooks with AutoEntry.

Bradley Medhurst  

We chose Autoentry as we like their pricing plan. We can never tell with clients how much paperwork is going to land on our desk and being able to change our subscription without any penalty is crucial to us.

Would definately recommend this as an add on as it takes away so much manual entry which saves so much time. Love the ability to be able to scan bank statements and have them converted into Xero. Again, extremely useful for those clients who still won't use bank feeds!

There's not really much training to do with it as it's fairly self explanatory.

Jane Wootton  

We have recently started using AutoEntry after finding that their competitor did not offer the same level of functionality. We have benefited straightaway through using their services particularly in not having to waste time writing up bank statements from hard-copies

Stuart Leafe  

I have only recently started using AutoEntry and have found it so easy to use. It is very accurate and saves inputting so I can use my time effectively on other things. Very quick to come back too - would definitely recommend.

Kim Blackburn  

I have been using Autoentry for a month and it is very easy to use. The support staff are friendly and were more than happy to do a online web tutorial to get us started. They respond to queries quickly and efficiently. It has saved our business time and money by not having to manually enter invoices onto Xero and also reducing the amount of paper we use.

Katie Dyer  

This app is simply brilliant, not only it allows me to reduce massively the amount of time I have to spent doing data entry, unlike the previous app of this kind that could only process purchases and expenses Auto entry also process sales and more importantly Bank Statements.
User friendly and very accurate their AI is very well tuned in even recognizing different scenarios for the same supplier and suggesting entries accordingly.
A perfect way to cut down on time consuming tasks and use the time for more important aspects of bookkeeping and accounting
I find turnover time to sometimes take a bit too long so that means I have to plan ahead when to process the information and that makes the app not as useful if you have a last-minute job landing on your desk

Eleni Moustaki  

I have found autoentry to be very user-friendly and efficient. It's ability to read bank statements, as well as invoices, is brilliant for saving time. Very impressed with its accuracy when picking up various information from photographs.

Emma Shale  

We have just recently moved our clients from using Receipt bank to Autoentry and we love it.
It is very easy to use, user friendly and the clients love the simplicity.

I believe the most important thing is to set it up correctly, have rules in place and everything will run up smoothly.

Great product.

Florentina Sandu  

Auto entry is a great package for clients to use for importing their sales/purchase invoices and bank statements in for myself to then just publish them into Xero. I am finding that it is a bit slow for using when you want to import invoices on the day as it does tend to be up to 24 hours or more to process. Apart from that I am loving it.

Debbie Rose  

Great software and easy to use. Saves lots of time.

Becky Hewins  

Easy to use software, that can be used by accounts staff of all levels, and which our clients have found very straight forward. By far the best Invoice recognition tool we have used made better by having the additional facility of converting bank statements for quick upload to Xero.

Our only complaint would be that sometimes bank statements can take too long to convert.

Lisa McIntosh  

Excellent software which makes our work a lot quicker and easier

Liam McKell  

I am new to Xero, finding it very easy to use and efficient

Pauline Macphee  

AutoEntry is a really one of a kind.

We have clients who do not have time to capture invoices, who are very paper based or who continuously make mistakes. AutoEntry has solved this for us.

It is quick and easy to upload to the system by just emailing and the fact that it remembers the allocations is fantastic, smoothing the process over even more. The fact that there is then an original copy of the invoice in Xero makes me love AutoEntry even more!

Thank you so much for this awesome piece of technology.

Simone Pretorius  

I don't use AutoEntry often in work but when I do I find it really simple to use, the team uses it daily and we upload invoices and bank statements with ease.

Daniel Booth  

We have found AutoEntry to be very useful for our company and really easy to use. It has been a massive help in cutting down time spent on bookkeeping.

Would definitely recommend!

Leigh Watson  

AutoEntry has really improved our efficiency – the pricing structure is good as you only pay for what you use across all clients, brilliant for seasonal clients with peaks and troughs in activity. One of the best features is that you can upload bank statements and access them in various file types including csv. I have recommended it to all clients for the time savings alone.

Iain Elliot  

AutoEntry has been absolutely brilliant for our company. The fact it lets us upload not just purchase and sales invoices but bank statements too has cut our book keeping time down dramatically.

Would recommend to anyone !!

Sarah Jamieson  

Very useful software especially for scanning in bank statements. saves a lot of time!

Emily Bebb  

We have been AutoEntry for almost 18 months now and find it really esy to use and as it can be used to upload sales invoices, purchase invoices and bank statements really flexible too.

We moved to AutoEntry from ReceiptBank as we found the pricing model for AutoEntry of credits across our entire practice rather than per client worked better for us.

Would definitely recommend AutoEntry.

Alan Woods  

We are a fairly new practice and this is a game changer. We will be able to offer services at a competitive price which we would not have otherwise. Thanks.

Kandarp Soni  

Auto entry is good and really easy to use.
great time saver.

Matthew Norris  

Auto Entry is a revolution - very easy to use and fast too. Speeding up the workflow completion rates easily in our firm at Calcutt Matthews. Highly recommend using it for those in practice for all sorts of scenarios.

Hannah Barton  

We have used this as a firm and have found the software very useful and easy to use. A great time saver and highly effective!

Rosanna Manser ACA DChA  

We have just recently started using Auto Entry for all of our clients that we do bookkeeping for and to be perfectly honest we have found the software very easy to use and unique point of Auto Entry is that you can split the invoice expenses to different nominal coding which I understand no other software in this sector can do. So yes a thumbs up from us for Auto Entry.

Akshay Shah  

I have used Auto Entry to scan and upload receipts for clients and find it easy and quick to use. The software is flexible and great functionality. When speaking to our clients they also appreciate the ease of use that Xero gives them.

Helen Parr  

Auto Entry is a great partner that we are now working with over the last few months. Easy process bank statements for accounts without a bank feed. Invoices are processed on a credit system model that suits us very well, and it can track purchase orders as well as Xero tracking codes. Highly recommend this platform.

Mohamedali Walji  

I use AutoEntry for converting the bank statements to a csv file where there is no bank feed which is then easy to upload into Xero. Especially good for those once a year clients. Prior to this I used their AutoRec and then StatementRec. AutoEntry brings everything together and can now convert sales and purchase invoices and transfer them direct to Xero complete with PDF image attached. Saves a lot of processing time. Excellent product with good tech support.

Stephen Quay  

AutoEntry is a very efficient and time saving way of importing invoices to Xero, and would highly recommend to any practice. It has created significant efficiency within our practice.

Geoff Little  

Really happy with AutoEntry as an alternative to Receipt Bank. More features and the pricing suits us better as you pay for what you use and it allows us to share credits across our clients.

Mark Gillespie  

AutoEntry is a quick, efficient and time saving way of importing bank statements and sales invoices to Xero, would highly recommend to any practice. Tbh don't know what I would do without it!

Timothy Kelliher  

I use auto entry for converting and posting the bank statements to xero, which I have not the bank feeds for. This is a great valuable tool to have.

Paul Ingram  

Very easy to use and numerous ways of getting the receipts into the software.
Always have the images stored so you can quickly check back to see what something was and the detail of it without keeping lots of hard copy records.

Jessica Griffiths  

Really amazing piece of software that is intelligent and reads individual lines and can decipher VAT.

Really great if you have a backlog and don't want to manually input a lot of information!

George McKenzie  

Tried Auto entry with bank statement data a job I was working with and it saved me approximately 6 Hours. Data was very accurate. Fantastic.

Richard Simpson  

AutoEntry is a great piece of software that is very reliable and saves a lot of time when it comes to processing invoices and bank statements etc. Always receive prompt responses to queries and would highly recommend. Don't know what I would do without it!!

Jarrad Gilbertson  

Easy to use time-saving software. Integrates with a wide variety of accounting software, provides flexibility across my clients. Web-based and the smartphone app, make it convenient. Speedy processing of uploads. Simple to set-up and add people (team or clients) to each account, making it a smooth onboarding process.

Lengthy time on gaining help and support, can be difficult to handle issues with clients. Missing items, for no apparent reason can cause frustration, delays and additional cost when needing to re-upload.

Overall a great addition to my offering.

Jason Dalton  

Great piece of software. Easy to use and very user-friendly

Darren Milne  

Easy to use, efficient and saves us so much time!!

Corinne Marsh  

Briliant, saves a lot of time and easy to use!

Leomari van der Westhuizen  

Been using Auto Entry for the last two months. How things have changed from when I began crunching numbers with pen and paper!! Unbelievable advances in technology, excellent integration with Xero. In summary a young product which still requires a few finishing touches to make it perfect!

The Foraging Pig  

We're finding AutoEntry good so far. It's cutting down man hours and easier for receipts when you are out and about. Only issue we have found so far is that it does not like when you try and upload large numbers in one go (e.g. a whole month's invoices). Seems to cope better with weekly uploads.

Nichola Reith  

Wonderful feature, saves a lot of processing time!

Miranda Smit  

My first impression of this software its great, but over time this view has been retracted. I won't be using this software going forward, it is slow to process and inconsistent with the information presented. We now scan using a HP JetSender to a network location and create the bill manually, I would STRONG advise you do the same!

Stuart Cameron  

I've been implementing this software across our client base and it is such an easy, quick process and clients love it! Great way to save time as well as money for both the client and the practice. Impressive.

Bradley Wilson  

We have been using AutoEntry for a while and it's great for importing a lot of bank transactions in one go. Next step is to get clients set up to upload directly. Interface with Xero is fantastic and I would highly recommend the pairing.

Rhiannon Hooper  

I have used AutoEntry for over a year and it has been fantastic! It saves us such a lot of processing time. The software remembers suppliers, nominal codes, tax rates and split lines. Using it for bank statements is such a boon too as accuracy is assured. Can heartily recommend this product :)

Anne Sievewright  

Love AutoEntry. Great for posting invoices into Xero and brilliant for converting client bank and credit card statements so that they can be imported into Xero. Overall a great timesaver and slicker than the competition.

Susan Kemish  

I have used auto-entry for the bank statement facility and found that it was very simple and easy to use, also it saves lots of time if no bank feed is available.

Rebecca Cloxton  

Auto entry was a great service and I felt it was easy to use and understand, the customer service was fast and to the point. The end product was of a high standard and I had received everything I wanted.

I would definitely use this website again.

Many thanks,

Morgan Wood  

Saves us a lot of time, particularly with bank statements for clients without a bank feed. Very clever piece of software which can recognise duplicate invoices, credit notes etc. Easy for clients to use.

Claire Burns  

I have recently started using Autoentry and find it user friendly with lots of good help available if you get stuck.

Julie Bott  

Autoentry, what a product we use the bank module at client take on and the time saved in incredible. Have a try you will not be disappointed!

Tony Miles  

We have been using AutoEntry for almost two years now. It has saved us time and reduced the costs associated with data entry. For us the key advantages of AutoEntry are its flexible pricing plan, straightforward interface and the prompt response to any issues that may arise from support staff who are always courteous and friendly. Recommended.

Adrian Hussey  

Great software would not use any other

Josh Baker  

Really easy to use, and saves a lot of time!

Ella Hodgson  

The time it saves accountants like ourselves is unbelievable

Kevin Tait  

I recently starting using this, now i use it daily. It's Great and very user-friendly

Jess Whittaker  

We've been using AutoEntry (DocuRec as was) for quite a while now. It saves so much time, both in automating data entry and not having to travel to collect paperwork or wait for post from clients. Highly recommended.

Jane Chamberlain  

Autoentry is easy to use and saves so much basic data input time. There is the added bonus that you then have the source document forever linked to the accounting entry in Xero. Originally sceptical, I am now an absolute convert. Further, many of our clients are really pleased with the ease of taking photographs of their receipts and invoices via the app. Overall a winner!

Pauline Williamson  

Really good software, saves a lot of time and is great for bank or credit card statements.

Alicia Wardlaw  

This saves me hours of inputting data plus I now have the original copy attached to the finacial record. I only wish I had found this years ago. An incredible piece of software and have already been recommending it to other businesses.

Bill Langley  

Autoentry saves us so much time. A lifesaver where can be used to create a CSV copy of the bank and/or credit card statement where one isnt avaiable and the bank feed doesnt work.

Mark Stewart  

This is a good, easy way to import invoices. What is also useful is being able to scan any bank statement to AutoEntry and convert it here into a CSV file which can then be imported into Xero.

Louise Broadbent  

AutoEntry has been a pivotal tool for us to convert PDF bank statements into CSV files that can be imported into Xero when bank feeds aren't available.

Ed Hill  

Simple and easy to use, and saves so much time!

Elaine McLaughlin  

This software has become a vital tool in our business. We would be lost without it!

Gary Bell  

Auto entry is saving a huge amount of time on each of our jobs. It is a great tool.

Liz McCormick  

AutoEntry is a very useful tool for us. Whilst it has teething problems when initially set up, the machine learning is powerful and improvements are noticeable as time goes on.

The option of having narrative pull through makes it stand out from Receipt Bank and the bank statement converter has worked really well.

John Taylor  

Great softwear, enabling a well rounded and effective method of transfering data to Xero.

Ben Jones  

This is a great tool for automating data entry. it integrates well with Xero to send through data from original records, and saves lots of bank listing time for clients on and off software.

Kaitlin Bartholomew  

Brilliant, simply brilliant

Luke Auger  

AutoEntry is a great tool enabling us to save time within the processing team when selecting the option for a line breakdown. A valued piece of software for our business!

Kam Grewal  

After using Receipt Bank for some time, we decided to change and give Auto Entry a try. The credits system suits us a lot better and means that costs are relative to processing. In terms of the functionality, it is very good and obviously similar to the aforementioned RB. The main positives are that it has a very high success rate of recognition, has a sensible pricing structure and can handle a variety of invoice/statement types. On a negative note, the speed of processing is our main area of criticism - processing is not as quick as we would like and there is no option to "fast track" invoices when it would benefit us to do so. It seems to be improving all the time so I am confident it will remain highly competitive in a competitive marketplace.

Xero Administrator  

I would recommend Auto entry as a quick and easy way to upload your expense vouchers or purchase invoices into Xero. Once you have used a supplier once Auto entry learns how to code up your invoice making it much quicker next time

Beki Scullion  

Great software! Best for bank statements

Samuel Adekeye  

Brilliant software!

Arunan Sathiyakeerthy  

Really easy to setup and use, and saves a lot of time!

Matthew Warwick  

Excellent add on, it is very cost effective and the bank statement processing option is really helpful when clients cannot supply csv files. I do find it is quicker to use for a large number of invoices than sending them to Xero.

Janet Miller  

Great software for transactional accounting. It would be better if the processing time speeds up a little bit.

Malabika Bhowmick  

Very good software, makes the tedious job of analysis much quicker and am very impressed with the turnaround time on projects and the end result is always without issue! Definitely would reccomend.

Kyle Ellis  

I was very impressed with this piece of software. I did have to make some adjustments within the spreadsheet with date formatting as when I copied and pasted into google sheets some dates were in the wrong month due to us/uk date formats.

Lianda Hollyman  

We have recently implemented AutoEntry and I must say that I am impressed! It has unlocked efficiency on our floor so we can focus on our clients so much more! Cool feature that I did not notice before today = you can add tracking codes from within AutoEntry to bills / invoices / bank statement transactions! :)

Marche du Plessis  

such a brilliant software, coupled with the AutoEntry software, it seems unbeatable and saves me so much time!

Maxine Neath  

I love that the PDF uploaded to Xero is an exact copy of the original, rather than the information just being shown in a standard format as with some other software.

It's making a great job of reading my invoices and learning as it goes, a real time saver!

Katie Rowley  

Brilliant, simply brilliant!

Jamie Lamb  

Great software. Shrinks analysis and saves a lot of time with each job.
10/10, would Xero again

Nathan Ebblewhite  

An impeccable piece of software! The time it saves accountants like ourselves is unbelievable

Cameron Dewey  

Its the best software I've used!!! Really quick and easy

Ellis Tait  

Excellent software which makes our work a lot quicker and easier.

Bethany Hope  

Fantastic piece of software and we've never looked back since we've got it! Amazing!!

Matthew McConnell  

Brilliant piece of software and has cut our workload down within the office. We now use this where the apprentices scan this in and then a job is completed much quicker. Would recommend this to people

Jonathan Tait  

We have recently started using Auto-Entry, I find it very quick & easy. It saves a lot of time and the customer service is great.

Lydia Roskell  

Auto entry is very useful for analysing large amounts of bank statements and invoices. The software is user friendly and the customer service is satisfactory. The speed documents are analysed can be improved,

John Sasuman  

Auto-entry saves me a lot of time at work. Very easy to use and customer service is great!

Catrina Clamor  

We are new to using Auto Entry. So far I find it very easy & quick to use. The support you get from online and email is quick and efficient.

Victoria Card  

AUTOENTRY - well all I can say is that I find the platform to be user friendly, quick and seamless, it allows quick entry of all out client invoices and cuts down on valuable time spent on data entry, cant rate it enough.

Suzanne Thompson  

We use autoentry to process both sales & purchases invoices for our clients. The software is quick & easy to use. I would recommend using this add-on.

Isaac Simpson  

We use autoentry to process our clients information. The software is often slower than Xero's manual alternative but is easy to use.

Phil Davies  

I use Autoentry everyday to manage my clients sales & purchase invoices. It saves me alot of time but occasionally the software rejects invoices for no reason.

Sam Williams  

It is a useful & time saving tool when you have a client with a large number of invoices / bank statements to process.

Emily Wynne  

Autoentry is easy to use but customer support could be improved as response times are slow

Shana Conroy  

User-friendly software but processing time could be faster.

Lara Wood  

We use Auto Entry as our main way of processing sales and purchase invoices into Xero and also for bank statements. We generally have no problems (aside from the odd glitch) and the pricing structure compared to Receipt Bank was a no brainer for us saving us about £200 per month!! It is really easy to use both internally and for clients. We've never looked back since switching to this

Vanessa Fuller  

Great time saver. Attaches copy of expense or sales to transactions so saving on paper filing.

Sharon Betts  

AutoEntry has sped up processing in our practice and means you can set it to upload whilst you get on with other tasks and come back to it when you receive the email to say all have been uploaded. It’s great that invoices can have multiple line items and still get the level of accuracy needed for accounts preparation. A lot of invoice we receive are by email therefore being able to forward them on to the system for processing is really beneficial.

Gemma Pavey  

Excellent software and a great time saver. Very accurate results.

Berish Hoffman  

It is so simple to convert the files to excel spreadsheet! Accuracy is amazingly good! Worth purchasing!

Izabela Raaths  

Great system with a huge time saving, particularly when using it for bank statement downloads. Really useful for client's who don't use online banking.

Ruth Phillips  

Excellent software, user friendly and a great time saver. I would definitely recommend.

Gabriel Glick  

We use AutoEntry for a number of our clients to keep on top of their bookkeeping. It works great with Xero and is easy enough to use, the set up is also pretty straight forward. It's a great way of linking everything together and saves on all the unnecessary paperwork. Would definately recommend.

Poppy Barnard  

I have used Autoentry a number of times I find it efficient and easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone who is still manually inputting payments and receipts/ typing out bank statements on excel.

Abbie Stocks  

I have been using AutoEntry for a while now and I find it a very useful piece of software, especially for clients I do bookkeeping for. The fact that you can process bank statements and invoices before you finish work, and then the following morning they are processed and sat in your inbox waiting to be dealt with, makes it user-friendly and an efficient way of doing bookkeeping and accounts, saving both time and money. In cases where I have had issues, the customer support team have responded quickly and been very helpful.

Ryan Todd  

I have been using auto-entry for a few months now, very good with lots of invoices and bank statements and incredibly accurate, slight downside is the length of time it takes to process but it saves time in the long run! Works really well with Xero.

Sian Perkins  

I have used AutoEntry to process bank statements. Great for reducing time spent manually entering a statement into an Excel sheet to process in Xero.

Luke Quintana Baker  

I use Auto Entry to convert my clients bank statements and upload them into Xero - when they haven't set up bank feeds - its quick, easy and painless - i would thoroughly recommend using it.

Susan Frank  

Only started using this about 9 months ago, but I'm a convert.
Its so simple to set up and use, and saves no end of time being able to upload invoices, receipt and even bank statements via email or the mobile app. It remembers suppliers, account and VAT codes, and automatically attaches a pdf of each invoice with the transaction when it syncs with the accounting software. No more manual data-input or storage of paper records. Fab!

Pippa Brown  

We have been using autoentry for some time now and love it! It scans income and purchases invoices and bank statements and allows you to post these into your accounting package without having to key in the data. You choose if you want to include the detail line or not, saving credits if you don't need this but giving you the option if you do. The support is fantastic and we also love the way the credits are available for every company on your account, so you are not paying a set fee per client - saving you from wasting cerdits! Definitely recommend this App.

Tracey Nicholls  

We have been using Autoentry for a while now and the time it has saved us is huge. It has been especially useful with bank statements. This is where we primarily use Autoentry and it saves us a huge amount of time processing bank statements into csv format before uploading them into Xero

Alistair Walshaw  

Please note that we as a company have started using Autoentry and I have personally found it very quick and easy to use. The website was straightforward, clear and simple to navigate. We also found that transferring PDF's into other formats was very easy and quick to use. We have used the other features such as scanning invoices and also found that to be a very quick conversion with very little turnaround time. Would have no hesitation in recommending Autoentry to others.

Darren Mason  

I have recently started using Auto Entry but can already see that the software will save me time as well as making the postings easier. It's very easy to use and I have had no problems with the integration with Xero. So far I will give it 4 stars!

Lene Thagaard Zaouche  

AutoEntry is very helpful in our company. Find the integration with Xero seamless. In addition to using it with Xero, we also use it to get bank statements into Excel format, which enables us to reconcile the bank of manual cashbooks. This saves us a lot of time. We are very, very happy with AutoEntry.

Hayley Turp  

AutoEntry is saving a great amount of time as part of the bookkeeping processes. Great software and works well with Xero by providing the option to download bank statements in a Xero format, spots duplicate invoices and recognizes preferences of categories, suppliers etc.

Pieria Protopapa  

I run a small bookkeeping practice and have been using Autoentry for around 8 months with great success.

Not only does Autoentry save time with data entry, but I also find it very useful that a pdf is also automatically attached to the transaction within the bookkeeping. This means I no longer need to reference the paperwork, so no longer spend time alphabetically filing everything away.

Paperwork can be scanned to a multi document file, emails with invoice attachments can be forwarded to a unique email address or photos can be taken with the mobile phone App. All methods work well and allow for the uploading to be done in-house or by the clients themselves.

Bank statements can also be converted by Autoentry – great for those clients who can’t provide a CSV of the bank.

The pricing model is very fair and one of the reasons I chose Autoentry initially. Credits are purchased and can be used over all clients, can be carried over for 3 months and the number purchased can be changed each month if necessary.

I thoroughly recommend Autoentry and do so on a regular basis.

Kimberly Berrow  

I have been using AutoEntry since March and I can say that the efficiency with which I am carrying out tasks has been greatly improved. I do not have to post invoices manually anymore as after a simple scan and a quick check, I can have them imported from AutoEntry.

I am impressed with its ability to remember contact names, nominal and vat codes, and to scan both PDF and JPG files, which increases efficiency even further.

Would definitely recommend this to anyone who is required to process a lot of invoices as part of their daily tasks, and needs to see them on an individual basis.

Darius Ionut  

I’ve been using AutoEntry for a couple of months now and I am very happy with the software and its functions. I like the fact that I can share credits across clients and that I can just purchase as and when plus I'm not tied in to any long-term contract. I have recommended this software to many of my clients has they get ready for Making Tax Digital.

Cain Squires
CRS Accounting

cain squires  

I have been using Auto Entry for a while and I find it very useful and I save a lot of time on previous manual bookkeeping tasks.

Josie Pearce  

We have used Auto-Entry for a few months now. The processing time is quick and very accurate. The Xero integration is a real time saver!! would highly recommend.

Rhys Evans  

Great add on to Xero, really speeds up the bookkeeping process.

Dan Routcliffe  

This software is really helpful, majorly speeding up the bookkeeping process. Really accurate when processing the bank statements so is extremely helpful. I have found the support to be very efficient, helpful and friendly.

Christine Badcock  

As an accountant I have now used AutoEntry in line with a varied client list and it has really improved our productivity.

Clients now send all there expenses to the email address you are supplied and send us there bank statements at the end of the year.

Really has cut down on our data entry allowing us to spend more time reviewing and assisting where possible.

Edward Perry  

Autoentry makes book keeping much easier and saves so much time! I would definitely recommend this software.

Elise Crowther  

Auto-entry saves time and does a good job!

Vish Vallipuram  

Auto entry great software easy to use and the reports and links make a great time saver cloud base just scan either invoices or banks statements and they then converted into your choice Xero csv and a number of other formats

Andrew Davis  

The accuracy and quality from AutoEntry is amazing. It is user friendly and saves a lot of time. Highly recommendable to anyone wanting to simplify their conversion process.

Heila Labuschagne  

I have been using Auto-entry for a couple of months now and it's great. It's very easy to use and the processing time is quick. The online support is very good too. I particularly like how the credits can be spread across multiple clients.

Rachael Prideaux  

We started using AutoEntry about a month ago. I initially was hesitant because I had grown up with OCR technology being unreliable. I was blown away with the efficiency and accuracy of the software. Having processed 1000+ invoices with AutoEntry all ready and it has been 100% accurate throughout.

Philip Barber  

My experience with Autoentry has been up and down. We have a big client who has just transitioned to Auto Entry from previously printing each invoice and posting it manually each week and it has had its benefits and disadvantages. It is quite expensive and the main disadvantage is when someone sends an invoice onto Autoentry but ends up being a duplicate, it still costs credits. Another disadvantage is that once line items are selected, you cannot unselect some or group some together unless you manually delete each word and number in the line. However, the invoice quality when it gets onto Auto entry and Xero is amazing. We have a lot of credit cards and it is so much easier putting the invoice on and using the "mark as paid" section on autoentry before putting it onto Xero, as it is on the bank and has the invoice attached to it! Since we have called up, the turn around between uploading an invoice onto Autoentry and it being processed has quickened rapidly, which we appreciate so much! It has its negatives and advantages but overall I believe it is a good software once you've learned the ins and outs to save credits!

Klaudia Celerikova  

I use AutoEntry quite a bit and they have been great!! There has been a few errors but the errors were on invoices and bills which were hard to understand / read.
They are very quick and efficient and their help desk are very knowledgeable.
Using AutoEntry has cut down the time I do accounts which allows me to focus on other areas of the job.

Naomi Denning  

I would definitely recommend Auto Entry. Their response time is very quick.

Bill Twomey  

I have only started using Xero since started this new job. it's great to use, very user friendly and easy to follow.

Daisy Shek  

This software is really helpful, majorly speeding up the bookkeeping process. Really accurate when processing the bank statements so is extremely helpful.

Emily Bowden  

Auto Entry works so well I am pleasantly surprised. It even reads handwritten documents. Wow!

Janet Simpson  

Auto-entry is highly efficient and very easy to use, would recommend.

Mark Grogan  

Auto-entry is highly efficient and very easy to use, would recommend.

Jamie Treacy  

Auto-entry saves me so much time on our own bookkeeping, freeing me up to get our clients onto it to save yet more time.

Sam Andrews  

We have been using Autoentry for various clients. It connects really well with Xero and means I spend less time on data entry

Nicola Brown  

We've moved across from Receipt Bank to Auto Entry in the last month and so far it appears to be going well. Invoices scanned in have been accurate and we've added extra detail where we needed it easily enough. The first batch did take a while to come through but subsequent batches were faster.

Fiona Grant  

My practice firm has switched from Receipt bank to Auto Entry few months ago, and so far we are absolutely satisfied with the service, especially, regarding processing turnaround time, accuracy of data capture, and brilliant error-proofed interface with Xero.
It has offered us a more user friendly and cost effective solution for data entry. The support team is always helpful for any queries.

suteh Fatajo  

AutoEntry has been a great addition - quick, efficient and simple to use. Highly recommended.

Andrew Kelly  

Excellent software, user friendly and a great time saver. I would definitely recommend.

Emilie Campbell  

Started using Auto Entry to save time and mistakes with manual entry, works brilliant and easy to then upload to Xero. Highly recommend

Dexter Lawrence  

As a firm we have changed from Receipt Bank to Autoentry and have been really pleased with the move. We mainly use this for uploading purchase invoices and converting bank statements into the correct format to upload into Xero.
The support received from Wayne has been great.

Tom York  

We are using Autoentry with Xero and its working very well for us

Enda Lewis  

I have recently started using Auto Entry and find it easy to use and it has saved time.
Laborious bank reconciliations should be a thing of the past once you commence.

Lesley Nears  

Have recently started using AutoEntry and other than a few hiccups that support helped me with it is working perfectly for the firm, would love if another field could be added so i could set a default description for every Invoice for a Supplier.

Edward Moody  

Very user friendly. Efficient and a great time saver. Great customer service. Highly recommend.

Dawn Dawn  

Very easy to use and a great time saver. Good platform and friendly staff. Would highly recommend.

Nick Adams  

Autoentry is excellent software in the time I have used it it has never made an error, the interface is easy to use, I would definitely recommend this software for Xero users

James Jarvis  

I could not manage my business without Auto Entry. It is very easy to use and would highly recommend it.

Sarah Kennedy  

The programme is very easy to use and is very helpful.It has great features. Would definitely recommend.

Claire Scannell  

I have used the product since it was AutoRec and have found it to be a massive timesaver. Makes large messy bank reconciliations a breeze! The importing of info from scans/photos is straightforward and most importantly, accurate! Would definitely recommend to any book-keeper or accountant who deal with a lot of sole traders and small companies.

Richard Barry  

Very easy to use and a real time saver.

Eoin Ahern  

Uploading statements and sales invoices is so easy

Margaret Middlemass  

Recently started using Auto Entry and we love it!
Great customer service and fest and efficient product.
Can highly recommend!

Jason Everton  

A real time saver.

Rosemary Holden  

A very effective and efficient tool with first rate product support. Can highly recommend.

Richard Parkin  

These guys are great. The turnaround time for scanned documents especially bank statements have been really helpful. Keep up the great work guys!

Adesola Adeduwon  

I use this tool a lot. Very useful and is a great time saver. The software makes it a lot easier to process documents and it is very accurate. I would recommend trying this.

Dexter Palmer  

Saves a lot of time, worth using in a busy working environment!

Jagbir Lally  

We have been using AutoEntry with Xero for a year or so now and think it safes us a lot of time. I have recommended to clients for them to use as this saves hours of time.

Eunan Kerlin  

Simple to use and efficient app to upload large amounts of data into Xero - used for bank statements, sales and purchase invoices. Intuitive and high level of accuracy. Reasonably fast processing speeds once data uploaded.

Aimee Clarke  

Autoentry is a great bridge between your data and Xero. It enables me to simply and efficiently upload any content to Xero in the appropriate format. The integration feature is very impressive. A recommendable add-on

Olivia Robinson  

AutoEntry is very useful in uploading documents in bulk to use in accountancy software - it is incredibly accurate and saves a lot of time entering data. The only area it could perhaps be improved would be the ability to accurately read rental statements, as it does not currently have this capability.

Tom Andrew  

The ability to change a PDF to a CSV is fantastic!
Auto Entry is really easy to use

Faye Betts  

I have been an advocate of AutoRec for the practice ever since I first saw is during 2014. The time saved since it was implemented has been considerable, and when we encountered problems with operation on our network, the personal attention and tailored fix provided to us by Michael Daly was much appreciated. It is good to see that Ocrex has not rested on their laurels and have developed AutoEntry.

Having seen the future vision of the professions as set out by Richard Susskind & his father Daniel, I am absolutely convinced that artificial intelligence will play an increasing important role in the day to day way that we do our job, meaning that in future advisers will actually be able to advise instead of having to spend time simply transcribing information from one system to another with all the risks that poses.

I see the integration of AutoEntry with Xero and then integration between Xero & Tax software as being a key requirement to ensure that Making Tax Digital is a success. It is vital that the United Kingdom keeps up with the rest of the World and solutions such as those offered by Ocrex will be an important cog in that aim.

John Bland  

Auto Entry is easy to use and speeds up the bookkeeping process. I would definitely recommend.

Marie Beirne  

AutoEntry works well across multiple different cloud software offerings and allows uploads via the app, which is great for clients that are prone to misplacing invoices or receipts. Ideal for software where live bank feeds are not available as you can convert the bank statements into CSV files to upload. It has really improved our efficiency and accuracy and I have recommended it to both clients and fellow accountants.

Sarah Rowlinson  

This product saves you time! Well worth using it!

Lorraine Dick  

As a firm, we find the usage charges very flexible, as we put small clients on the system without incurring a fixed monthly charge (as many of their competitors do!). I also think their app is much more flexible for practising accountants than receiptbank, as you can pick the client as you login (receipt bank makes you create pseudonyms!).

With the added bonus of integration of bank statement scanning and sale invoices, it's hard ot beat.

Overall, very happy and would highly recommend

Ian (ADMIN) Smith  

The support on this software is very good, they have live chat and reply to my queries very quickly. The software integrates very well with Xero and I really like how it attaches a copy of the receipt to the transaction. Would recommend this as an add on.

Sarah-Jane George  

As a firm we use both pieces of software on a daily basis as it saves us a lot of time and money. It attaches a scanned copy of the invoice which has been proven useful on many occasions.

Lauren Hooper  

I use autoentry to scan in invoices daily, its great to view the invoices in Xero. Makes life so much easier

Laura Crouch  

A fantastic product that has been 100% accurate The product integrates easily with Xero with fast uploads. Overall very impressed

Daniel Coleman  

We use AutoEntry daily for purchase invoices, it makes our processes so much slicker & saves a lot of time on inputting. Being able to see copies of the invoices in Xero helps greatly with queries and speedy responses. We have also used the statement conversion software and greatly reduced our inputting time on tidy up jobs. Would definitely recommend.

Samantha Nelmes  

AutoEntry is a brilliant time saver for those annual cashbook xero jobs. Scan the statements in, wait a while, export the data and import into xero. No messing around with mis-read figures, the accuracy is great. So easy to have all the statement lines there ready for bank rules or cash coding. So pleased we found this software!

Sam Ellis  

As accountant in practice I have been using AutoEntry's invoice scanning feature to import into accounts packages. It is very easy to use, saves time and very accurate. It is also good having a copy of the invoice saved online for quick reference. which eliminates of physical copy filing process,accounts finalization is easy to review by viewing attached invoice.very useful bank statement import, if you don't have access to a bank feed is invaluable. it fully automate the bookkeeping cycle.
very simple but exceptionally powerful especially when integrated in to xero.

Mahesh Giri  

I recently started using Autorec, I find it much easier to use than some of the other companies that offer the same thing. The ability to split multi page invoices and the simple VAT analysis breakdown are the great and saves lots of time.

Sharon Oates  

AutoEntry is the best automated invoice processing I have used out of this and two other big players in the game. Others have better functionality but what auto entry does, it does it head and shoulders above the others. They have told me that they will be introducing more features in the coming months... With that it will probably become 5 stars!

Tim Caunt  

Autoentry has changed our lives in the firm, entering purchase invoices and sales invoices have never been so easy. Not only does it make an accounts life easier but it also helps clients.

Also the bank statements are converted into csv files which also makes it very easy to analyse the bank statement.

As an accountant I feel like my life has changed since auto entry has been introduced to me.

I highly recommend this product to everyone!!

Sayeeb Uddin  

A great product that gives valuable time saving for our work. Fast and accurate uploading of information and the support is great too!

Tracey Hammond  

Superb app, and the pricing policy makes it very flexible. We look after 50+ clients and use auto entry for all of them. Support is very helpful but need it rarely. Cant imagine life without it.

David Beck  

This product saves hours of time not having to manually input documents onto Xero. Also the phone app is very useful for uploading documents when you are out of the office. High recommended.

Paul Norman  

Been using autoentry for over a year and have been happy with their service. Bookkeeping has never been so easy. Their customer service is also very responsive and helpful.

Hamed Abdallah  

I have been using Autoentry for a few months now and I have found that the program works very well with Xero. Overall I have found that It's a huge time saver. I am also very happy with the level of care and professionalism displayed by the customer care team when I had issues linking Autoentry with Sage.

Shobha Ellerington  

Having used auto entry several times now, I am suitably impressed with the software. I would highly recommend its use.

Paul Sykes  

It is easy to use and data is processed quickly and accurately. A real time saver.

Heidi Fox  

Having used Auto Entry a number of times now, I can say that this programme is excellent. The amount of time saved on using this programme is worth it in itself, but its also extremely accurate and cost effective. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone and when ever you have a problem the support team are very friendly and efficient.

Ben Francis  

Great support received from the staff at DocuRec. Using this with xero is really intuitive and saves an incredible amount of time. Couldn't recommend this more.

Tom Williamson  

We have been using Auto Entry for over a year now, love it! It really helps us in all aspects within our bookkeeping practice, we use with a number of softwares too! Especially like the bank statement import, which if you don't have access to a bank feed is invaluable.
Really helpful kit to our practice for time efficiency and also digital archiving.

Nicola Payne  

Autoentry and XERO is a best integration so far. Autoentry is a cost and time effective tool for everybody and one should use it to avoid inputting data manually. Recommended for all Bookkeepers

Bilal Jahangir  

Extremely useful service reducing process time for invoices significantly.. The website and process could not be more intuitive or simple, and the fact that it is able to recall previously inputted categorization of invoices saves even more time.

James Macmaster  

Good to automate the bookkeeping cycle

Joanna Greska  

We have fairly recently began using autoentry and xero and the amount of time saved on client work is beyond what you could ask for. It is self explanatory and easy to navigate. Also, as of yet, I've not had a single issue with uploading clients information regarding things such as bank statements etc. Reconciliations are unique in their own way as you can create your own rules to quickly reconcile accounts. Overall, a massive improvement to the way work is done.

Josh Moragas  

Brilliant. Time saver

Suraj Shah  

Without a shadow of a doubt the best OCR technology available for integration with Xero. Use with quite a lot of our clients. Client's love it, we love it and the saving in terms of time to our practise make the system an excellent addition to our eco-system

Dean Quartermaine  

Auto Entry is great if you have a business that uses the same suppliers each month for the same category of purchase/service as the memory function available upon set up is great and can save valuable time for large number of invoices. If you have a large volume of bank statements that need uploading this save a lot of time in the manual input of the statements if there is no feed and the bank doesn't offer a CSV option.

Rachel Seymour  

I have recently starting using Autoentry and find it excellent. It took a bit of getting use to but overall it is great. I use it for importing both sales invoices and bank statements. Initially i was using it just for statements but I found the sales invoice import excellent. I it great the original invoice is held within Xero. I currently use Quotewerks for both quote and issuing invoices and find it excellent but the lack of integration with Xero was a problem. Now with Auto Entry I can import the the invoices generated by Quotewerks directly into Xero. It's really helped my business.

Eoin McKenna  

good to automate the bookkeeping cycle, no more data capturing, awesome support, thanks guys

Ryno Bekker  

For bigger bookkeeping jobs, I would definitely recommend AutoEntry. Easy to upload invoices, and can sync the data straight into Xero. However, if you do have any queries, the support team are very quick at replying.

Olly Hicks  

I recently started using Autoentry, the support setting everything up was great really helpful with a couple of glitches I had. I have found the process to be easy and very quick. it has saved me lots of inputting time. I have been able to take on extra works as this save time.
Would recommend this app as one to have

Jo Sheppard  

I have been using AutoEntry for a few months after having converted over from a similar competitor product and I fine AutoEntry much better. I find the invoice processing through to Xero much easier and also the bank statement conversion saves a lot of time.
The pricing of pay as as you go is much fairer.

Mark Cornwell  

Our firm has only recently started using AutoEntry and we have found that it safes a lot of time and effort as it converts bank statements very effectively. I would definitely recommend using AutoEntry.

Sene Cronje  

I have been using AutoEntry for the past couple of months. It works great for converting bank statements from PDF to a CSV format for direct import in Xero. You pay as you go which is another great feature. Is comfortable in referring it to friends and business partners

Pierre Nel  

Auto-Entry is Fantastic, we have tried numerous free online conversion tools/apps, but it did not deliver good quality results. With Auto Entry, the time saved far outways the small cost. Time is money, and auto entry saves our firm a great deal of time.

Reinhart van Zyl  

I have been using Auto Entry for about 4 months . I researched several competitor products. I chose Auto Entry because you pay for what you use and more important - the help desk support is excellent.
I have been very impressed. Of particular help is the upload of bank statements which are converted to the correct format to upload into Xero. This has made a move to Xero far more straight forward

Christine Anders  

Been using auto entry for approximately 8 months brilliant for time saving easy to use . Fab

Victoria Halliday  

Have been using Autoentry for over a year, great time saver for those mundane data entry tasks. Delighted with the product and support from the company.

Donal Moran  

We started using Auto Entry recently to convert scanned Bank Statements into data to import into Xero - it works really well and we get a fast turnaround. Excellent!

George Coleman  

I recently started using Auto Entry. It safes me time, it is easy to use and it is accurate.

Ilse Havemann  

I have only recently started using AutoEntry and I have already noticed the difference. Very time efficient and accurate.

Gabriella Spanellis  

Easy to use and accurate. As accountant in practice I have been using AutoEntry's invoice scanning feature to import into accounts packages. It is very easy to use, saves time and very accurate. It is also good having a copy of the invoice saved online for quick reference.

Dave Manson  

We have been using Autoentry for over a month now and it really saves a ton of time. It is accurate every time and is very user friendly.

Driekie Cloete  

Compared to various accounting applications this is a pretty simplified system with great results which I would be comfortable in referring to friends and business partners.

Delano Williams  

Use this daily, great interface and very user-friendly

Georgia Scott  

I am a bookkeeper and use AutoEntry for all of my clients....it has saved me time, allowing me to grow my bookkeeping practice. It's really instinctive to use and the support received from Ocrex has been brilliant.

Hannah Jeffery  

Great - efficient and worth investing in.
All of my office use it and it saves so much time and is 100% accurate every time!

Lucy Denniston-Ward  

Would not use any other software than auto entry so time efficient and always receive the results in less than 24 hours! If anyone wants a software for analysing don't look past autoentry!!

Jake Coombs  

Would be a great if quoted processing times were stuck to. Having used this service for almost 6 months the processing time regularly exceeds the quoted maximum of 24 hours and only gets completed once chased through support.

Edward Croome  

I find Auto Entry a real time saver. I find purchase invoices are being completed a lot quicker. Really happy with the service it provides.

Joanne Cartmill  

Really useful for putting Purchase and Sales invoice into Xero. So much easier than entering manually!

Tricia Davis  

AutoEntry is just amazing for my staff in the office they use this most days to work with Xero and they save a great amount of time, less entering data and more time spent on important work.

Mark Boxall  

What a great app, this saves me so much time scanning purchase invoices into the AutoEntry and pushing straight through to Xero!!

Chelsea Sheriff  

Wow, the time saved is amazing. I completely recommend AutoEntry to anyone that wants accurate and time saving entries.

Julie Fannon  

Auto entry is an amazing app, saves so much time getting statement into excel format. I would recommend to anyone using Xero and wanting to save time.

Lauren Harris  

Autoentry is a great app to use saves you so much time with not having to enter statement information into an excel sheet, Autoentry does all this for you!!

Sarah Jones  

Easy to use, reduces processing time considerably.

James Adams  

I have been using AutoEntry now for a few months and find it very easy to use. I took advantage of a 30 minute overview session with one of the guys which really helped me on my way. I love the online support which is very responsive. Seamless auto data entry!

Kate Todd  

We have been using autoentry for around 7 months now and we love it. Quick response and accurate processing. Picks up 2 page invoices and different VAT rates.. We would definitely recommend this add on.

Julie Leckie  

This software is fantastic. Its accuracy is 100% which is unbelievable but we are yet to find fault.

Billie Mcloughlin  

I have only used AutoEntry a couple of times but I'm already impressed with the accuracy and speed. It should save a lot of time.

Leanne Notley  

Fab product!! Makes life easy!

Lucy Bloy  

We have been using Autoentry for a few months now. It is very straight forward and the speed of invoice processing is excellent.

Stacey Brobson  

Love this software! It is so easy to use and has been 100% accurate so far. I'd recommend this to everyone - such a good time-saver!

Mike Bolton  

Thus far I have been very impressed with AutoEntry - I have been using it for just over a year and they have never made a mistake! The amount of time I have saved on bank analysis is definitely worth the fee that they charge.

I would highly recommend to anyone. If I had to describe AutoEntry in two words they would be "simply brilliant"!

Jonathan Garrett  

Highly recommended app, helps to reduce processing time considerably. Also, very easy to use.

Sarim Iqbal  

Hi I have been using Auto Entry (DocuREc) and Xero for a few months now and am finding it one of the best software's I have used. I have had some problems with using AutoEntry but the staff have been right on it and looked into it for me and kept me up to date of when the problem would be solved. We have also discussed this with clients as we feel it is a great product to use.

Nadine Gerrard  

We use the Auto Entry program within our company and it works fantastically for our purposes. It's quick and efficient and reconciles with Xero seamlessly. I look forward to using the system for many years to come and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

Sarah Arnett  

Auto entry is a great tool! it is very user friendly and easy to navigate and saves us so much time with the bank statement and invoice upload feature. I would definitely recommend this to clients!

Rebecca Findlay  

A fantastic product that has been 100% accurate. We are using the software as a firm and we have been saving substantial amount of time on analysis work. we mainly use it for bank analysis and it has always given accurate results

Usman Ijaz  

I really like how efficient and easy autoentry makes uploading information to Xero. It is really user friendly and easy to navigate. Xero itself has so many uses which makes life so much easier for the client and us as well.
The only negative I would say is the issue with the bank feeds at the moment but apart from that its great.

Seona Major  

Can't remember life before AutoEntry! It's really changed the way we do things and leaves us able to concentrate on the bigger picture. Fantastic tool that I don't hesitate in recommending to my clients!

Ben Smith  

I have used Auto Entry for awhile now. It is quick, accurate and fit for purpose. I would recommend auto entry to any one who needs this sort of service. I have used other services before and they do not meet the excellent service supplied by auto entry.

Clare Wright  

Been using Auto Entry for a few months now. Very easy to use, processes data quickly and integrates seamlessly with Xero. Makes processing of invoices and Bank statements so much easier so that it leaves me time to concentrate on the bigger picture. Would very much recommend the product!

Zoe Denning  

Uploading bank statements, invoices and receipts has never been easier. It helps save so much time as business!

Tom Williams  

I have recently moved back to work in accountancy practice having been out in Industry. I was very pleased to hear about this product and have found it a huge time saving and aids accuracy in reconciling banks.

Rhidian Davies  

Very happy with AutoEntry. The system is quick and easy to use.

Sam Grimshaw  

We use AutoEntry to process sales, purchases and bank statements for VAT returns, it saves so much time in data entry and is getting quicker at processing data! Its easy to use for accountants and clients and I would definitely recommend it.

Kirsty Thompson  

We have been using AutoEntry for about 3 months now, and it's been excellent. The pricing structure of credits is so much more flexible than the monthly subscription model of competitors, this is certainly a plus. As well as invoice processing another benefit is the ability to scan bank statements which you can then download in Xero csv format and upload directly into Xero - works perfectly every time. Definitely recommend!

Lee Willoughby  

I have been using AutoEntry for about 8 months and have been very impressed with it so far. It seems to be a lot more accurate than other products available and the fact it also does sales invoices and bank statements makes it the complete package ahead of its rivals. The bank statement is great for clients who are reluctant to connect bank feeds or when you are first converting a client to Xero and maybe inputting 6 months data in one go. Its our best Xero app. A big thing is also the pricing as they have block pricing to accountants so there is no wastage on subscriptions like you have with other similar products. Would highly recommend this to others.

Glenn Martin  

W have started using Auto Entry recently. Thar accuracy in particular is excellent and it has become an integral part of how we work. I would definitely recommend Auto Entrry
Barry Coffey.
Coffey & Co.

Barry Coffey  

Auto Entry is excellent. Uploading bank statements, invoices and receipts is painless. We're saving so much time as a business!

Sam Kirlew  

Just love AUTOENTRY it’s has been a valuable add on to Xero, in saving us heaps time on invoice data entry. Would highly recommend for those that have a fair few invoices to enter. And the archiving of the PDF originals for 7 years to cover HMRC wonderful don’t need to worry about lost files etc

Simon Gomes-Da Costa  

We've been using AutoEntry for almost a year now, it has changed the way we do our business. We can concentrate on the interesting tasks while leaving the mundane tasks to AutoEntry!

Kellie Naughton  

Love Autoentry! It makes life so much easier for bookkeeping and love that the scanned document is transferred to be within Xero too

Elizabeth B  

We reviewed all of the usual suspects about a year ago for automatic receipt and invoice processing.
We finally plumbed for Autoentry and haven't looked back. We send our docs in a variety of ways, by direct upload on the website, forwarding email attachments and we've even set up our printer to scan directly to Autoentry as well.
Since using AE we've dropped our outsourced bookkeeping because using AE is far quicker and far more real-time.
Can't recommend Autoentry enough.

Concrete Carrot  

Great software with great support We are very pleased to have used Autoentry.

bo wu  

Very happy with Autoentry. Doesn’t the job nicely, no complaints.

James Raleigh  

We love autoentry for the processing of paper bank statements into a xero import file. Could not be without this system.

Diane de Garis  

We find Autoentry to be fantastic. The time saved is awesome and it is very simple to use, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any practice using Xero - a "no-brainer" decision that you will not regret.

Phil Wood  

Really good user friendly system, never had a problem with anything i have used it for.

Alan Potts  

AutoEntry’s interface is very easy to use for uploading purchase/sales information and bank statements. The time-saving benefits are valuable, allowing us to re-allocate precious time to help our growing customer base.

Victoria Romanova  

Very easy to use and great for my foreign currency accounts!

Justine McKnight  

Using Auto Entry with Xero has made our bookkeeping processes far more efficient and streamlined. The time-saving benefits have proven very valuable to us and our clients alike. Recommended!

Coral Hamze  

Have been using this recently for importing bank statements into Xero and find it very user- friendly.

Cathryn Ritchie  

I have started using AutoEntry recently and the convenience of all my documents being scanned into Xero and inputting all the relevant information that I need in for me whilst highlighting all the data that wasn't on the invoices or weren't visible saves hours of time and enables me to do other work while this is being done, essentially doubling the work that I can do in a certain amount of time.

Eitan Kropp  

I started using AutoEntry a couple of months ago because I was interested to see what they could offer over my current supplier which is becoming quite expensive. i am so far very impressed. The data is processed quicker and just as accurately. The cost is much more reasonable and I really like how the credits roll forward and can be used over a number of clients. The support and communication from AE has been excellent.

Emma Hume  

Since starting to use Auto Entry for scanning in statements to Xero I have found it to be a very useful tool. The fact that the system highlights if a statement is missing is also an advantage.

Michael Thompson  

Really good and helpful software saving time and making our work more efficient and able to do it quicker.

Ronak Shah  

Really happy with the software, convenient and typing up bank statements is such a huge time saver!

Liam Murphy  

I have recently started using Auto Entry and find it very useful for processing the bank statements and making them user friendly for importing into Xero. Another benefit is that if statements are missing auto entry identifies this and highlights this fact.

Andrew Blair  

I have just started to use Auto Entry for scanning in and entering purchase invoice to Xero and have found it to be very useful.

Wendy Strathdee  

We have been using Autoentry for a few months and have found it to be very helpful for entering large number of receipts. Would recommend.

Adam Harding  

This has saved us loads of time in our practice. It is great being able to upload bank statements too and getting them back in various types of file.

Emma Duda  

I have been using Autoentry for around two months and it is so nice to be able to show clients a piece of software that they look at and just can't believe how much time saving can be made. Its all about adding value and if that's by timesaving and automation Autoentry is a must have.

Darren Stafford  

AutoEntry is a great piece of software. It works well for us on both the receipts side and the bank statements side.

It's formed an integral part of our internal processing and I couldn't imagine running the practice without it now!

Certainly one to recommend. Support is great too!

James Stephens  

We as a firm have only recently started using the AutoEntry software after switching from an alternative source. The layout of the software makes it very user friendly and easy to get to grips with speeding up the process of inputting purchases into xero. Using the bank statement tool to extract information from bank statements has saved us a lot of time in processing some of our clients books as this used to be a timely process in typing each statement and reduces the chance of errors. Any issues or problems we have had trouble with have been resolved very quickly through the use of the chat function within the software. I would highly recommend this add-on.

Toni Anne Drake  

Auto Entry is a great Xero add on which picks up information accurately enabling quicker processing of invoices which then transfer to Xero either to Awaiting Payment or Drafts. It also separates a PDF with multiple invoices which I find very helpful.

Rianne Townsend-Brown  

This software makes bookkeeping so much easier and quicker!
It is a great time saver and allows us to analyse bank statements in Excel format.
We have linked clients on both Xero and Quickbooks with AutoEntry.

Gavin Hooker  

We have been using Auto Entry as a firm for a couple of months and we’re really impressed at how much time it can save, level of accuracy and convenience. As a medium sized accountancy firm we are always looking at options to save labour hours inputting data and so far it is a good inexpensive solution.

Purchase invoices are easy to process, we mostly upload all the invoices we want to process as one PDF and leave Auto Entry to process them, but there are options to process multi-page PDFs and more detailed breakdown. It will read the Date, Supplier name, and amounts, net of VAT and gross including it. When Auto Entry and Xero are linked up, all the Suppliers, Customers and the Chart of Accounts are linked, to the supplier account and relevant nominal can be selected from a drop down, which Auto Entry remembers going forward. You can ‘’Approve’’ invoices that are ready to import and sync up with Xero
Sales work very similar to Purchases.

Bank statements are processed quickly and are usually accurate, saving us many hours that our staff would have to spend manually summarising. The files at the end can then be either downloaded as an excel file or imported into Xero. In terms of chargeable time it is inexpensive, freeing up time to work on other tasks.

- On behalf of Jerroms

Daniel Oztekin  

We have only just started using Auto Entry but so far we have found it to be quick and more accurate than the alternatives. The support have been also been attentive and helpful. Good first impression!!!

Jennifer Sparks  

This software makes bookkeeping a lot easier! Being able to import bank statements straight into Xero or as an excel format and scanning invoices is so easy to do and after a few times it will remember the nominal codes of where they should go to. Even better it enables you client to submit receipts from their phone! It saves a lot of time so we can concentrate on other work!

Becky McLoughlin  

We are a large accountancy firm and use AutoEntry for both our own accounts and for client’s bookkeeping. It is so much faster to use AutoEntry than to manually enter purchase invoices, and it allows the option of splitting costs across different business departments which is better than any other software offering. I would recommend it to all accountants and bookkeepers!

Christina Lloyd  

I am currently a Senior Bookkeeper and myself and a staff member of mine have been using Autorec for the last few months.
To say it has saved time is an understatement, we were converting client bank statements into an excel format manually each time into a cashbook so for the bank statements scanned and being produced in less than a day is fantastic for us. We especially like that it converts into the Xero format too as all our clients use Xero.

Vicky Throp  

Autoentry has massively increased our bookkeeping efficciency, one feature I would like to see is a sort function that filters entries into published, unpublished, rejected etc

Paul Shotton  

Whilst we have only been using AutoEntry for a short time, it has quickly become an essential part of our bookkeeping process, as well as offering it to our clients to assist with their accounts.

James Twigger  

We have used autoentry for a few months now, very happy with it.

Azeem Javed  

A simple to use and value for money piece of software which has saved significant time on book-keeping and accounts prep assignments. Highly recommended.

Michael Allen  

Bank statement feature is a big plus, makes life much easier when you have clients unwilling to link their bank accounts

Nancy Chad  

Really handy when you've got lots of invoices and bank statements - saves a lot of time

Sophie Gass  

Great bit of kit, saves loads of time and integrates well with accounting software. Would recommend.

Tanya Jackson  

AutoEntry saves the mundane task of keying in all purchase invoices into the system manually and it really helps reduce our storage issues.

Becky/Mark/Jill HH and RH  

Auto Entry is really easy to use. I like the fact that you can upload receipts, bank statements and sales invoices in one go. I also like the fact that you can have more than one company

Becky Wootton  

I'm running 5 clients and myself on Xero/Autoentry. The programme works quite well but it can take a while for uploaded files to be processed. It means I've had to change my way of working a bit to allow for that, i.e. do the uploading early in the month and wait until all is confirmed before returning to do the books on another day.
The app works well when you're out and about and there's a WiFi only upload setting in case you're skimping on a modile data contract. The problem I have with the app is that it sits on your phone memory rather than any SD card and this can fill the phone with photos of invoices which you have to delete regularly..... once they're confirmed as uploaded.

Coding processed files is very straightforward and if you pay attention, it makes the integration and reconciliation with Xero a lot smoother.

Is it saving any time? The jury is still out on that. However, it is certainly saving paper storage and if you do scan everything and only accept digital invoices, the upside is that nearly every entry will have a visible receipt/invoice which means you don't have to hunt around.

Online customer service with queries is good.

Ben Huczek  

Loving Auto-entry we can have an account for each of our client so we can monitor howmany credits we use for each client. Makes bookkeeping a whole lot easier

Sue Taylor  

I recently started using Autoentry in conjuction with Xero.
A great addition to the record keeping process.
I am moving all my clients to this combination.
A real time saver!

William Sutherland  

Auto-entry is perfect for book-keeping as it allows all invoices to be stored, easily accessed through Xero and posted efficiently. The memory function works well and it syncs seamlessly with Xero. There is no delay in connecting and updating for processed invoices. Would and have recommended this product.

Charlotte Press  

Generally pretty good - occasionally need to watch duplication

S Lakhani  

Aside from having to keep an eye out on duplicate invoices, Xero makes the working day a lot easier!

Luchia Trulock  

Generally good - Need to watch duplication of invoices

Jayne Boniface  

Since moving from Receipt Bank I have been very impressed and have rolled this out to all my clients. For a fast, efficient service with first class support it cannot be bettered.

Tom Kerr  

I have been using AutoEntry with Xero for several months. As a sole practitioner the price structure is great as you only pay for what you use across all clients. It is very straightforward, and support team are also good.

Sarah Walker  

We have been using AutoEntry for just over a month now. It is a real time saver and a really good price too!! Would recommend.

Lyndsay Hardwick  

Rolled this across the practice and has saved us loads of time. It has great feature that allows you to upload bank statements and get them back in various types of file - real game changer.

Miguel Calabrese  

Great piece of software guys in support been extremely helpful too but I stopped using the software as invoice processing time is too long. Hopefully it will improve over time.

E Iosipescu  

Great bit of software, saves lots of time and I like that you can split credits over multiple companies, paying for what you use.

Alistair Wood  

I've been using Auto entry for a couple of months now and am really pleased with it. The software is very easy to use and seamlessly links into Xero. It makes processing bank transactions a pain free task. I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone else.

Varsha Naranbhai  

Have recently started using Autoentry, having had no previous experience in accounting software. It makes my job a lot easier in that it remembers supplier information and that it takes all the supplier information. It can be a little less straightforward when adding a second VAT code but once I learnt how to do, it generally works out OK.

Asumpta Gallagher  

I have recently started using AutoEntry and have found the product easy to use and the staff very helpful. I can scan a large batch of documents, send them to AutoEntry and they are ready for me to process the next morning. It is so much quicker than manually entering each invoice! It is great that you can see a pdf of the scanned document when you need to drill down further. I also like that it remembers supplier names and codes etc.

Ian Sutton  

A great bit of software that we have used since the Autorec days. Links seamlessly with Xero software and it saves so much time dealing with purchase invoices or importing bank statement transactions. They have also got the pricing method spot on compared to their competitors in my opinion, I much prefer the pay as you go approach rather than the subscription per client that others use. Customer service is also excellent from our experience!

Carl Danvers  

We have been using Xero with Auto-entry for some time now and it generally works well. Sometime it can be slow and take 24 hours to process an invoice. Another niggle is when it calculates line VAT and flags up a tiny difference with the total. One thing I would like advice on is with invoice printed by dot matrix printer and how to get a clear scan as these often cause problems. Overall 3 and a half stars -4 if they can speed it up.

Eclipse Accounts  

I initially began using DocuRec after meeting Ashley at XeroCon in 2016. I found it to be really accurate and great value considering the amount of time I saved. I have since started using AutoEntry which I think is far better and a lot cheaper than Receipt Bank. My clients are really happy with it. I did have an issue with trying to connect 1 of my Xero clients to it but it resolved itself soon enough and the support team were great. Would definitely recommend this.

Claire Palmer  

Hi. I really like the bank statement reconcilement process in Xero. Manual journals are very simple and fast. I do like the lack of paper also how easy it is to find source documents if required and how easy it is to adjust entries. My only issue with Xero is around P&L reporting. I need mine in a format that is not standard with Xero and almost have to build them monthy. I would also like the option to turn off the non assigned entries and fix dates within the month.
Autoentry on the whole is easy to use but occasionally I have issues with invoices for no obvious reason and at times it can be very slow to upload. That said the team have always been very helpful when I do experience problems. Brenda

Brenda O'Loughlin  

Big fan on Autoentry here. The import of bank statements is fantastic and shows you periods that are missing. The actual Autoentry processing is easy to process. It took some time to get our heads round the credit system but is working very well now.

Frank Andreas  

We have been using AutoEntry for few months and still having problems with the Xero link losing connection.
When you review the invoices and click to see the next one it does not go in order.
The tracking category does not get remembered.
However using AutoEntry still speeds up the process. If the above points could be rectified the process would be streamline and I would then highly recommend to others.

Sally-Ann Lewis  

I love AutoEntry- so easy to use, saving paper, time and money, and when I came across a few teething problems, the support was fantastic. Uploading invoices takes seconds, then when I get the email to say all my invoices are ready to view, one click of approval and they are in Xero. I would recommend this to any size of business,but especially to someone who is just starting a business as it takes away and lot of hassle and stress of doing accounts possibly for the first time.

jacqui roberts  

I was given the job of getting a client up to date with their accounts from 1/7/13. Their online banking was not able to go back that far so I turned to Auto Entry to convert the bank statements from PDF to CSV for easy upload. Wowww. 1400 lines of transactions loaded within minutes. Would have taken hours if done manually. Loved the ease of use and the prompt customer support.
I haven't had the chance to use the invoice conversion feature yet but if it is as good as the statement conversion, it will be brilliant

Linda Gell  

Auto Entry is so simple. Tom was instrumental in helping me understand how Auto Entry is different and more sensible than other billing add ons. It's a seamless product and we can't wait to get things going with our book keeping services with Auto Entry, thanks Tom! #Legend

Vinay Iswar  

AutoEntry has become a key resource for Sagars and is a crucial
component of our ongoing digital strategy. It’s provided us with the
required automated intelligence to expand our bookkeeping services and
gain a competitive edge. Our team and clients have adapted quickly to
the solution and we’ve see major productivity gains. We look forward to
building on these efficiencies moving forward.

Paul Lodder  

I love Autoentry, it is great being able to have multiple companies and users under the same subscription. Also use receipt bank for a client but prefer the way this works and it is cheaper to. The app works well for small receipts too.

Lucie Howard  

To echo some of the other reviews, the software is fantastic, but the way it's priced makes it very sensible for accountancy firms with many clients. I know this is a Xero forum, but some accountants still have clients that haven't moved over from Sage desktop yet. This is the only offering I could find that also links to Sage 50. Fantastic.

Richard Welbourne  

Easy to use software that works exactly as described. I've just started using it and converted over 300 purchase invoices and 5 pages of bank statements with no errors! Customer service and support is fantastic too. Would highly recommend. We use it as an add on to Xero and it integrates perfectly. The credits rolling over for 3 months is a definite bonus too.

Rob Tapp  

I started a trial of AutoEntry and instantly loved it... in all honesty I am coherently lazy so the idea of a system that does the tedious hard work for me is right up my street!
The system effectively has a learning curve and on initial use, can take up to 5 hours to process a bunch of photographed receipts/pdf invoices or bank statements, but gets quicker and quicker, so is now doing the same amount in about 1 hour now.
If you think of the labour hours saved in this, it is 100% worth it, and those saved hours can be focused on other things.
We're rolling it out and using on all of our bookkeeping clients and are seeing time spent on jobs cut by at least half, if not more.

The team is pretty quick at getting back to you if you have any queries and always very helpful.

I would 100% recommend.

Keeley Walker  

I've moved over to AutoEntry from ReceiptBank in the last few months and have definitely made the right decision. Being able to use the credits across all clients is particularly useful for me as a lot of my clients have quite dramatic peaks and troughs, so may only have 5 invoices one month but 60 the next. I've found it particularly useful for on-boarding clients with a backlog, and being able to use it for sales invoices and bank statements has really sped up my processing. Accuracy rate is incredibly good, I don't believe I've had to make any corrections so far. Being able to choose to split by line item is godsend too. I try and avoid paper where I can, so having something that is really easy for clients to use to get their information to me is vital. Very happy that I made the move, just wish I'd done it a bit earlier!

Emma James  

Have recently started using Autoentry and have to say it is simply brilliant. So easy to use. Nigel Eakins of GE Electrical Services, a client, says "all invoices and receipts now on autopilot"

paddy gahan  

Having previously used StatementRec to great effect within our practice, we were excited to learn about the additional functionality offered by AutoEntry following a chance meeting with them at the Xero Roadshow in Birmingham.

AutoEntry has rapidly become our platform of choice for scanning bank statements and invoices and for us, offers greater functionality at a more accessible price point than many of its competitors. We’ve been really impressed with the accuracy and range of documents that the system can deal with. It doesn’t appear to matter whether you are scanning neatly printed computer generated invoices or less than perfect hand-written ones, AutoEntry seems able to interpret all with ease.

We are looking forward to achieving even greater efficiency savings over the coming months as we integrate further with our internal bookkeeping clients and hope to harness the machine learning potential of the system to speed up the processing of invoices on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Simon Cantle  

I have been using Auto entry since July last year. I have found the support to be very efficient, helpful and friendly.
The product is very accurate and I use it like a subcontractor as it is more accurate than a person data processing it manually.
Using Auto entry with Xero has helped me reduce costs up to 30% compared to the traditional bookkeeping method. Which keeps my clients happy.
The one thing this software does that no other does is read bank statements. I have used this for my low tech clients and found it to be excellent and really accurate.
Give it a try you have absolutely nothing to lose and all to gain.

Peter Gray  

I have been using AutoRec for about a month. I find the flexibility of the credits to be very useful as many of my clients are on quarterly reporting so processing is not consistent every month. Processing receipts is very simple either by forwarding an emailed file or taking a picture, the system learns very quickly so as time goes on there is less and less processing to do. The option to process statements is also a very useful feature when all I have access to is a hard copy. AutoEntry and its flexibility has also enabled me to bring receipt processing to many more clients that I have been able to in the past.

Alys Stuart  

I have used Entryless, trialled Receipt Bank and now use Auto Entry. Auto Entry for me is the best solution, it has far more useful features, the integration with Xero & its purchase orders saves us flicking between tabs & pages etc.
Customer service is 5 stars, overall I have given the software 4 stars because sometimes it can be a little slow loading up the next bill. Once this has improved I would happily give it 5 stars, yet this would not stop myself and my bookkeepers from recommending Auto Entry it is a brilliant solution.

Jay Green  

We have been using DocuRec with our clients for nearly a year now. The time that we have saved had been unbelievable, which in turn means we can produce more work at a lower cost.

The support provided has been second to none, which means should any problems occur they are available quickly to assist.

If it wasn't for DocuRec we would not be able to assist as many clients in the time frame we have available.

Paul Cummings  

We initially used Autoentry for our clients who did not use online banking to create csv bank statements, to allow us to on board them on to Xero. This in itself is an amazingly helpful function.
We have now expanded our use of this to include the sales and purchase invoice processing. The ability to identify individual line items is a great tool, for those suppliers clients use for different purchase types.
We now use Autoentry in conjunction with Xero as a document processing function.

Scott Kennedy  

Echoing everything above - I have to say AutoEntry is a no brainer for accountants. Literally does everything - Bank Statements, Sales Invoices & Purchase Invoices. The credit system, rollover on unused credits and now the phone app mean it can be used for every function - bookkeeping and year end account jobs. Also, the fact that it picks up individual line and descriptions from invoices is brilliant. My team love it and I have had really good customer support form the AutoEntry team. Multi-currency function works, no issues. Just a highly recommended add on, an easy quick & reliable win

Anoop Rehal  

AutoEntry is a great and much more cost effective than it's rivals. The upload speed is a real deal breaker as I only visit my clients at the most once a week, so it seems to be able to upload most of my data within hours (usually one hour) meaning I can process everything in the same day rather than having to wait a week as I did with Receipt Bank. The accuracy has been on the whole great, like another review said sometimes I wonder how they possibly extracted some of the information. The way you can spread the credit across clients and not be held in tiers is also what swung it for me. The fact it can deal with the sales side and bank statements is also a plus, as is the numerous ways you can upload you data. The staff are great and always implement suggestions if they can and take the trouble to explain if they can't. Being able to ring, webchat and email with immediate responses puts software such as Xero itself to shame! We need quick data and quick answers and that is what I have experienced with AutoEntry, keep up the good work I would definitely recommend this add on.

Emma Glynn  

We started using AutoEntry following a demo at the Xero roadshow. We find it user-friendly and easy to use, with a high degree of accuracy. Our clients often comment on how easy it is to use and how using the app has improved efficiencies within their business - with no more receipts going astray! We now only recommend AutoEntry to our clients.

Jonathan Parkin  

Loving AutoEntry. The accuracy rate and processing times are excellent and the app means I can offer super efficient bookkeeping services to my clients. The functionality improves all the time and its great that it handles multi-page PDFs, double sided receipts and you also have the option of invoice line extraction. An added bonus is the processing of sales invoices for those cases where the client wants to raise them outside of accounting software. The subscription structure helps small practices enormously as it can be spread across multiple clients. Would definitely recommend.

The Accounting Pig  

I have been using Autoentry since the end of 2016 and I am finding it a really cost effective way of getting receipts and invoices into Xero. OCR engine works very well and has even managed to locate dates and line item details that I thought would be beyond the software.
I like the variety of ways to upload the data, i.e. straight upload from files on my system or forwarding emails directly to Autoentry with the invoice attached.
I have converted clients, who in the past, were sending me an envelope with their paper receipts and now the client uploads the receipts directly into Autoentry and I check the accounts coding, much quicker.
Next step is to try to get suppliers to send customers invoices directly to Autoentry using the company "purchase mailbox".
Excellent add-on within Xero

Alan Hutcheson Boal  

I have been using Autoentry since April 2016 and it has changed the way I work. It has helped streamline my business and improve my profitability. My clients love the ease of using the app or emailing the documents direct to Autoentry. I love that it can deal with sales purchase invoices and the statement scanning function saves hours of data input.

Whenever I have had issues the team respond quickly and are really helpful. I previously used Receiptbank but found the combination of high prices and constant sales calls meant that it was not cost effective. The flexible pricing in Autoentry makes it cost effective and copes well with the peaks and troughs of each client's work.

Woudl highly recommend using this add- on to improve efficiency and cost savings.

Alison Edward  

We started using Auto Entry after attending the Xero Roadshow in Edinburgh where we were given a brief demonstration of its attributes. We opted for the free trial and a tutorial by Jake at Auto Entry and have never looked back. Auto Entry has saved us hours of manual posting and saving invoices which in turn allows us to do other tasks. Our goal is to get more of our clients on board with this as most of them are coming over to Xero accounting and the process goes hand in hand. The support we have had from Auto Entry is second to none, they have always been able to help whatever the problem. What did we do before Auto Entry!!

Anne Campbell  

This year we have changed over from using Receipt Bank to Auto Entry and are very happy with the software, easy to use. Gone from 3 clients on RB to over 20 on AE within 3 months. Much more cost effective for a practice and pricing is appealing to the clients!
It separates out all duplicates and items that are not invoices such as bank charges, which is brilliant very handy when you are processing a years worth or a large amount of receipts and invoices sent in from cleints. You still get charged for these items though, bit of a downside but time consuming to check items for duplicates.
Also it can create bank upload files from bank statements, perfect if the client does not have online banking or is setting up Xero part way through the year and the bank does not go far enough back.
Helpful customer service and team at AE too.
I would highly recommend AutoEntry.

Tom Rainbird  

We have recently switched over from Receipt Bank to Auto Entry and are very happy with the software, its quick, easy to use and very straightforward. Integration with Xero is a massive plus too!!
It separates out all duplicates and items that are not invoices which is excellent especially if you are processing a years’ worth or receipts/invoices. The only issue we have noticed is that we get charged credits for any invoices or scanned documents which are duplicates, as you can appreciate when you are uploading a years’ worth of purchase invoices it is very time consuming to be checking for duplicated invoices, especially as one of the selling points for AutoEntry is that it will separate any duplicates.
Other than that I would highly recommend AutoEntry!!!

Nicola Cross  

AutoEntry rocks!! The product is straightforward to use, has excellent functionality - the ability to capture data from sales invoices and bank statements as well as purchase invoices/receipts means that it covers all the bases.

It also spots duplicates which Receipt Bank doesn't.

Clients have grasped it very quickly and the flexibility in the pricing structure compared to Receipt Bank makes it a no-brainer - AutoEntry all the way!!

Oh - and the customer support is excellent.

Thanks guys - keep up the great work!

Mark Telford  

Today, October 31, 2016 was the first time I used Auto Entry. I have a big job where I had to enter a whole lot of SALES INVOICES in very little time. I felt like I was getting no where fast. This is a new client that I am trying to on-board into Xero. Each invoice has many different line items, units/quantities and net amounts and has sales tax. I was so impressed with Auto Entry I signed up for their Silver Plan. I spoke with Wayne over the phone, who had a wonderful London England accent and loved him for helping me get started. This was a complete deal breaker for me. I would have been entering, I figure for several months and now all I have to do is scan the invoices in and choose upload, reveiw them, make any changes I want and this great software is going to do the trick. You will not be disappointed trying this. They have a great free trial. It takes them a day to get the footprint of your invoice, (all the details together as to how they should be processed by Auto Entry). After the first invoice is footprinted, you can upload all the others and typically within 3 hours they are all ready to upload to Xero! Wow, you can't beat that with a Stick!!! With all that said, the silver plan gave me 100 credits, which should get me through the job of about 100 to 150 invoices for $24.00. I intend to pass the cost on to my client and the cost for me to scan invoices. All the line items came out correct, the unit price, and the quantities and when the invoice tax was off by a penny or two, it adjusted it to give the correct total of the invoice total that was originally on the invoice!!! I would have been entering for a few months, what was done in seconds. And.......Wayne, from the UK was wonderful!!! Thank you Wayne, thank you, thank you, thank you.......Auto Entry!!!! You are my new partner for Xero Sales Invoices and Xero Purchase invoices!!!! Don't doubt....try it.....you get a free trial. Nothing to lose and everything to GAIN!!!!

Sheryl Briggs  

Just switched over at our practice to Auto Entry from receipt bank and we love it!
After previously using Auto Rec on desktop we couldn't be happier to have a cloud app that follows our firm's ethos in cloud software.
Great customer service and they are always happy to develop on our suggestions.
Looking forward to a fabulous working relationship!

Emma Conway  

We have recently started using DocuRec- we had previously been using a different package with a similar design but have found DocuRec to be a much better fit to our needs. It's very quick to process either via e-mail or scan upload and is very accurate with results. The fact that it can handle multiple file types and identify the different document types and currencies (credit/inv/statement) is also extremely helpful. Staff are always very easy to deal with it if any issues arise, very helpful with queries and very quick to respond so your work isn't held up. This add-on has all the right attributes, ease of work, speed & accuracy so I would strongly recommend giving it a go!

Patrick Dillon  

Great, quick to use, software - and the support is SO quick - (as you would expect from the team who created and support AutoRec). Definitely happy users of Docurec for clients as a Practice. Useful that it deals with sales invoices as well - so a client's books can be on Xero and if they are on a self-billing arrangement those invoices can come into Xeor effortlessly.

Malcolm Veall  

Having used Receipt Bank previously for a Xero based client, I was keen to find a explore the alternatives. I'm so impressed with DocuRec - not only does it make light work of getting transactions into Xero, it also allows import into Sage desktop and even VT Transaction +. Excellent customer service, flexible pricing and very user friendly. I am a happy bookkeeper. Thank you DocuRec.

Ann Spickett  

I was looking for ways to make bookkeeping a more time efficient process and cam across DocuRec. From the moment I started speaking to the team and seeing the software, I was happy that DocuRec was the right solution to save us time and money! The time saving from using it is phenomenal!

Andrew Lowe  

I have using DocuRec for a couple of months now and found it very easy to use, both to set up and day to day. Clients now just email the dedicated email address for them and spend minimal time each week checking invoices before they upload direct to Xero/Quickbooks. This is fantastic piece of software and has saved me bundles of time in analysis work. Ashley has been really helpful with any questions I have along the way.

Chris Kensington  

I have been using DocuRec for about a month now and have found it easy to use.
The support from Ashley has been great, who walked me through the process of adding clients, linking with Xero and uploading my first batch of sales invoices & purchase receipts. Use of DocuRec has saved me several hours of manual work each week with one client. Recommended.

Richard Preece  

A fantastic product that has been 100% accurate despite attempts to break it and it even does foreign currency invoices too. The product integrates easily with Xero with fast uploads of information. Ashley has been very helpful, always on the end of the telephone or the online chat, solving all our queries efficiently. Overall very impressed

Ann Hodnett  

We have been using Docurec so that we can compare it to Receipt Bank. We really appreciate the straight forward pricing model the simple interface, with the easy VAT analysis and nominal breakdown. The product seems to go from strength to strength with the company always adding new features.
Ashley and the rest of the team from DocuRec are really helpful and always ready to help us when we have a query.
As an alternative to Receipt Bank then Docurec is a very serious contender.

David Walsh  

After meeting Ashley at Xerocon I was impressed with what they were offering and have signed up to see how it goes with one client first. Set up was easy and Ashley was able to sort out a small issue I had -since then I have not needed support at all. I am at present only using the purchase invoices but find the system easy to navigate and the storage of supplier details really works well. Multi-currency recognition is helpful. After using another system previously I would thoroughly recommend DocuRec as a great Add-on.

Sue Palmer  

Recently started trialling/using Docurec as an alternative to Receipt Bank. I have to say it is much more intuitive and has great features. The ability to split multi page invoices and the simple VAT analysis breakdown are the best. Ashley from Docurec has been particularly helpful, answering questions even when I deliberately tried to break the system! If you are looking for something better then Receipt Bank then this is it!

Ian Bremner  

These guys are great. We changed to use this add-on recently having been using something else before. It’s super. Accuracy in particular is always spot on. Moreover, one thing that has really stood out for us was their flexibility when asked for changes to be made so we could make it fit in with our process in the practice. They even built a custom integration between it and another solution we use, free of charge.

Laura West  

We have recently started to use DocuRec with our clients and the feedback we are getting is great! The user interface is simple and clean which makes the whole process from setting up to approving invoices easy and quick. Would highly recommend this for any Xero user who are looking to save time inputting invoices, even if it is just a handful a month. The support team are fantastic, the chat function built in DocuRec is superb and gets in contact with a member of the support team who reply very quickly.

Matt Jones  

I have recently started using DocuRec - the staff were extremely helpful during the set up process and explained the use of the software. There was the odd glitch during the set up - but immediately the staff looked into what was happening and resolved it. The software has come a long way since I first looked at it. They have since touched base several times to check all is going well and provide additional support checking that the training went well and was not too much to have taken in. Am really impressed with the accuracy that the software can read the photographed receipts (jpg) and invoices (pdf) and remembers supplier names and codes for future use. it can also separate invoices scanned through in a larger batch and deals with foreign currency. Would definitely recommend this as an add-on.

Nicki Paddy