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Sales Invoices - Client didn't receive invoice

Started by Amy Scott -   in Using Xero

I'm new here and just created and sent my first invoice, hooray!

But, my client tells me she hasn't received the invoice, boo!

Is deliverability of Xero email generally pretty reliable? Other than asking her to check her spam (and me double-checking I have the address right), is there anything else that can be done to troubleshoot this or avoid issues in the future?

I don't want to have to email the client to confirm they received the invoice every time I send one...
Hi Amy, sorry for the belated reply here - Do hope you've managed to successfully email invoices, but please let me know here if you still need help!
If we receive a failure message from a recipient's server, we'll automatically pass this onto the 'reply-to' address set in the Email Settings, however there are also some cases where the recipient server won't give a failure message so there's no notification to pass along.
If you do have trouble with emails getting through, it's best to let our Support team know along with the recipient email address, so they can investigate what's going on. :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Hi I am having the same problem, and Xero support is not replying to my requests for help, This is not good enough!!!!!!!!!!

Susan Ramsay  

It looks like the team's responses aren't getting through, Sue. :(
Is there any chance they've been directed to your spam/junk folders?
I can see they've replied to each of your earlier emails, but I've escalated the latest with them and asked the team to call to help you out here.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Don't hold out much hope with Xero response they put it all back on you. A third of our customers didn't receive their invoices last month because I thought the email invoice system through xero would work. Don't trust it as now our cashflow is all stuffed up.

This is the response from Xero,wish I'd know this earlier, don't rely on Xero to email your invoices, best to go back to the post, the whole reason why I changed to Xero in the first place. I think this is unacceptable and something Xero should be working with Spark on, not the individual.

Response below from Xero:
Thanks for providing us with that information.

We are currently aware of an issue where Xtra customers are currently having legitimate emails being treated as spam.

This issue is currently ongoing with Spark and we suggest you contact them for further information.

This is managed by Xtra and is outside Xero's control.

Please ask your recipients to add '@xero.com' and '@post.xero.com' to their email whitelist to ensure these messages are received.


Tracey Peoples  

I'm sorry you feel this way, Tracey. We definitely aren't trying to put the issue back on you, however it's not a simple one to resolve which is why Support have tried to untie some of the complexity in how this works.
I've provided a bit more detail on this thread around some of the concerns like you've noted here.

Kelly M (Community Manager)