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AU Payroll - Staff not receiving payroll emails

Started by Jamie Ward -   in AU Payroll

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues with the emailing of payslips to staff.

Only not all of our staff are receiving their payslips via email (including me). I have carried out the usual checks and verified that there are no errors in the email address being used.
Yes, this has been happening to a number of my clients for a while now, but it doesn't seem to affect all employees

Mitch Uzelac  

I have contacted Xero Support - lets see what happens?

Jamie Ward  

I cannot email payslips (or invite as a user) an employee with a hotmail account- he received all his payslips until early December and then nothing- they bounce back to me as subsciber days later.
He has had this address for several years and has checked all possiblitilies his end.

Vicki Wilkinson  

Thanks for also contacting Support for help with this one, Jamie & Vicki.
For others here, as with all emails sent from Xero, if the recipient hasn't received the email we'd first suggest checking;
- The email address has been spelt correctly
- The email hasn't been received in the email inbox Junk or SPAM folders
- '@xero.com' has been added to their safe senders/white list
If none of these fix the issue, please do let Support know about the trouble. They're much better placed to look into what's going on than we are here on Community. Thanks :-)

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Hi Kelly

Most of us did all that you suggested and we still had issues.

I then invited the team to logon to my company, which they did. Whatever was fixed in the background seemed to work as I haven't had an issue since.


Jamie Ward  

I have the same issue with payslips and it can take up to 12hrs for some people to receive the email with payslips in them.

Lynnette Woods  

I have a similar issue with emailing our payslips also, it takes a very long time for the employees to receive their payslips. Can take up to 4 hours. You would think it would be almost instant.

Anne Halls  

Just coming back to this one. We've been having a few performance issues with some emails being sent out of Xero, but this should now be solved. If, the next time you send out Payslips, it takes a while to send can you please let Support know? Cheers.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

This sounds exciting, but unfortunately I still have issues sending to a hotmail account for one of my clients employee - he previously received all Xero pay advices until about 6 months ago...... he has added to his safe list Xero support emails that I have sent him - but no success to date... i.e 26/07/2016

I cannot even invite him into payroll as this also bounces back,

I will send off the rejection emails to support again and hope for a positive outcome.


Vicki Wilkinson  

Hi - we're having issues as well with payslips; generally not sending or if they are, a day or so later. Not to spam/junk - just not going. Invoices/PO's are going out without issue.

All emails etc have been checked and confirmed. Any help would be appreciated.


Kate Chalker  

Hi Kate

My issue hasn't been solved -eventually the only thing we could do was to get him to open a gmail account.

The employee wasn't too impressed, but he now gets his payslips!!!

Yours sounds like a 'timed out' issue... do you get the rejection email saying it couldn't be delivered???

Good Luck!!!

Vicki Wilkinson  

I have the issue regarding LATE payslips as well. It’s been happening across the last couple of months and today I did a pay run at 1:30pm and at 7:30pm payslips aren’t received. I can see this to because I also receive payslips so I know it’s the case it’s not happening and different to previously. This is a consistent issue now and one Xero has been aware of so I would expect it to be resolved by now?

It is a big issue because for a small business like mine I have several employees email in the evening of pay day thinking because they didn’t get a payslip that they weren’t paid.

Can Xero please fix these payslip issue?


Mark Barnes  

I have been getting complaints intermittently since Christmas regarding random individual payslips not arriving. The last 3 weeks this has been escalating with one company I work for in particular reporting only half of their staff are receiving slips and some workers have not received them for he entire time!

I spoke with your IT guy when you used to let them travel and speak at Roadshows some 3 to 5 years ago about having a log or confirmation to know if emails have been delivered! He agreed it was warranted and to put it up on this request sight which I did immediately. Years later still nothing!!
How hard is it to get some kind of confirmation? Why are these slips not being delivered?

Do you know how much of a waste of time it is when you get employees from multiple different companies in dribs and drabs requesting these items? If you resend from payroll what are the chances it will arrive when it didn't the first time? No one likes having to redo their work. I'm very big on do it right the first time so you are productive and not wasting valuable time which is money redoing something that shouldn't be failing on us in the first place?

Lisa Lenne  

i have been having problems sending emails to employees nothing has changed but emails not working for payslips and now group certificates.

Justin Clough  

No emails are working from Xero right now for me either!
Payslips aren't being sent out & neither are payment summaries...

Looks like Xero is having issues again.

Sam Lucas  

Merged: Payment Summaries & Payslips are not being emailed out to staff

All of a sudden this week no one is getting emails sent out from Xero.

None of my staff or myself have gotten their payslips or payment summaries.
I have tried re sending them from Xero twice now a day apart but still no emails received.

Looks like Xero is having email server issues. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Sam Lucas  

Yes...I had the same issue today. A client's employee called looking for his payment summary which had been emailed via Xero EOY process however he had not received. While he was on the phone, I manually downloaded and attached to a fresh email and sent it to him (outside of Xero) which he recived immediately so there is definitely still an issue with Xero emailing out of the 'Payroll' module

Mitch Uzelac  

Hi Sam, I'm having the same issues with only Payment Summaries at the moment. We haven't run a pay run yet so I'm not sure about the payslips not working, they did work last week for us. I have tried to email the Payment Summaries a number of times and nothing has come through. I have emailed the Xero Help section about this matter too. Hopefully they'll let us know soon.

Karen van Laake  

Hey everyone, I'm sorry for the delays in Payroll emails being sent from Xero.
We're aware of some issues with some peoples payroll emails being sent out, and coupled with the EoFY rush this has resulted in a backlog of emails to be sent.
If you've already tried to send these to your employees, they'll be in line to go out so at this time, I wouldn't recommend re-sending them as they're likely to receive multiple emails at once - We really appreciate your patience.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Hi Karen and Sam, just wanting to loop you in here before merging to this larger conversation. We're aware of issues with payroll emails being sent from Xero. Emails are getting out, but there's a backlog which is resulting in a delay for some - More detail in my post there. Sorry for any trouble this causes.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Merged: Payment Summaries - NOT sending to Employees

None of my employees have received (via email) PAYG Summaries for 30 June 2017. Anyone else having similar issues?

Have processed multiple PAYG summaries across a number of businesses over the last 24 hours and not one employee has received their PAYG Summaries via the SEND TO EMPLOYEES button.

XERO - any thoughts on when this may be fixed?


Jason Williams  

I'm having the same issue across all my Xero clients.

Petrina Fawcett  

Xero is also not sending emailed payslips to my employees after posting today. Also, the Payment Summaries have not been received.

Please notify if there is some delay or glitch with this...

Cassandra Hasson  

Hiya team, we're aware of an issue for some where payroll emails being sent from Xero are delayed. I've provided more detail on this on this thread that I'm just going to merge to. If you've already sent these to your employees, they will come through so we'd suggest not to re-send these to prevent doubling up, sorry for the inconvenience.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Thanks for reply Kelly M. While I appreciate this is a similar topic to this tread I note this thread was created back in January 2016. The reason I started a new one was I could not find any related topic since year end, in the last week. I would suggest many users would do the same.

Give many users will be issuing Payment Summaries now and will no doubt come up with the same issue I would suggest reinstating this thread in order that it comes up in the last week.

Jason Williams  

Just hope that they will all be sent soon!! I emailed payment summaries for two businesses, using Xero, at 12pm today and no-one has received them.
I also use MYOB, I sent payment summaries to 32 staff tonight, received straight away!
I love Xero, but this is not great!!
I know I have 14 days to provide payment summaries, but this is just another thing I need to think about!

Michelle Ryan  

Thanks for the feedback, Jason. I can see what you mean so I've 'bumped' this thread so it'll appear in the top of the list in the AU Payroll topic. Just for the next day or two until we're back to a normal state.
We've also updated our Status page to keep everyone updated on the issue there too.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Yes -similar -just emailed payslips and none of the 100 or so staff has received the email

Simon Dutta  

Yes, same problem for me - emailed payslips are not being received.

Julieanne Juillerat  

I have just tried to email our payslips 3 times this week - none of them have gone through !

Jane Campbell  

I'm sorry for the trouble, everyone. As I noted earlier and have now highlighted in my Official Reply here. If you've already 'sent' payroll emails these will be in line to go out, so please do re-frame from trying to re-send these multiple times.
An option for some here (while waiting for the emails to go out), if you've given your employee's access to My Payroll they'll be able to login and view their published payment summaries, from the Payslips tab.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

I have also just tried to email a payslip & it hasn't gone through. I tried to a couple of different email addresses but nothing has come through. This is my first time using Xero so not a good start. You need to fix up your backend quickly to cater for all the demand which you should have planned for.
My workers know that when the payslip is received that the money has gone into their account. If they don't receive it for 1, 2 or more days they worry that there may have been a problem. I then need to contact them to let them know that it has been paid. It really is not good enough.

Rosanne Buzai  

Hiya everyone, not sure if you've seen my post in the main banner, here. Just wanted to let you all know that our team have now cleared the backlog of payroll emails. Please do let the team know if you experience further delays - Thanks again for your patience while we got these out.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

I believe this issue is still on-going, is here an update on the progress?

Melissa Kuhnd  

If the backlog has been cleared then why am I being told by clients their employees still have not received PS I published and sent at 2.49pm on 3 July ????

Mitch Uzelac  

Think there maybe an issue again. I've sent one test payslip email and it hasn't been delivered. What sort of a delay is there normally?


I note this problem is still ongoing. We have issued payment summaries and they are still not received by employees.

I also note this problem occurred a year ago and, despite multiple comments, the primary response has been to give it a couple of days to clear backlog.

A couple of days have passed and still emails are not being received.

Is this matter being escalated?

Will we have same issue again next year?

Finance Department  

I'm sorry for you here that are still experiencing delays. While we did clear the backlog of emails as per my post the other day, with an increase in the # of emails being sent there may still be delays up to a few hours, for the next few days - We'll continue to provide updates on this, through our status page

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Merged: Emailing PAYG Certificates for 2017

I have twice tried to email 2017 PAYG Certificates to employees, but nothing has been received by them. Following on the lack of success for the second time I tried emailing payslips from the most recent payday and they were received by all employees. Has anyone else encountered this problem or am I doing something wrong?

Kevin Jessup  

We did have some issues when sending Payroll emails out to employees a week or so ago - but all should be sent by now. Can you please reach out to Support so they can follow-up, Kevin? Sorry about the hassle!

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

I have reached out to Support and the only answer I get is that there was a possible issue but it is all fixed. This did not in any way solve my problem. I tried three times within the space of 2 weeks to email group certificates without success. Immediately after trying for the third time I emailed the payslips from the latest pay period and they were received by all employees. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this sequence of events.

Kevin Jessup  

Hi Kevin, it's good to hear the latest emails without any issues, and I'm sorry for the earlier troubles.
There was a recent issue with Payroll emails being backed up (as Brittany noted), which was causing a delay for people receiving emails sent from Xero. There's a larger discussion on this here that I'm going to merge to, and we also communicated through our Status page we confirmed it'd cleared (14th July).

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Our organisation is having issues sending emails to one employee for payslips and group certificates. The rest are ok. Can someone contact me to sort out thanks. Katy

Che Devlin  

Best if you reach out to our Support team, Katy - If you can provide payroll access to your org and details of the employee and documents you've tried sending, the team can jump in for a close look to investigate.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Is there a problem again with payroll payslip emails again?

Also, how long should it take to receive the payslip email, once sent from Xero normally?


Darren Benton  

Heya Darren - On the 3rd of April there were some delays with payslips being sent out, but I can confirm these have been resolved.
Generally though, if your employee doesn't have their payslip within a few hours of you sending it out from within Xero, reach out to the support team and we'll look into it for you :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

I have just converted a 50 employee payroll to Xero processed the first pay run and the pay slips are not being received via email. Can you let me know how to fix this problem please.

Cheryl Blacklock  

Hi Cheryl, I just want to check if the emails have come through yet? If not, do you mind asking your employees to first check spam/junk folders. If they haven't arrived here, please do come into the team with email addresses and approximate day time the payslips were sent. That way our team can take a closer look to confirm where they've got to.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Hi Kelly, my test email arrived around 6 hours later. I'm not sure if they were all received by the employees, I haven't heard from the client so I am assuming all good.

Cheryl Blacklock  

Thanks, Cheryl. It's a good sign if your test email's come through. It's been a little busy of late with lots of payroll emails being sent out, but do let us know if you continue to experience lengthy delays and I'll get one of our Support specialists in touch. :)

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

I have a small weekly payroll of about 12 and all payslips eventually arrive but it takes between 1 and 8 hrs for them to arrive in employees inboxes, causing lots of questions from employees checking they have been paid. Surely for the cost of my subscription Xero can afford to have sufficient capacity to send 12 emails once a week. If not just increase subscription costs by a small amount and please fix the issue. It's been going on for years. No other system I use takes this long to deliver simple emails and it certainly tarnishes the good name of Xero which is otherwise well deserved.

Steve Ransome  

Merged: xero payslips not emailing

Is anyone else having issues with their payslips not being emailed out to employees?? Ours are usually received straight away not sure why they aren't going through

Mark Denney  

Hi Mark,
We recently have encountered the same issue. Not sure what is going on?

Sheree King  

Hi Mark and Sheree, sorry about the recent delays in getting your payroll emails out. As you can imagine things are starting to ramp up in AU with the end of financial year fast approaching.
There's a fair few more payroll emails being sent at this time, and this can create a slight lag in the email being sent from Xero and being received by your recipient.
Please do let us know if the emails still haven't been received though, our Support team can get a better look and confirm if the emails have been sent.
I'm going to merge in to this thread here, so we can keep all the conversation of this together.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Hi, we have been experiencing intermittent delays in xero payslip email delivery. There does not seem to be any consistency as some weeks there is no delay and some weeks it can take hours for them to be received (if at all). Please find a permanent fix.

Joanne Brill  

Hiya Joanne, as we're getting close to EOFY there can be a bit of a lag with sending payslips as everyone wants to get these ticked off their to-do list. If your emails still haven't been received, I'd suggest getting in touch with the team for further investigation.

Kavi S (Community Manager)  

Hi, I’ve just had employees advise me they haven’t received this week’s payslip. Last week’s was received fine, but the week before hasn’t been received either.

Travis Palmer  

I found it took 9 hours for payslips to be delivered today. This is becom Big a real issue with using zero

Mark Barnes  

Travis, (if you haven't already) can you please ask your employees to check their spam/junk folder? If it's not in there, I'd suggest coming into Support with the email address the payslip was sent to.

Mark, I can't see any email to support under your record. If your employees haven't received their payslips by now please do get in touch with the team.

Kavi S (Community Manager)  

I've attempted to email our employees their Payment Summaries, it indicates on the page that they have been emailed, but none of our employees have received them thus far. They all know to check their junk/spam folders. What's our next step in getting these delivered to our staff asap?

Susan McKenzie  

It took 12 hours for our staff to receive their payment summaries by email, but they did get them eventually.

Joanne Brill  

Merged: Payroll AU - email not arriving July 2018

For the last two weeks none of my staff have received their payslip emails.
All worked fine up until then, and then suddenly they all stopped receiving.
I looked in the pay runs, and the ticks are there to show the emails have been (allegedly) sent, yet nothing for the last two weekly pay runs.
I had all staff look in their JUNK or SPAM folders, and made sure we are whitelisted in their systems.
Last working payweek email was for week of June 10-17.

Geoff Brown  

Thanks for confirming, Joanne.

I do appreciate this doesn't help with getting payslips to your employee's in a timely manner. Please do let Support know if your employee's still haven't received their payslips though, as they should have come through by now.
Another option here, is if you've given your employee's access to My Payroll. They can login and view their published payment summaries, from the Payslips tab.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Payroll summaries are not being received by email.... I have had several issues with payslips not being sent out by xero for hours but this is the end of the financial year !! I need to get these out now. The status page says there are no problems.

Rosemary Stout  

We are having the same issue. No payslips being emailed. And group certificates were sent today and no one has received them....?

Kristen Walker  

I havent had issues with payslips, but I've been trying to send out Payment Summaries today and although the system (Xero) says theyve been forwarded, no one has received them. I've tried going through different browsers and everything else I can think of. Nothings working. Now it looks like im going to have to hand out hard copies..... very 20th century!

barbara olsen  

Sorry, Rosemary. Around this time of year there tends to be a much larger volume of payroll emails being sent, and there is currently a bit of a delay in these being received. These emails should come through within a day, but I do understand the frustration in waiting. If needed there is a way for employees to view payslips as noted in my post above.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

We are having this same issue with Payment Summaries.
Xero is showing that they have been emailed but no-one has received them.
I've now downloaded them and emailed them individually - slow and tedious.

Xero support can you please check this out?

Jenny Green  

Hi Everyone, really sorry for the hassle with this. As I'm sure you're all aware, it is EOFY atm, which means there's quite a few more payroll emails heading out. There has been a bit of a delay with these making their way to their destination, however these should come through within a day.
Do let Support know if it's been longer than this, and they're still not showing in your employees inboxes.

Lauren C (Community Manager)  

Hi Lauren,
It's been two weeks and none of the emails have arrived. Not just a day's delay.

Geoff Brown  

We are also experiencing delay with payment summaries. Now sent approx 27 hours ago, no one has received. Xero, please give an update on the delay that we should expect. Is it more than 24 hour delay now!?

Rebecca Andrews  

Hi Geoff and Rebecca - doesn't look like you've come into the team about this yet. I've raised this with them for you each and we'll have specialists reach out to you. Just a heads up they are more under the pump with questions around EOFY but will be in touch as soon as possible.

@ All - if you're in the same position, please do come into the team at Support. We don't really have the tools here in Community to help with this, but the team do.

Lauren C (Community Manager)  

Just to let you know my staff are still not receiving their emails,

Kind Regards
Sheree king

Sheree King