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Contacts - Set Contact Credit Limit and alert when exceeded

Started by Jason Ross in Feature Requests | Done!

It would be great to be able to assign a credit limit to a customer profile which alerts when exceeded.
Official Xero Reply
Early in 2021, and while there hasn’t been much interaction since our last update, it’s been good to see the trend in users setting credit limits, as our teams continue to monitor it’s usage and take on feedback.

To recap , with Credit limits you can:
> set a credit limit amount, and
> choose to block subsequent sales when the limit is exceeded, and
> get an alert for a customer who’s exceeded their limit from the invoice list views, or when in an individual invoice (available within new invoicing only)

We’ve begun rolling out our last wave of updates for this feature before the team moves on to other items of work within the Sales realms. Credit limits now have an integration with repeat sales templates, broadening the scope of transactions Xero will take into account to summarise your contacts’ debt.
Previously, if you had a repeat sales invoice template set to Approve for a contact you’ve set a limit and enabled blocking for, Xero would continue to generate an invoice even where it pushed the contact over their set amount.
Now, where a credit limit has been set and blocking enabled for a contact Xero will continue to generate invoices on the frequency of the template. For templates’ set to Approve or Approve for Sending - if an invoice causes the contact to exceed their credit limit, it’ll be generated as ‘Draft’ and the invoice will not automatically be sent to recipients.

To get a feel for how this’ll work, I’d encourage you to have a try in the demo company. We have more detail here in Xero Central, or you can scroll to the bottom of the page to raise a case with our specialists if you’re curious about anything not covered in our article.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

Best Reply as chosen by Kelly M (Community Manager)
Credit Limits is now integrated throughout the sales experience, and stepping back to take in the entirety of this idea, we’re going to return your votes here.
We do want to keep the conversation going, and in order to get a better view on where legs for credit limits should span next, it’d help to get a fresh perspective. (There’s a few ideas already in the community that I’ve linked below and invite anyone here to join and support)
>Supplier Account Credit Limits
>Credit limits - Export and add field to the contacts export template
>Credit Limit Exceeded report
>Credit limit on Quotes
>Aged receivable reporting to include customer credit limits and due dates of invoices

On a last note, I’d like to say thank you to all that have contributed to this conversation across the years. The support in this idea, commentary on the thread and continued engagement has helped deliver credit limits in Xero. Thanks

Kelly M (Community Manager)