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New Xero feature October 2012 - Online Invoicing

Started by Catherine Walker (Community Manager) -   in Using Xero

Following hot-on-the-heels of the Remittance Advice and Tracking release a couple of weeks ago; Online Invoicing is now here.
Now, as well as being able to send invoices as a PDF, Businesses now have the option to send customers a link to a live online invoice - giving them the most up-to-date information and the ability pay online, via a ‘Pay Now’ button connected to your PayPal account. More details about this feature on our blog and in our Help Centre:
Xero Blog (includes video): Online Invoicing - get paid faster and easier
Detailed Blog Post (includes screenshot walkthrough): Online Invoicing - your customer's perspective
Xero Help Centre: Online Invoicing
Merged: Online invoices ... nooooo

Is there any way we can turn this "feature" off ... it doesn't look good at all for when we use our draft invoices as quotes, ie. by changing the invoice template which xero recommends we do.

Andrew Hemphill  

As always, you can just download the invoice as a pdf and send it directly.

We are working on quotes and other workflow features, sorry we haven't got there yet.

The team working on those flows just delivered Remittance Advices so making good progress.


Rod Drury (Xero Staff)  

Merged: New online invoice link - what if I don't want it?

What if I just want to send the pdf invoice and not give customers the ability to see it online? You can turn off the link to view all outstanding invoices but how about being able to turn off online invoices if you don't need them at all?

Actually the online "Invoice" is not an official invoice, as it doesn't have the logo and crucially is missing the statutory information such as registered office and VAT number. If you use PayPal it is more of a payment link, if you don't I'm not sure of the benefit.

Chris Dixon  

I agree.
I would also prefer that customers didn't see the link.
There should be an option to turn it off. Just like there is to turn off the ability for them to display outstanding bills. Surely that wouldn't have been hard for them to do to give people the control rather than force the new feature on people.

Brent Ingram  

Yes I think I'd prefer it the 'opposite' way. Send the invoice as previously, just the pdf attached, and the link to view all outstanding invoices (ooh that's almost a functional statement!).
And additionally, I'd like the option to have the link as it is only active for some customers, as it could potentially be confusing! I can just hear the phone calls now "Why are you telling me to follow a link to view my bill, when you've attached it to the email? And why do they look different? And why is the link on the online version to download a pdf I've already got? Don't you know I'm only on dialup internet!". So to avoid that, I would have to have a workaround, of emailing/saving the invoices separately and doing each email one by one. Quicker to post them!

Stephanie Rockell  

Rod - thanks for your reply.

Im aware of the alternative, which we are now implementing - but when you do hundreds of them, its a real step backwards in terms of productivity.

Remittance advice's are great and really well integrated (but questionable why it took so long for a accounting package).

These changes have real impact on businesses, so prior consultation would be good - and the option to select new features, rather than it be forced upon us, is also recommended.

Rant over ... thanks for listening.

Andrew Hemphill  

I agree with Andrew. We can save the PDF and send it. But when we send over a hundred that is a real pain. That's like using Quickbooks all over again.
A simple tickbox in the Invoicing settings to turn off the online invoice link would solve the problem.

Brent Ingram  

" I don't want individuals knowing what the total outstanding bills for the organisation are" - you can turn this feature off in Invoice Settings, Options. Which by the way means for a practice going into each client and doing this, or advising the client to. Should be unchecked by default - if you want the new feature you turn it on.

Chris Dixon  

Hello "Xero Technical Team". Thank you for adding "ONLINE INVOICING" it is almost perfect.
One of the advantages of Online Invoicing is to be able to tell if the client has received and viewed the invoice. By sending an attached PDF file with the link we can't be sure if the client has not received and viewed the invoice or has just chosen to open the attached PDF file. Please give us an option to email the invoice as a link only or attach a PDF file as well.

Paul Chapman  

I need to turn off this feature! I am happy to send the PDF attachment via Xero as before but I do not want this link!!!! for one it has a Xero logo at the bottom and unless you're prepared to buy advertising space on my invoices I suggest that goes immediately!

So i now have to Print as PDF and send via my mail programme if i don't want the link to the online nonsense - seriously?

here's a scenario - several clients of mine want BRIGHT PINK lighting in the venue, so lets apply Xero logic to that... EVERYONE gets bright pink lights and theres nothing they can do about it!

just an option to turn it off thats all... simples?

Ian Chilvers  

Attn Xero Technical Team,

We are also extremely unhappy with this new feature. as above post, we agree wholeheartedly with their opinion

As we factor our invoices, they get paid onto the bank so the invoices appear as paid to our customer when if fact they haven't yet been paid.

We need an option to turn this feature off now!


Claire Herbert  

I love that you've added online invoices, works great for us.

However, we use draft invoices as estimates it would help reduce confusion if there was an option to hide or omit due dates on invoices.

Boston Dell-Vandenberg  

I agree!! We need to be able to turn this feature off!
We also use the draft invoices for quoting...its a nightmare already! "I haven't accepted your quote yet and you're saying I have to pay it today." "Why have you sent me an invoice when i wanted a quote." etc etc etc...yes we can download and send indivdiually but as others have said, time-consuming and just a hassle. I can't see how it would be so difficult to have a simple check box "Include link to online invoice" then you've got the option!
Would far rather have seen quotes before we see this.

Debbie Maden  

Thanks for the feedback on Online Invoicing, so far.
While most users have been positive and are happy using it as it is, we have had quite a bit of concerned feedback, as well.
Because of this, we’ve added some more options to Online Invoicing, allowing you to select online or PDF invoicing.
Xero Blog: Online Invoicing Update
There will also be some further email template options added, in the next release too. Thanks.

Jules Desmond (Community Manager)  

I like this feature - it works well for us.

I am still disappointed tho that PayPal is the only available integration for payments. I am not a fan of the 2.4% Fee + 30c.

I would prefer to use eWay to accept payments via a "Pay Online Now" button.

As we are paying for our Xero accounts I think we should have the option to hide the XERO logo at the bottom of the invoice.

Nice feature tho - excited to see what comes next.

Matthew Ryan  

@Matthew - you can see on our UserVoice site where we collect suggestions for integration with other solutions and add-on partners that an integration with eWay is planned - if you'd like to comment or vote there, you'd be welcome to.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Hey Catherine and the rest of the team!
Today marked the day I received my first online invoice from one of our suppliers, and I decided to have a look at it from the other side of things.
From the initial link, I clicked through to outstanding bills, and from there clicked the link to view a pdf "showing all activity from the past 2 months". Cool that it does a statement print out, but some how it got confused with the dates!
Today as I look at it, it's November 2nd, and the statement is dated November 30th, and the opening balance is dated October 1. I feel gypped of a month! I expected it to do as the statements on the other end do - default to the end of the previous month instead of the current month. Is that how it was intended?

Stephanie Rockell  

@Stephanie Hello - I see the confusion! It works this way now because Xero's current PDF/print statements default to activity for the previous month, hence the print statement being 1st of the month prior, whereas the online view of all outstanding is for all time, including this month, hence the last date being the last day of the current month. What a mouthful! This will all be over soon because right now we're working on a much requested second option for the PDF/print statements, being a statement that shows all outstanding which will match what's shown via the online view.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Please add Stripe payments. They’re the best processor and have the easiest integration path.

As soon as you have that, we can cancel Freshbooks. :)

Dustin Struckman  

@Dustin - you may've caught up with this news already but in our recent release we added 3 additional payment service options to online invoicing: Stripe, GoCardless and Payment Express (DPS). eWay is coming soon. Check out our release blog for the run-down.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

Would there be a way to format a simple link to an invoice based on invoice number?
In other words how can I get a link to an invoice if XERO does not generate it?

Philipp Beckermann  

The request for that is here, for now you'll have to email the invoice to yourself to get the link.

Brittany H (Community Manager)