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Payment Services - Ability to add ACH as payment option to invoices

Started by Laura Palmer in Feature Requests | Under Consideration

Stripe just rolled out the option to accept payments using ACH. I use Xero to invoice clients for payments with the Stripe Add-On. Many of my business clients prefer to send a check that comes from their banking account. If the invoice included the ACH option (along with the credit card payment), I feel sure more of them would pay the invoice electronically, which would eliminate paper and added time to deposit the checks. Yay! I have faith in Xero that you will implement this soon. :) Thanks!
Official Xero Reply
To wrap up end of 2018, do want to return with an update for you all here.
It's great that some have found the Stripe integration, or other third-party integrations a helpful solution for handling ACH payments.
I know there's been some recent comments around some of these integrations and do just want to confirm here - For the purpose of verifying Partners as well as increasing both our and our customers security, we're changing the way in which payment services can connect to Xero. While we're not shutting anyone down, this does mean some services may need to adapt current integrations to ensure these will work with Xero moving forward.
Any customers already connected to payment services will not be impacted by Xero from these changes, but may change the way they set up new ones.

On a lighter note, GoCardless one of our existing app partners will be launching in US and Canada next year(2019). This means, once available you'll be able to access the traditional method of ACH through GoCardless.

We'll round back in the new year when there's more news around the GoCardless integration to share.

Kelly M (Community Manager)