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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Bills + Expenses

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 68 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and ApprovalMax, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About ApprovalMax

ApprovalMax empowers Xero with multi-step and multi-role approvals for Purchase Orders, Bills, Sales Invoices, and Credit Notes. Approval configuration can be done by business users with just a few clicks. Approval requests are made available to managers in their preferred way – by email, web-based, or in a native mobile app. For more information, check out ApprovalMax.

Benefits for Xero users
  • Approvers are taken out of the accounting software; granular authorisation roles are supported.
  • Full control and visibility is established for the entire finance review and approval process.
  • Approval tracking, history logs, and audit reports facilitate audit readiness at any time.
  • Approval process automation significantly increases team productivity.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with ApprovalMax, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the ApprovalMax Support Centre or this section for information on connecting ApprovalMax to Xero.

This is a great app when it's working at 100%. Sometimes I find that it's slow on sending out emails to get approval and sometimes we don't get them at all. If you check the system each day you can catch any invoices that you have not had emails for. Sadly I have staff that don't check the app and will only approve if they receive an email.

Anne McDonnell  

Very easy to set up and use in comparison with our previous approval system, which we used before switching from Sage 50 to Xero. ApprovalMax seems to have been designed specifically with Xero in mind, and the integration has been very reliable so far. Their team have been quick to respond and resolve any issues on the few occasions on which we have had to contact them.

Chris Fox  

ApprovalMax helped our company streamline our purchasing procedures and created great internal controls. Implementation was very easy and we were up and running quickly. Highly recommend

Tara Colameta  

As an outsourced finance solution, this has provided great efficiencies in our business and promoted greater accountability for department managers.

Great product - would recommend.

Josh Dascombe  

Really impressed with ApprovalMax. We've been using it for our UK, American and Canadian companies for a couple of months now and it's helped save everyone time and hassle. We've also started using it for our German subsidiary, even though they haven't switched to Xero yet. The iPhone App works really well too.

Ted Hailey  

Our work has gone completely paperless. It has been great no longer printing out each invoice, looking on someone's desk to see if they have approved. As ApprovalMax talks to Xero I can see which invoices are awaiting approval and which have been approved and who I am waiting on to approve invoices that need to be paid. ApprovalMax gives complete visibility. I like that I can send an invoice through ApprovalMax within a few seconds to anyone anywhere in the world to see and approve very easily.

Liz Moffitt  

Approval Max has allowed us to provide clients with a workflow tailored to their own requirements to log and manage the approval of invoices.

The UX is clear and intuitive and ready to go without a significant amount of set up. We have refined and tweaked our workflows as the process develop and workflow max makes this process very easy.

Only question is why Xero didnt build this functionality into their software in first place.

Christopher Clark  

ApprovalMax is an excellent add-on that makes it possible for larger businesses that need strong financial controls to use Xero. It's easy for our staff to use and it means that non-financial staff members do not need access to Xero, and the integration with Xero makes it easy for our finance team.

Tom Bodger  

Approvals Max is a brilliantly simplistic and automated approvals & workflow management tool, which has greatly assisted our Mining & Civil services company manage its commitments & the relevant workflows. With a direct integration to our accounting program XERO, the process has been seamless with little if any disruption to services.

The Approvals Max team are knowledgeable, quick to respond & helpful with any queries we may have. I highly recommend their product for any business looking to manage approvals & workflow with XERO considerations

Peter Hines
Procurement Manager
Iron Mine Services Pty Ltd

Peter Hines  

Approvalmax has revolutionised our previous very manual and time consuming process to approve supplier bills for payment. The approval matrix allows for very flexible combinations and different levels of approval - indeed an integral part of our daily financial management system now.

Thomas Botha  

ApprovalMax is an excellent add-on which enhances the Xero experience around purchase invoices. I have used this across multiple businesses including a group of companies where it transformed the invoice approval process. Highly recommended.

Hywel Williams  

A great app that is easy to use, reliable and helps to streamline processes. Had an amazing experience recently with their customer support who quickly and effectively responded and helped with a query. Would recommend to anyone based off their excellent customer support and ease of use software.

Julia Forde  

A great piece of software. It's easy to set up and users love it. As we are a multi site operation it suits us perfectly and it has dramatically cut down our time chasing signatures and approvals. Fits with Xero perfectly.

Alastair Ingram  

Such a simple piece of software to set up yet so so effective. Easily the best app in our stack!

David Beck  

Approval Max is great, and really popular amongst the team!

The support team are also always on hand to help.

Mazars LLP UK  

ApprovalMax is a really great add-on. It syncs perfectly with Xero, a problem we have had with other add-on's.


Lily Jones  

Approval Max is exactly what we needed. Our team are not all in the same location and this add-in has saved so much email traffic and chasing for approvals.

We have now started to apply these approval workflows to other areas of the business, using the stand-alone function.

Highly recommended!

Laura McClure  

Have just started using approval max. It's fantastic! No longer having to chase signatures. It is streamlining so much of my day!

Terese Murphy  

The more I explore and use ApprovalMax, the more I love it. Apart from being a great product, the support channel is extremely helpful. We subscribed to beta test the Budget and Search functions and found them to be very useful indeed. Keep it up!

Chris Vella  

Great Add on!
Approval max has simplified the process of getting invoices approved and is a big saver in time.
Hugely recommended add on.


Harjas Kaur  

We've only been using ApprovalMax for a few months but are already reaping the benefits. No longer do we need to chase down Managers at month end to get invoices approved. Its save us time and energy and our Managers love the app. Approval anywhere, anytime.

Mel Shea  

Really happy with this app. Can be used on iphone and Android which is a big plus for my clients - and still has functionality for them to view each invoice and approve/reject or comment. Excellent work!

Vianne HILLS  

ApprovalMax is great - awesome flexibility with multiple approval requirements, Easy and efficient. Auditors have been happy with ApprovalMax when annual audits have been done for a couple of my charity client too.

Lisa Beauchamp  

I have taken over ApprovalMax from another firm and within minutes, the transfers were complete and all information provided. I have been incredibly impressed with Helmut's customer service.

Setup is fantastic and what it offers is beyond brilliant. As everyone else has said above, it really does make workflows seamless. I'm excited to be starting out with this product.

Thankyou ApprovalMax!

Belinda Muggeridge  

Excellent add on.
ApprovalMax works exactly as needed. Since Xero does not have a very good approval process, ApprovalMax takes care of it really well:

- Multi-step approvals & Robust/Conditional approval matrix
- Email notifications for approval pending action to all approvers
- iOS & Android apps for Approvals!
- Don't need to give other employees (Managers/CEO, etc) access to Xero
- Ability to reject
- Comments & Audit trail of approvals

The support and the staff are great too!

Warren Keogh  

ApprovalMax works exactly how we need it to. It takes work off my accounts team and puts responsibility into the hands of my workers with its audit function.

Charli Batley  

Fantastic support from your staff, will highly recommend ApprovalMax to all my friend and family:)

Naurin Fatima  

Approval max has strengthened and streamlined our procurement processes and controls. i'd highly recommend it.

Gavin Krugel  

We are a 40+ employees business with circa 500 monthly bills requiring varying levels of authorisation and needed a Xero add on, which can easily fit with out internal processes, has robust user restrictions built in, but at the same time is easy and intuitive for the teams to use.

Approval Max satisfies all of those criteria and is the best tool for the job I could find in the Xero eco-system. So glad I have discovered it!

Very intuitive UI. By far the biggest benefit for us is the ability to send invoices for approval and easily communicate with members of our team who do not have Xero access. Integration and setup are extremely straightforward and 99% of even my non-accountant users did not need any training/guidance getting their heads around it.

The PO and reporting side of things could do with a bit more development/enhancements, but overall an excellent product and my team and I are very happy we found it!

Elena Kazemi  

It's an excellent system which has enabled me to completely automate the expenses approval process for the EO chapter where I'm the finance chair. No complaints!

Richard Marshall  

excellent when used alongside Xero - full audit trail with minumum effort - this has gone a long way to streamlining our processes.

Caroline Swales  

ApprovalMax has strengthened our controls and allowed my team to approve any time any where. The mobile app has a great interface and is easy to use.

Leanne Williams  

ApprovalMax gives us the flexibility to check and sign off any invoice digitally, which can be done away from the office. Really useful.

Luis Moreno  

ApprovalMax has allowed our organisation to go paperless in conjuction with ReceiptBank.

The supplier invoices are emailed through Receiptbank which links to Xero for account and category coding. The invoice is then sent for approval - with a click to ApprovalMax.

ApprovalMax is a mobile APP or webtool where managers or authorised persons can easily view the invoice for approval or decline.

Their easy click of approval or decline is recorded as a PDF which goes through to Xero and moves the invoice from Draft status to Approved status.

We have found this level of authorisation/ audit trail of approvals invaluable in establishing a paperless system. Highly recommend this as an efficient, easy process, with seamless integration.

Peter White  

ApprovalMax does a great job. We have a strict 2 approvals process on PO's and with the easy to use workflow in ApprovalMax you can manage the approval process with ease and accuracy. The link to Xero is excellent and makes my life as Accountant easy. The setup was fast and easy and Support was there for any questions. A great add on to compliment Xero.

Elmondt Kapp  

ApprovalMax has been the easiest product to install that I have experienced! We had no issues with setup and not one complaint from any of our staff (which is highly unusual). I would recommend this to anyone particularly XERO users who need stronger approval control over purchasing.

Michelle Coats  

ApprovalMax is the best Xero integration I have used. It does exactly what you expect it to and is very straightforward to use.

The best feature is that it facilitates financial oversight for managers of departments or budget lines without letting those people have access to your entire Xero file.

Sam Bonney  

ApprovalMax couldn't do the job it is built for any better. It allows for many different combinations of approvers based on many invoice criteria and integrates brilliantly with Xero. The team at ApprovalMax offer very good at customer service. I strongly recommend this product.

Victor Pelter  

We've just switched two companies to using Xero and have introduced ApprovalMax to handle purchase order requests and approvals and bill approvals. It has been able to cope with a complex approval process across a number of different budgets.

The set-up process has been smooth and the 35 users, with varying levels of comfort with technology, have found the system easy-to-use.

The support team have been quick to respond to queries and have been clear in telling us when new features will be added.

Martin Ball  

I've implemented ApprovalMax in a couple of clients. One in particular has an extremely complicated approval scheme, dependent on a matrix between departments, accounts, projects and monetary levels. ApprovalMax took it in its stride with ease. Really appreciate the audit trail it attaches in Xero too.

Very impressed - I'll continue recommending to my other clients - and anyone else!!

Paul Clifton  

Very simple and has improved the approval processes between managers - integrates very well with Xero and hand in hand with Receipt Bank.

Adam Philips  

Highly recommended. Does what it says on the tin. Solved our audit trail problem in one hit.

Jarvey Moss  

This one of Xero add ons that empowers Non Accounting staff to own finance

Madoda Sibeko  

Fantastic!! Would highly recommend!

Gabrielle Hosseini  

Great integration with xero

Sarah Willis  

Very simple and easy workflow to manage. Integrates perfectly with XERO.

Joao Branco  

Simple to use and a very powerful way to manage invoice and bill approvals in Xero. We showed it to our auditors, they thought it was great too.

Gary Wood  

I echo all the things that David Wieseneck said!

ApprovalMax is a great way to handle multi-dimensional, multi-level approvals. We have a ridiculously complicated approvals matrix based mainly on Xero tracking categories, with exceptions that are based on anything from amount, to supplier, to account code used. ApprovalMax handles it all seamlessly.

I also really like the Delegate feature where someone can temporarily stand in for another person's approvals (eg, while that approver is on leave).

One thing I would like to see is an either/or functionality - where you can set a rule where one or more approvers are tagged as an approver on something, but if one of them approves it it can move to the next stage (rather than all having to approve it). This would be very useful in situations where people are job-sharing or in a co-role.

Kathy Tung  

Approval Max is easy to use and integrate to Xero. It has improved the approval process as most of our staff are based out of the office.

Geoff Rollason  

Great service, very practical.
Recommended for SME's and multinational startups.

Mohannad Al-Mosleh  

Approval Max is a great add on to Xero. It really improves the visibility around invoice approvals. Improves processes and saves time.

Scott Turner  

Very simple and intuitive to use and read our staff love it....

Jonathan OWEN  

ApprovalMax is great! Saved us 20+ hours per month processing invoice. The automated workflow is clever and quite flexible. Our staff members love approving via email. Hope ApprovalMax will release more features in the future.

Andy Dao  

Brilliant. Simple and straight forward. Easy to set up and works a charm. Our production leaders are thrilled about the easy way of handling POs and we are equally happy about the increased transparency and control it has brought us.

Henrik Ekstrom  

Great system, saves us a lot of time by automating the approvals process

Georgia Burns  

ApprovalMax team are amazing. Their service is always outstanding and the app works perfectly with our organisation. We are and Edtech company and Approval Max has been able to meet our approval workflows needs. I am really grateful they exist. Thanks!!!

Álvaro Arranz  

I use Approvalmax on two companies.
It is perfect for providing enhanced controls and solid audit trails for rapidly growing companies. Authorisations can be easily increased through the growth cycle to tighten controls and add two stage verification when appropriate.
I found it easy to set up and automatically integrate with Xero. Authorisation by mobile phone is very popular with management
Highly recommended

Donald McIntosh  

ApprovalMax enables us – in the simplest way possible – to create a complex
approval matrix wherein we define roles, business rules, and routing workflows, while
being intuitive and easy to use.

We now have the ability to track the approval status, pinpoint bottlenecks in the
process, and make sure everything is completed in a timely manner. Our approval
process has since gained a significantly higher degree of control and visibility

Anthony Burman  

We started using ApprovalMax to improve our own sales invoice approval process. It created significant benefits including improved cashflow, greater accuracy and excellent accountability. We are now rolling this out to clients and and the positive feedback has been impressive.

It is a fantastic application that integrates with Xero extremely well. User experience is excellent and it is very intuitive to setup and use.

Jonathan Fryer  

I am impressed by the responsiveness and eagerness of the customer service team to address issues and implement solutions in a timely fashion. They keep their promises and communicate clearly and frequently during the process. Bravo!

Ayla Bell  

ApprovalMax is the ideal tool for providing structured workflkows that connect directly to Xero. ApprovalMax is flexible, easy to manage and most importantly is easy to use. There are excellent mobile Apps, and the system is reliable.

Business rules and compliance features are easily configured

We have configured approval workflows for :-
Purchase Order approvals
Bill Approvals
Credit Note Approvals for both Accounts Payable and Sales

I would highly recommend ApprovalMax for companies that are using Xero

Norm Cogdale  

ApprovalMax makes it easier for our branch managers to approve or reject supplier invoices - a whole lot better compared to the previous system of scanning, stamping and emailing back and forth. The availability of approving thru email, web and app also helps a lot for people always on the go.

Rhea Gacasan  

Brilliant, add-on that has made life so much easier internally and for our clients.

Super helpful team who can guide you through the setup

Frankie Sandelands  

Amazing functionality and flexibility. Cannot wait for the budgeting functions to be fully done up and completed with approvals as well.

Gabriel Lim  

We have been using Approvalmax since April 2016 and it has completely replaced our previous paper based approval system. It completely replaces the simple approval process in Xero with something that could fit anyone's needs.

Sebastian Mclarin  

ApprovalMax team have been excellent to work with. We have ApprovalMax working for our larger farming clients for multi level approvals. This app should really be listed under the Agriculture section on the Xero App store as well.

More than happy to assist anyone looking to get this setup for their business.

Jordan Hartley-Smith  

Love the product but it keeps dropping the Xero link when it gets to the last approver in the workflow. Be nice to find out whats happening

Sally Dunbar  

This is an excellent add-on. I found a couple of minor bugs early on, but the support team resolved in a couple of ours.

Only addition I'd like is the approval matrix to also include items

Michael Foulkes  

ApprovalMax works exactly as needed. Since Xero does not have a very good approval process, ApprovalMax takes care of it really well:

- Multi-step approvals & Robust/Conditional approval matrix
- Email notifications for approval pending action to all approvers
- iOS & Android apps for Approvals!
- Don't need to give other employees (Managers/CEO, etc) access to Xero
- Ability to reject
- Comments & Audit trail of approvals

You can set this up in 5 min and the integration works really well. No more needing to bug approvers to log into Xero to approve!

David Wieseneck