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AU Payroll - Delete/hide rejected leave requests

Started by Barry van Oudtshoorn in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

When viewing your leave, rejected items show up towards the top and highlighted in red. As these are a) quite dispiriting and b) not particularly useful on an ongoing basis, it would be good to be able delete or hide these items.
I'm rather confused by the whole leave approvals process and the help documentation doesn't go into enough detail. Deleting the rejected items is one options but I would have thought that if a leave request was rejected, the employee should have the option to revise the request and re-submit (it appears that they have to start over, which is confusing when you look back at the history as the rejected item is not filed with the revised request).

Teresa Tansell

Can someone from Xero please respond to this thread? It has been nearly a month and no response.

I too would like to hide/delete rejected leave requests.

Karla Brummell

Hey Team - We don't have any plans to introduce the ability to completely remove rejected leave requests that have come from the My Payroll portal. We'll keep an eye on the discussion and number of votes here though.
If something simply needs editing in a leave request, this can be done by a payroll admin user, rather than a manager having to reject it and the employee start again.

Quenby S (Community Manager)

I have Payroll Admin access, and can't seem to delete a rejected leave request - is that because that payrun has been completed? I don't want to have to redo a payrun just to delete that leave. I think it would be well worth it auto-hiding after that payrun is completed - what if I do want to keep that leave as a historical item, but don't want the staff reminded of it every time they open their leave?

Tamara Mitchell

Hi Xero, As a payroll administrator It would be very helpful and useful if a rejected leave request could be deleted or hidden at the very least. It does act as a constant negative reminder for employees.

Cassie Behmer

As both an employee using Xero and as a payroll administrator and accountant for other businesses I too believe it would be beneficial to hide or delete the reminder.

"If something simply needs editing in a leave request, this can be done by a payroll admin user, rather than a manager having to reject it and the employee start again."
Would this process not be better if when a leave request is rejected it actually returns to a draft status - forcing the employee to either correct it themselves or accept the changes made by payroll?

Why give the option to reject something and leave it there as a permanent reminder? I am curious as to what the purpose of this is.

Alexander Glover

Thanks for the ongoing discussion everyone. Still no plans to change how this works, but keep the votes coming.

Quenby S (Community Manager)

Another vote to being able to hide rejected leave - from another Xero user and payroll administrator

Simone Warnock

I agree, it is despiriting every time you login to see you have a rejection in red..It doesn't need to be kept on there, especially when the time has passed and it is no longer current anyway...

Emma Silverthorne

maybe could you just take the red colour off once the time has passed and it is no longer relevant? surely this can't be too hard..

Emma Silverthorne

another vote to delete rejected leave - stands out too much; unnecessary negative reminder...

Maggie Salmi

Absolutely - would love to be able to remove the rejection. I cancelled my leave and my boss rejected the application so the leave wasn't deducted. I'm sure its not a major thing to change, a small request that I'm sure many users will appreciate. Its very disheartening.

Kim Engelbrecht

Totally agree with the above, there should be a way to delete your rejected leave requests. We have around 60 staff who all at one stage or another have had leave rejected. Would be great if this didn't show as a reminder each time they log into Xero (myself included)

Lynne Sloggett


I split from my wife of ten years just before we were supposed to go on leave in January. Every time I apply for leave, I have a "rejected" symbol beside the vacation time I was to spend with them. I paid for the holiday. My wife and two children went on the holiday without me and every time I apply for leave I am reminded of this. Fix it. Please.

Keith Duncan

Keith, we're going to see if there's anything we can do here.

Brittany H (Community Manager)

Totally agree with the sentiment here. Rejected leave requests should not be shown on the Overview page under the heading "Your pending leave applications". They should be sorted by date among the completed leave requests on the Leave page, and the indicator in the status column should be grey so they blend in with the completed ones.

Simon Biber

I find it bizarre that when I log into Xero as an employee, seemingly the most important thing Xero wants to show me is a rejected leave request from nearly 3 years ago. Surely it doesn't belong on the dashboard after I've seen it.

Christopher Botman

As payroll admin, I often have to scroll down a full page of leave rejections before I get to the ones for the current fortnight.... If they were sorted by date then they would be sorted with under old leave taken.

H Campbell

I agree that having rejected leave from years ago sitting right on top of your home page is completely useless. You cannot do anything with it. You cannot alter it, remove it, anything. So why have it there in bold red?

I like the solution offered by Simon Biber above. We don't need to delete it. Just lower its prominence.

Scott O'Connell

The guy who installed XERO at work did a test leave request from my account and then taught the Payroll Officer how to reject it. It was 3 years ago and I have to see it every time I log in. This needs to be fixed or at least hide them down the bottom (which would be date order).

Jane Douglas

Agree, this will be useful. We have "rejected" requests sitting there from cancelled and accidentally entered leave.

Michael Fenton

Another vote for this feature please. I've been logging in for 6 months and seeing a rejected leave request for my grandfathers funeral front and center.

The leave was granted as a different 'type' of leave but the initial rejected leave is just sitting there, torturing me once a week when I do my timesheet.

I approached our payroll and there is nothing they can do.

Donald Urquhart

Please put this into place. It is exceptionally annoying to constantly have this show up after a leave request was rejected.

Jennie Fallet

Another vote for this functionality to be added please.

Ian Lee

Please put this into place.


@Donald - Sorry to hear that. Can you please reach out to our Support team, so they can give you a hand with this?

Quenby S (Community Manager)

Yes please! Would love this feature to be installed.

Rebecca Smith (CNS Partners)

Yes please, another vote here! Still not sure why this is still being considered, seems common sense.

Terence Ward

I have clients asking to hide rejected leave requests. When I tell them Xero can't do something (that seems like a really basic feature) it makes both me look bad and the product look bad. Can't keep recommending Xero with basic features missing.

David Stone

This is soooooo annoying... at least make it blend in with the Completed leave.

Sam Gray

is anyone even listening to our requests? Surly this should be a simple fix. Xero please look into this, as you can see by all the comments that clients would like this function completed

Lynne Sloggett

another two votes from us for this feature to be added too. Very frustrating!

Mel Ferguson

I am both a payroll admin and Xero user. Rejected leave should stay there as a record, but surely it makes sense to for them to be sorted by date among the completed leave requests on the Leave page and the colour changed to grey once that pay period has been processed. It's really annoying that rejected leave requests that are years old and now completely irrelevant appear at the top of the page.

Michelle Marshall

Totally agree Michelle, move the rejected leave requests to the Leave Page so that they are not showing at the top of the page. Come on Xero this is a simple request, get onto it

Lynne Sloggett

Xero please fix this. A lot of people are wanting this changed. It is unnecessary to have it highlighted at the top especially after the time has passed

Morgan Philbey

How is a rejected leave request from 4 years ago relevant and necessary? Please create the option to delete this.

Penny Erskine

Agree with all of the above. Please create an option to hide/ delete rejected leave approvals.

Tina Church

I've had a couple of employees annoyed by these old rejected leave applications constantly coming up. Please enable hiding/deleting rejected leave applications.

Karen Elliott

Xero please fix this - it seems like such a simple request. At least make an archive function so such rejected requests can be hidden.

Tina Church

This is a bug not a feature request.

Rejected leave requests for dates in the past show up under the heading "Your pending leave applications". There is no way to transition them out of "pending".

Adam Wale

Please fix this!
Really need this sorted, I am seeing a test Leave request from over a year ago! Such a redundant bug.. why show rejected leave requests at all past the payroll period? So silly.. please have your team reach out to me to fix this, that appears to be what you are capable of doing as per your work with Donald and resolving his request.. it shouldn't have to be a family death just to have a reject leave request removed from sight..

Joshua Cavuoto

Aggreed!! Fix this bug!

Tina Church

I absolutely agree with lots of people in this thread. I had a leave request rejected when I started at a new job, because my manager told me that was the only way to change a request once sent (I now know that was incorrect) - and now two years later it continues to sit in my leave list annoying me!! Get rid of them Xero!!!!

Rhianna Dean

Does Xero read this forum at all? It's been years! The only reply I see from someone is a useless "Still no plans to change this - but keep asking" reply.

Such an odd and prominent bug on their overview page. And BUG it is. "Rejected" is not a Pending state. What is it pending on?? Nothing. It's a bug. I have had 3 "Pending" leave requests in a rejected state for over 5 years. Even our administrators cannot remove them or clear them.

It makes Xero feel buggy for me since the only thing I use the portal for in my job capacity is to issue leave requests. It's like have a spelling error on the home page. Just fix it already guys. It can't be that hard.

Scott O'Connell

Most certainly still present and taking on board your feedback here, Scott.

@All - I appreciate it's been some time since our last post though before getting up hopes, I do want to be upfront that atm there's no development in the teams agenda for deletion or an option to hide rejected leave requests in Xero payroll.
Do get why you'd all like to see this here, as you'd have likely noticed there are quite a few compliance changes that the team have had more recently, and have taken their focus. This work wil continue trough the first half 2019, before they move onto calculations for superannuation and surfacing more audit history of payroll activity.

If there's any action toward you're request here, I'll be back to update you all of this news.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

@Kelly that is very disappointing to hear, especially after literally years. As a developer I know that something like this is not a difficult or time-consuming job.

I first commented when my grandfather passed and the rejected leave request couldn't be removed from the "pending leave applications" on the Overview of the My Payroll page.

Since then my wife has had surgery (2 years ago) and my mother was in a car accident and flown to the city, she was in an induced coma for several days (8 months ago). Both of these rejected leave applications (which were processed as a different type of leave) are sitting there front and center.

I also have two approved "Your current timesheets" from 2017 appearing in my Overview page.

Xero are throwing these in my face every time I log in by not allowing the option to hide them from the Overview or simply dropping them off of the Overview after a certain amount of time which would be the simplest and most logical thing to do.

I sincerely hope that the team at Xero eventually starts caring about users. I'll contact support in the meantime, like I had to do 2 years ago.

Donald Urquhart

I'm really disappointed about this product and the response of their support team. They couldn't fixed such a obvious bug over years. Maybe that's why I personally use Quickbook for my own business instead of Xero. UE is always first.

Hang Fan

Not to say this bug is annoying people so much when I read the thread.

Hang Fan

Just get it over and done with, please.
Clearly, there's plenty of votes and requests.
What more do you need?

Aditya Kumar

Searching for a solution to this exact issue I came across this thread.
To be honest, I thought SaaS worked like this:
1. Users pay to use the software,
2. Users make recommendations on improvements,
3. The developer uses the recommendations to make regular improvements to the software,
4. The software gets better over time, and
5. More users then use the software, and everyone's happy.

I didn't realise that we had to vote on whether improvements should be made to the software we pay to use, but hey - my vote is to FIX THIS PLEASE, for all the reasons above!

Phill Le Marinel

Can you please just let us remove rejected leave????

Chris Hoegel

Everyone wants this from what I have read. It can't be too hard. We are considering leaving Xero due to this?

Chris Hoegel

It's not that it's a reluctance to develop, Chris - If you take a look in my reply above you'll see there are a few other higher priority items taking the teams focus at present. Of course, if there's any plan to dive into this request, I'll be pleased to share this with you all interested here.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

How long would it take to allow us to delete the rejected leave?

Thanks for the response.

Chris Hoegel

I don't want to delete the rejected requests completely as we do need to show an audit trail. Would be perfect if they showed as "Complete" once the pay run they were associated with had been posted, and dropped down in chronological order like all other requests do. I understand that Xero need to prioritise items, but this issue has been ongoing for an ever-increasing number of users for years.

Michelle Marshall

Hi all, we have had that response for quite a while now, " higher priority" items
When will this request be pushed up the ladder to be dealt with?

Lynne Sloggett

@Kelly the problem is this is a bug, it's not a feature that rejected leave requests forevermore show at the top of the otherwise date ordered list of leave requests, or show on the front page of Xero when you login under a title 'pending leave applications'

What message do you think it sends to the community when Xero refuses to address a bug after well over a year?

Adam Wale

It Cant be hard to allow us to delete rejected leave ??

Chris Hoegel

Or Hide It

Chris Hoegel

I can totally understand that this is not a high priority task from your perspective. I work in a software company as well. It may not look as popular as other tasks you have in the list, but TBH this is a BUG and it's ANNOYING people. Isn't that worth your development team looking at? Or do we or do we not have a portal to report bugs?

Hang Fan

Time to develop is something the team would need to evaluate, when they have the ability to dig in deeper here.

You can certainly let our team at Support know if there is anything you suspect isn't working as it should, their a bit more equipped and get detail to investigate each case closer.

Though I get this is a bug bear for anyone that'd prefer rejected or deleted leave requests aren't shown, this is really working as originally designed. We can see how improvements could enhance the features use and efficiency - so will let you know if there's any word of this.

Kelly M (Community Manager)

The original design really said "rejected leave requests will always be listed as a pending leave application"? 😂

Adam Wale

… the fault being in the original design rather than the coding doesn't alleviate the need to fix it.

Phill Le Marinel

Agreed, this required a fix!

Fabrizio Alessi

I agree this needs to be changed so they are not visible day to day. Seems silly to continue to show something that has been rejected.

Kirsten Payne