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AU Payroll - How to Un-Assign Leave Type?

Started by Sarah Johnston -   in AU Payroll

Hi All,

So I have a client who is employing his teenage son. Initially we set him up as full time, ie accruing personal and annual leave. But it worked out that he is only working on a casual basis. So I have worked out how to reverse the incorrectly accrued leave types. My issue is how do I UN - assign leave type, so that on his payslip, these leaves dont keep coming up, and accruing.

Many thanks in advance!!

Hi Sarah,

Did you get any reply or work out if this can be done? I am wondering the same thing!

Rachel Shaw  

Hi Sarah,

If you are looking to reverse leave already processed this will help


Ali Lodhi  

Hi Sarah - You can go to Employee Settings --> Leave, then change "Hours Accrued Annually" and "Hours in a ... pay period" to 0. However It will only stop leave accruing in the payslip, and still can't remove the assigned leave type in the Settings. If you really want to remove it, you probably need to terminate employee and create a new one (But I personally wouldn't do that!)

Chien Dang  

i just converted from myob and have that multiple times HELP!! in need to unassign leave types not just zero them. OR get them OFF the payslip.

tom dickson  

I have the same problem. I just want to unassign leave type so it doesn't show on payslip. Has anyone figured out how to do this?

Shane Keys  

I have it again this pay with full timer who has gone to casual and gets the leave on there casual payslip (with zero balance) not sure how compliant this is with awards rules concerning info on payslips?

tom dickson  

I just got this response from Xero Help and it worked for me.

If a Leave Type has not been used in a pay run for the employee, you can delete it from their Leave tab.

To do this please go to Payroll> Employees> select the employee> Leave tab> click on the blue hours for the Leave Type> Delete.

Shane Keys  

Go into the employee>leave>click on the leave type you wish to change>leave calculation method>no calculation required.

Sally Walkden  

Hey Team - If a leave type has been used in a pay run for an employee, it can't be deleted from their Leave tab. You can edit the settings by clicking on the balance of that leave type in their Leave tab, to 'No calculation required' so it doesn't accrue going forward. However, it can't be removed.
If its been set up in error, you can delete it by clicking on the balance and clicking 'Delete'.

Quenby S (Community Manager)  

Quenby..I just tried what you recommended and it calculated leave.
They were set at 0 (I clicked on the 0 balances and I couldn't see a delete option)so I changed to 'No calc required' and after the payrun there are balances.
What do I do now? and is there any way I can change the default pay leave types?

Julie James  

Dickson, why did you leave MYOB? I suppose your accountant talked you into it too? They get a nice kick back and marketing is pretty full on to them. We got sucked in.. MYOB won Innovative Company of the year 2015 award for a very good reason.. Missing MYOB reporting and Alt O and Alt H. :{ :{

Jenni Kelsall  

hi jenni
Xero will be spending more time monitoring activity on this blog than solving problems , these are things we need to accept in the market driven environment.

in answer to your point, yes and yes .

having said that i signed another organisation up after 12 months with xero.

Why? cheaper for not for profit than MYOB, its has a cloud based solution which is very usefull and it meant managers were independently able to look at colorful reports which always excites them! ( and it clouded some HR functions.)

Yes there are shortcomings and workarounds and even a security breach i had to notify Xero of but with all that i suspect MYOB is a thing of the past. there is a very good custom able add on for reports here in OZ called budget link (accounting addons) look them up they don't market themselves as they come from the old school but you will get all the reports , they were very commonly used with MYOB


tom dickson  

Sorry to hear that, Jenni! As with any new system it may take a while to get accustomed if you're used to something else. Is there anything in specific I can help you with? In the meantime, do take a look at these pages which have some shortcut info: Xero Tips & Search Shortcuts of navigate in Xero

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

@Tom while there are two of us that manage this Community, we have hundreds of people in Support that can investigate and solve issues, and hundreds of developers that make the product better :)

We've been saying this for a while now, but a big focus of ours is reports - in the coming months there will be some pretty exciting releases which I hope will make things better for you too. More specifically for those that run a NFP that receive donations, the upcoming Contact reports will make things easier. Also in progress are report filters - which will allow you much more flexibility in the info you see.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Any outcome yet with Leave? It drives me crazy as we get lot of people as f/t and then they go on casual and it is hard to explain them when they see their payslips? We had to pay leave balances to few as it appears on their payslips. None of the above solutions are working for me. Please advise.

Accounts Hussey & Co.  

Yes, I also assigned All Leave Types by mistake to 1 employee, and now I cannot get rid of them - there is definitely NO delete option as suggested above! I dare not delete the draft pay run either, as I am not sure what the consequence of this is . . . will I be able to select & process it again once I try to sort out the A/L issue? I've had soooo many issues with Xero and Support are not that helpful, advising I try this online support or watch videos. Those options are not overly helpful with trouble-shooting.

Madison Sport  

Merged: AU Payroll - Remove Assigned Leave Type

Hi there.

We have just recently switched from offering leave loading as part of employees total packages to being paid upon taking annual leave.

Currently existing employees are still under the old system, with new employees on the new (we have calculated to ensure all staff are paid in accordance with the award once LL is factored in).

The problem we have it that one of our new employees was setup against the old annual leave type that did not pay LL. They have since taken leave. We've adjusted them in the system, so they have gotten their entitlements, but the problem is that they not have two AL fields on their payslip - the original that will remain at zero, and the new one which has LL paid out.

Is there a way to stop the old leave type showing on the payslips (keeping in mind if we change the setting in Payroll settings to not show, this will effect all existing employees still under this method)?

Thanks in advance!

Tom Clark  

@Marni - if this leave type has ever been used in a pay run (which would appear to be the case if they've gone from full time to casual), you won't be able to delete this leave type from the employee record. If it's a leave type that is used for all your employees, it won't be possible to stop the balance from showing on the employee's payslip either.
We are looking in to this, but it's not currently in the short term plans. We'll keep you updated in this thread with any changes.

Quenby S (Community Manager)  

Disappointing this is not on the short term. We are only wanting to remove a leave type that has been added to the wrong employee. If it has never been used this should not be such a big deal.
It is however a big deal having these incorrect leaves available on a pay slip for an employee to question when they are not entitled.
Please fix this so it can be removed.
It is far more important than the majority of the marketing activity you are working on.

Lisa Lenne  

Surely you guys can setup a leave type so it can be made inactive or archived. This is ridiculous. It is now 12 months and still no resolution. Quenby stop glossing over this problem and have it fixed please!!!

Richard Hinz  

I found a really knowledgeable Xero consultant who sorted this out for me. Don't ask how she did it, i just watched in amazement! Of course it cost me a few $$$ (perhaps Xero can reimburse me?!), however it was so worth it.

Madison Sport  

Hi Marni, can you tell Xero the consultants name so they can make contact and find out how it is done?

Richard Hinz  

You're hilarious Richard! And yes, I will let Xero know

Madison Sport  

It is a simple mistake to make and makes the payroll operative look inept for all time..should be fixable..I await the next post with bated breath...

Julie James  

APRIL 2017 ..... still waiting for this to be resolved !!

We have lots of people that go from Perm to Temp at my company ...Seriously .... how hard can it be to allow me to make Leave inactive or archived.

Julie Hardy  

Good Luck, it seems to be like the request for phone support, easy to fix but this is beautiful software in the making.

Richard Hinz  

I also need to "archive" a leave type or preferably delete it from an employee record. It's insane that it cannot be done. Please Xero make this a priority. It cannot be that difficult!!!

Leigh Bell  

Did you ever figure out how to do this?
We have just come accross the same issue.

Emmy Walters  

I have the same problem too - any ideas??

Natasha Partridge  

No just had to create new ones and called the old ones DO NOT USE so now I have a heap of things that say DO NOT USE and the new ones we use are correct. Very silly way of doing it.

Emmy Walters  

Thanks for your response!

Natasha Partridge  

As a result of a MYOB migration we have a number of different leave types on a card, that although are associated with historical transactions, now have a zero balance. This is making things very confusing for staff, in addition to complicating the leave reports. At a stretch, I could understand these having to remain present for the current year why can't we remove after several years with no transactions? Are there any plans to address this?

Jane Clarke  

I made some messy entries initially in payroll and would like to remove assigned leave types from specific employees rather than them showing up every payrun and having to manually click on the cross in each employee's pay. Any update on removing a leave type from an employee's template?

Cathie Jaggers  

Not that I have heard or figured out.

Emmy Walters  

Hi everyone, we definitely know an improvement here would reduce confusion and make things tidier.
Plain and simple, everything must be prioritised - we wrote a Blog last year detailing some considerations that you may be interested in.
We're not disagreeing with your request whatsoever but want to give some idea right now.
Focus, is on getting Xero Payroll ready for Single Touch Payroll in 2018. So to be fully open, we don't see this being picked up this year (2017). But if there's any rustle of plans for this, we'll be sure to let you know.

Kelly M (Community Manager)  

Well I am glad I did not wait for Xero to fix this issue, or I could be waiting for quite a while. I decided to pay an expert and she had it sorted within 10 minutes! Now life is a breeze!

Madison Sport  

Hi Marni can you tell me the name of your expert please. It would save a lot of confusion with employees

Josie Wivell  

I would like the answer to this too.

Karla Kelly  

has there been a response to this question? It would be good to know how to delete obsolete leave entitlements or at least switch off as an option when employees are requesting leave.


Amanda Williams  

Nothing that I have heard.

Emmy Walters  

I have an employee who was full-time, he left for 2 years and has come back casual. I need his leave balance to be NIL. How do I arrange this please? Does anyone have an answer. His leave should of been nil from when he left but still say's he has 17 hours which is INCORRECT!

Madonna Royal  

Hi Madonna,
I would have definitely employed him under a whole new profile in this situation to restart all start dates (for long service) and everything else that come with it, as it has been over 2 years he is an entirely new employee.

Emmy Walters  

+1 Need this functionality.

Louis Matti  

Following. This seems strange that some private Xero 'experts' can fix this by Xero cannot! I await a solution to this issue.

Daniel Dickinson  

It certainly would be nice to have this fixed

Graham Deck  

I'm just wondering if this issue has been fixed? We have a full time employee who resigned and then come back as casual. Leave is accruing when it shouldn't be, but I can't delete it. I don't want it showing up on his payslip but need to process the wages.

Ashleigh Hunt  

When you process the pay - you can delete the leave accruals down the bottom - just click the "X" next to each leave type.
Hope this helps

Natasha Partridge  

2 and a half years on, nothing has been done by Xero.

Although you can delete the unwanted leave items when you proceed the payruns, however, you have to open each employee one by one to manually remove the leave items. If you have a long payroll list and few unwanted leave items, it will take you a lot of time, every payrun, to delete the unwanted leave items. This is also a potential ground for errors (i.e. forgetting to delete the unwanted items for one or some of the employees). As the result, the payslips look unprofessional and employees would be confused when they read their payslips.

Xero, please fix this!

James Vu