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Invoice Template and weekly check list

Started by David Bradley in Feature Requests | Done!

We do a lot of our invoicing every Monday. I would like to be able to have templates set-up that I could assign to different clients.

So for example, when I set the invoice date as the 7th it will give me 7 invoice lines with the following text:

Invoice Line Text (Invoice Date - 7)
Invoice Line Text (Invoice Date - 6)
Invoice Line Text (Invoice Date - 5)
Invoice Line Text (Invoice Date - 4)
Invoice Line Text (Invoice Date - 3)
Invoice Line Text (Invoice Date - 2)
Invoice Line Text (Invoice Date - 1)

Etc. This would remove a lot of the time spent on manually inputting the dates etc for what is essentially the same invoice every week.

Could you please implement this or similar into a future update.
Hi David,
I am wondering if you have tried to set up repeating invoices to help you populate those invoices every week. They are essentially invoice templates.

Cecile Boulter

Hi Cecile,

Thanks for that. Is there a way to have auto text based on the invoice date etc?



David Bradley

Hi david,
yes you can set the description in the repeating invoice and it will always be the same for this specific repeating invoice. I recomment that for each invoice date you create a new repeating invoice.

Cecile Boulter

+1 from me.

We do the recurring invoice option and it works a treat. In one of mine I have about 6 line items with different descriptions .. including some that have GST, some that don't.

Robert Sandali

I would like to use a Bill as a template for a Sales Invoice.

Matthew Minshull