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Invoice Only User to be able to view all Bills

Started by Susan Richman -   in Using Xero

I would like to please add more flexibility for user roles. My team share the job of entering bills but for security they need to be Invoice Only Users. I would really like them to be able to see all bills so that they can check when there is a duplicate invoice flag or can also review and check off supplier statements. At the moment they are only able to view invoices they have input themselves. The standard user view would allow this, but this gives them access to my bank account balance which is completely a no go area. Thanks.
Hi Susan
I suggest you contact support because this is contrary to the documentation that says

A user with the invoice only – purchases user role has access to the dashboard, business menu and contacts. The user’s dashboard only shows one tile, which displays a summary of bills entered by all users, including draft, awaiting payment and any overdue.

A purchases user can:

Create, copy, edit and approve bills, supplier credit notes and purchase orders
Create repeating bills
Add untracked inventory items on bills and purchase orders
Add tracked inventory items on bills and purchase orders, if the right accounts for tracked inventory have been set up in the organisation's chart of accounts
View bills, supplier credit notes and purchase orders created by others

Tony Finch  

Hi Susan - It sounds like your team is currently on the 'Only create drafts' role this gives a user access to their own transactions only, does your team need to submit their Invoices/Bills for approval?

If they don't then the Invoice only - Approve and Pay could work for you, no bank account access but full view of the Sales and Purchases menu's.

Alternatively pop on over here and add your vote for this thread relating to the draft only user role.

If you would like a bit more clarity around our roles please don't hesitate to reach out to our team, or if you think your request differs from the one mentioned above let me know and I'll keep them separate :)

Maya W (Community Manager)  

Thank you Maya (and Tony), you have solved my problem! When I loooked at the help article I obviously didn't look far enough and only got as far as the Drafts section which says "The list of transactions a user with this permission can see are only those the user has created themselves."

So sorry wasting your time - I should have read further.


Susan Richman  

Happy to help Susan - so glad it's all working for you now. :)

Maya W (Community Manager)