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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Other

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 30 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Arthur, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Arthur

A complete web and mobile solution for property managers and landlords with apps for their tenants, contractors, agents and owners. A unique approach. For more information, check out Arthur.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Arthur, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Arthur support centre or this page for information on connecting Arthur to Xero.

Great bit of Kit is Arthur and integrates so well with Xero. It has the ability to create multi function accounts and is easily customer. Training was a doddle and the team at Arthur ensured a seamless integration. I would recommend you read the articles about integrating first

Karen Davidson  

Have recently embarked on the journey away from excel spreadsheets for managing my business transactions and Landlord Vision for managing my property tasks & Tenancies. I made the decision mid way through 2016 to gear up to move across to Arthur & Xero from 1st April 2017 in order to automate many of the mundane and time-consuming tasks associated in the running of my business.

I have received excellent support and assistance from the team at which has made the transition (so far) significantly more pain free than I had expected. Having attended a couple of training sessions run by the Arthur team, I am getting to grips with its extensive functionality, and the Xero integration is (again so far) working like a dream. It's taking me from someone who would rather stick pins in their eyes than attack their accounting tasks & duties to someone who is embracing this on a near daily basis.

Starting to wonder why I didn't make the move sooner!!!

Katie Sylvester  

We have recently changed over from landlord 5 to Arthur and Xero, as a new user the team at Arthur have been fantastic at supporting me and the team through the 1st couple of months. Can also fully recommend the Arthur Training days.

Lamington Group  

Fantastic product and great customer support. Well thought out product design, does exactly what we need and the integration with Xero is just what we need. Great product support available both through FAQs and also responsive technical team!

Murat Haykir  

I was recommended Arthur by fellow property investors and as I asked Arthur is a good online cloud based property management system that links in to Xero for book keeping. So I signed up to the free months trial and spent time trying to set it up myself with my portfolio. By the end of the month I could see the advantages already and so signed up for the ongoing subscription.
I have asked loads of questions and never felt I was being a nuisance and their response time is amazing, often within a minute if its a quick question. I like the fact I can ask for Skype calls to iron out issues and today Dave has done a great job at getting me integrated with Xero. I am new to Xero so its definitely a learning curve but theres plenty of support available.
Arthur is a really innovative and responsive company who are meeting a real need and Marc and Dave are so energetic!
It feels like they are a small firm giving a big service and I highly recommend them. You've nothing to loose with a months free trial to test the waters.
The only thing I would have done differently was to set it up with the bank accounts at the beginning because there has been a fair bit of work to untangle the mess I had created (unintentionally) by not doing that and then trying to integrate with Xero subsequently.

Claire Mills  

This is a great bit of kit, and the sync is really powerful. It does require some thinking up front, but David is brilliant at guiding you through all that.

Overall I'm really impressed!

Al Elliott  

I manage my own portfolio of properties and also properties on behalf of other people. I have been using Arthur for about 2 months now and I am delighted with it.

I used to use about 4 different spread sheets to manage the contact detials, bank reconcilation, cashflow and to do tasks. I now use 1 app that can be accessed from my computer, phone or tablet.

I particularly enjoy the integration with Xero which has made my accounts so much easier. The customer service has also been fantastic.

James Grew  

I'm a bookkeeper and I love Xero and now Arthur!! We specialise in bookkeeping for property investors and developers and the integration between Arthur and Xero is fantastic and David Cummin from Arthur has helped me enormously in understanding the link between the two systems. I will be recommending Arthur to our clients as they all have Xero!

Julie Barker  

Highly recommended. From an accounting point of view (my background), Arthur really delivers. An excellent well produced package that is very well supported by its team of very responsive consultants.

The entire process from start to finish is easy to grasp and as pain free as possible.


Martin woodhead  

Our company has expanded very quickly over the last six months and we needed to ensure our administration processes were smooth and consistent. We opted for Arthur because of the degree of transparency it offers to our tenants and property owners. Arthur has enabled us to get all of our tenant data online so they can stay perfectly up-to-date with their payments, report faults, and be alerted in advance when their tenancy is going to expire. Importantly, I was able to take information stored in various places and put it all under one roof which in terms of further expansion means that we have reliably consistent procedures to follow.

As a young start-up company we offer a hassle-free and fun option for young professionals relocating to London. Therefore, it’s important for us to offer a progressive package to our tenants by allowing them communicate and stay updated with an App. Being able to customise the interface and use our branding has also meant that we can keep our company styling. Both the degree of transparency and the user interface have been praised by our tenants.

Operating under a rent to rent model means that keeping track of both rent payments in and those going out is extremely important. The integration of Arthur and Xero has helped shave countless hours from the time allocated to tend to data entry. Arthur seamlessly relays recurring charges for tenants over to Xero, so that individual bank rules do not need to be created in Xero, making the rent reconciliation easy. If any tenant misses a payment, or can only partially fulfill payment, Arthur is alerted and can automatically send an email to that tenant and you can choose the length of the grace period for each tenant. Importantly, the integration of Xero and Arthur is allowing us to generate reports and make smarter business decisions going forwards.

The Arthur Online team were very responsive to any queries I had during the set-up period and on completion I felt very confident in rolling out the system to the tenants. We are very happy with the service provided and would certainly recommend the synching of both systems to others in the industry.

Paul Conway  

Since using Arthur with Xero it has vastly improved by business process when it comes to managing property portfolios I look after for clients. David Cummin at Arthur has been really helpful and joy to deal with. I would certainly recommend them to other people in my industry. The integration was easy and straightforward and the support I have received from the team at Arthur has been invaluable.

James Hogben  

We use Arthur and Xero for our small but growing property portfolio portfolio and have literally just been through the integration process with help from the Arthur team. It was really quick to do and although I'm sure there will be some tidying up required, it's fantastic to get these two systems working together so that we can easily get the best out of both systems.

Helen Wright  

We have been using Arthur for just over six months now and are very pleased with the way in which it enables us to manage our business. Our tenants are equally impressed because they dislike paper and want to be able to manage everything from their phones. We have integrated Arthur with Xero which means that we now have an efficient, joined-up, cloud-based management system with good security. We are able to control access permissions for both tenants and our professional advisors. But the real differentiator has been the exceptional support we have received from the team at Arthur to set the system up to meet our needs and integrate with Xero.

Michael West  

Product Service & Delivery

Arthur Online has surely come to our rescue! The system is user intuitive with great user experience. AO has helped to automate two of our departments, which has consequently reduced business risk, inefficiencies, and layers of administration, which has enabled employees to be more productive. Above all, we've enjoyed collaborating with David and Marc who are open minded in developing new features and functions that are business critical to our operations. Highly recommend Arthur online for any social housing, supported accommodation, residential care, nursing home or other property management providers.

Zaheda Jugoo  

Arthur Online is a phenomenal application that allows me as a letting agent to manage my own portfolio along with hundreds of our clients units from a single place.

The basic functionality (adding tenants, properties, landlords etc) far exceeds what most of the extortionate, archaic software providers can deliver, and the added extras like Xero integration, automated tasks etc make it an absolute dream for managing our business. It's also one of the only options I found that was designed with HMO property management in mind.

For all of this you'd expect a hefty price tag - but with a pay-per-unit model, it's actually also the cheapest solution we could find. Apparently you can have your cake and eat it too!

Mike Stenhouse  

Excellent customer service - Arthur streamlined my business

I was an early adopter of Arthur.
Throughout my association with it I have been so impressed with the level of customer support. Arthur has streamlined my student HMO lettings business paperwork and accounting. Leaving me free to grow my business. Mark and David and the team have been beside me - continually suggesting ways in which Arthur can make my life easier, and at very reasonable cost.

Eleanor Cresner  

Excellent software with Great people behind it!!!

I am the property manager for our company and I also manage the day to day bookkeeping.
When we decided to change our property management and bookkeeping software I was dreading the amount of work it would entail, especially as our business is run quite differently to a regular lettings agency.

It was a breeze though and importing all of our properties and tenancies was easy

The next step for us was the integration with Xero. The Arthur team held my hand through every step of this, making it very easy.

I now have great reports in Xero thanks to Arthur

I would highly recommend Arthur online to anyone within a property management business. Not just because it is great software and the ease of use, but also because the support I received from the team has been amazing!!!

Kaye Heasman

Kaye Heasman  

I have been using Xero for a while but recently started using Arthur online for my property management business and am really happy with how the 2 work together so seamlessly. The synchronisation of the 2 systems is easy and requires very little work once its set up. I would have no hesitation in recommending it.

hetty verney  

Nothing is too much trouble.....

Arthur was introduced to me and whist I am gradually learning my way around the software, at any time I need assistance I call up David who guides me through, step by step. Offering suggestions to tailor make to my requirements. I am very pleased with what Arthur offers and the service I receive and the integration to Xero. I have already recommended it to a friend of mine.
Cristina Cornforth, Director, easy2 let Manchester Limited.

Cristina Cornforth  

As a medium sized property business, cost, support and functionality are equally as important as each other. In Arthur we have all three, a property tool which is full of functionality, scalable and easy to use, back up who know the system inside out and who are never too busy to assist and for the price you simply cannot do any better than Arthur.

I have already recommended Arthur to all of my many landlord friends who have found the system to be a godsend as well.

We would use the system even if it didn't sync to Xero but that is just the icing on the cake, our account nearly fell off his chair when our accounts were ready on April 7th this year all down to Arthur and Xero

Adam Long  

Implementing ArthurOnline

After a review of many systems, the ArthurOnline solution gave us everything we needed for managing the properties and the business. The mobile approach set it apart from the competitors and the integration to Xero made it a first choice for all the team. The intuitive nature of the software has made the implementation very manageable and the support and help delivered during the period of going live has meant a low impact transition delivering huge value to all.

Christina Baker  

Xero and Arthur, the way to go

We had been using Xero for some time for our property business. Due to a change in strategy, we needed to find a "Traditional lettings application" to do our monthly owner statements. I wanted something that seamlessly integrates with Xero both ways.

Arthuronline ticked all the boxes, and I decided to join a webcast specifically regarding Arthur and Xero integration. It was great, and I really liked what I saw. I thought, wow, once this is working, the book keeper is also going to love it !!

So I decided to test the company's support and documentation with the 30 day trial they offer. I am glad to report that the telephone support and follow-up is of a very high standard. I phone, and always get to talk to someone. They either help me, ask someone in the office, or refer the issue to a more senior person who then does get back to me and makes sure my queries are answered.

Has Arthur got every bell and whistle? No not yet, but they are improving and updating it all the time. It's great to be using a product where the owners are so excited about it and have the vision and passion to make it even better. It sure helps that they use it for their own property business ! Thank you David and Marc for deciding to share Arthur with the world and not keeping it to yourselves.

I would therefore highly recommend that if you are a property owner, and want a system that automates property management and the bookkeeping , you give the 30 day trial a go and witness the benefits for yourself.

Paul & Ashley Bombal  

Product Service & Delivery

Arthur Online has surely come to our rescue! The system is user intuitive with great user experience. AO has helped to automate two of our departments, which has consequently reduced business risk, inefficiencies, and layers of administration, which has enabled employees to be more productive. Above all, we've enjoyed collaborating with David and Marc who are open minded in developing new features and functions that are business critical to our operations. Highly recommend Arthur online for any social housing, supported accommodation, residential care, nursing home or other property management providers.

Norman Wint  

Arthur has enabled us to get the best out of Xero for our property investment account.
It saves time and provides us with the ability to keep track of events, produce the necessary reports and manage our small portfolio of properties effectively.

Janice Bell  

The solution for any landlord - accidental, small, large or big

I have more than 50 tenancies. When you have reached this level you need a system to handle every aspect of your business and you can not just use your own home made systems.I have ordinary tenancies (one or two tenants in a property) and multi-lets (multiple tenants in a property on multiple tenancy agreements - HMO). Some of the properties I own personally, some are jointly owned and some I manage for other people
ArthurOnline fits me. However if you only have one tenant you will benefit you. The reason is that ArthurOnline will keep track of then property, the tenancy, and the tenants. That is the basic requirements met. However ArthurOnline goes further. It keeps track of viewings, documents and communication with your tenants. However there is so much more you get with ArthurOnline. The best is that the system integrates with xero - that is your bookkeeping taken care of. Bookkeeping is any landlords nightmare.
As you can understand ArthurOnline is a large system where you can't start to use everything in one go. However you can start entering basic information and get your tenants onboard (ArthurOnline is available in a mobile version and as an app). Getting your tenants to use ArthurOnline is the first step in saving your self time - and it keeps any issues in ONE place (gone is the need to search for information relating to tenant issues in emails, letters, texts, WhatsApp etc).
As you get to know Arthur you can starts using other parts of ArthurOnline. ArthurOnline has integrated document storage, so ASTs, letters and certificates can be stored in ArthurOnline and is immediately available to your tenants, landlords, agents and property owners (you can set up who can view what).
ArthurOnline can definitely help you streamline your business and free up time to focus on the real issues.

Their support is excellent and the people at ArthurOnline understand what it means to be a landlord/agent or whatever. Of course you have a help system that explains the working of ArthurOnline and there are loads of videos, should you need it. You can also call ArthurOnline and get good help - and they get back to you!

Their prices are fair but judge for yourself with the 30 day free trial period.

I can wholehearted recommend ArthurOnline. It has made my worklife easier and enabled me to focus on the business

Frank Mandix  

Arthur Online has completely transformed our property management business. We recognised the need to move from spreadsheets and manual data input as our business grew, but after trying several different property management solutions, none of them gave us the flexibility we needed.

Arthur Online has not only given us that flexibility but has allowed us a level of automation we never thought possible. The software is extremely intuitive and the support is second to none, going the extra mile would be an understatement!

Highly recommended.

Richard Purseglove  

As a small professional solutions company focussed on business bookkeeping systems, we had been looking at various software solutions for the property portfolio market, as we had been approached by a number of portfolio owners. We had worked in Xero to devise a system to produce detailed, accurate and timely management information for the business owner. We had researched various apps, but when we looked at Arthur it looked really very promising - affordable, flexible and workable. Over recent months we had teamed with Dave and Marc to tailor Arthuronline to match the requirements of the design we had developed in Xero.

We are very pleased to say having now completed the synchronisation of the two systems, all is working as expected, and we can see a great future for the product in a sector where an affordable complete software solution for the portfolio managers and ultimately their accountants is long overdue.

We look forward to a long and successful business relationship with the guys at Arthuronline

Angie Nicol  

Great software that gives you control of your portfolio and syncs efficiently with Xero. With access for property owners, landlords, tenants, contractors and letting agents via a unique web and mobile interface, this is software that can make a massive difference to your property management and reporting systems.

Ken Bell  

As a mid-tier accounting firm we have a large range of clients who use different software solutions, in regard to property management and those with property portfolios we have found the best in this area to be Arthur Online.

This is an excellent piece of software which integrates well with Xero, making property management and reporting a lot clearer, as the data syncs very well between the two using both push and pull capabilities. A great feature of this software is that it is very flexible and can be customised to meet different client requirements such as housing benefit, service charges, claw backs, and separate tenant and contractor log ins etc.

The guys at Arthur Online are very helpful and will go beyond expectations to ensure everything runs smoothly, and both the accountant and client are supported.

I recommend this to all our relevant clients and look forward to moving more clients over to this software.

Nathan Keeley  

I've recently taken my account from Sage to Xero. I use Arthur for my property management and was delighted to find out they synchronise. The process with the wizard was easy to implement and now there is no need for me to put in rent charges into two system. The integration forced me to tidy up my data in Arthur and right off old balances. The guys at Arthur are extremely helpful and made the process easy. Highly recommend.

Rochelle Nathan