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AU Payroll: History & notes in Payroll

Started by Michal Turek in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

Hi Xero Payroll Team,
I'd appreciate the same History & Notes feature in Payroll (Paycycle) as it is in the rest of Xero, so there is an audit track of who did what in the system and when.
I find this very handy especially when entries get voided/edited in the multiuser environment where users sit miles apart and you can't ask who did what on a file.
Thanks Michal
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, it's been a fair while since our last update here, and we do full appreciate the need for more detail in payroll. As many of you are aware, recent efforts have been drawn to ensuring reporting and compliance with Single Touch Payroll for all organisations with 20+ employees - Prepping to roll this further with business that have 1-19 employee's if passed through law.

That being said, our product team are very much across the conversation here and do want to let you know that we have intentions to develop more history on the activity in payroll later this year (2019). However, this is dependent upon meeting obligations for STP and payroll platform stability work that's required. I'll shoot back in the latter half of the year when we'll have a better indication of the attention we'll be able to draw toward recording payroll activity.

Kelly M (Community Manager)