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Increase limits of the Starter Pricing Plan

Started by Robert Grbevski in Feature Requests | Done!

I find this very frustrating that you have put a limit of 20 transactions per month on the basic membership. I don't really need all the features of the upgraded membership and would prefer at minimum 30 transactions per month. At least a transaction per day.

Would be over the moon if you increased the 20 transaction minimum or got rid of it all together. That would be perfect. Seriously considering moving to MYOB in the cloud.
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, I know it’s been quiet from us over the last wee-while, but I want you to know that the conversation has definitely been a topic of interest internally, and your feedback has been taken seriously on how we can improve the Starter plan.

Many of you may have heard the news that we’ve revitalised the Starter plan 🙂 - As of 14 September 2020, existing and new Xero users can benefit from added flexibility in the Starter plan.
First and foremost, one vital change that I’m sure you’ll be enthused, is that we’ve removed the limit on bank reconciliations! That means no more counting how many transactions you or your client’s reconciled 😌
We’ve also increased the invoice limit to 20 from 5. That means you’ll have almost one every business day.
All other inclusions remain the same, so you’ll still have 5 bills and you’ll even continue to have the use of Hubdoc to capture bills & receipts.

See our Blog to hear more on the change and some of the thinking behind it, and you can hop over to our website to view a comparison of plans to find the best suit for you, and your clients.

Thanks for all your contributions surrounding the Starter plan and it’s functionality here - Though I appreciate there are many individual asks and desires noted throughout, with the delivery of our refreshed Starter plan I'll close mark this thread Done.- We are still always open to more ideas of how we can improve though, so if there’s that niche you feel could further amplify Xero’s offering you’re welcome to start a new idea in community and share back here.

Kelly M (Community Manager)