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Crm recommendation

Started by Stephen Ponsford -   in Using Xero Connected Apps

I have a requirement to provide a crm system that can automatically take contacts and invoices from xero.

Most integration seems to work in the other direction. I.e takes crm opportunities and creates xero invoices..

Small site I am investigating for so do need anything complex

Thanks in advance
Check out Capsule CRM. It does exactly that. Our Xero deployment is integrated with that software and Quote Roller and MailChimp.

Walt Karmolinski  

i agree - we use Capsule and it is and easy effective integration

Business Buddy  

We're Norada Solve360 CRM fans because it also does project management and has strong Google Apps integration. They released their Xero integration not long ago and it's slick.

Blair Collins  

Hi Stephen,

As the others have all pointed out, integrations are key. What other pieces of software do you have in place?

Personally, I like TriggerApp and Nutshell.com as options. Batchblue is great too.


Guy Pearson  

Anyone worked with Microsoft Dynamics and Xero?

Scott McReynolds, CPA  

@scott , I'm not overly familiar with Dynamics and connecting it with Xero. You have 2 options:

1. Get some dev work done and build a custom connection, or
2. Check to see if the feature set of an existing connector meets your needs (i.e. http://www.magnetism.co.nz/solutionscasestudies/solutions/xero.aspx)

nb. you can probably suggest changes to #2 if it doesn't quite meet your needs.


Guy Pearson  

@guy Thanks! That was the only one I've seen. Only functionality mentioned has been auto creation of invoices based on MS Dynamics and that part seems covered. I'm a Batchbook user. Have you found a Xero integration for them?

Scott McReynolds, CPA  

@Scott - I'm not aware of any others. (Market gap?)

Re Batchbook - we don't use it for anything but contact management and history for network partners etc. we plug it into Google contacts and we are set. We don't want to connect it with Xero, love it to connect with WorkflowMax though ;) (hint)

Guy Pearson  

@Scott - just looping around to make sure you knew we recently announced a direct integration with BatchBook? Some info & an intro video here on our blog.

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)  

@Catherine, I did notice and set up the Batchbook integration. Very quick and easy.

Scott McReynolds, CPA  

We need an integration to allow us to manage our clients devices and link their devices to jobs + billing? Any ideas of a good xero integration?

Cameron Howarth  

Another vote for Nutshell CRM!

Mark Felling