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Acterys (formerly Clear Jelly)

Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Reporting

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 18 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and Acterys, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About Acterys

Acterys enables flexible reporting, dashboards & planning on one or many Xero companies (consolidation) and other data. Excel, Power BI Desktop.
For more information, check out Acterys.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with Acterys, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the Acterys support centre or this page for information on connecting Acterys to Xero. For support, please email support@managility.co

A great integration tool between Xero and our monthly and yearly reporting.
Consolidating accounting data from more than 10 companies has proven to be a lot easier with Acterys and Xero.

Jonathan Tsoi  

Acterys is exactly what we have been looking for. Having our 7 company's data accessible from a SQL server database and OLAP cube gives us unlimited flexibility. Like any well-architected solution is very flexible, so it has solved all the complexities we had and I am comfortable it will be able to address issues we haven't even thought of yet. On top of that, the support has been exceptional.

Ryan Jordan  

We have been looking for a digital solution that would allow us to scale our advisory services to a broader base of clients. We began by building our own database warehouse and patching a bunch of tools together until we realized we were beginning to draft away from core offering: providing strategic advise to clients. This is when we accepted our own medicine: focus on your specialization, rely on experts for the rest.

The Acterys solution (formerly Clear Jelly) allows us to do just that. The cherry on top is having the reliability of Martin's team, which makes it appear as if we have our own in-house solution, with our clients not realizing they have the power of a full bench of IT, development and finance professionals providing the data we all need to look at and make informed decisions together.

The integration with Xero is seamless, allowing us to unlock the true drivers behind granular data through Power BI's data visualization. If you are looking for a way to deliver meaningful data from Xero, Acterys is the way to go.

Michael Rabonza  

We had been looking for a solution to provide better business analysis and connect the various sources of data we use - Xero, Salesforce, Excel etc. Acterys has been the key for us to bring this all together in Power BI.

We have now been using this for over a year and are finding the outputs excellent, constantly up to date and facilitate much better business management and outcomes.

Acterys is complex, but with the complexity comes flexibility and the ability to tailor a solution to your needs. Martin and Hesam have been excellent, and have provided a high level of support. This said, if you are not inclined to take the time to understand Acterys/PowerBI you would be well advised to enlist the help of the likes of Jeff Robson at Access Analytic to develop an Acterys/Power BI solution.

Highly recommended

Graeme McConnell  

I tried the rest now using the best...honestly!!

I've spent several years messing around with Xero reporting in one form or another (native, third party, and the various Excel integration apps) - all had good points, but also ultimately proved inadequate - lack of flexibility and serious performance issues...3-4 hours to pull data in to Excel with multiple error messages to clear was the final straw before I found Acterys...

I had looked at it previously, but data warehouses sound like it was for enterprises not small companies like us (10 staff)...but it most definitely is for us - a little more expensive than some of the other options, but as well as complete Excel integration it offers simple Power BI integration as well...and the performance is really good...

I'm still converting all my Excel reports, and not really started on PowerBI yet, but absolutely no hiccups so far and really pleased...finally feel like I've found a platform that can give me the Xero reporting I need!!

Oh and the support from Martin/Michael has also been responsive and top notch.

Nick Warren  

We are using Acterys Xero connector for PowerBI. And it is a breeze. It creates for you a warehouse of Xero data by putting API communication with Xero in complete abstraction. It has really enabled staff of my organization to consume Xero data in PowerBI reports without involving developers

Dev User  

Acterys is a really simple way to report on WFM and Xero events surrounding staff, invoices, jobs, clients. We migrating from an in-house developed solution that utilised WFM and Xero API's and we've found the Acterys process to be much simpler to manage and build reports over.

I've also found Acterys to be prompt in responding to support queries and to address requests for additional data.

Cedric Muregerera  

If you are looking for more serious analytics and planning capabilities there is no other choice. Tried most of the major apps none offered the flexibility that we needed and access to all xero data not just aggregated report information

H Z  

We tried all other reporting apps in the Xero market place - none provided the flexibility and analytics capability as Acterys. We can work from our familiar Power BI Desktop and Excel environment and can build dashboard and reports exactly as needed as well as forecasting and planning processes. Highly recommended.

Marek Steffanson  

Acterys provides amazing functionality to make budgeting and reporting so much easier than trying to cobble something together using Excel alone.

Particularly if you want to consolidate multiple companies, Acterys is a lifesaver!

The support and assistance you get with this product is also exceptional and the guys really know their stuff when it comes to implementing and supporting this product.

Jeff Robson  

If you have any need to consolidate more than one Xero company - this is the app to go for, none of the others offered anything close when I was looking.

Even if you have only one company the functionality is great, with the planning and Power BI capabilities allowing data from other sources to sit alongside Xero data.

The support team always goes above and beyond and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Adam Banks  

Currently the only product that can handle large scale consolidations (>100) of Xero companies in Power BI or Excel.

Deze Xie  

The perfect solution for integrating Xero, WorkflowMax, Practice Manager and other accounting systems like QuickBooks for reporting, consolidation, cash flow forecasting, budgeting and planning with Power BI Desktop and Excel integration.

Sonja G  

I have developed a PowerBI dashboard for a client pulling their Xero data from ClearJelly. ClearJelly has been the hub of the project and without ClearJelly I just could not do what I have done.
Support from the ClearJelly team has been exceptional and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending it to anyone wanting access to their Xero data for analytics.

The only two things I would like to see improved are:
1. More frequent synchronisation between Xero and CJ (a live connection would be great).
2. Two way synchronisation so when we update the CJ database that data is fed back into Xero.

Karl Rolfe  

We have been using Clear Jelly for a couple of months now to provide a job costing via Power BI and tracking codes within Xero.
We searched high and low for several years for a solution that would take our Xero data and make it really accessible from other apps including power BI. Clear Jelly was the only one we could find that would do what we needed.

Clear Jelly has performed exceptionally and allowed us to build via Power BI a flexible business tool drawing from Xero data plus a host of other cloud solutions.

We highly recommend this product

Aaron Brimfield  

Clear Jelly has provided us an effective and efficient solution to merging our Xero data and Power BI, delivering upto date management dashboards for our dispersed team.

The service the Clear Jelly team provided was very attentive and worked us through the stages of the implementation with exceptional support.

I would recommend this add-on for businesses looking to generate timely information for quality business intelligence.

Clinton Keenan  

We are a small firm with limited resources and were looking for a cost effective way that we could deliver insight to our clients through engaging and useful reporting. We tested a number of different software options and decided to use Clear Jelly. The flexibility that it offered in how the data was used, analysed and displayed was exceptional. Far more flexible than many of the other software that was tested. We had a specific idea on what information we wished to pull from Xero and how we wished to automate our reports. The only option we found that could meet our specific needs was Clear Jelly.

The support and assistance that we received from their team was exceptional. Especially in the manipulation of our data through Power BI.

Would highly recommend this add-on for anyone who wishes to have finer control over the analysis and manipulation of their data.

David McKean  

We have tested all major reporting apps in the xero app store for an effective solution to cover our analytics need which are:
1.reporting from excel with a live link to xero where as a user I have total flexibility how I want to present numbers with my own calculations and a way to publish this effectively on the web.
2. Simple budgeting involving different planners with options to enter numbers on any level e.g. account or product groups.

3. Access via Power BI to create our own dashboards

The Clear Jelly Add-on was the only solution to cover these requirements brilliantly and the team was super supportive in assisting us in the process. Highly recommended!

Wesley Nel