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Started by Xero API -   in App Reviews |Bills + Expenses

5 out of 5 stars
Based on 45 user ratings
If you are a user of Xero and EzzyBills, tell us how you are getting on and your experience so far. Any tips?

About EzzyBills

Upload scanned or PDF invoices into your Xero account in seconds. 100% automated. Drag/Drop, E-mail or snap a photo. Extract line items, PO numbers and more.
For more information, check out EzzyBills.


Remember if you have questions or need assistance with EzzyBills, this is not the best place to ask - this forum is for reviews and feedback only.

For general support, check out the EzzyBills support centre or this page for information on connecting EzzyBills to Xero.

Excellent product, works very well in extracting key info from invoices for accounts payable. Saves valuable time and helps with accuracy.

Barry Steinberg  

Love Ezzybills. Straight forward and very easy to use. It makes my life much more easier.

Ting Lam  

Use it, Love it. We have used EZB for a few year now to help us with our data entry.
It is very effective at what it does, it is also very cost effective and support is amazing.

Jerome Roustan  

I love love love ezzy bills! A great program that has reduced the workload of myself and the girls who complete the bookkeeping tasks.
I also love working with Michael, who will always be available to help with my annoying requests!
Definitely recommendation of mine!

Stephanie Menere  

We have been using EzzyBills for the past year to import supplier bills into Xero - so thankful to have this feature as it eliminates errors and duplicates so easily. It also saves so much time on data entry.

The system gets more intuitive as more information goes through it, so bills require less editing until mostly all just need to be approved.

Definitely recommend and great value for money.

Annalee Boakes  

I use ezzybills to pull remittances into Xero. It is a slightly different way of using it. I have had nothing but support and help from the Ezzybills team. I cannot recommend this product enough. I have used another well known product before and didn't get the outcome I wanted and I hadn't heard much about ezzybills so I didn't know what to expect. But I have had nothing but positive experiences and I product that works.

Dee Coles  

This is simple, easy to use and it works!

We are a busy restaurant with lots of deliveries coming in. It has saved me three hours of work in the first week, and I'm not fully up to speed with it.

I will just add this, invest a few hours in making sure your inventory is correct in Xero and EzzyBills will save you hundreds of hours a year.

Totally recommended for business owners who are trying to juggle everything. This one is a BIG time saver for a very small fee.

Clive Chilcott  

Ezzybills has saved us hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars on loss time and human error mistakes. I could not recommend it more.

James Balfe  

If you want to save hours of your time Ezzybills is the right choice!

Accounts Team  

EzzyBills has been a game changer for us. We use the xero add on for managing inventory and it’s allowed us to automate the process between supplier invoicing and inventory tracking through recognising detailed line item data and pulling across line item detail automatically into xero for our reporting.

James Nathan  

Ezzybills has saved us thousands in data entry time. A bit tedious to set up, as we have multiple tracking codes per Supplier, but once we worked it out (with Michael's assistance) it was and still is great. The only downside is using credits for Duplicates - so you need to be careful not to send bulk amounts through accidentally. Our process is;

1. Email arrives in Outlook from Supplier
2. Outlook "rule" runs and identifies Supplier name and invoice/credit words
3. Outlook "rule" sends invoice to Ezzybills and moves email in suppliers folder in outlook (to be filed at EOM)
4. Invoice processes through Ezzybills...

All this takes place without our intervention. AMAZING!

Letia Ryff  

I have been using EzzyBills for years. I and my clients are extremely happy with EzzyBills. It's quick - no waiting hours or days for invoices, it's instant, it's line by line information is accurate and support if needed is almost instant.
I find you can contact Michael and his team when ever needed and they are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
It is the most cost effective add on and I highly recommend it!

Lisa Lenne  

EzzyBills is far more superior apps. The OCR picks up all the information from the bills including the description and job allocation information saving heaps of time. The more useful data I have in Xero, the better analytics I can produce using Power BI desktop to create customised metrics.
The other automated bill entry apps in the market do not transfer the PO number or description thus in my opinion just creates more work.

Elizabeth Tachjian CPA  

We have been using EzzyBills since 2015. They are responsive, professional and extremely helpful. Our company is a medium sized company turning over in excess 20 million.

I would recommend to anyone to use this Add-on feature.

Ky-Lee Triffett  

This saves us so much time, no more entering and attaching our supplier bills manually. When we receive a bill via email I just forward it to our ezzybills email address or if I have a paper bill/receipt I take a photo on my phone and email it. It very quickly shows up in Xero in my 'draft bills' and I just check details and approve and it's done (with a pdf copy of the original supplier bill automatically attached). I tried a few other programs and this one was the best for automatically getting all the info into Xero. Only downside is the website which looks awful, but once you're set up you never have to go there anyway.

Jen Lewin  

A great app. Connects smoothly into Xero and is the most useful time saving app I use. I would not be without it. Make a purchase, photo the receipt there and then and send it straight to Ezzybills and the invoice appears directly into Xero.

I would highly recommend this to any Xero user.

Peter Nossiter  

Great great great APP! This add-on reads the bills accurately, handles multi-line invoices perfectly (export to Xero as multi-line as well), learns from past codings, errors and almost instant processing. What more can you ask for?!

Support is very very good too with fast response from Dr Fitzmaurice and his team. They try to find the solution for you rather than saying "no, can't help". I had an invoice that didn't extract the info very well with one method and was coming up with errors. The team change the extraction method for me and it has worked perfectly since.

The website interface is a bit "old style" but you rarely need to go into it anyway.

100% recommend for clients who need multi-line processing of bills.

Raymond Goh  

I am a big fan of this software, easy to use and cheaper than its competitors. highly recommended.

Aaron McLeish  

Accuracy and speed is second to none and that is why it is my go to for clients requiring a invoice scanning solution. It also accurately splits invoices where GST is not exactly 1/11th of the total invoice value.

Support is also amazing when required.

Shaun Fenech  

Saved me a lot of time. Excellent tool and amazing support.

Thank you!!!

Bobby Semple  

Ezzybills is an amazing product, it has reduced my processing time significantly. It is easy to use, any issue we have had with import of data into Xero have been quickly fixed via working with Michael and his team.

I have recommended this product to numerous businesses, those that are now using Ezzybills are blown away with the ease of use and ability to cut down the monotonous task of entering invoices.

Amie Stirling  

Ezzybills is great! The team is really supportive and using the product is easy.

A huge benefit for Ezzybills compared to their competition is that it integrates directly with Xero so there is no need for the team to learn a new interface.

It's OCR is quick and accurate and they deal with PO's really well.

Despite the out-of-date looking website, give it a try. You won't be disappointed!

James McNeil  

EzzyBills has really assisted us in our day-to-day operations, cutting right down on data-entry time. I've used an assortment of OCR technologies and find myself time and again seeing a much more accurate transfer of information from EzzyBills requiring very little (if any) data correction. Whenever I've had an issue with an invoice not being read correctly, I've always had a really responsive experience with the team and they have always managed to adapt the technology to read the invoice(s) correctly! Highly recommend to any business that is spending hours on data entry.

Kielan Faria  

I love Ezzybills. This is the second company I have set up Ezzybills for, it's so quick and easy. The main thing is to ensure GST numbers are entered for every supplier. We have had the inevitable questions, but Michael and team always provide prompt answers and have even customized and added features to help our particular situation. Very impressive. The efficiency Ezzybills provides is like having an additional staff member on the team

Warren Levick  

EzzyBills has made a significant improvement to the way we process invoices for numerous entities. The support team are highly responsive and cannot be faulted. I am more than happy to recommend this product.

Gayle Mackey  

Ezzybills has changed the way I process invoicing for the better. I no longer need to manually enter anything. It all gets done for me. Yes, it makes a mistake now and then and if it is a regular error I send it to the very competent support team who fix it up in no time. I highly recommend Ezzybills to all my clients!
It's as good as automated bank feeds.

Sherrilee Fish  

We are using Ezzybills as a trial product. We have a supplier who bills us for many different products each product has different lenghts/widths and a special discount rate which relates to volume. In addition this the invoice is subject to PPD see Revenue and Customs brief 49 (2014). Their support worked closely and quickly with us to resolve the issues all this caused so what was a horrible job of manually posting each line of the invoice is now just a click away leaving us to deal with the tracking. Thank you Ezzybills!
This is a five star product that anyone who receives pdf invoices by email or multi line invoices in hard copy that can be scanned to pdf should give serious consideration to. We believe the time saved is well worth having.

Chris Timmins  

Couldn't get passed the comically bad website. Sorry!

James Ludlow  

Hidden behind the clunky website is a wonderful tool supported by quick support from Michael (or a team of Michaels). And he responds to every silly little question you have while setting things up with real answers that provide real solutions - even at odd times of the day.

We're not a big company but the time savings in processing the 400ish supplier bills every month (as well as filtering out the duplicates) have freed up many hours to do more fun things than manually enter bills into Xero - which we find kind of boring.

There were some initial frustrations as it learned our suppliers, products and usual GL codes (use the "Refresh GL" button OFTEN & update supplier ABNs in Xero) and some reluctance on our part to have our email forward all invoices to be processed. But now it just hums in the background unattended. We open Xero and all our bills have been entered with the documents uploaded and attached waiting to be approved. Or not. (We don't use the email approval system but from what I can see this works well).

Oh, just give it a try - but throw $100.00 at it and buy some credits so you can test it properly. It does exactly what it says on the box. And more.

Brad Field  

Ezzybills is a great product and the features I like best are:
• Approval process
• Captures line items
• Speed
After trialing receiptbank, autoentry and datamolino we selected Ezzybills because it was the only one we found with an approval process included. User interface is a bit dated, but overall a great product.

Kyle Jackson  

Our company has been using Ezzybills for 6 months now, and we could not be happier. The setup is easy, and if you want to take it a step further and personalise functions, Michael and his tech support are quick (I'm talking QUICK) to reply and very clear in helping you. We probably spend the first few days going back and forth on little details, and I haven't had to contact anyone since the setup.

It runs smooth and efficiently.

The one and only downside is that it doesn't pick up hand-written bills (but no one's perfect).

Samantha Menzies  

I am only at the early stages of using Ezzybills, but in my experience so far, one of the defining features of this software is the prompt customer service response I get in line with using the software.

Set up of the system is straight forward, and any complications I did tend to have if any were attended to fairly quickly by the technical staff.

Coco Cubano Accounts  

Just an amazing time saving product! I purchased a multi company license yesterday and already have everyone in all our organisations just emailing their invoices direct into xero using Ezzybill. Plus any dumb questions - even from this accountant - are answered almost immediately. Plus plus some of the things they are telling me they are adding like credit card payment/receipt management will allow us all to match payments against bank feeds and virtually eliminate the risk of an undetected credit card fraud. Simply phenomenal!

Tim Tyrrell  

I have Ezzybills on trial at the moment and it is working out very well. The odd glitch is often down to the inadequacies of the supplier invoice rather than the software and support from Michael is swift and helpful. The fact that it attaches the invoice to the draft transaction alone is a huge time saver - I wish Clio did this for my sales invoices!

Bill Ward  

Very cool software!!! Summary of main benefits below and learning's:

was simple and you need no experience of APIs. You can also have 2 pathways into Xero in case you need to deal with inventory and opex type invoices.

You can also catch up on a large amount of invoice transactions using automated flows.

- Significant savings in headcount costs even on an out sourced model
- the system can produce a high level reports for accruals and GST for unapproved invoices
- good tracking on approval and reminders sent out automatically

Ezzydoc can learn from previous postings so the maintenance of posting codes and items is easy to maintain (just hit refresh). The mapping can also deal with Xero postings for stock items, GL Codes & tracking.

Note: Make sure you understand your sandbox counter in case you make changes to the setup.

The key area for me is support in rolling out a new system and the support was superb (quick & relevant). This has added value to overall control environment and business.

No hesitation in recommending EZZYDOC because it is easy.

Chris Batterham  

EzzyBills is absolutely amazing and is working so well for our company. As the accounts payable manager, it can be so tedious to type in all the data from invoices and get department manager's approval. This system is so good at extracting information and getting the necessary approvals to pay invoices! The only thing it doesn't do (yet?) is differentiate AUD bills from USD bills, but I have solved this in the supplier set up options so it will default to the currency that supplier invoices us with. I love the ease of use, and the best part is the approvals process. The team at EzzyBills has worked with us to add features and options along the way and are so amazing at responding to requests and making changes and upgrades. We now have a solid approvals system where invoices go out to managers who click 'approve' in the email and the invoice goes straight into XERO. Managers can also reject invoices or redirect them for approval. This system is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it!

Shelah Wilkins  

I have been using EzzyBills for a couple of months now and I am very impressed. Like a lot of other user I have tried many many different pieces of software, but Ezzybills will be the last one. I have a lot of repetitive re charging each month and Ezzybills has cut out all of tedious repetitive coding in Xero. The fact that it attaches a copy of the invoice is also fantastic and that part alone has saved me many hours so far. I have received excellent support from Michael and this started whilst I was still in the free trial period. This software is impressive from day one as it uses historic data in Xero to decide how to code an invoice as well as learning from your edits. The weekly summary received on a Monday morning shows me any contacts that need attention to ensure all the details are in the contact file which allows Ezzybills to find the correct supplier ever time.

Jane Delaney  

Ezzy bills has by far saved so much time for our company! We are getting 300 invoices a month and this was taking me 6-8 hours a day to enter those invoices. Thank you so much for making our lives just a little bit easier!!!

Amy Pudney  

OMG I love Ezzybills I've been doing my son's business books on top of my real day job for 5 years! I wish I'd found this before! It was like utter magic ..i was dancing!! So happy. At AUD 10 cents per invoice Its great value for money.
I've been doing this the long difficult data entry way for too long!


Jacqui Jumisic  

I have tried several packages that ocr invoices - this is by far the best with timesaving results - support has fixed issues and been very responsive. The combination of this product with xero is a huge leap forward.

Keith Mallon  

This program works very well, with the exception of a few virtually unreadable fuel dockets from my pocket! This is the best xero add on I have.

Paul Bashford  

EzzyBills has saved hours of work for our business already and we've only had it for 2 months!

I was setting up the email forwarding so that my invoices were automatically uploaded in to Xero, and i was facing an issue so i emailed Ezzybills support and received a reply within 10 minutes on a Sunday night!!! How good is that for customer service?! Not only that, but the instruction I received had everything up and running smoothly in no time at all!

I can't recommend this program highly enough, it will save you so much time and money!!!

Nathan Prins  

Devon, EzzyBills is now available to UK customers. All you need to do is set your location to UK when creating the EzzyBills account.

Michael Fitzmaurice  

This is by far the best program I have come across. We receive a lot of bills on a monthly basis and I was never up to date because of the time it took each week to enter bills.
Now with the invoices being directly emailed/scanned to our specified ezzydoc email they are entered into xero as a draft invoice for me to review at the click of a button. You can scan and email all your invoices at once which also saves time. Now I know that each day Xero is up to date with purchases. A couple of invoices didn't come through properly, but a quick email to Michael to address this issue so it won't happen again was fantastic.

I would highly recommend this to anyone and at least sign up for the free monthly trial as you won't be disappointed.

Rachel Castle  

I couldn't be happier that I came across the EzzyBills software the timing was perfect due to work load increase. It has saved us a significant amount of time, reduced the risk of error and having the invoices attached means if there are any queries from higher management to coding etc anyone can access the invoice to check.
Michael has been absolutely fantastic and we have received answers to queries straight away. If I have something I need amended or to be brought through on a particular invoice he always provides a detailed explanation of what he been done to achieve this or lets me know if it is something I need to change, he always provides a time frame of when things will be completed and sticks to it. Great communication.

Accounts Cooper&Co  

Not in the UK

Devon Cidermaker  

We have been using EzzyBills for a few months now. We issue hundreds of invoices per month via separate industry specific software. EzzyBills is saving us more than 10 hours per week entering accounts receivable. Not only does EzzyBills save us significant amount of wages each time, it has eliminated human error which is really important.
Michael from EzzyBills has provided exceptional service, answering and actioning any queries very quickly, and offering helpful ideas and solutions along the way.
I would not hesitate to recommend EzzyBills to my colleagues.

Jodie-Anne Mouritz  

We've been using EzzyBills for a couple of months and are very impressed.

We now have most of our bills automatically redirected from our email account to EzzyBills. They appear in Xero as draft bills ready to reconcile without us having to think about it.

EzzyBills is:

1. Effective - it does just what we need it to do, automating the entry of PDF attachment bills into Xero.

2. Cost effective - it's affordable, unlike some of it's competitors.

3. Support is exceptional - any problems we've had seem to have been resolved in minutes with a simple email. No complicated ticket system or long wait for service.

It was my lucky day when I stumbled upon EzzyBills to cost-effectively solve a problem that had been concerning me.

Chris Russ  

I have been using EzzyBills for a couple of months now and I have several clients which I am using for.
This application has made my life so much easier, I am spending less time doing data entry and with the email facility where you can send the invoices straight to the XERO profile is just amazing.
I have made other trials with similar products but this is by far the best option, not only because I have found it works better than the other applications but also because of the price.

The support received from Michael has been exceptional. Thank you!

Juliana Britto  

I am extremely pleased that I discovered EzzyBills as a tool to import invoices into Xero. The add-on has saved me a great deal of time in not having to manually enter the invoices and it was extremely simple to set up. It has been very easy to use and the invoices imported from EzzyBills to Xero are displayed accurately.

The support from EzzyBills for any questions and queries has been friendly and efficient and they have been genuinely interested in ensuring that the system is working well for our business needs.

I would recommend EzzyBills for anyone looking at this type of add-on feature to Xero.

Andrew Page