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Every Update Gets Worse

Started by Stewart Kilburn -   in Tell us how we're doing

Every time you guys play with what was this great accounting software it gets more and more complicated.

Can we go back a few versions where you could enter a customers Data on one page without having to scroll down?

You used to have a nice big field to add the address, you could copy all of the customers data from an email, paste it there then copy and paste what you needed into the other windows. Oh no lets make it all single line and totally unnecessary.
And your Dash board it use to make sense you knew at a glance what was billing out last month this month and next month, now its all this week mumbo jumbo. I know it has been around a while but please start applying some common sense. Bring it back to simple.

You used to be able to add a customer complete an invoice and send it in 1-2 minutes now everything just gets sooo damn frustrating.

If someone doesn't have something to do, don't give them a job of making Xero more long winded to use.
Not what we like to hear about our new releases, so I've passed this one on to the team. Really appreciate you coming here to add your thoughts, Stewart.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Would really like to be able to go back a few versions on layout.

Stewart Kilburn  

Here Here, us too, latest updates (and are these unannounced these days?) have raised some concerns, where oh where are the updates customers are screaming for that would make a real difference

Jacinda Mclean  

Stewart, this is a professional forum, so I've removed your comment. If you have a look here, you'll see that this is something we're looking into at the moment. As Craig has mentioned, usage of the A-Z tabs was low, but can appreciate it's important to those that use it.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Xero.com ->
Contacts ->
All Contacts ->

No more A-Z look up

So when im looking for a customer if i don't know what their name is but i know it starts with T how can i find them with ease. You really need to give us the option to go back on versions as this is just not needed at all yet more frustration to which when i started in 2011 was a great piece of software. I am not happy and this is the last straw if you cannot stop making this more ad more difficult to use then we are out.

Stewart Kilburn  

I'm sorry to hear that you're not happy, Stewart! If you take a look at that thread I'd linked, you'll see that we hear the feedback on that, and will work on a solution.
The A-Z thing is really interesting: usage of that was extremely low - but obviously for those that do use it it's really important. Am going to look into how we bring that back - at least in some form.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

Brittany - you have no idea how frustrated i have got today while adding new contacts, finding contacts, making and editing new invoices.
Everything used to feel like it took 2-3 clicks now its click scroll, click scroll click, click click. So usage was low, i was using it so were alot of people them bam oh its not there now hope you like the upgrade because we sure do. Thumbs up

Stewart Kilburn  

Stewart, for existing contacts, I'm now using the new search thingy (top right, near the help centre tab). I can go straight to an appropriate bill, or straight to the contact. I'm still getting used to the new layout (I also note that updates don't seem be announced any more - that's just crazy! Does no one want to be responsible any more?) but I suspect that the new search and new contact layout might be close to what I had been asking for since starting with Xero.

Andrew P  

I would like to add my disapproval of the new customer layouts. Now it is all scrolling and very frustrating. My guess is that these changes are to appeal to the mobile users and moving away from desktop users. We have lovely large screens in the office, where we used to be able see lots of data on one screen. I realise that for mobile users a horizontal scroll is a pain, but is there a reason why you don't have a mobile and desktop versions? Its not rocket science!

Patrick Day  

Thanks for your feedback on the new Contacts page - you may not have seen this, much larger, discussion here, which is where the majority of feedback has been put.

New features are still being announced on our Blog (the Contact blog is here). They're just not always posted the day of release - working on making this better, so will let the team know your thoughts.

Brittany H (Community Manager)  

I too liked the A-Z contacts. Yeah I do a search. But I could do that before.

Jennifer Torr