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Invoices/Bills: Add subtotals

Started by Simon Taylor -   in Feature Requests | Not planned

Would love to be able to add subtotals to invoices. For example, have a few invoice lines, a subtotal, some more invoice lines, a subtotal, etc. I currently have to provide a separate spreadsheet showing the info my client wants to see.
Official Xero Reply
Hi everyone, sorry for being a bit MIA on this thread - we've had to wait for a few more details to firm up before being able to update.

So right now a few teams have been busy investigating, and planning what new invoicing screens could potentially look like. The invoicing screens are getting too complicated, and so they're looking to simplify this - while adding more flexibility for additional fields and customisation. This initial investigation work is still in progress, and this will be a pretty big project.

Once the basics have been completed, we'll be able to look to add more customisation - like what's been requested here.

I can't give you any indication of timeframes (as work hasn't started!) but I wanted to assure you that this is definitely on our radar.

Brittany H (Community Manager)