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Invoicing: Add subtotals

Started by Simon Taylor -   in Feature Requests | Not planned

Would love to be able to add subtotals to invoices. For example, have a few invoice lines, a subtotal, some more invoice lines, a subtotal, etc. I currently have to provide a separate spreadsheet showing the info my client wants to see.
Official Xero Reply
Just wanted to jump in here and let you know that we have no plans to introduce subtotals per groups of line items at this stage. Understand for those on this thread it's a must-have and we're definitely keeping our eye on this to see if interest grows. Right now we're working on a few other features and updates that have a higher demand. We do have pride in our product but we just cannot physically work on everything at once (great if we could!!) and have a tough time weighing everything up so votes and feedback from you helps!

Catherine Walker (Community Manager)