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AU Payroll: Leave - Allow employees to enter hours when applying for leave

Started by Cassandra Scott in Payroll Feature Requests | Done!


Client has their employees using the portal to submit leave requests.

Where leave being requested is for less than a standard day, (ie: 3 hours), there is no option for the employee to stipulate this amount. This has to be done by the approver.

Need to update so that the employee can nominate the actual hours of leave being taken.
Official Xero Reply
Hey Shirley - employees have the ability to edit the hours if they're taking a single day of leave now. If you're referring to the ability to do this when they take more than one day, we don't have any plans to introduce this at the moment, it was only intended for scenarios where the employee takes less than a full day (eg, went home sick). We'll keep this thread archived, but please feel free to create a new feature request for this.

Quenby S (Community Manager)