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UK Payroll - Set up holiday based on Organisation's holiday year

Started by GB-CLEAN (NW) LTD in Payroll Feature Requests | Idea

Our annual leave year starts on 1st April and I'd like to know how to set this date so Xero keeps all holiday balances up to date. I don't know if Xero as it as 1st January, 6th April (start of tax year) or 1st July (our accounting date).

Any ideas?
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I asked this too. Our annual leave runs the same I asked Xero directly this is the reply I received.

In Xero, the holiday year runs from January to December and it's currently not possible to change this.
However, as you've mentioned, if your holiday year runs from April to March, then this can be accounted for and reflected in the employee's starting holiday balance.
As an example, if you were to select the schedule of accrual as 'Beginning of Calendar Year' you'll need to enter into the balance the full annual allowance (pro rata'd for any mid year starters) less any hours that have already been taken since April this year.
Xero will reset the holiday allowance to the full allowance every 1st January, at this point you'll need to manually adjust the holiday balance to reflect correctly to show what is still left to be taken until March 16. When it comes to April 2016 you'll need to reset the balance to the full entitlement for the new calendar year.
For more information on the time off, please find the link below.
Xero Help Centre: Set up an employee's time off entitlements for payroll

Hope it helps!

Hazel Davey